Blepharitis and depression

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Made a few posts I here before about my blepharitis but now I feel like I'm at the point of no return with it.

I've got another flare up on the way and it's dragging me down physchologically. I'm suffering from depression now because of it. I feel sad all the time and want to cry. I have to be honest and say that I'm having thoughts that not being alive would make things easier.

The only thing that ever works for me is antibiotic tablets but I've been told I can't be on them for the rest of my life. The last doctor I saw didn't care and prescribed me drops that never work for me.

My partner says I need to see a Dr about my depression but as there's no cure for my blepharitis I don't see the point? No matter how much counselling I could have it wouldn't change anything. I fear that I'm going to be constantly depressed.

I can't go on like this anymore. This illness is destroying me and its beat me

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    Hello, I do feel that seeing someone who can help with depression will actually help.   Where are you States, UK, Australia, elsewhere that we can find a sympathetic doctor who can help you with both blepharitis and depression.  

    you have not stated just how the blepharitis is affecting you nor what you have used other than antibiotics.  Can you please be more specific.  I'm wondering if you have allergies as to dust, animals or you have dry eyes and these are not being picked up by your doctor.  My GP told me go to the A&E Eye Deptartment later in the day and the staff there have the best info and are able to prescribe and advise. about your blepharitis. i've done so and have had some relief.

    I also know that being busy or depressed I have forgotten timings of medications. and is not helpful.  somehoe I've got to st up something that works.  how about you.  Take a few days to work the start of your manifestations and you will get over it all more quickly until you have beat it down the road.  That is my hope and I'm sure working on it.  How about a trip somewhere where you will experience changes of all kinds. 

    Keep up with reading and working on the discussions.

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      I'm in the UK

      I've had it for about 12 years now and in that time I've been prescribed everything from drops to ointments and tablets.

      I've never been prescribed doxycycline but I've heard people talk about it before. The antibiotics I've been given in the past are oxytetracycline. I don't know what the differences are? I was given prednisilone tablets about 11 years ago and it got rid of it until I had some vaccinations in the navy. But I was told I'd not be able to take them again as they can be dangerous.

      Even if a Dr would prescribe me them every other month it would be a help to me. I'm not sure if they'd stop working after a while though?

      I just can't take the pain anymore. One specialist I saw years ago told me I had the worst case of Blepharitis he'd ever seen. That's how bad it can get. I was symptom free for most of last year but it came back round November time. I don't even know what triggers it? It just appears.

      Hot compresses don't work or cleaning routines either. Nothing does.

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      Jesus you have had it for 12 years and not found any solution! Don't get too excited about the doxy, there only a very weak antibiotic and are more used as a anti inflammatory over time but I found them useless, but some peeps get relife from it. As you live in uk don't waste your time going to eye specialist because they know nothing about blephartis, peeps on these website know more about it than any so called eye specialist here. you can't use the predi all the time also as it s a very strong steroid and doctors won't prescribe them for long term use.and I agree the hot commpressers are completely useless too. What type of blephartis do you have? Is your blephartis on your eyelashes or eyelids? Do you get dry eye or just redness and swelling?
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      Not sure what blepharitis it is? It affects my lashes and my lids. I get swollen red eyes, discharge, constant watering, burning and the skin breaks down on my lids.

      No solution found sadly. I've tried everything I've read about on here and nothing works

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    I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad. Blepharitis is a very miserable condition. I really don't think doctors realise how badly it affects us, not just in our eyes. I didn't realise that I'd stopped going out except to walk my dogs. I hated being seen anywhere with red, weepy eyes. 

    A couple pled of things I can think of. You could speak to your doctor about feeling depressed. Anti depressants might make you feel strong enough to fight the Bleph. Another is if you search Doxycyline online you can buy them. Not cheap, they're used as a preventative for malaria. I've decided if I get a bad flare up again and neither the hospital dr or GP will prescribe antibiotics I'll buy them myself. I worked out I could get a six week course for about £50. 

    I hope this info helps you. Don't let the Blepharitis beat you--- it's a miserable, irritating, nasty condition --- think of It as a cowering, pathetic little "thing" picture it in your mind, the spit on it, stamp on it --- whatever makes you feel stronger than "it" 

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      I do agree that I am not happy about getting much done and so it is depression also!  Doxycycline can be ordered online but please use a proper online pharmacy.  The price is not much different went buying it abroad and OTC.

      I love the example of picturing and stamping on it... and throwing it far away too!

      You can move your life along.  Work on it as if it were a study and you the researcher. You WILL get it right!

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    Blepharitis has been in  my life for over 20 years.  Fortunately it comes

    and goes in intensity.  Don't anyone bother taking prednisone, I'm

    been on pred for almost three years for an auto-immune condition called Polymyalgia Rheumatica and I still have Bleph.    I just had cataract surgery on one eye and am alarmed that the eye is inflamed

    and my eye doc (not surgeon) doesn't seem to know why.  

    Get some help for your depression and maybe if you feel better

    you will be able to fight this miserable condition.  Keep reading the

    posts, there are some good hints to help you with Bleph...

    One hint I have for everybody.   DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGERS



    You can find them on Amazon, kind of pricy but cut them in half.

    The only thing I can recommend is to keep trying various drops

    and wipes and I do think the soaks help. 

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      i guess the medical advice and doctors outside of the United States is pitiful. I go to one of the finest doctors in the country This condition Blepharitis is a life time condition. You can keep it at bay, but once diagnosed as i was over 10 years ago, you have it for life. Have been on and off doxy, Azsite, Steriod drops and told to use warm compresses available cheap at drug store you put in microwave for life, when i stop this the flareups come back. Also no makeup is advised as this just makes the condition worsen only for a wedding for special event. I use the eye wipes and have been seeing a  special doctore every 6 months for life also restasis. I also have MGD  gland dysfunction which contributes to this conditon and this is for life. I also have ocular roscea which is for life there is nothing to be shocked about have this for over 20 years it just has to be kept under control  which requires contant care of oneself.
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      Good Morning, I have been diagnosed with ocular roscea too, it makes me so miserable when i get a flare up. I am on a low dose steroid drop for 4 months until i go back to the hospital in June, I am also doing the hot compress and baby shampoo routine, it seems to be kept at bay a the moment
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      i took the steriods and they are wonderful Ocular roscea is for life it has to be kept at bay by constant hygiene and routine care.
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      I did it regularly and it did help but like most things as soon as it seemed better i got out of the habit and my eyes started feeling dry and looking like i had red eye liner on. I have just started the routine up again and will continue with it now no matter how good i feel. I just hope it doesnt recur once i stop the steroids,  the consultant told me so far i have been lucky and all the scarring is aound my cornea, so my sight hasnt been affected.

      Does it make you feel really tired, like a viral infection when you have an attack. i could sleep for England, i cant drive, watch tv, or read a book sad

      And the eyes are so light sensitive and painful i just go to bed for about 3 weeks sad

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      Thank you. I have to stop putting my fingers in my eyes...I sometimes use a tissue...they are so itchy.   How do I use the occusoft wipes...dab or rub? Do they help get rid of the itching?
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    Have you seen my personal 'fix'?  Worked for me for last 4 years or so.
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      Hi David, Can you repeat your' fix' please!
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      I found that the doctor's usual ointments didn't work, neither did wet wipes or warm compresses and the blepharitis would not desist.  One day I saw the doc about a scalp problem, seborrheic dermatitis and he prescribed Capasal which is a coal tar based shampoo and it stinks!  Anyway, after using this every morning for a couple of weeks both problems were fixed.  I do sometimes get a bit of crustiness in the eyes but not often, I can't promise it will work for everyone but I won't go without my morning shower to wash hair and face and lashes with this stuff, the smell soon disappears and can be disguised.  I also take one dioxycycline capsule a day which was recommended by an eye specialist whom I met socially, how much this contributes I have no idea but I take it non the less.
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      I've been using T-Gel but not sure if it's the same as capasal? Is capasal the coconut one?

      Out of interest how long have you been taking one doxycycline capsule daily? I really think if I can have antibiotics little and often it would help.

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      Davis, I am so happy your blepharitis was pretty much fixed. I will be trying these. I am a bit concerned about dioxycycline and will leave it for last. some of the reason is I have taken so many antibiotics in my life and this month I have gone without any.  so maybe the other antibiotics held off the blepharitis
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      Thanks David again, I wanted to write Doxcycline and I actually have some at home so maybe I will try if the GP says OK!

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