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For about 5 months now my penis has gotten red spots, red rash, and itchy at times. My foreskin is also slightly red and looks irritated. At first I was diagnosed with balanitis and prescribed a combination of antifungal, antibacterial, and steroid cream. I applied that for about a week and the issue persisted. I reapplied them for another week but my penis got really red and sensitive and I was advised it was due to the steroid, so I stopped. I was then given NYSTOP, an antifungal powder. After applying for about 10 days, my penis got really dry and some yellow/white plaque looking thing appear under my corona, but after a few days it disappeared. I was symptom free for about a week, however I masturbated almost every day that week. I went to a urologist who looked at my penis and said it was fine, however he handled it pretty roughly. The next day my penis again had red spots on the glans and general redness all over. I was prescribed lotrisone, which I applied for 7 days but the issue has resurfaced only a few days later. I have red spots on the glans and red rashes on either side of the glans which are tender and slightly painful. This seems to flare up aftrr masturbation. I notice a lot of tiny red veins on the plans, especially when I have an erection. I am not sure what to do anymore and I'll be seeing a dermatologist soon. Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this? Bacteria? Fungus? Irritation?

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  • ml66uk ml66uk jerry74512

    It's hard to say without a pic, but it sounds like balanitis to me, and that's usually a fungal infection.

    If it's balanitis, then these links may help:  ;

    (written for doctors)

    Washing (with water, no soap) daily, and taking a leak and washing after masturbation or sex will probably help, and you could also try Canesten cream or Daktarin cream.  Loose fitting cotton underwear may help, and some sites recommend washing underwear with non-biological washing powder or liquid.


  • Wee Dugie Wee Dugie jerry74512

    with the dermatologist (I am supposing you have been referred by a GP) outline what you have tried so far to treat the condition, and state what you found has worked best.   In terms of cause, check out the information elsewhere on this site:

    My guide would be you need to try each individual treatment you are given for several weeks, unless you get a severe adverse reaction, of course - when you would stop using it immediately.  With the steroid ointment, make sure you work it well into the skin, or, if you only lightly apply it, you will gain NO benefit.  I will also post what I have stated elsewhere on here for you to try - but you need to do the specific steps precisely, also, develop for yourself a sense of 'what works best for you penis and make sure you do the good stuff, everyday!

    REPOST:  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

    when I first noticed my skin condition I thought it was a case of finding the right skin cream / lotion that would work!  Of course, after trying loads of different ones the condition got worse.

    The skin on the penis is more sensitive than any other part of the body, particularly the foreskin (if you are not circ'd) and the head of the penis.  During sex or self-pleasuring there is a whole lot of friction going on for this area of skin - if you use condoms, there is a whole load of chemicals on the inside that certainly don't help if your skin is reacting to irritation.

    Try this for a while (2 / 3 weeks) - do not use soap, or shower gel etc, or skin cream / lotion or any form of lube (oil or water based) - always wash with water (never hot water) only after urinating (in public toilets go in a cubicle and use toilet paper to ensure the head n surrounding area is 100% dry) when showering make sure the skin of the penis is drawn forward to cover the head to protect the area from soap / shower gel getting on it.  At the end of the shower, expose the head of the penis and wash with water only - make sure the entire penis is 100% dry afterwards.

    Combine this with giving your penis an 'exercise holiday' - no masturbation or sexual activity, you may need to do this for as long as 5 or 6 weeks.  You MUST continue to gently stretch the skin near the head of the penis as the skin is constantly renewing itself - particularly for those not circumcised!  Like, if you do regular exercise / gym workouts you would not stop doing everything all at once - the secret is finding how to be kind to the skin of your penis.

    (The best thing is to go along to a GP and briefly outline what you have done to make the situation better up till now - then, the exact cause of the irritation to your penis can be found and the CORRECT remedy put in place).  Medics are unlikely to tell you about stretching your skin so you need to discover what routine works for you - ALWAYS start very gently for a couple of minutes, then add a minute more if you have no ADVERSE reaction.

    I have had balanitis for about 8 years - I stretch my penis skin for a minute or 2 twice a day, giving a more involved 'workout' (no, I certainly don't mean masturbation!) probably once or twice a week.  YOU can only develop to doing this once you find the routine that works for your penis.

     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  Good luck - try what I suggest - I hope you get at what the cause is with the dermatologist and find the right treatment that you can combine with what you find works for you from what I suggest above!!!

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