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I was sitting around today and my phone rang.

​I picked it up and it was a social worker from when I had my last stay in the hospital on Jan 31.  She was calling to see how I was doing...and if I NEEDED anything. I was surprised.

​We talked for about 1/2 an hour...she listened to all my stress..all my upcoming appointments...She was very happy that I have requested my therapist to do drug/alcohol keep me honest...and to support my disability claim (I want to have something on file that proves I am not ingesting alcohol).

​I asked what types of things would I need from her?  She gave me examples..such as if I am having problems personal...or having problems locating Drs...or need something that the Drs can't medication...or questions on insurance...etc...

​I'm doing well.  But, I have to say that the way I was treated in hospital and the way I continue to be treated by Drs and Psychiatric a big component as to why I have done so well this time.  Its nice to feel cared for....

​So anyone that is struggling with healthcare and understanding...just know there are people out there that do care.  And I think the UK will catch up someday...there has been alot on the news...about alcohol and drug use...and Drs. learning that if they don't start understanding...things will get worse sad.

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    It was funny, I was at the hospital today (not alcohol related) and they explained everything, asked if I understood everything and if I was happy, before I signed the consent form.

    It was unusual, I'm quite used to being treated as a piece of meat, to be processesed and doctors sound quite irrated when I stop them and ask what things are for or what are they planning to do.

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      It must be catching lol! My husband had an appointment with a consultant cardiologist at Glenfield Hospital last week.

      He was seen five minutes earlier than his appointment time. The consultant himself called us in (big change there from when I worked in a hospital, they'd never move from their desks). He introduced himself, shook hands with us both and asked if we wanted tea or coffee! Never had that before.

      He was polite, clear and concise and we could actually understand him. 

      He asked my husband if he understood why he had been referred there and not our huge local hospital. He went through what he was having done and if we both knew why. The success rate, and if we fully understood the risks and gave us all the pros and cons and his own thoughts regarding the procedure.

      We expected him to be put on a long waiting list, but forgot that hospitals now have to operate within 16/18 weeks, otherwise they get a huge fine. The waiting time starts from the initial referral date and not from the first appointment. So he should have had it done by middle of April and back on the golf course early May

      He was very thorough with the consent form, pointed out the risks he'd written on the form. He then arranged personally for a pre-op assessment there and then to save us from another hours journey each way. My husband was asked if he had any questions, or queries and he then asked me if I had any worries. The only question I had was he himself doing the procedure. One of my sons who's a doctor said he was excellent and was highly recommended for this procedure. So an excellent consultation, which ended with him and my OH having a five minute chat about golf.

      ​Ive started a new discussion about my appointment today called [u]MIRACLES DO HAPPEN[/u] 

      To say I was gobsmacked  is an understatement. I went about a damaged shoulder and ten minutes later came out with a prescription for naltrexone.

      Luckily for me I saw a young newly qualified GP as my normal one was on holiday for 3 months!!


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      I love when Drs appointments go as THEY should. 

      But, I am assuming your husbands visit wasn't due to substance abuse? 

      So are you saying the UK just generally don't have good bedside for anything and not just substance abuse?  That's very  horrible...

      ​I did read that you got your prescribition while your Dr. was absent...hahahaha..good for you!

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      Hi misssy

      hahaha no not substance abuse. 17 years ago when he was only 40, hubby had a pericardectomy (removal of the protective sac lining around the heart).

      Been fine since last year, when a pre-op assessment for removal of his gallbladder detected an irregular heart beat, atrium flutter.

      He had cardioversion (stop your heart then shock it back to hopefully to sinus rhythm. This worked for a few months, but then became irregular again. Next procedure is cardiac ablation, which involves putting a thin wire with an electrode on the end up through the groin and into the heart and shock the heart itself back into normal rhythm. Our local hospital don't do this, so he was referred to a specialist cardiac consultant.

      Regarding consultants and senior registrars in the uk, many patients hold them in awe and certainly many of the older dr's are very clinical and you don't question them. At one time what they said went. This is what I am going to do and that's that. They would explain in non medical terms, so the majority of patients would just sign the consent form. However things have moved forward and they involve the patient and their wife/husband/partner much more and are much more informal. You still get a few who think they are God and have a dreadful bedside manner.

      We have a lot of foreign dr's where English is not their first language, and sometimes it's hard (from my experience anyway) to understand what they're saying. Hope that makes sense.

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    Hi missy..that is such good makes such a huge difference when you get real support !!!! From the people who can really make a big difference in your life....And why not....YOU DESERVE IT. ..XX...WE ALL DO ....

    I am sooooo happy to see how well you are doing..I am like you..I have a wonderful GP and support if needed. ..and an amazing

    Every single one of us who has a problem. it......DRINK....OR....DRUGS ..we all deserve help, understanding, and lots of support...xx we are not !! Bad people. ..or.....even weak people !!!

    We just react differently to both substances....and for was for is a crutch to help through bad times.....

    Hugs and sincere regards misssy2 also every other single person who struggles.....dee..xxxxx

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      Yea has been a crutch for me thru the last 2 years and tough times. And it is very difficult to deal with the anxiety and panic...without alcohol.

      ​But, alcohol JUST amplified the anxiety and panic attacks...I had to come to terms with that.  

      ​your right that everyone deserves to be treated well...its just not how it is...and from what I read...the UK is really bad at being understanding.

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    Hi Misssy. So good to hear how well you are doing and getting the support you need front the medical profession. Yes like me, you suffer with anxiety and depression but it's taken me many years to realise that alcohol just makes it a hundred times worse and wastes days, weeks of your life during a binge and worse, after a binge. Have you tried mindfulness meditation for this. It has helped me a lot, plus EFT tapping? Yoga too.

    Anyway hope you have a good day xx

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    paper...LOL...I just watched a video on EFT therapy because I didn't know what it was.  Seems silly to me...but what it is alot of self talk....tapping yourself in various parts of your upper body,,,,head,,,collar bone....hands....but really it is talking to yourself...and taking breaths....

    ​I was never big on holistic approach.  The yoga and stuff.....which it is BAD for me that I am shut off to these ideas...because I'm sure the younger generation is going to live longer if they believe in and use these types of tools for recovery..emotional and substance.

    ​My therapy has been going to therapist...psychaitrist....taking my medication....buying myself things smile

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      I'm with misssy regarding holistic treatments, crystals, aromatherapy etc. I've given most things a go. There are only two things which I found helpful. Reflexology and acupuncture. However each to their own, but if people find them helpful that's great
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      Its helped me when I'm getting stressed or headaches. Not into crystals stuff but love the rest and so relaxing!! Though this has nothing to do with !!

      Going to alcohol Advisery service for some hypnotherapy tomorrow. And they are still doing acupuncture so going to book that too. You should try it RHGB !!!!

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      Hiya paper fairy

      Dont think RHGB likes needles!

      I didn't realise you could have hypnotherapy at any alcohol treatment centres. Have you had it before? Will you let me know how it went. I thought you could only get it if you went privately.

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      I had a big needle in me on Monday thanks, at the phlebotomists at the hospital. Silly mare wasn't paying attention and kept talking to her mate in the other cubicle (also taking blood).

      Next thing, she notices, is there's claret all over my arm and the floor, and she goes 'oh you're bleeding'. No sh*t sherlock, perhaps if you'd spoken to me instead of your mate, I could have told you the reason for the blood test. Like, I'm having a minor op (local anasthetic) and I've warned the doctor, I bleed (more than other people) because of my liver condition, so the bloods are for coagulation tests and platelet count.

      I wish hospital staff would concentrate on what they are doing, it makes me nervous when they only give it half their attention.

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      Sounds very similar to the blood clinic at The Royal, derby.

      about 50 people in the waiting room, 10 cubicles, of which 8 aren't in use due to staff shortages. Then one of the two taking bloods, disappears for ten minutes and comes back with two Starbucks drinks. Jeremy Kyle blearing out, and the old fogies moaning about the guests!

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