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I’m in week 4 after my tkr and getting quite worried about the bend. It’s only about 20degrees. I did have a slight infection in the wound and just finished antibiotics. All clear now. I can walk short distances with one stick or without. It’s just my exercises with the bend. It’s just so stiff! 

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    Hi Shona,

    You are only 4 weeks post Op now. And you had an infection.

    My advice is just keep doing the exercises to the best of your ability.

    And Ice, Ice, Ice afterwards to try keep the swelling down. I'm sure you know RICE, Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. Have you seen a physio yet?

    Might be worth it if you don't see an improvement. But I think you will.

    I'm 5 months post TKR Op on my second knee and still have to ice, especially if I walk far or over exercise.

    Take care,


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    Hi Shona  .....Apart from exercising are you regularly icing your knee  .

    Its 5 weeks since my opp  ,and Im experiencing the same .... 


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      I am using ice packs but think I maybe need to do it more often especially before and after exercise. 

      Hope you get on ok too. It’s really quite a struggle. 

      Shona. Xx

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    The bending will get there therapy and exercise will take care of that. As far as 20 degrees the only person you need to compare yourself to is you. The key word is patience. As others have said ice ice when your knee is swollen and it hurts icing is your friend.Congrats on walking short distances progress!!
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    Hi Shona you really are right at the beginning of your journey to recovery. A few pointers.....

    Do not ever compare yourself & your recovery to anyone else's.

    Do your exercises diligently, but remember it's quality not quantity! Do as best you can, it will get easier as pain levels & swelling go down. Just try to bend a little more than the week before. Even the smallest amount more bend gives you such a boost!

    Rest, ice & elevate your operated knee. Get acquainted with daytime TV or really good books to read, but nap also. (Nb. some found heat worked well to help the bend)

    Once your incision scar's scabs have fallen off, massage the scar & the surrounding joint with something like BioOil. Give it a good old proper massage! You want to break down near surface scar tissue. Maybe massage your joint just before you exercise, it will warm the joint up ready to work it. Whatever works for you, it's a bit trial & error!

    Be kind to yourself, TKR & its recovery is a marathon not a sprint, have the odd treat. We discussed last year cake & chocolate as the treatment of choice for post tkr treats. But whatever you think of as a treat.

    Look forward to walking on the beach without the pain of arthritis! In fact walking anywhere without pain!!

    Take each day as it comes, don't dwell on what you did or didn't do the day before, each new day is the 1st day of the rest of your life, savour it.

    You WILL get there.

    Keep with it & with us.



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      Thanks a lot and that’s what I need to stop doing ( comparing my progress to others) as it’s getting me down and quite anxious. Your advice with the massage sounds good and now that my wound is healed I’ll try that too. I have found a heat helps too  as in using a hot water bottle wrapped in a fleece cover. 

      It’s going to be a long process I think! 

      Hopefully get an appt for physio next week. 

      Thanks again 

      Shona x

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    I have been thru this too many times and I know when I started going to therapy after my first couple TKR's I did the same thing I also figured out after several more TKR's the worse thing you can do is compare yourself to others. There are no 2 people who are exactly the same. Everyone is different as many surgeries as I have had I get so jealous when I read what some take for pain meds. The bad part for me I have tried and some of those have done nothing to help with my pain. I am 2 years post op and it looks very promising I am going to have another surgery since the last bone scan showed the implant is loosening and the x-ray also show it was improperly aligned. I am still in pain. I truly wish no one has to go thru what I have been thru. Having a slight infection may set you back but I had a full blown infection which put me back in the hospital. No matter how bad it hurts it will get better it may take some time but if you follow your therapists advice on exercises and do not over do it!! you will get better. Your knee will let you know in no uncertain terms if you went to far. Its good to push it but no to the point of agony. I really wish you the best on your recovery its a long road but you will make it!!

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    When you elevate make sure your leg is above the level of your heart. Lying flat on back. Also try elevating with your leg right up against the wall, Almost vertical. This helped me. Antiinflammatories are important too. Reduce the swelling as much as you can.

    If it's getting more swollen because of walking then reduce the time and maybe take some pressure off it by using a stick...might be worth a try. Its early not to use any support. Does it hurt without a stick or are you on a lot of pain killers?

    Anything you can do to reduce swelling should help increase your bend. Are you seeing a physiotherapist...? Are you in UK? What do they advise about the matter? These are crucial weeks, I would make sure you get a professional opinion hopefully do have a physiotherapist on the case?

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      Hi I’m going to start taking the anti inflammatory again. I did some exercises today and the bend was slightly better as I kept ice packs on hand. But 3/4 hours later I’m in quite a bit pain. It’s all going to take time and I feel I’m going to have to relax and try not to be so anxious. I’ve not had my physio appt through yet but should next week. 

      I’ve got it elevated just with ice pack. Thanks 

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