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Hey - It my first time posting online about this.

Basically I have severe bloating of my abdomen daily.

When I get up in the morning I am fine. But I soon become bloated during the day my waist increases 5-6 inchs. By the end of the day I am fully bloated and almost look pregnant.

I'm a 28 year old male who exercises regularly and eats very healthy. 

I have had the following tests done. 

CT Scan - Some swollen nodes less than 1 cm, Colon slightly thickened walls but Colonscopy was fine.

Colonoscopy - Extensive gastritis in gastric body and Antrum. Two linear erosions no ulceration

Barium Swallow - All fine

Blood Tests : High Albumin, MCHC, Haemologbin, Free T3

Glucose Level was 4.8 non fasting.

Fructose and Lactulose breath test : Tested Positive for both and told be I had SIBO. 

I went on Xifaxan for two weeks at 1200mg, this made my bloating worse while I was on the drug.

Anti-Acid have not assisted in decreasing the bloating. I had been proscribed Omeprazole. 

Strangely if I go out and have a few drinks (Alcoholic) the next day I will be fine and my stomach will not bloat up.

Also I had the common cold for 2 days and my stomach also did not bloat. Therefore during these events is one of my organs overproducing something it normally wouldn’t?

My bloating has now been going on for 2 years and it’s very distressing. If you have any knowledge on this I would be happy to know. Thanks smile

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    How many meals do you have daily? Maybe you are over eating (high albumin) , try chewing slowly
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      Hi Boweler, thanks - I have usually something light in the morning from Pret, try to stay away from carbs at lunch (Salad) and then dinner in the evening (Meat Carb Veg). Probadly the odd cup of herbal tea inbetween and a snack of fruit. I'm 5'10 and 11 1/2 stone. I was eating much more before the bloatin started.

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    Sister who is a nurse has finally after many years with brother in law, solved his problem, he is allergic to wheat, not coealic that came back negative, but his health has improved out of sight, bloating, pain, and just feeling generally unwell.

    She had cut out ALL WHEAT products, as an experiment for a start, and within a week he was reporting he felt alot better.

    Watch for wheat based products even in medicines, often described as corn, but its not, its wheaten.

    She said goes against all she has been taught in medicine, but shes got past the point of caring what the text books say, its working for him, and she is sticking to the non-wheat diet, bit frustrated by having to re-learn all her cooking skills at 60, but they are getting there.

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    Thanks all, I'm. just very confused as to how on a hangover I am absolutely fine, no issues with bloating.

    The hangover would make my stools more solid and a more normal brownish color

    I was thinking its something to do with bile production and my gallbladder?

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      Alcohol makes you dehydrated, therefore more solid stools, known side effect of alcohol.

      Are you drinking, as in tooo much water,  and on the days you drink alcohol you don't indulge in so much water.

      Tell us how much water you are drinking, incl cups of coffee, tea, soft drinks, even fruit juice.

      The more water you drink the softer the stools.

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      Thanks - I drink around 2 cups of tea a day and about 1 litre of water over the day. I gave up fruit juice and coffee neither worked

      I have discovered that if I lay down for an hour my bloating will go away and reappear within 5-10 minutes

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    Hang on: your fructose breath test is positive. Did you go on low fructose and/or FODMAP diet?
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      Hi, thanks for reply, yes I tried this at a dietitian. Basically it didn't work. Yesterday I got up and had a glass of water. Inside 5 minutes my abdomen swelled up. It's very disappointing.

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      I think it may be inadequate secretion of some digestive enzyme, I know that the liver and pancreas increase production when you have a hangover or are sick?

      I was tested positive for H Pylori about a year ago, I thought that was the answer but I eradicated it via antibiotics and systems continued. sad

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      My consultant said I had H. Pylori as well but didn't seem keen to treat it - do you know how severe the effects are?  My mum had a bit of a panic because her father had that along with duodenal ulcer and stomach ulcer which proceeded his stomach cancer so she's worried in case I'm going down the same route...

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      It seems a two edged sword.

      Many people have H.pylori BUT no symptoms.

      Those people do not need to get treatment, also...they simply don't know about it.

      Hence the theory is around, that this infection might be 'old', thousands of years with us and for most humans even 'beneficial' (some go that far).

      But strangely a big part of people who have stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcer or gastritis often have H.pylori AND feel better once eradicated (otherwise one can say: it's a coincidental finding and has nothing to do with symptoms)


      So you still are H.pylori positive right now as we speak?

      I would tackle this 'buddy' since you have all symptoms feeling unwell with it. Problem: they are often hard to tackle and if you live in an environment, where you get reinfected all the time (be it kissing or water, have a search, it's tricky), I really don't know an answer since antibiotic therapies can upset your system badly too. 

      It's always a balance between risk and benefit though.

      A friend of ours has been on constant antibiotic (full blast) for 12 years daily...because she has no immune system.  There is no way around and she would be dead without (plus the antibody infusions).

      You might want to read up about alternative methods for H.pylori eradication, too if you still test positive or look up different antibiotic treatments since they are 'blind' given, not tested on your H.pylori strain specifically. (I never had it, I have no experience with treatment, just know, that some H.pylori are resistant, too, or some therapies too mild)

      But you might test other enzyme levels first (one has to ask doc what he/she thinks about it, I know, it can be a struggle at times) and see, if that was the main issue for your troubles and not H.pylori related.



      Hope you have a good GI.

      You had a gastroscopy, and no ulcer so far, so time is on your side for trial and error and investigations. 

      All the best!!!

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