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angela192 angela192

Bisoprolol Fumarate

After a trip to A & E and short stay on cardiac ward, tests showed I had an episode of Coronary spasm.

I have been given Bisoprolol Fumarate 2.5 mg for this.   I am on my 2nd day of taking and I have felt a bit spaced out and weird.  I hope it will pass when my system gets used to it.  


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  • peter01729 peter01729 angela192

    I expect everybody is differant, so a shame my negative experience is the first reply you get.

    I was on Bisopropo for nearly three months, I started out feeling spaced out and weird, soon I discribed the feeling as a "drunk Zombie", that progressed to saying I had been turned into an old man overnight.

    In the end, I was found leaning against the wall at work almost in a state of collapsing fatigue, the nurse at work called an ambulance as she could hardly detect my pulse, the ambulance reported my heart beat as being as low as 40bpm.

    I had been prescribed 2.5mg but afetr a couple of days I would cut the tablets in half to 1.25 as I found this the best balance to still ease my palpitaions but I still had a bad reaction to it.

    Another symptom Bisoprolol gave ne was the feeling my lungs were no longer working.

    They have put me on Sotalol now, I cannot say if that is better as my work told me not to come back until I am better, though do find I am exahusted after a few hours of being up.

  • ann82027 ann82027 angela192

    I was put on Bisoprolol 1.25 after a serious attack of svt  on feb 4th, it made me feel dreadful, i am used to it now, i don,t like the effect but it has stopped the palpitations, i was told by the heart specialist i could take 2 if i got a breakthrough of the palpitations which has happened, i don,t want to increase the dosage.


  • sue42907 sue42907 angela192

    I have 1.25mg and find it makes mw very tired ans weak.  Some people get used to it and some don't apear to, so i hope youget lucky.  See the doc though, don 't just stop tking it without a consultation.

  • angela192 angela192

    Since my first post on Bisoprolol, I am feeling no better.    I am so tired and usually  have plenty of energy.

    I am going to see my G.P. soon, as my blood pressure is now quite low (I have a monitor at home).   I am hoping that I can come off them altogether.  Can you ?

    • christine 20029 christine 20029 sue42907

      Hi Sue.

      Know your post for 5 months ago but would like to ask how you are getting on? You said you are taking Bisoprol for AFib and Dr said it was ok to just take them when needed. As l am in similar situation, ie have racing heartbeat but want to get off the Bisoprolol if l can. It is a nightmare drug for me. How did the rapid heartbeat go after you came off the bbs? Did they stay calm or did you find it wasn't possible to manage without them or a other bbs? Would greatly appreciate your reply, thanks.


    • sue42907 sue42907 christine 20029

      HI Christine,

      My problem wasn't racing heartbeat it was a very irregular pulse, but it didn't happen all the time, which is why I was told I could take it when  it did happen. I certainly felt a lot better after stopping it. Happily it hasn't happened for ages so I haven't taken any. I still have them on standby in the cupboard though!  I have friends who had a similar problem with Bisoprolol and they said they had changed to another one which didn't have the same effect - I think it was Atenolol. It might be worth discussing htis with your doctor in case it suits you better?

      Best of luck


    • sue42907 sue42907 christine 20029

      Hi Christine,

      Sorry you are no further forward. I have been lucky in that I haven't had any further episodes of irregular heartbeat for quite a while so have not had to take any. I certainly felt much better after stopping it. I have friends who had the same problem with it and their doctor changed them to Atenolol which they tolerate much better. Might be worth asking your doc?



    • christine 20029 christine 20029 sue42907


      Thanks for quick reply. I go to see my GP this Thursday and will ask about the Atenolol bb. I just hope it could help me from feeling a load of rubbish, as that is my life at the moment. Been like this since started Bisoprol in February and steadily getting worse, so fed up with myself. Know l shouldn't moan there's plenty worse off than me but hey ho, if l can't moan a bit sometimes l will go off my rocker..

      Am really glad you are keeping well, keep it up.

      Best wishes, Christine.

  • peter01729 peter01729 angela192

    Angela, be careful coming off, whilst your GP might say stop taking them, he might not stress to come off them gradualy.

    I was taking a half dose. 1.25, I was told to stop taking them a week before my EP study at St Thomas' hospital. By day four of no longer taking them, my arrhythmia became so bad, that I called 111 who sent an ambulance around and took me to the nearest Cardiac speciallity hospital where I was kept for the weekend.

    Your heart gets used to beta-blockers so if you just stop, then maybe like mine you get really bad episode until you settle back down again. I woud suggest therefore cutting the tablets in half for a week, then maybe quarters then maybe every other day, do it gradually.

    I have stopped taking beta-blockers for a little over a week now and not only am I feeling much better, for the past two days I havnt had any sign of arrhythmia at all and wonder how much of my recent ambulance rides were due to being given these drugs in the first place!

    • christine 20029 christine 20029 peter01729

      Hi Peter.

      I know it's 5 months since you posted,but would like to ask you how you are doing without the Bisoprolol? Am on 1.25mg and just feel so I'll. Also Amlodopine and Canderstartin, but the Bisoprolol was last drug l was put on. I've just halved the dose of the Amlodopine, with Dr s permission,but would desperately like to come off the Bisoprolol. I have a very rapid heartbeat the reason am on this,but l can't go on feeling dead inside and itchy and scared all the time. If you could let me know how you are doing without this drug,l would be pleased.

    • peter01729 peter01729 christine 20029

      Goodness, how rapidly I went down hill after posting that five months ago, (I am on lots of threads regarding beta-blockers on this forum), So they put me on a different beta-blocker as they claimed I was allergic to Bisoprolol, a particularity dangerous one according to the Americans that have to keep you in hospital for three days observation, here in UK the NHS sent me home with a prescription! I then developed a coughing frenzy, my GP then told me to come off that beta-blocker as well, nearly five months later, I still have a reduced version of that cough and as the NHS refuse to acknowledge their beta-blockers could have caused it, even though it is listed as a side-effect, they want to send me for lung function tests, see if I have asbestosis!

      After a few more days of being off beta-blockers, my arrhythmia was daily full blown Ventricular Tachycardia, I ignored at as it tended to go away when I went to bed but on the last occasion, I had it for 12 hours straight and ended up in hospital again for five days, this time they gave me an ablation which whilst it has successfully stopped my frequent ectopic beats turning into VTs, I feel dreadful, as if I am half way to being dead. I walked gently to my GP, measured my heart beat before I got there, 187bpm, it is now always around 100 even at rest, just had a shower which took it to 117. As an ex-athlete, my heart beat used to be slow and strong. I have been off work since March now. I went back just to see Occupational health and say hello to a few colleges a couple of weeks back, that was too much for me, my speech became so slurred that the manager got one of the lads to take me to A&E.

      Though I have been off beta-blockers since April, I still feel permnanently damaged by them, still get the drunk zombie brain function, the breathlessness, one of the cardiologists became almost angry at my suggestion the beta-blockers had permanently affected me, but another one said whilst it is rare, it is possible. He has arranged various other heart and lung function tests for me.

      So in answer to your question, I am  not the only person on this forum who has found even when you stop taking the beta-blockers, you still feel just as ill for a long time afterwards!


    • christine 20029 christine 20029 peter01729

      Thanks for replying Peter,

      And sorry you are still really suffering from the after effects of Bisoprol. What a time you have had, and not.over yet by sounds

      Didn't know they hospitalised you in America when they prescribe this bbs. Like you l was just given a prescription without any after care, and haven't even got a follow up appointment for the cardiologist,seen last in Feb. Am still struggling although managed to persuade my GP to halve dose of Amlodopine as that is another killer one opinion. Side effects list fast heart rate! Exactly what l went to see cardiologist for.

      I hope you improve soon, feel for you as l know what you are going through. Good luck.


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