Beta blockers for dizziness/blurred vision

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Been placed on beta blockers for dizziness/blurred vision. By my ENT guy & DR.

I'm 23 no life what so ever since October. Thought bout ending my life few times as Iv been depressed as it's come from nowhere. I'm now seeing counselling cause my issues! Sod off dizziness/ blurred vision!!

Anyone tried beta blockers?

And what you're thoughts?

They both said it helps with anxiety & migraine ( I get headaches too )


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    well I will pray that things get better for you it first started with me in 2011 I'm now 39 I have 2 children at the time I had only 1 boy . When it started for me I had bad thoughts going through my mind a lot although I thought things reacting on them is another situation .please give life a shot not all of us are healthy beings sme are suffering from cancer and many other illnesses myself and everybody on here wish we had the answer to make this go away  it's not a easy one for sure I can tell you the thought lane for me even to leave the house was out of the question and the eye doctor told me look I can't tell you what you want to hear but I can tell you you are not dying from this and you need to take baby steps into doing the things you like again.i then went home and of course I'm thinking ya right I'm all alone in this no one knows how I feel and it's exhausting every time I try to explain it it comes with so with me being the head of my household and looking at my 1st son the best I can with blurred vision I had to do something anything to feel better I started by getting lots of sunlight and just soaking it in sitting in a chair in the backyard and doing the exercises suggested by the ENT and yes I have had MRI ,ENT ,neurologist same as all of our stories I would stay n my feet as much asossible and even sleep in a recliner with the balance issues I have I found the more I was on my feet the better but it is a must that you keep going please do not let this beat you and please don't stay in bed lying down it seems to me that the longer your down the longer the process is I cannot say today that I'm 100% but I can tell you that I do feel like I'm getting there since oct 12 2011 I have had a new baby I have started my own business (mainly because the place where I was working cancelled my insurance while I was sick) so what it all boils down to is the will to want and not to let it beat you and yes it's like re training your body to do what it already should know .sounds weird but as you know it's a hard one to explain so please before any of us and trust me seems like we all kind of think the same way when it comes to this .so before ny of us do something we shouldn't please just email one of us and talk it out try some new things give life a chance  and me personally I do not take any sort of pills or anything anymore I feel as if I was there crash dummy..I do smoke marijuana but that is strictly to help me from thinking any further into things.  Your mind Adan be your worse enemy ...I hope this help. Also I wouldn't suggest marijuana for just anybody because sometimes it does ad to the issue. Just helps me frm freaking out..I wish everyone he best 


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      Hi thank you for you're message but sorry to sound rude I don't agree with you smoking drugs! That will make you worse. And I disagree with drugs. So good luck with everything & thanks 4 the message.

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    Feeling dizzy and dealing with the anxiety/panic associated with it is certainly one of the worst conditions that anyone can  be impacted by.  I have been recovering from Vestibular Neuritis for 13 months now.  Early on for me, and I am calling months 4 - 8 early on, I felt as if the condition would never improve.  It does make you feel helpless and regardless of age it makes you feel that you have lost your life.  The depression and anxiety are real and the problem that most of us have had is getting most doctors to understand that.  I'm curious as to what has been your diagnosis and what test you have had done.  What type doctor are you seeing and what has been done to address your dizzy issues up to this point?  There are many things that cause dizziness and many uses of the word dizzy.  Do you have spinning dizziness, vertigo, or just a general spatial, lightheaded, off balance type of issue?  Do you have other medical issues that affect the condition?

    For me dealing with eliminating the dizziness, and for me with VN it was spatial, lightheaded, off balance issues, involved Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy and a change in life style.  After trying several things I cannot say what has made the difference but, I believe that the main factor has been time.  We are all different and what has taken me 13 months may take someone else 3 or 4 months or may take them 18 to 24 months.  We never know in the case of vestibular damage how much the nerve has been impacted or how long it will take for the brain to reinterpret the mixed signals that it is getting from the inner ear and what the eyes see.  It's amazing that a small part of our body like the inner ear can cause so many issues for us.  My issues also began suddenly and out of the blue.  Sudden onset vertigo then 13 months of recovery.

    My life style changes were to eat a low sodium diet, 2000mg per day, eliminate all alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, drink plenty of water, and a low dose aspirin every day.  Again not sure if this is what began my recovery but, all but the aspirin is what my Otologist recommended.

    It is also important to keep up your routines as much as possible.  Sometimes it is hard, extremely hard, but being active is therapy in itself.  I take Gabapentin to help with the anxiety, and if you Google it you will find that it is used to treat epilepsy as well.  Most drugs that help with Sertonin have this characteristic.  The important thing is to not take anything that sedates the vestibular nerve and delays compensation.  If you in fact have a vestibular issue it is important for the brain to experience the things that you describe feeling so that you can heal.

    You will get better but, it involves you taking control and not allowing the condition to control you.  I know from experience that this is easier said than done but, it does work.  Unless you have had a severe head trauma, you will recover from this.  You have your young age as an added benefit for you as well.  I believe that the younger you are the better you can recover.

    Anxiety plays a major role in dizziness and if your parents recently divorced that along with your job change could very well be impacting you causing the issues.  If you are where there is one available I would recommend seeking out and Neurotologist, Otologist, to help identify if you do infact have a vestibular issue.

    Best wishes and don't give up or give in to this. 

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      Hello terry

      Thank you for messaging me.

      I sometimes do get a stiff neck but I have massages ect and doesn't give me loads discomfort. My dad actually said about my neck to get that looked at. So like you just mentioned I will mention this to the dr. I see the head dr at my dr surgery I only see her I don't see anyone else now as they are useless & throw antidepressant at me. This dr refers me to MRI ENT & counselling ect so hopefully next time I see her I will ask her to refer me to get my neck looked at.

      It's more like swaying sensation/ pass out feeling sometimes it's been that bad I couldn't get down the stairs and had to hold onto sides of this. The room doesn't spin it's more me ( if that makes any sense at all ) & I wear my reading glasses all the time now as my vision has got soo poor.

      I'm on beta blockers ATM to see how I get on.

      A lot people like yourself have been epilepsy tablets ( haven't tried them yet I'm hoping the beta blockers will work for me )

      All the best to you xxx

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      The neck issue goes along with the condition as well as vision issues.  With vestibular neuritis there is a connection with the eyes in what is called the vestibular occular reflex.  All of these symptoms make the neck muscles have to work more to maintain what they think are balance.  If you look at what is required to maintain balance, there are three components, the eyes, inner ear and muscles.  All three send signals to the brain in order for us to maintain our balance.  The MRI is important in order to rule out any other health conditions that can cause dizziness as well.  I experienced the same symptoms that you describe and yes your description makes sense.  If you have suffered with this condition you easily understand the description of what others relate that they feel.

      It will get better but, time is the key component.  It will not end as quickly as it began.  The added benefit for me with the Gabapentin is that it is actually prescribed for nerve pain and it has improved the issues with my neck.

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      The neck issue is definitely part of a vestibular issue as well.  There are three components that help us to maintain our balance, the eyes, inner ear and our muscles.  The sore neck is usually a result of an over dependence on the neck muscles trying to over compensate for the balance issues.  The vision and inner ear disconnect is called the vestibular occular reflex.  The brain is trying to make sense of all of the mixed signals that it is getting.  Have you done any vestibular rehabilitation therapy?  That will help along with the other things that I listed.  The MRI is important to rule out any other issues that could be causing the dizziness.

      If it is vestibular, it will not end as quickly as it began.  Time and other measures are all that will get you there.  The Gabapentin for me helps my neck issues because it is actually prescribed for nerve pain.  I see an Orthopedist for my neck and she up'ed the dosage to 200mg per day.

      You will get over this but, it is going to take time and work.  Doesn't seem like it should be this way but, that is the course of vestibular issues.

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      Not sure what happened with my posts.  The first one disappeared so I entered the second one.  Not really, unless the neck issue was related to a disc problem, torn muscle, etc.  The issue with the neck for most vestibular neuritis sufferers is muscle related and there is nothing that will display on the MRI.  The vestibular occular reflex issue is related to the signal that the vestibular nerve sends to the brain and matching it with the signal that comes from the occular nerve.  Again, nothing to show up on the MRI.  If they did an MRI on  your inner ear I assume that it was with contrast so that they could see if you had an acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor on the vestibular nerve that can cause ongoing dizziness.  With those issues ruled out it would appear that you are dealing with vestibular neuritis.  My research indicates that most times when you are diagnosed with migraine associated dizziness or chronic subjective dizziness it is because they cannot find any other solution.  It is common place to be diagnosed with anxiety with a vestibular condition.  I have a link that I can send you by private message that was posted on Positive Health that details out a lot of what we sufferors experience in being diagnosed if you are interested.

      Curious as to why they would not have prescribed VRT for you. 

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      Hello terry when I go for my check up shale I mention about my neck getting looked at? I actually have a massage booked today as it's a little heavy and I have a headache today. I was meant to have yoga but she does massages as well so Iv optted for that instead.


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      I would. I had massages early on and that really helped. I still have some stiffness and I am looking into acupuncture. Most days now I fell almost 100%. I've just got to find a way to get it off if my mind and stop noticing the minor issues.

      Time is a great healer, even though with this condition it is not pleasant waiting to see results. I really think that you should ask about vestibular rehab therapy.

      Best of luck with your doctor visit. Let us know how it goes.

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      Hi terry

      I went to my dr to get my neck checked

      She said it could well be connected.

      And to keep an eye on it and we shale refer you if the pain continues.

      I had a massage today ( managed to get one booked ) and my god it was soo painful. She did say you could well do with some Pyshio and when she was doing it too I felt really dizzy like all these toxics crap was coming out. I feel relived abit and had a nice bath. But still aches but not as bad as this morning. Will let you know how my neck feels and goes. And dw will deffo be going drs to moan to get refered.

      Iv heard acupuncture is great! You should so do it honestly! I was online looking for local one earlier smile my cousin gets it done on nhs as she has back issues. But I'm gonna pay private for that I think will see how the neck physo ect goes


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      Good to hear. The VRT will help if it is a vestibular issue and it will make you feel worse at the beginning. The key is to not over do it, though. 5 to 10 minutes max. You will get over this, just try not to set a timeframe for doing so. A good positive attitude, which I see you have, goes a long way as well. I would also suggest that you try a low sodium diet, 2000mg or less each day. Give it 30 days and I believe you will see results from it as well.

      Best wishes

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      Doing pretty well today. The barometric pressure is falling and it usually takes a day or so for my inner ear to adjust to the change. How are you feeling? Better I hope. Is your neck feeling better after the massage you had?
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