Bladder infection?.. Need help..please

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im wondering if anyone here can help please ..just over two weeks ago I got cystitis..I know it was straight away even though I have not have it in many years..slight urge to urinate, burning on urnation and cutting feeling when you finish, also a little blood in the urine..i took an over the counter cystopurin till

next morning and went to dr straight away as I was afraid that it would

trigger my Vulvodynia.. He gave me an antibiotic..Macrodantin twice a day for

5 days 100mg each dose.. I don't do well on antibiotics and only took them

for four days..I felt fine as in the symptoms were gone and I had what I

though was my Vulvodynia act up...this went on for almost a week when

I realised that the urgency to go was back with a vengeance....although I

have had cystitis many times over the years has been a long time and

urgency wouldn't have been my main complaint any of those times, more

burning etc...but this was urgency like I've never experienced it..I was

doubled up..I went to the out of hours dr...another 70 euro and he said that

there was blood in my urine and infection still and have me another

antibiotic..called Cipro....that was Sunday..I took it and it had awful side

effects but thought it would work, on day three of it which was Tuesday, I was

out of it on the meds and the urgency got worse..way worse..I've never felt

anything like own dr was back then so I went to her..I explained

everything and she said Cipro was hard to take and that Macrodantin

should,have been taken longer and split into four doses a day instead..(she

was filling in for my own dr as she works for him).. She told me to take them

for seven days..I explained the urgency was frightening me as it was so

severe and I'd never had it before and I was concerned about it getting worse

instead of better..she said there was still infection in my urine and blood...I

took it ..yesterday was day 2 and I started to feel drugged again but the

urgency had dissipated a bit, so I told myself it was going to be ok..but last

night it came back with a vengeance and today is the worst ever..I rang my dr

and said I was worried and she said that while cystitis is the urinary tract ,

that mine is now in the bladder and that this is normal with a bladder

infection...I explained to her that I've never had that before and that it's

getting worse..she said it will take longer to go and didn't seem concerned...

I'm trying to find out if anyone has this symptom or has had it with uti that wouldn't go for a long time..I'm frightened at this stage and can't get any rest...

im trying to find out if anyone has had a bladder infection where the original symptoms( burning , cutting pain up though etc went but urgency got worse and worse...I'm scared at this point and can't stop crying or get out of bed...I just can't understand why it isn't dissapating , or if this is normal for a bladder infection even though I have never experienced this symptom this badly ...before

Any help would be appreciated please


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    Hi Lisa, I'm so sorry you are suffering like this, the symptoms you describe are similar to mine though I got these at the beginning and once I had taken the anti biotics ( I was on Trimethoprim) it cleared them up, so I would say from my experience that no, this isn't normal, you must try to take the full dose of anti biotics, I know they are horrid, mine make me feel really sick but I persevere with them as they are the only thing that helps, the only thing I can suggest to you apart from the usual (drinking plenty of water, taking cranberry tablets, I take 10,000mgs a day and also probiotics) is to keep going to the doctor, see if they can prescribe what I take (I'm in the UK by the way), I do hope you feel better soon.


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      Thank you Phoebe, 

      it means a lot that you replied..I know I'm putting pressure on my bladder at this point as I'm all tensed up..I just really feel that things should be getting better instead of worse..I'm worried that my bladder is spasming because these antibiotics are making things worse but I don't know , this all started to take off when I was on the second day of the last one, Cipro. I'm allergic to penicillin which causes a problem with what i can be given..I've not have cystitis in years and pharmacy meds always worked then, I only ever had to take an antibiotic many years before , the first time I ever got it as I let it go on a bit, but even though that was 20 + years ago , I know it didn't feel like was always a slight urgency and burning followed by cutting feeling , that part was the same this time but that's long just turned in to this..if I knew it would leave then I would be able to handle it but I'm afraid it won't..when I first got Vulvodynia it nearly broke me trying to find out what it was and treat it..but it became something that wouldn't ever really leave..I'm terrified this spasm thing or what ever it is wont go either ..

      i just wish I knew if others have had this and the it went 

      thank you so much for replying to me ..I hope you are well

      im in Ireland btw

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      Hi again, I admit I had to look up Vulvodynia I had never heard of it, goodness you really have been suffering, us ladies do have super fun don't we? I had only ever had one bout of cysitis when I was in my 30's then a couple of years ago had to have a hysterectomy and things seem to have gone pear shaped since then, my GP wanted to put me on an estrogen cream or pessary but as I had had uterine cancer my Gyny said no as obviously estrogen feeds that type, so I had to explore other avenues, try not to panic, I know it isn't easy, I suffer with a panic disorder so understand where you are coming from, I think all you can do is keep asking your doctor if there is anything else you can try.

      Phoebe (Surrey UK)

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      Hi Phoebe..God I can't believe all the things you have gone through ..your right women have some time of it..Please tell me you are cancer free now?.. You are so good to get back to me..yes I never heard of Vulvodynia either till I got it..neither has anyone of my friends or family..I got pregnant whe I was 41( I know right !)?.and things health wise went down from there..miscarried, and though I had three times before that, this time because of my age etc a hormone imbalance like my mothers kicked in..bled and bled for months , eventually after anemia and more fun I got back on track tablets that saved me having to get the womb out..then got a cyst then bam, Vulvodynia followed by burning mouth syndrome ( apparently go together oftentimes ) in pre menopausel women..because these things haven't ever gotten under control, I, now panicked that this is some new thing that won't leave...I was never too bad about panic till the bleeding a few years changed me and not for the better..the rest just trickle down and brought me to my knees..I just started to feel like I could climb back up and now should be a quick fix but yet here I am...I turned 44 in March..I'm in Cork right at the bottom of Ireland..

      Thank you so much for getting back to me ..are you getting a lot of these? Utis I mean?

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      I am still having 6 monthly check ups with my gyny but so far so good thanks, last check up will be in January next year. 

      RE the UTI's I have had about 6 in the last year some very close together, I'm not too bad at the moment, I am making certain that I keep well hydrated which I have been bad at doing in the past, that and taking the various suppliments, not having long bubbly soaks in the bath which is annoying as I love to wallow, not using any perfumed soap etc around that area, not using perfumed washing powder for my undies (I use soap nuts) and no fabric softener, of course I do forget sometimes. I haven't taken anti biotics for about 6 weeks now and hope not to for ages yet, I have an agreement with my GP to see how it goes for 6 months, if things flair up too often then I have to see a urologist (I hate going to hospitals) if I stay symptom free then we will leave it a while longer........fingers crossed.

      Take care


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    Hi Lisa,   First off I need to say, I feel sorry that you are going through this, secondly, know you are not alone.  You are describing a situation I went through last year.  Out of no where I started frequent urge to pee, even after I finished I felt like I had a full bladder was awful.  On occasion I would get a burning feeling as well.  I went to doctors to get my urine checked because I had an indication that this is what was going on....and seeing months prior I had one (although that time I had no symptoms other that groin pain).  It showed that I had WBC, but cultures kept coming back contaminated....I was put on Macrobid and I like you could not finish, I began itching almost felt like bugs were crawling under my skin, and short of breath.  It is questionable if this was a start of a allergic reaction or I was just having anxiety as I do not like putting any sort of medication in my body.   Anyways I could not finish....then we tried another and nope terrible reactions....I had terrible burning by this point and felt like someone put acid in my bladder.   So I went through a whole list of remedies that after many months it eliviated all they symptoms..and the bacteria was gone.  Now I am working hard to make sure this never happens again.  I still get vulvadynia symptoms on occasion and I have had every test under the sun, and all the doctors and naturalpaths I work with all agree my symptoms are hormonal.  I am not sure where you are (peri menopause, or menopause) but this can bring on all of this nightmarish stuff.  Also did they confirm what bacteria is causing this?  Mine was strep b, it is very hard to treat when you are allergic to penicilin.
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    Hi Lisa,

    I'm sorry to hear you've had such a lot of problems and I think you've already been given some good advice.

    My contribution is to say that you had bad side effects to cipro and it's interesting that your doctor said 'it's hard to take'.  It is, literally, a poison - it's used as a chemo drug as it actually damages your own cells.  It can mess with your joints, muscles, eyes, heart, gut, skin, brain - everything!  There is a discussion all about it started by the moderator some time ago at

     I'm just telling you this so that, even if you can't take penicillin, you must insist on never having Cipro or one of the other quinolones.  You've had some bad side effects but the problem with Cipro and the others is that their effects are cumulative - which means if you take them again it will be worse - and the next time even worse.  They can - and will - ruin you life.  You did need extra pain after what you're going through at the moment!

    Take Care,


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      Hi Miriam, I have to agree with regards to Cipro, my mother was given it for a UTI and she turned jaundice.  The unfortuate thing is it is still on the market and is given out to patients.  In saying all of this I think it depends on the person's make up and what they can tolerate.  I am like Lisa and very senstitive to antibiotics in general.  It started in my mid thirties that any one I take causes rash, short of breath and severe itching and I am told to stop taking them.  At this point the only antibiotic that is left is I am working extremely hard to prevent any UTI from happening.  If you look at the side effects to Macrobid it is quite alarming as well, it can damage your lungs, and seeing some of the effects it has on people is quite scary.  Thankfully I am going to be getting tested in July for antibiotic allergies and see if what I am experiencing is an actual allergy or just an intolerance, there is a difference.  If there is signs of allergy we will work to desensitize so hopefully I can take penicillin again.   Many years back I got really sick from cephalaxin, severe stomach pain, severe diareha, and rash, and I ended up with c-diff......and that is an antibiotic that most people can tolerate yet to me it is it really depends.  I have seen some people handle cipro with no issues and it clears up the infection and all is well.  I think the problem is sometimes these sites can actually put the fear in people.  

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      Good points, and I'm sorry to hear you have such problems.

      I'm aware many people have good results from Cipro but it's worth bearing in mind that their next course - or the next may just be the one that tips them ove rinto a world of pain.  A lady on here said she'd taken 50 courses and now suddenly finds she's in agony!

      These sites can worry people, hopefully it will encourage them to make their own minds up about some things.  You have no choice as to what ABs you take but for most people there are safer options.  The FQs are too often prescribed for regular infections - they really should be kept back for life or death scenarios  - or for people who have trouble with other ABs, like yourself.


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