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Bisoprolol Fumarate

After a trip to A & E and short stay on cardiac ward, tests showed I had an episode of Coronary spasm.

I have been given Bisoprolol Fumarate 2.5 mg for this.   I am on my 2nd day of taking and I have felt a bit spaced out and weird.  I hope it will pass when my system gets used to it.  


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  • peter01729 peter01729 angela192

    I expect everybody is differant, so a shame my negative experience is the first reply you get.

    I was on Bisopropo for nearly three months, I started out feeling spaced out and weird, soon I discribed the feeling as a "drunk Zombie", that progressed to saying I had been turned into an old man overnight.

    In the end, I was found leaning against the wall at work almost in a state of collapsing fatigue, the nurse at work called an ambulance as she could hardly detect my pulse, the ambulance reported my heart beat as being as low as 40bpm.

    I had been prescribed 2.5mg but afetr a couple of days I would cut the tablets in half to 1.25 as I found this the best balance to still ease my palpitaions but I still had a bad reaction to it.

    Another symptom Bisoprolol gave ne was the feeling my lungs were no longer working.

    They have put me on Sotalol now, I cannot say if that is better as my work told me not to come back until I am better, though do find I am exahusted after a few hours of being up.

  • ann82027 ann82027 angela192

    I was put on Bisoprolol 1.25 after a serious attack of svt  on feb 4th, it made me feel dreadful, i am used to it now, i don,t like the effect but it has stopped the palpitations, i was told by the heart specialist i could take 2 if i got a breakthrough of the palpitations which has happened, i don,t want to increase the dosage.


  • sue42907 sue42907 angela192

    I have 1.25mg and find it makes mw very tired ans weak.  Some people get used to it and some don't apear to, so i hope youget lucky.  See the doc though, don 't just stop tking it without a consultation.

  • angela192 angela192

    Since my first post on Bisoprolol, I am feeling no better.    I am so tired and usually  have plenty of energy.

    I am going to see my G.P. soon, as my blood pressure is now quite low (I have a monitor at home).   I am hoping that I can come off them altogether.  Can you ?

  • peter01729 peter01729 angela192

    Angela, be careful coming off, whilst your GP might say stop taking them, he might not stress to come off them gradualy.

    I was taking a half dose. 1.25, I was told to stop taking them a week before my EP study at St Thomas' hospital. By day four of no longer taking them, my arrhythmia became so bad, that I called 111 who sent an ambulance around and took me to the nearest Cardiac speciallity hospital where I was kept for the weekend.

    Your heart gets used to beta-blockers so if you just stop, then maybe like mine you get really bad episode until you settle back down again. I woud suggest therefore cutting the tablets in half for a week, then maybe quarters then maybe every other day, do it gradually.

    I have stopped taking beta-blockers for a little over a week now and not only am I feeling much better, for the past two days I havnt had any sign of arrhythmia at all and wonder how much of my recent ambulance rides were due to being given these drugs in the first place!

  • denise41938 denise41938 angela192

    Hi Angela, just wondering how you are and if you got sorted.  I had been on Bisoprolol for 5 years and they have me some horrendous symptoms.  I had no idea it was the drug, I thought my heart was still bad!  Came off it (with permissions), but various tachycardias arrived.  Cut a long story short, I am back on - this is day 11.  I am astonished how bisoprolol made by the different pharmaceutical companies varies.  I am now taking 'Sandoz' and on day 4, I had so many missed beats, then what seemed like hardly any beats.  My GP was very irritated that I should be concerned.  However, my Pharmacist - a lovely Irish girl, said to give it a few days, I might settle.  And settle it did.  I am ridiculously tired in the main, started getting night cramps, together with a little memory loss.  My BP is low and pulse low, but it's not causing me any problems.  No where near as bad as before.  I have no light headedness - that emptyness you feel, so that is an absolute bonus.  I'm telling you this Angela, because I am wondering if a different brand, could be better.  Having said that, how do we know which one as it is also out of our control.  Might I suggest you have a word with your Pharmacist, Angela.  Let me know how it's going.  Kind Regards, Denise.

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