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Hello, I was prescribed 10mg of citalopram yesterday....I haven't started taking them yet though...I was given 20mg over a year ago but only stuck to it for a week so can't remember much....but is there a best Time to take them?? Like in the evening?? Also, I know it says not to have alcohol whilst taking these but it's my 21st at the start of July and would like to have a drink but if it's really not recommended then I won't....

Any help would be appreciated smile

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    Can you put off starting them until after your 21st birthday. I say this because the side effects can be quite awful to start with such as increased anxiety and nausea. Also you could enjoy your birthday and have a drink or two without worrying or adding to the side effects. Just a thought and only a couple of weeks away. Morning is better to take them thou some people take them at night, my Gp said morning was better. I have been on them for a year now and have tried both morning and night and morning is better for me.
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    Hi Nicola,

    Wow 21 exciting! I remeber being 21 I think Nirvana were still playing lol!! Happy birthday! I'm with Elizabeth on this one if you can start after the party that would be a good option as the last thing you want is to experience side effects during! there are a number of side effects some ofwhich you may not experience soe you will! stay positive and stick with them and you will be back to your normal happy self wink taking them well I take them each monring with vitamin and at first there is some tiredness and other stuff however after 6 weeks they are reducing in impact. "light at the end of the tunnel" Take care keep us posted and you get on.

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      Hello, haha I don't feel 21...I feel older although not as old as I did a few months ago before I had my lumbar discectomy....I feel kind of new again ha! I think I am going to wait until after my birthday anyway just wasn't too sure what to do...I was going to be stupid and brainless and just not taking it on the day which is stupid I know ha! i'll take my first one on the 6th I think birthday is the 5th but have a party on the 4th! Thank you smile 
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    Nicola, alcohol with CIT seems to be an individual side effect. I get black outs, but I suggest that you, at least, try drinking with friends when you are not going to drive, and let them watch you .. Amnesia IS a common side effect, 

    Also you haven't really tried CIT because you've never taken it long enough. It has to be at least three weeks. I find no difference for time of day

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    Nicola I find morning is best for me & iv been able to have alcohol with zero side effects smile Might I add one night id had shots etc so it wasn't just a few 😋 I'm on 20mg. Although everyone is different. I have had no side effects in general with taking Cit. Have a lovely birthday smile
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    Hi Nicola,

    The side effects can be quite bad for 2-3 weeks.

    Morning was when I took mine and it worked good for me.

    The citalopram is trying to pick you up whereas alcohol relaxes you so really it's not a good idea to drink to much because they are fighting against each other.

    Hope you have a lovely birthday and then you can concentrate on the tablets.

    Take care,


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    Hi Nicola,

    I have seen one or two summers more than you, but congrats on your up and coming 21st.

    You are so right about stopping to consider whether it is a good time to start or not. However, you have to also consider why you have been prescribed the medication and is it really right to stop just for a birthday, the number of years are insignificant in reality to your future health and well being is.

    You must discuss this with your Dr because she/he has prescribed this and, obviously, there is a reason why. When we are given a helping hand we should not say, "I'm sorry it isn't convenient". A major part of recovery here is taking control of your illness and if you read many, many posts you will appreciate that many, many people here are bravely doing that even though they may be very, very scared.

    If your Dr says okay wait a couple of weeks then there is no problem and I hope you have a great and safe time, I hope you do not look at it as a final blast/binge before going on meds, now that would be irresposnible. Hopefully (only if the Dr gives you the green light!) you have a friend that is understanding of your situation and a bit more careful about looking after you during the celebration. Life is a beautiful gift and it should be celebrated every day, not just one day a year.

    Either way, all we (should) want for you (here) is to get better (not to encourage you to do something your Dr may totally advise against). No one is patronising here, but you have made an excellent start by asking if you should or shouldn't and not just postponing them on your own. Now, that is taking responsibility of your own future at what should be a wonderful time in your life. You have your whole future ahead of you, please don't throw it away just for one day!

    One thing at a time Nicola, you cannot rush Cita she has to do her job.

    Sorry to put, what you may feel is a downer on your post. In reality you should be proud for being so brave and taking the first step towards getting better.

    Please, always remember we are here for you because we know what you are going to be going through, from being first prescribed the meds all the way through the side effects and out the other side!

    We are not here to tell you what you want to hear in going against your Dr's advice, we are here to support you in a non medical way. You will soon find understanding friends and become part of this Family, a Family that cares!

    Never, ever worry about how (significant, in this case) or insignificant a question or thought may be, post it and hopefully you will get the right answer(s).

    Please go see your Dr asap even if you know the answer, you must have a dialogue with your Dr throughout taking this "sticking plaster for the brain"

    Whatever the outcome, Nicola, we wish you well and look forward to many more posts and discussions.

    With your best interests at heart.


    David x


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      Hello....Firstly, my Doctor was hesistant at prescribing me them anyway...she seems to go use the "Oh you're too young to take this" with pretty much anything for me....despite the fact I am 5ft 11" and 20 years old....surely not too young, for most things nevermind....

      Also, my past few birthday's have been horrible, so I atleast want one to be good! I am not really going to be with friends, it's more of a family thing, so even so I won't be "binging" or getting drunk, it would be nice to just have a couple of drinks without the worry of side effects! I NEVER drink anyway...the last time I got drunk was probably my 18th! My Doctor plainly told me to "pull myself together, and live my life..." If only it was that simple!

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      This has nothing to do with age it is to do with helping you the best we can without going against medical advice. I must say being told by a Dr of all people to "pull yourself together, and live your life" is also not the kind of responsible advice we'd expect from such a responsible person. I would therefore respectively suggest a second opinion!

      I was so fortunate that my regular Dr had retired and was allocated another who knows so much about "sticking platsers for the brain!" I do feel so lucky. As GPs, that is all they are - General practitioners (wonderful as they are), but as I said I was just fortunate that I was allocated one that specialises in this. She is wonderful.

      I was not criticising you personally when I wrote my reply. I was concerned that other memebers were being too flipant about something quite important, especially not knowing the full details Which we have no rights to know anyway.

      A Family gathering, didn't know that either, but it makes no difference my and our concern should be purely and solely your well being on these meds.

      Now that you have explained a few things then I think you should seek, as you have the right, a second opinion or at least decide (yourself) what you want to do - start or delay. Either way, we shall be here up to and after your party and way out the other side to help and advise.

      One thing, life can be that simple if we make it so, it isn't easy, but this is decision a lot of us have taken. Taking control of our lives. For someone to say that to anyone like that was said to you well, it is just plain dumb!

      Nicola, I'm truly sorry if you took anything I said personally, it was not meant in anyway to be received like that. I do respect your cander and I do look forward to further discussions.

      Helping others is helping me too, I can therefore help others better, as others have done for me! Every day we learn!

      Best regards and only with best intentions,



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    If you only took the citalopram for a week previously then it sounds like the side effects were a problem, and you need to get the timing right to cope with them.

    Obviously it depends on how bad you are feeling at the moment, but if you start them at the wrong time then it could mean both spoiling your birthday and not continue taking them for longer than a week or two.

    It might be helpful to discuss with your GP, but you know yourself best and ultimately it is your descision when to start taking them and whether the side effects are tolerable and whether you find they are helpful after taking them for a few weeks.

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      The problem last time was I felt that it's not going to take away all my problems and make the situation at home I just stopped them, which was silly because the withdrawal wasn't that pleasant....but I have moved out now, and I thought it would improve but it hasn't I still feel the same...if not maybe worse?! I mean my relationship with my Dad & step Mum is the best it has been like ever!

      Yes...I could discuss with my GP but I know how it will be....she will want to take me off of them....she wouldn't prescribe me migraine pills that my neurologist prescribed!!!! But she has been a bit better with the "depression" stuff because she knows pretty much everything that I have been through in the past 10 years....her best advice (I feel) was "the patient treats themselves, us Doctor's just prescribe...I don't want to make you do something you don't want to as that will just make matters worse!"

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