Bisoprolol 1.25mg again...

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i was on bisoprolol 1.25mg last year (new year 2018) and begining of this year due to fast beats. i eventually weaned myself off them; they are absolutely vile tablets. ruined my life. suffered awful anxiety couldn't go anywhere much, exhaustion, tiredness beyond belief.

I've had few episodes of fast beats since but today GP just said back on them just like that. Even though i told him about anxiety and everything he replied "its the low dose so should be fine"

had to fetch son from school as no family help, heart was going fast.

I've still not taken a tab, what a awful thing.

GP just dish them out but don't understand the long term side effects

i still get odd feelings in my hands, like numb feeling.

hope anyone reading this is doing ok. what an awful predicament to be in


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    i was the same as yourself JANE but only tried these god awful tablets for three months back in august 2018 . After some research after getting off i have since discovered that the fast beats, anixety , High BP etc i suffered with at the time and now was down to my hormones and an imbalance,Caused mainly by birth control use, especially DEPO PROVERA, and the mini pill

    no point asking gp for a test as the test in the uk doesnt pick up if its down to BC

    keep a diary and see if the heart beats symptoms etc are hightened round about cycle times

    can even happy to men especially teen

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    Jane, Have any of your doctors mentioned you might have SVT?

    I started having SVT back in Feb 2016. I was immediately put on bisoprolol. OMG, I felt awful on it. My hands and feet were freezing. My heart rate went way down. My blood pressure went way down, and I was also taking a blood pressure med at the time too. Also, I just could not get off the sofa. Never felt so tired in all my life.

    I went for my first ablation 3 months later. I was told to just stop the biso. I asked if that was okay to just stop, and was told it was just fine.

    WELL, it was not fine. I started severe anxiety with tons of physical symptoms. I did not realize at the time, that this was withdrawals from biso, and thought it was anxiety. So I was put on a benzo ( Cloneszepam) and also Trazodone. Now that would not have been something I would have never done if I knew it was withdrawals.

    Anyways, this just opened the door to having after taking about 18 months to having to slowly wean off those 2 vial drugs, and going through terrible stuff from withdrawaling and even now being 21 months post withdrawal still going through waves and windows

    If I knew then what I know now.......

    Taking that bisoprolol ruined my life while taking it, and then from withdrawals that at the time I did not realize that was what it was

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    Hi Jane, I have been off bisoprolol for 4 months and still have side effects coming off them. I had a general anaesthetic in January and woke up with tachycardia. I was put on 2.5mg for 4 months but felt awful on the drug. I had a constant runny nose and bad dreams, cold hands and feet and generally felt exhausted. I weaned off for 3 weeks and stopped altogether. I am not completely 100% as some days I still have strong palpitations but heart rate is fine. I have found I get anxious very quickly with the slightest thing and can feel my heart racing. I generally think it's the bisoprolol and have read it can take up to 6 months to feel ok. In my opinion it's not a nice drug to take and doctors should not prescribe them so frequently. In my case they just wanted me out of hospital and I never had a ECG until 7 weeks after whilst taking bisoprolol. Instead of investigating what's wrong the doctors just give the medication out.

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    I'm still feeling terrible 20 months after taking them for just one week. It looks like they damaged my central nervous system.

    Had chronic fatigue, palpitations, ice pick headaches, hypoglycemia and its numb behind my eye and nose.

    The side effects I've had are very similar to benzos. I complained about side effects but the doctor told me to carry on taking them. When I realised that I had been damaged the practice tried denying everything, saying it was anxiety.

    Doctors don't understand anything about the drugs they are handing out. Change doctor immediately, they don't know what they are doing.

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      hi steve

      so sorry to read your comment, you've truly been through the mill too.

      its so tough because they give out these drugs and for the first few days everything is ok, then bam.

      Side effects from hell x

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    I was put on 1.5mg of Bisoprolol in December 2016 and experienced dreadful nightmares, seeing things that weren't there, anxiety and extreme tiredness and insomnia. In late January 2017 I had my second heart attack after which I had to have a stent in my right artery. All the while I suffered the above symptoms plus heart palpitations and racing heart started. After seeing my GP I saw a cardiologist at our local hospital and asked him if I could come off the Beta blocker and try something else. He put me on a Calcium channel blocker instead and at least the tiredness, hallucinations and nightmares went away but I was still left with the distressing palpitations and racing heart. Earlier this year I went to see him again and this time he put me on a different Beta Blocker Propranolol and the palpitations and heart racing have virtually gone away. I think I would ask your GP for a referral to a cardiologist.

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    hi all,

    so sorry to hear about everyones experiences.

    I have had such a horrible time on Bisprolol and no support from doctors. I have eventually been allowed to change to nebilet about 8 weeks ago.

    still not perfect but I Have eliminated some issues. we will see how or goes from here.

    Stand your ground with the doctors! I was getting crippling side effects, and constantly felt awful. doctor just shrugged it off

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      hi mardi

      so sirry to read your post. can totally sympathise, its an awful drug. i managed overnight not to take it thank goodness. just trying not to be anxious about it.

      these forums are really good to chat to like minded people and discuss things.

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