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Hi All,

I’m wondering if anyone has had side effects frim Bisoprolol and could share what they were? 

Ive been on Bisoprol now for 12 months and have been suffering insomnia among other issues. My cardiologist and GP refuse to change medication, not believing  in Side effects and seem to think I’m on the right track with the right  medication after my Stent last January.  I differ and believe that I could have progressed much further with without insomnia. 

I’m just so frustrated now,  it has effected me for too long. Any comments or advice would be appreciated 

Thank you,


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    If you lookup bisoprolol buddies on this site you will find lots of info on the side effects of bisoprolol. 

      I was prescribed bisoprolol for a fib and was on this medication for 4/5 years. The side effects were ..extreme fatigue...kept falling asleep during the day, dizzy spells, weight gain, awful nightmares, weakness in legs...couldn’t stand for long without support, if I was wallking in treacle, brain fog, cold feet and hands, itchy skin. Numerous! Discussed with several GPS and also consultant. None accepted my concerns! I then thought it was my a fib causing the problems,until I found this site! 

       A new Gp agreed to change my Meds to atenolol! I persevered...but again,similar problems. I then reduced my intake gradually and when I got it down to half visited my go! He was ok with my decision. I then gradually weaned off it all,visited my go and she was ok with my decision! The withdrawal was really bad and took over 6 months. 

    None of the above symptoms now!

       However ,this drug can help many people and I’m not advocating that you do as I have done! But, I can empathise with you...I had so many difficult years on this drug and the gps and consultant did not listen! Thankfully I read things on here and made an informed decision,eventually backed up by a new GP. 

      Hope this helps. I know where you’re coming from...believe me! 

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      Elizabeth thank you so much , I can totally relate and you response along with all the others are helping me immensely to understand and know here are people that have and are in th same situation.

      Many thanks 😊

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    The day they put me on minimum dose Bisoprolol I described feeling like a drunk zombie who could no longer feel my lungs working, breathlessness, had to consciously remember to breathe, turned me into an old man overnight.

    So I used to cut the tablets in half, none-the less, after three months I was found hardly conscious, and with a heart beat of 42bpm after being brought round with oxygen.

    This was last March I came off them.

    The symptoms remain and are in fact getting worst to the day.

    The NHS refused to believe their drugs could still affect me and so fobbed me off with "its Anxiety".

    Its only December I finally got one of my cardiologists to listen to reason, namely, that Beta Blockers disrupt your Autonomic Nervous System by blocking receptors in it.

    Every single one of my now mulitiple symptoms is a symptom of Autonomic disfunction, I was able to show them a statement from a medical equipment manufacturing company for the testing of Autonomic Neuropathy that one of the things that can cause it is "Drugs that increase sympathetic activity (sympathomimetics): amphetamines, monoamine oxidase inhibitors (antidepressants), beta adrenergic stimulants

    Drugs that decrease sympathetic activity (sympatholytics): alpha and beta blockers (i.e. metoprolol), barbiturates, anesthetics"

    I was also able to show that despite lung function tests showing my lungs to be mechanically fine, Autonomic receptors were not responding to low blood oxygen levels in my blood, hence the breathlessness. (See image below, blood oxygen should be between 95 and 100%, the red line I am pretty much constantly below, is considered to be a 15 minute response time medical emergency, they couldn't explain how their "anxiety" could cause that).

    I am now being referred to a Neurologist but all my research indicates Autonomic Dysfunction is incurable, I consider Bisoprolol responsible for the forthcoming loss of my occupation, and a remaining life with half my days spent in bed to recover from the previous days exhaustion.    

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      I can relate, I believe it ha effected my nervous system and also I was “Nudged” Side way in my job. I too hold the Medication and doctors lack of action responsible 

      I’m sorry that happened to you it is horrible 

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      Hi Peter

      You are so right, nothing is true. Now hold your breath. 

      It is always good to have other physical activities to exercise the brain and get oxygen in there. Sorry to hear about Bisoprolol - it does have that effect - slows the heart down and all that, so I know what you are talking about. 

      Sorry to hear that you feel the NHS is letting you down and good to know you are doing something about it. 

      No need to be referred better to be dealing with your own well-being (security, comfort, finances, education, other preoccupations ...) these are areas that affect me, you anybody,

      Anyhow everything is possible and it would be good to get around a bit more and given the positive qualities you have look forward to being more creative than usual 

      Good luck with your research

      Kind Regards


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    I had insomnia and started taking it mid day instead, that seemed to help. I had asthma type breathing,low blood pressure and heartbeat, no energy and got a little depressed, I am sure I got forgetful as well, I come off cold turkey before Christmas after taking it for 9 months, I wanted to enjoy Christmas with my family.  I await an appointment with electrophysiologist from Barts. I have lived with ectopic beats for 42 years and bouts of svt for 11 years, all ignored by doctors.
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      Thank you Ann,

      I am going to Adjusy my time and try. Bisoprolol is he only need Inhabent played with as it is too important.

      Thanks for the advice

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    From other sites:

    1. Trouble sleeping, or insomnia, is one of the most common side effects of beta-blockers (drugs used to manage high blood pressure), as they suppress nighttime melatonin secretion.

    2. a scientific study: 

    The effects on sleep of four beta-blockers, atenolol, propranolol, metoprolol and pindolol, were studied in a placebo-controlled trial. Drugs were administered in random order to 10 female volunteers who acted as their own controls. Subjects were tested five times, each test period lasting 10 nights (2 baseline, 2 low dose, 4 high dose, and 2 withdrawal). A questionnaire concerning subjective appreciation of the quality of the previous night's sleep was completed each morning. Night recordings of muscle tension, eye movement, heart rate and electroencephalogram were recorded on paper and magnetic tape. Analysis of the subjective questionnaires showed that recollection of dreaming and awakening in the night was increased by the three lipophilic drugs, propranolol, metoprolol, and pindolol. These results confirm reports in the literature but are contrary to those expected from considering the effects of noradrenaline on sleep. Analysis of physiological records confirmed subjects' reports that waking was increased by the lipophilic drugs. Dreaming (rapid eye movement sleep, REM) was reduced, as predicted from knowledge of the effect of noradrenaline on sleep. Increased awakening leads to an increase in remembered dreaming which explains the otherwise paradoxical results. Although atenolol had no effect on subjective measures of sleep this hydrophilic drug also reduced REM frequency, suggesting that either it has some central effect, or that REM reduction is due to a peripheral 'shielding' effect.

    3. a similar topic here from 1 year ago:

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    Thank you so much to all contributing to this. 

    I have read through all the responsive and can relate to pretty much all of these. Especially the insomnia, and Nervous System, that’s exactly how it feels when I try to go to sleep some  nights , like I have a asreanaline running through my body. 

    The wanted me to go on Anti depressant but I always New in myself is side effects and at the same time knew it was too dangerous to come off them. They are the best for me in the meantime I might  try and take them in the afternoon. 

    Thanks guys! I’m loving the discussion it has helped me.... keep the tip and stories coming 

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    Terrible stuff.

    Was on it for about 3 months

    I had very low heart rate, low blood pressure, and felt like a zombie. No energy and could not get off the sofa.  My hands and feet were so cold.

    Then when I had to stop it to have an ablation, the doctor told me it was okay to stop. Well, it was not okay, Went through terrible withdrawals

    Never again. 

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      What were the symptoms with the withdrawal? I'm waiting for a call to go for the ablation but seems to be taking for ever here in Canada, Ontario.

      I just don't think I can continue with this bisoprolol. I've had it all, fatigue, depression so bad that I had no idea why I was crying, dizzy to the point I had to leave work and now have been off for 2 weeks hoping that my body gets used to this. Now I'm getting the Insomnia and still up at 4am and Usually up at 5am for work so the doctor has signed me off work for another 2 weeks. At this point I'm ready to deal with the svt attacks until the ablation. It's just scary because my heart goes right up to 236bpm and every time I've had to go to the hospital and get adenoisen and I hate how that makes me feel!!

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      Your are describing me! Exactly... Just know you are not alone.. I have had a tough time getting people to understand what I was experiencing.

      Hang in there!~ I am still going through it, my cardiologist has now agree to change me, but I have to wait until I can be home a few days in case.

      Please don't stop them suddenly 

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      Thanks Mardi!!

      It makes it a little easier knowing I'm not alone.

      But going from not wanting to get out of bed and do dizzy that I felt like I was a drunk to looking at the clock wondering why am I still awake at 4am is very frustrating. At times i can feel my heart flutter and maybe skipping some beats, these are all things I've never noticed until I got diagnosed with svt. I'm so nervous about the ablation but at the same time I can't wait to just feel normal again and not worry when I will have another svt attack and get the hell drug adenoisen

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      Paula: withdrawal.

      Some people don't have any problems, some will suffer for Months.

      Very high heart rate while resting (around 100 in early days).

      It jumps to 130-140 in you try to go to bathroom.

      It gets better over the next weeks.

      Then anxiety which lasts for Months.

      Minor problems are dizziness, headaches, nausea, pain in muscles.

      Be careful with a withdrawal.

      I ended at ER twice because my HR was too high all the time, for weeks, jumping to 150-160 after 2-3 minutes of activity and it wouldn't won't to go down, since your brain who controls heart rate is messed up (due to a withdrawal) and your heart is out of shape due to drugs.

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      This is interesting regarding others considering Bisoprolol has caused peripheral neuropathy. The soles of my feet feel like somebody has been beating them and I get tingling up to my ankles. Even spending all day in bed due to exhaustion and they still feel like this. Yesterday I saw my GP for a concerned but still fob off, and she decides to test my legs for feeling, even though I hadnt mentioned PN, so she says to shut my eyes which I did and then feel a dull pressure in the four places she stabs me with what looks like a sharp pen, "yes I can feel that" I said, but it obviously wasn't the reaction she is used to getting as she said I have no feeling in my legs. Thinking about it, I can pinch myself really hard and just about feel it these days.


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      I've never been on Statins, not on any medication.

      Yesterdays fob off was the same as always, because I was referred to an Autonomic Neurologist who saw me February 8th and said I have Autonomic Instability, any thing that may be related is left to them, saves the GPs spending any money on me when they have the excuse that I am already being seen by a specialist, even though my condition is worsening and I have yet to have the initial tests I was told I must have back in February, so no, I have no further referral, she simply said, "come back and see me if they are rubbish". (They meaning the Autonomic Unit at London University Hospital).  

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      Yes, UCLH at Queens Square. I was told a five month waiting list for tests, when I heard nothing after five months I rang again, its now eight months, then a few days ago I got three test days at the end of September.
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