Blepharitis for 2 years

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Hello all. I'd like to write my story from the beginning. In 2011 , I was using contact lenses for months which were able to stay in the eye for maximum 20 days and lenses could stay in the eye even during the sleep time.In summer two styes in my left upper eyelid came out and they turned to cyst.After the cysts I decided not to use these contact lenses anymore because of that I thought lenses were the reason.

Cysts stayed in my eyelid for 5 or 6 months and there were no Blepharitis during this period.After 5 months , doctors decided to do surgery.Surgery was a little bit successful , they managed to take one cyst and the other cyst was not completely discharged , little part of it was still there.I have to mention that my blepharitis started immediately after the surgery.I thought that the reason is maybe caused by this cyst and I went to another doctor.He did cortisone injection into cyst but it did not help neither.However , last year a doctor who is very successful in her area made a operation and cyst is completely discharged.I thought that my blepharitis symptoms could be gone due to this operation but it did not.I have " anterior blepharitis " which is caused by staphylococcus and white things in acne form come out in my upper eyelid and they are so painful.I should tell that my blepharitis is in just left eye and my right eye has always been ok.Now I gave up going to doctors and I am researching every treatment options online.

So far , the options for me are :

- Wet Ones ( I ordered it from Amazon as recommended by lynda79 )

- Manuka Honey ( Some people said that it is effective. )

- Candida Diet ( Some people talk about that the reason may be caused by Candida Albicans )

- Tea Tree Oil

- Anti-Inflammatory Diet

I will try every option because of that I am exhausted of decline in my life quality , doing warm compresses and useless eye cleansing methods.By the way , sorry for length of my text and my English.I am Turkish and I live in Turkey so Turkish resources in internet are narrow. I would appreciate you for any help. I will report the results when I apply these solution options.

Love , Boran.

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    Hello Boran, when I started to read your post,  I was wondering whether some of your problem was caused by an allergic reaction to something.

    Tea Tree is antiseptic, so that might be helpful and the same with Manuka honey, though I'm not certain about putting that near your eye.

    Have you tried using nothing near your eye at all?  This might give it a chance to recover.

    My daughter in law is Turkish and has a friend who is an Ophthalmologist.  I will ask her his name for you and you can look him up to see whether he might help you.

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      Oh that would be great thanks ! There were times that I tried doing nothing with my eye and the situation was same so nothing changed.
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    i use blethaclaen wipes and hylo tears. no more bletharitis. had it for nearly 3 years. a friend at work had what you had and i found a eye pad called MGDRx Eye Bag for Blepharitis and no more cysts. all on the internet. please try this cause i thought id never get my eyes back untill i got the wipes. dont have to use the eye bag any more.

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      I will check it , thanks. Actually , I think that my problem is not related to cleansing but internal. Maybe it is related to my immune system or eating habbit I don't know.
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      my eye doc wanted me to go on tablets.  i wouldnt take em.yes it does come from within. i have astma, i get acne, i have contact dermatitis on my hands.oral thursh.all under control now. i was in boots the chemist one day bought blethaclean wipes and it was a miricle. i have been seeing a eye doc for nearly 3 years. with the wipes no more eye steriods no more conjuctivitus. also i think stress and smoking plays a part. the key is to get control and keep eye lid and hands cleans and relax and dont think too deep about it. you will get better.
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    as i put on the forum i had blepharits for years attended hospital had all sorts of drops nothing helped i changed my moisturiser and started using bio-oil all over my face taking extra time on my eyelashes latert on at tea time i washed my hands and reapplied the oil to my eyes ( only after i had massaged the eyelids ) and could feel the little bits of crystal on my fingertips i then realised that i hadnt put anything in my eyes for 4days that was about 3yrs ago but i think your condition is a lot worse than mine i didnt have cysts only the crystals on my eyelids i was going to bed at 8pm just so as i could close my eyes for the day you could maybe try my approach to the problem dont think it will help the cysts but it should help the blepheritis hope this helps worth a try regards catherine
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      When I say acne I do not mean cyst. I want to explain it more. There are no cysts after the last operation which I got last year. My eyelid gets inflamed almost once in a month and the acne come out in my eyelid that disappears in maximum 4 or 5 days. 
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      yes i know its not acne. blepharitis is having acne behind the eyes to put it in a nut shell. thats what i would say to people easier for them to understand. what i have learnt is everyone has blepharitis but it is dormant until something triggers it off. so when i said about my acne i was just saying that people that have astma thrush skin problems are more likely to suffer from this horrible eye disease. mine started when i used a new glue for my eyelash exstentions. always used eyelash exstenstions cause i kept getting conjuntivitis and wearing these stopped me from rubbing my eyes in my sleep. then boom out the blue got a horrible allergic reaction had to have 20o false eye lashes pulled off. my tear ducts blocked and my own natural tears, not crying tears had no where to go. they would spill onto my face for a month. it was hell. i paid privately to have them seen and had 2 needles put down my tear ducts to punture the skin. it cleared up then 3 weeks later my eyes were red itcty, painful. had to have time off work. i had red eye. dry eye,allergic to my cats,make up,computer work hurt. head aches so sensitive to light.ive been through it i can to you. blep is block eye lid margins,sensive to light, allergies,dry eye. i used baby shapoo for 2.5 years  morn and night and it dried my eye lids out. steroids for 2.5 years as well they started to dry out my eye lids as well, they looked old. i am vain and thought i will stop all this stuff  and get blephaclean wipes,i would not take oral meds cause that was the last resort with eye doc. use hylo tears for dry eyes, brill stuff. it will never go but getting control is all i can do. i dread it coming back, but i'm on a winner now. sorry for long reply. good luck and try these please and the eye bag. when i went  on holiday to a hot country i noticed it all calmed down as well the sun helps. good luck
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    Boran, just to clarify: While I did experience symptoms of a candida overgrowth at the same time as I experienced my blepharitis symptoms, I never undertook any form of an anti-candida diet, and in fact my blepharitis symptoms disappeared after I began treatment for iron deficiency anemia.

    I *surmised* that the blepharitis symptoms, like the candida symptoms, came about *as a result of iron deficiency*. I have no evidence that my blepharitis was actually candida, only that it disappeared along with my candida symptoms when I treated my *anemia*.

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      Oh I see.Actually , one of the people was you when I decided to take anti-candida diet as an option to treat blepharitis smile All the doctors said that it is anterior blepharitis and staphyloccocus causes this situation but I wanted to be sure about other options like candidas.On the other hand , it seems there is no specific test for determining whether this is a fungal infection or not.
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      Well I think it's important to try everything. But I just wanted you to know that for me - not saying it's true for anyone else - candida overgrowth is a *symptom* of anemia. If all I had done was go on an anti-candida diet who knows, it might have worked, but it wouldn't have helped the underlying cause.

      I would recommend that you try the anti-candida diet! But also get your iron checked, because two of the symptoms of anemia are inflammation and immunosuppression, both of which could be affecting you.

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    Dear Boran,

    When I googled Blepharitis it said it was caused by staphylococcus. When I googled the Quats (that is what Benzethonium Chloride and Benzalkonium Chloride are called) it said it killed staphylococcus.

    Granted, I found this out after I killed with the wipes as someone was allergic to them. It did mention that 16.5% out of 959 people were allergic to these quats.

    So maken sure that you are not allergic to shampoos, detergents, handwipes, fabric softeners before you use them.

    A friend used a facial scrub with Benzethonium Chloride in it and killed her Blepharitis. She had the kind that was moving up onto her eyelids (where a woman wears eye shadow) and was very ugly. She wore sunglasses all the time.

    I had the terrible itching kind. Honjon, on this site, had the terrible oil problem and couldn't watch TV for very long. All these symptoms evidently are staphylococcus caused as the wipes helped them.

    Wish you relief soon,



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      Hello Lynda ,

      My type of Blepharitis is that my left eyelid is red sometimes and not very painful everytime but almost once in a month , especially upper eyelid , gets swollen and it becomes painful.After maximum 3 or 4 days it becomes normal again and infection turns into white crusty thing and it goes by time. All the doctors that I went said that it is caused by staphyloccocus bacteria and they dont know the real reason which causes it. I hope wet ones will help my issue. 

      Also , I have a question to ask you. When you tored them into 8 sections , during day time how did you keep them wet ? I mean if you used the tored parts of wipes of course. And what was the routine of using these wipes in a day ? 

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      Boran, you could put the torn pieces back into the packet, or else in a plastic bag to keep them moist
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      Dear Boran,

      Just like mrsmop said you can store in something air tight. I used all 8 sections as it was in both eye. I infected the other eye myself. I used 2 pieces on each part of the eye so 4 for each time I did it per eye.

      I did this 4 times a day to start for a week and a half. Wrapped only small section around finger. Too much wipe is hard on the skin and drys it out. Fingertip, you have a lot of control that way.

      As soon as you feel better you can go down. Honjon, on this site, went down fast. I went down to 3 times a day for a month. You can do less like Honjon if feel better. I then went down to 2 times a day for 2 months.

      It itched only once or twice after that. I jumped on it with the wipes for just a day or two and it was gone.

      Check out Honjon's information too. This is good for about 80% of people, those not allergic.

      I found that the relief was right away but it did take 3 months or a little over to kill it.

      Wish you relief soon,


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      Hi Lynda,  Just recaping the use of the Wetones.  I am in the % that can not use them.  I had the worst flareup ever.  So I had to go on steriods.  Much better now.  I guess I will have to find the facial scrub with the BC in it.  It is a staphylococcus problem.  Once you have it in your system it can show up anywhere.  I had Osteomyolitis, years ago in my spine after a cervical operation.  Osteomyolitis is infection of the bone, staph.  Since then it shows up in strange places on my body and now it is on my one eyelid and has been for years.  It use to come and go but now it comes and stays and wants to be a part of my life.  I am like, no way dude.  I will find something that works.  The Steriods and Doxy works but I can't live on them.  I loved your idea with the BC so I will try and find something that has it in it.  I am interested in the Blethaclean wipes.  Not sure what they are but I will go look them up.  Everyone seems to have their own remedy that keeps thier Bleph at bay.  But not everyone can use the same thing I guess.  Take care.

      I did some research and found EMU Oil to be of some help to many.  It is an antinflamatory ointment with tea tree oil.  I tried it but it did not work for me.  I need to make sure my eyelid is really clean at all times.  I am a singer songwriter and I sing on stage so it is not always that easy.  Have to wear makeup.  But I have found some really good makeup.  Paula's Choice is excellent for this problem and she has some great products for people with dermatitis.  


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      Dear Suzanne,

      I am sorry to hear they do not work for you. The Bleph Ex machine uses tea tree oil. That kills staph too. Tintin on this site put up the % of tea tree oil to olive oil to use. He was discussing mites but I would give it a try if the wipes did not work for me. Many have used it but said it was too stong so it needs to be diluted down with the oil.

      Sorry I have not gotten back sooner but my Father was in the hospital for 5 days.

      Please let me know how it goes.

      Thinking of you,


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      Hi Lynda,

      Oh no problem.  Thank you though for being so kind to respond.  I am trying something different.  Because this is a staph issue, I am filling my washbowl with water and drops of Tea Tree in the water along with Erno Lazlo cleanser oil for people with derm problems.  I bought the soap as well.  Love it.   I rince my face like15 times, the Lazlo regimen works.  I just have to stick with it. Then I ordered Odylique Cream which has an

      antinflamatory in it as well as using Reginica by obagi regenica replenishing cream.  It seems to be calming everything down.  We shall see.  Since this is a bacterial problem I would assume with the use of the Tea Tree oil and keeping that area clean, I might have an advantage here to win the battle.  We shall see.  I ordered too the Blupheritis wipes from England.  Seems to be more available over there for this particular problem.  All I know is anything can trigger this nusence.  I am also making up tea tree oil pads by diluting with boiled water and putting them in a steril container.  Then I can actually wash my eyelid from time to time.  It's funny how I only get this problem in one area of my right eye all the time. Not the other eye at all.  My eyelid will blow up in this one area and get really red, itchy, as well as the inside of my eye feeling inflammed.  So annoying.  We all have to deal with something.  Each person seems to find out what works for them.

      So sorry to hear about your Father in the Hospital.  I hope he is better now.  Prayers coming your way.  

      All the very best,

      Suzanne Dee

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