Bladder Neck Incision - Your experience?

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Hello. I will have BNI - bladder neck incision in the next few weeks. Reasons are: Frequency without a lot urine in, low stream of urine. Please, share your experience Post-Surgery πŸ˜ƒ thank you!

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    You will have retrograde ejaculation for the rest of your life. Dont do it. Get a 2nd and 3rd opinion, from other doctors. And finally if you must do it fund a special doctor who focuses on doing nerve sparing bni. Ive had it a year a go and its been hell since.

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    It didnt fix my problem & reduced ejaculation by 80%.

    Make sure your urologist has exhausted all diagnostics before proceeding, and if he says he has get a second opinion. I foolishly trusted my uro, a famous professor, and 3 years on I'm still paying the price.

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    Hello guys, i am 9 days after BNI - bladder neck incision, TUIP. So far no improvement.

    My urologist said that he will cut only bladder neck, he will not touch prostate. I'm happy,I have not retrograde ejaculation.

    My experience:

    1st day - full of stress, have been "turned off" from waist till legs and i didn't feel anything. I've had spinal anesthesia. I've been watching everything on the screen while the urologist was doing his work. After that they put catheter in and took me to the recovery room for 1-2 hours (I don't know, after mizadolam the time flew very fast). I was okay.

    But with the time, the anesthesia started release (AT 3 PM they gave me anesthesia, at 11 pm I started to notice that it's going off) and i've felt all night that i want to make a poop but that was due to catheter inside my bladder, i've got 2x painkillers to the veins and i've slept all night then. My bladder was flushed by 0,9 NaCL.

    After that they left me with the catheter in for 2 days. In total i've spent 3 days in hospital. Every morning and evening the doctors came to me to see how i'm doing. I've been discharged on 3rd day with reccomendations.

    So far without any improvement (only flow,a little bit better.) My main symptoms were: Frequent urinary, low stream of urine and sometimes just a little bit of leak.

    After surgery i didn't notice leaking or stuff like that. I'm waiting for symptoms to improve.

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    Hello guys πŸ˜„ Doing some updates πŸ˜›

    18 days after surgery:

    • Frequency is a little bit settled, but still not the best (was 15 minutes now 40-50mins, sometimes longer)
    • Stream is stronger, than it was before
    • I can sleep 6 hours without waking up so it's better for me, before i was waking up every 3-4 hours, sometimes every 2.
    • Bleeding is visible every few days, but not for very long.
    • Retrograde ejaculation is not happening. Hope it stays like this forever.
    • Some pain in the urethra few times a day.

    Overall, im recovering well. If you have any questions just ask me on private or here in thread πŸ˜ƒ


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    1 month 5 days after:

    • urgency still persists
    • stronger feeling of "urgency"
    • today i've had urgent frequency and i've noticed that every time i'm having that - the same day or very soon after that i'm passing a huge clots with urine and blood, and that was few moments ago. After that the urgency "settles" to the normal way, I mean 45min-1hr, sometimes 30-45 mins.

    So in overall: a total rollercoaster but I hope it will resolve in upcoming weeks.

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    Need to do an another update, becasue I think that will be important for others.

    In almost 6th week:

    • passing a lot of huge blood clothes
    • bleeding started again


    This is the most tough day i've had.. for 8 hours urgent frequency, a huge scabs/blood clots passing by..

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    Evening guys,

    As on 23.03 after passing huge JELLY blood clots - so 1 month and 3 weeks after surgery the things are as following:

    • Frequency slowly starting to dissapear (was 30-40 minutes, now it's like 1hr 20 min - 2 hrs - vary from the day to day.
    • Waking up 1 time at night, sometimes 7 hrs of not disturbed sleep.
    • No more urgent frequency from last week

    Hope It will be better, I want to feel how is it to have normal life aften 10 years of hell .. 😦

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    Everything went back 😦 Im so worried 😦

    / will keep you updated when something will change in my symptoms but due to overactive bladder it can take up to 6 months to resolve.

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    I'm helping myself using Betmiga, not very spectacular effects but always something. If someone wants to support himself - i reccommend to visit this thread:

    It shows that it can take up to few months for frequency to get out. Of course I'm not forgetting about this thread so I will update it from time to time if there will be any improvement in my symptoms.

    As on 2 months 1 week after things are as following:

    • Reduced volume of ejaculate (depends, but most of time I ejaculate - not so strong..)
    • a very little scabs going out (very, very little)
    • Frequency is the worst here
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    I was thinking about it but.. I will post it. This is my result of a flow after 1 month of operation.

    Above is a result of flow after OP - around 15 ml/s and bladder empty within 20 seconds. Note: It's just 1 month after operation so i wouldn't expect more as i had problems after OP to pee instantly.

    Below is before OP - around 5,5ml/s or even less, hard to pee, pushing urine by stomach only - and 1min30secs in total in toilet.

    Now i pee freely without using my stomach so it's very good. Still waiting for frequency to dissapear.

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    Thank you for this thread. Here is my story:

    I suffered from prostate pain, weak urine stream and frequent urination at night (about 2 times) but my Prostate size was quite normal at 31ml.

    I went for a BNI and an injection of Kenacort into bladder neck on Monday 19th of April 2021 in Sydney, Australia. I was put under general anesthetic.

    When I woke up about an hour later, I had a catheter that was uncomfortable but bearable. I was given some pain killer immediately afterwards. The Urologist said that the procedure had gone very well. I was asked to drink lots of water to flush my system. I did not need any painkillers afterwards as I only had mild pain.

    Day 2: My bloody urine began to clear and the catheter was removed at 8am. The removal wasn't pleasant but the pain didn't last long. At about 10am I went to pass urine and it was very difficult. After repeated attempts a few drops came out. I went for a walk and tried again and more came out but it stung. I was able to empty most of my bladder so I was discharged from hospital by noon. At night, I woke up about 3 times to go the toilet. Took a while to start peeing but once the flow started (still weak) I was able to empty much of my bladder.

    Day 3: Stream flow improving but still weak and it still stings but it’s an improvement from yesterday. No blood in urine.

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      Prepare for rollercoaster mate. I would suggest you to take tamsulosin for first 2-3 weeks as it can be difficult to urinate. It will help some. You will probably have RE for 2-3 weeks but as soon as you stop taking this medicine the RE will stop (it depends how your cut was done, let us know if you experience RE when stopping this drug if you decide to use it)

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      Day 12 after procedure: Frequency to urinate has improved heaps. I only wake up about 2 times at night instead of 4 times last week. During the day there's no urgency. Urine flow has improved too. I still have some slight pain coming from the prostate/ bladder neck area right after urinating but it eventually goes away. Otherwise I'm happy with my recovery so far but there's still a long way to go to be where I want to be.

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      Day 34 after BNI procedure: Urine flow is good, frequency is getting better (waking up once per night) but i still have a stinging pain after I urinate all the time. Sometimes the pain is mild and other times it's more intense. It seems to be at the base of the penis but it permeates all the way to the tip. I really hope the pain will go away at some stage.

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      Hi Vicki

      Can you please let me know when the Stinging pain stopped for you. I had a BNI 7 weeks ago and I am getting the stinging pain sometimes just before and after and then on other occasions all day. I am taking painkillers to get through hopefully it will end soon.

      I would appreciate your thoughts, keep in touch


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