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louise73742 louise73742

Blood in urine but no infection and health anxiety

A couple of years ago, I was treated for what I thought was a urine infection.  However, no bacteria were ever found in the urine samples although there were traces of blood and leukocytes.  This went on for a few months.  The only thing that seemed to help was nitrofurantoin which I had to stop due to a strange reaction. 

Eventually I was referred for an ultrasound which found nothing.  I still had symptoms at this point and my doctor told me to cut out tea and citrus fruits.  My symptoms then went away after a few weeks. 

I slowly started with these foods again around six months ago, and a few weeks ago my symptoms all came back.  I am not sure if this is related or not.   Anyway, I went to the doctors again.  Yet again, there is no bacteria, but traces of blood.  The doctor has freaked me out by referring me on the two week wait scheme for a cystoscopy.  I am now convinced I have bladder cancer.  I admit I have health anxiety, but can't think what else is causing my problem.  I am also quite hospital phobic after a bad anaesthetic experience as a child.  Anything that might lead to me having a general anaesthetic sends me into a bag of nerves. 

I am in my late 30s.   Just recently, I have noticed other pains to the right of my navel and in my vagina area.  I'm now staring to panic that the suspected bladder cancer may have spread around my body.  

Does anyone have any advice for me? 

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  • lynne69494 lynne69494 louise73742

    There is a condition called intersticial cystitus, it causes frequency, often with pain in area of urethra bladder, vaginal area, often burning pain, it can also cause general pelvic pain, no bacteria is found in urine samples as its caused by inflammation rather than bacteria, but the inflammation can cause blood in urine, it doesnt show up on scans, only on cystascope where they can see the bladder wall and take bioply. Its a very quick procedure, just looking inside bladder with a camera and taking a biopsy.  l think it takes about lomin, and back on the day ward, sometimes some sleep for a while, others dont need to, and on their way home in an hour or so, usually with a diagnoses if its ic urologist can id by sight.  Its not forced to be i.c as l,m sure other conditions can cause simular probs, Those with ic dont usually eat any acid foods like fruit, thinking acid aggrevates inflammation. There is a lot more info and advice on c.o.b site, cystitus overactive bladder and cover all bladder probs, theres a  forum and help line, check it out to see if symptoms fit with yours.Try not to worry and good luck

  • keeley30 keeley30 louise73742

    Hi there,

    I've been googling (against my better judgement) and your post is exactly what I'm going through right now. I went to my gyno due to discomfort in the lower abdomen thinking it was ovarian related due to my PCOS. Well, really I thought I had ovarian cancer and freaked out. Turns out that everything reproductive-wise looks great, but my gyno noticed a little cloudiness in my bladder during my transvaginal ultrasound and the nurse confirmed there was blood detected in my urine. Was just told that the tests came back negative for infection, so cystoscopy has been scheduled in a few days. I'm only 28, but I've had on and off horrific health anxiety for nearly 6 years, and right now I'm convinced I have cancer. Just beside myself.

    I know this is almost a year later, but how did your testing go? Would love to hear from someone who was in the same boat as me...

    • sara90946 sara90946 keeley30

      I'm in a similar situation. 32 years old and twice in the last 4 months I have had suden episodes that feel like a UTI (abdominal pain, urgency, constantly having to pee even though I just went, etc.) there has also been visible blood in my urine. Both times the symptoms and the blood have gone away on their own within a few hours. The first time it happened I went to the dr two days later, when I didn't have any symptoms anymore, and my urine did not have an infection. The second time was 3 days ago and I didn't go to urgent care because I feel like it will also be negative. I'm going to a urologist next week to get everything checked out, but I'm so scared it's bladder cancer.

    • SB14 SB14 sara90946

      Hi Sara, I have the exact same problem as you. How did the urologist go? I had what I assumed was a UTI, with burning, frequency, little coming out etc. about three weeks ago, and it seemed go on its own within a few days, but then I had really bad burning again and frequency two weeks ago and I noticed a little blood in my urine. It disappeared by the end of the day, and by time I went to the doctors the next day, I had no symptoms at all and it came back negative for an infection. I assumed by on and off week of symptoms had just gone away but I'm still worrying about it. It's been over two weeks since I have had any symptoms or noticed any blood so I feel like maybe it was infection that went by the time that I was tested for UTI. I I may have to make another appointment, have you gotten any where with yours?

    • sara90946 sara90946 SB14


      Sorry, I just saw this reply. I went to the urologist and I had a ct scan of pelvis and abdomen as well as a cystoscopy. Both came back clear. Urologist has me coming back in 6 months to give a urine sample just to keep an eye on things because they didn't find anything going on. This was December. Fast forward to yesterday, I had a follow up appt with my GP for something unrelated. They did a urinalysis and said I had "trace" blood in my urine (although the microscopic report says 0-2 red blood cells found, which is listed as normal). I explained that I had a clear CT and cysto and now they want me to do a urine cytology next week. I'm nervous about this because now I'm thinking there was something the other tests didn't find. I haven't had any more episodes of visible blood or UTI like pain since my last post 3 months ago.

    • kristi13372 kristi13372 sara90946

      I'm 25 years old and going through the same thing. One day felt I had a really bad UTI all of a sudden with a lot of blood in my urine, went to the doctor convinced it was a UTI, I wasn't having any back pain or anything, just abdominal pain. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics for what we thought was a UTI, I took the antibiotics and after a day the pain was gone and the sudden frequency to urinate was gone. I thought, oh great, the antibiotics took the UTI away, thank god! And then I received a call from my doctor letting me know that the lab results actually showed no bacteria/infection in my urine. I went into the doctor again to give another urine sample and I'm waiting to hear the results. This morning I noticed a very slight light red tint in my urine, a lot lighter than the first time, no andominal pain though. I am freaking out that I have bladder cancer. Has anyone figured out what's going on yet? I can't wait another second for the lab results.

    • sara90946 sara90946 kristi13372

      Hi Kristi,

      Nope, I went for the full battery of tests (CT, cystoscopy, urine cytology) and not a thing was ever found. It has never happened again since my original post. I honestly think I passed a small kidney stone or something, but the tests I had never verified that either.

  • louise829289 louise829289 louise73742

    Hi Ladies,

    I am 29 years old, and have suffered from what I thought was bladder infections, basically ever since i started having sex (symptoms include, urgency to urinate, little coming out when urinating, pain/burning when urinating and visible blood - sometimes clots of it in my urine). They seem to recur a couple of days after ive had sex. I nearly always go to the doctor within a couple of days and get antibiotics, and that combined with not drinking alcohol/anything acidic/loads of water normally seems to help within a couple to a few days.

    No one ever thought to test my urine until a few weeks ago. Since then i have had 2 urine tests within 24 hours of having the first symptoms. Both tests ive done show blood in the urine, but no infection. So my doctor today has reffered me for an ultra sound. This can test for a number of things - kidney stones, kidney infection, kidney cancer and bladder cancer etc. None of which are more likely the the other. I go to get my ulta sound in 2 weeks time (i was not refered urgently) and i will get back on here once i know some more information. I dont think anyone should panic or worry until results come in. 

    I hope this helps with a little piece of mind. I wont forget to report back!

    • lorraine72825 lorraine72825 louise829289

      Hi Ladies

      Over a year ago i was admitted to hospital with server abnominal pain and vonitting, they found i had a kidney infection (pyelonephritis) which i was treated for with antibiotics and it cleared up. During the following 6 months i had infection on infection and was put on  nitrofurantoin for 3 months before i had a cystoscopy which revealled nothing, so they discharged me from hospital. I have been back to my GP with pains in my back and stomach and blood in my urine but no infection, yet again since November, i recently had a gyneo pelvic ultrasound which showed everything was fine but still i have blood in my urine. I have been off work this week with server abdominal and back pains.and yet again blood in my urine but no infection ...i am now awaiting another cystoscopy. i will you know the out come

  • jacsyd jacsyd louise73742

    Can anyone share their outcome? I have been in / out hospital and dr's office for last month. Supposedly UTI, kidney infection , UTI... but no actual bug. CT scan of kidneys clear, pelvic ultrasound fine. I'm still in a lot of pain, unable to work. Seeing urogynaecologist tomorrow. I have massive health anxiety and am now convinced I have bladder cancer. Keen to hear everyone else's outcomes.

    • lorraine72825 lorraine72825 jacsyd

      I have now been refererred to another hospital for a second opion as they are unsure where the blood in my urine is coming from. All my ct scans ultra sound scan and cystoscopy comes back clear but in pain, i have beenput on antibiotics for 3 months which i know will keep the pain at bay but all i want is a diagnosis. 

      I have beentold to keep off tea coffee and citrus foods, plus after intercourse take a shower and make sure i open my bladder. Hope there are a few tips to help you.

    • sara90946 sara90946 jacsyd

      In december I went to the urologist and I had a ct scan of pelvis and abdomen as well as a cystoscopy. Both came back clear. Urologist has me coming back in 6 months to give a urine sample just to keep an eye on things because they didn't find anything going on. Fast forward to yesterday, I had a follow up appt with my GP for something unrelated. They did a urinalysis and said I had "trace" blood in my urine (although the microscopic report says 0-2 red blood cells found, which is listed as normal). I explained that I had a clear CT and cysto and now they want me to do a urine cytology next week. I'm nervous about this because now I'm thinking there was something the other tests didn't find. I haven't had any more episodes of visible blood or UTI like pain since my last post 3 months ago.

    • lorraine72825 lorraine72825 jacsyd

      They had to do the cystoscopy under general anesthetic as my uretha was very narrow so im sorry i cant commenton the pain as i was asleep thank goodness.

      A friend of mine also mentioned IC so i think they may check me outfor that next so will keep you updated Thanks


    • lorraine72825 lorraine72825 brianna306

      Everything was ok there, but still blood in the urine i wasreferedto another Doctor who as recently told me i will be proun to urine infection and that 1 in 10 people if tested would show bloodin the urine and no infection so dont worry!!!!!!!!!!!! (easy for them to say) but tbh ive come to the conclusion this will be my case. Hope you get sorted soon 

  • brianna306 brianna306 louise73742

    Hello everyone I'm new here and just seen this post! , I've been going crazy my self because a few months ago I got blood and my urine test done and they told me that I had blood in it , so I thought it was a UTI so I took the antibiotics and now a few months went by after taking them now I took a test again and still blood in the urine this time showing no infection/bacteria, I did a ultrasound on my kidneys and pelvic area all came back good but still blood in my urine , I've been stressing out worrying all the time on what's going on and also what's to hard is that it takes forever to get in to see my doctor sad I'm 20 years old and I stopped smoking about a year ago so I'm just worried that it's bladder cancer or something as well , have any of you heard anything what's been causing the blood in the urine?? Thanks

  • sarah12177 sarah12177 louise73742

    I also have occult blood in my urine and no uti. I do have a small kidney stone, but for the past week my bladder pain/burning has been horrible. If there's no uti, why does it hurt so much? Drinking more water doesn't help. It seems to burn more after I go pee.

    I. And find any triggers for the pain and I'm getting scared. I can't see my new doctor until next month. I'm sure then that testing will begin.

    • danab danab sarah12177

      A lot of what I'm reading is resonating with my situation for just the last two weeks. I'm pretty much freaking out and worried that I have Bladder Cancer. I have two kids under age of 10 and am petrified of what my results will show. so far randomly found blood in urine 5 months ago following horrible back pain for one day that had never happened to me before. Nurse suggested I may have had kidney stones and had passed one and didn't realize. .. because my family and I were headed headed in vacation, I asked for antibiotic in case it was UTI. symptoms went away and didn't think about the blood in my urine again. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago during annual exam ...Dr says Blood in my urine so refers me to Urologist and have ultrasound. Ultrasound showed no stones but fluid build up in right kidney. I see Urologist who is not worried bc last urine sample shows no blood and last urine culture shows No infection. Awesome right? next day, I get a call that urine sample that was sent out now shows blood again. Conveniently I get this call...wait for it my family and I head on vacation we've had planned for over a year. Good times! so much for a relaxing getaway to the mountainss. I now am getting CAT scan done on Monday at hospital nearby while on vacation bc I can't wait 10 days for when I get back. praying!!!

    • sarah12177 sarah12177 danab

      Fluid build up in your kidney (hydronephrosis) is probably due to a kidney stone. The cat scan will be MUCH more definitive than an ultrasound. A kidney stone anywhere in the ureter will cause fluid build up in your kidney. If you passed a stone, that build up should resolve shortly. So, hopefully, your cat scan will give you answers. So frustrating when health ruins s vacation.

      I hope you feel better.

    • Rackle Rackle danab

      Please let us know what you find out. I'm having same symptoms as most in this thread. I'm a nervous wreck that it's bladder cancer. I'm mid thirties and a smoker. I have an appointment for an ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder in 3 days.

    • Ackenback5 Ackenback5 sarah12177

      Yes I can totally relate to Hydronephrosis. I was having low abdominal pain, side pain, and even pain in my back...up around my bra. Sounds hard to beleive, but true. Everyone kept thinking I had a stone. Always had infections, or tests also cane back negative. Come to find out I was born with a congenital abnormality "Uretho Pelvic Junction Obstruction ". I was born with two Uretho's on my right kidney, they were crossing and a main blood vessel was pressed against them. My orginal Urologist did several procedures on me. Nothing worked. It was not till I was sent to USC University Hospital to a Subspecialist, that this condition was diagnosed and reconstructive Robotic surgery was preformed. Mind you it was an (8) hours of surgery. Sometimes there are abnormalities that cause our problems. If you do not keep on top of your doctor, they will not send you to the subspecialist...or as I like to refer to my subspecialist "My Dr. House," because he fixed me when no one else could. Do I still have issues, of course I do I was not diagnosed till I was 49 years old. Damage was done to my kidneys after all those years of not being diagnosed. If your born with a condition, and have always felt the pain, you don't know any different. You think everyone feels like that, so until that pain gets bad mine did, that's when you seek help. Good luck to all of you.

    • danab danab Rackle

      So here's my update... CAT scan came back showing no stones or cancer thank goodness. then Urologist did Cystoscopy which if course was nervous about. didn't feel a thing - no sweat! and best part ...all clear. so Dr said some people just have blood in urine and never find out why. I'll do checks every year. if results are same after 5 yrs, I'll repeat process . hoping that's all that it is. Sooo... that's it for now. if anyone had any other stories like this with no answer to why Blood in urine let me know!

    • mary ann 59659 mary ann 59659 danab

      I've had blood in my urine for 3 years . No infection, lower back pain, lower ab pain,and also had Cystiscopy... came back nothing wrong except incontinence. . I'll repeat process in a year. Oh and still bleeding😣

    • shwets01 shwets01 danab

      Hey! I'm currently facing the same issue. I have blood in the urine and pain while peeing as well. Ultrasound, ct scan and cyctoscopy were all normal. They have asked me to follow up with the urologist again to see if he'll refer me to a kidney specialist.

    • alex62046 alex62046 danab

      Hi D'anab

      I can't tell you how I have been going thru severe anxiety cause of all of this. Back in April during physical exam Microscopic trace of blood in urine.  Doctor thought it was cause I was end of my cycle.  Fast fwd. back in sept....wasn't feeling well and went to doctor. Was sent for Ct scan of pelvi and abdominal and all came back clear. Still however Microscopic trace of blood in urine. Went to urologist who took urine all came back well with still a microscopic trace. Now he wants me to go back to give more utine to check for malignant cells. Everyone is telling me if all test have come back fine so far then I shouldn't worry and sometimes it just is. What's your opinion? 

    • ahmar14247 ahmar14247 danab

      Hi danab

      Glad to hear that all is normal. My urologist said the Same thing when all the results turned out to be normal and declare me not to worry I have the same issues and gone through all the test like scan cytoscopy blood tests but still microscopic blood in urine and urologist said it is normal and not to worry and had discharged me. Cheers

  • julie01285 julie01285 louise73742

    When I had your problems in my 20's I had research [ 71 now] Are we going backwards or is NHS discriminating? I have found many women tearing their hair out as can be  ruin on sexual relationships . For men it is more likely to connect to cancer so the most noted urologists onle deal with men ?! In my opinion Utis are a sympton not a disease & therefore need further investigation as suspect  flag up many conditions.If you don't show on tests all the more reason for further investigation.When I had haematuria showing on  a strong microscope it was not the Profs remit  neither was it the GPs even after the MI [ cardiac arrest ]  which it could have beenthe red flag for? When I had the MI they did an angiplasty saying I was lucky  .Lucky I went straight out & had acupuncture to relieve the anxiety & lack of assistance .

    As my late Mother was not given the social & medical assistance assesing wrongly  for severe multi infart dementia  tis appears to have been deliberately for diagnosis &  care  I believe the ethos  is now to  rip you off as most people have multi chronic conditions acute if not monitored & treated appropriately .

  • annie35486 annie35486 louise73742

    Hello. I've also recently been experiencing the same symptoms. I'm scared to death it's bladder cancer. I'm 32 and smoked as a teenager off and on and also when I drink socially. Trace amounts of blood detected in my urine with moderate amount detected in May 2017 but my health care provider did not seem alarmed. I'm confused. I've finally made an appt for a urologist next week but until then I'm in full panic mode that I'll be diagnosed with bladder cancer. Lower back pain for 2 weeks now and trouble emptying my bladder since I don't know when. I thought it was normal with age. Any updates on your stories would be appreciated. Thank you. 

  • emily82724 emily82724 louise73742

    Hello, I am a 20 y/old female , who doesn't smoke, doesn't drink pop , and drinks alcohol rarely. I'm slim , but I don't really workout cause that's not my thing. 

    I have been having this problem since May 2017. One morning I woke up with severe pain in my right side (I thought it was appendicitis). It then went away. For that following week, I had pain in my abdomen, left and right sides, and pelvic pain. I never had any burning pain when urinating. So I went to the doctor and they said it was a UTI (I had microscopic blood in my urine). They put me on Keflex and my pain went away for a week. The following week it came back, but not as painful. This time the pain was mostly in my abdomen and right and left sides. Back to the doctor and a urine test said I had trace blood. Put on cipro for a week and I had pain until the last day of taking it. 

    Pain was coming and going for a couple of months so I went back to the doctors . Urine test said that I had trace blood amounts---again. 

    Went and got a transvaginal and regular ultrasound on all of my organs and everything came back normal. 

    A month later went back to the doctor and had blood in my urine again! Two doctors believe that my pain is just back pain (I don't believe so, since this pain all started in May). So now I have an appointment with a urologist in a couple of weeks. I don't know what's going on...

    • brianna306 brianna306 emily82724

      Me too! It always shows up in my tests for a year now ! I've been having anxiety and always feel down when I think about it because I don't why I have blood in the test and it makes me upset cause the doctors don't even know why 

    • emily82724 emily82724 brianna306

      I went to the urologist and they found 5-10 red blood cells in my urine. They recommend getting a CT only if you have 25 or more blood cells. So she believes that the blood in my urine is normal for me. It could be the same for you. However, I have been getting this new kind of pain like a week before my periods. It’s like pelvic pain. It’s not the same as my regular period pain, because I have only gotten back pain ever with my periods. I’m not sure what it is, but it just started recently. 

  • shwets01 shwets01 louise73742

    Hi, I've been having similar symptoms. Blood in urine (the levels keep changing), pain while peeing, occasional pain to the right side of my hip and waist. All the tests were normal. Did an ultrasound, CT scan And finally cyctoscopy. But they were unable to find any issues. It's been been more than 6months now since the symptoms started. 🙁

  • claudia64227 claudia64227 louise73742

    I have been dealing with the exact same symptoms as many of you ladies. It is going on almost three years now. All my life I have been very sexually active, and healthy with no issues at all. Suddenly I have blood in urine (I can never see it but I test positive each time). My pelvic ultrasound, cystoscopy, and CT Scan all came back clear. I test negative for infections every time also.

    My urologist mentioned a possible virus last time I visited him but he said that we should go through a list of other procedures first (cystoscopy, which I did and nothing). I am going in again to investigate this avenue further as soon as I can get in to see him.

    I went into an urgent care and the older woman doctor was pretty knowledgeable (more so than the male docs at other urgent care's I went into). She suggested that microscopic bleeding could be from sex (so I cut that out 3 weeks ago...still have the pain).

    She also suggested Omega 7 (I already take Omega 3 but she said 7 is different). She also suggested Pycnogenol, which is from Pine Bark. I just ordered some so I will see how that works.

    I also ordered Essiac Tea (which has positive results in bladder studies) and am going to try it.

    I just also started the anti-histamine approach. Take a Claratin every day. I'm at day three with no major results so far. I have read that there could be too much histamine in the bladder (due to something I may be allergic too)...we'll see how this goes.

    One last thing. My gynecologist thinks that it may be constipation and that if there is too much in the bowels that it pushes on the ureter area. I DO notice that the pain goes away when I fast or cut back and eat lots of fiber, but not everytime.

    I need to keep a diary but get lazy sometimes. The pain is bad tonight so maybe it's time to start that diary.

    Will keep you posted...

    • brianna306 brianna306 claudia64227

      Hi ! I just seen this! Have you went for a test yet to see if the blood is in there ?? , I've had it still for a year and half not I think , I never see blood ever but the test always comes back positive for blood cells 

  • miranda09228 miranda09228 louise73742

    Hi everyone! 

    I'm 29 years old and I have the same issues. I've been having a slight burning, irritated feeling around my urethra and discomfort in my pelvis. I'm starting to think it occasional back pain I have is connected. The clinic found blood in my urine sample but no infection. This isn't the first time this has happened but I'm always taken by surprise when it does, which makes me go crazy with feel. This problem came back again after my period. I've sometimes had mild issues but they resolved themselves quickly. I suspect my problems are a result of endometriosis. The bladder can be effected as well. I do take a birth control pill but I still have problems from time to time. 

    List of symptoms

    - pain/irritation around my urethra 

    - pain/pressure around in pelvic area, close to ovaries

    - back ache

    - feeling like I need to pee

    - +2 blood in urine, no infection

    - I have ovarian cysts that form/endometriosis

    - reoccurring symptoms 

    - anxiety and depression

    - my sister also had ovarian cysts and has a constant urge to urinate but not incontinent  

    This is driving me crazy. sad

    • bevhogan bevhogan miranda09228

      I too have blood in Urine no infection - I had stage IV endometriosis had my womb ovaries cervix and Fallopian tubes removed bowel and bladder "cleaned". I am wondering if it is endo in bladder.  Camera in bladder Friday kidney scan a week today  

  • denise03909 denise03909 louise73742

    Ct on my hubby shows no tumors, urine test ( simple  for your doctor to order to look for cancer cells and some things up quickly ) negative.... 60 + occult blood. Ct shows  beginning of bladder wall . Doc suspects ulcer. We will know soon. But whats good is NO cancer red flags. 

  • patricia81959 patricia81959 louise73742

    Thought I'd share my experience with blood in urine.  Over the past 15-20 years I've had several UTIs, most of them treated with Cipro.  This past January I saw blood in the urine (I usually end up seeing blood when I have a UTI), went to the doctor's and was prescribed Cipro.  Went back 10 days later and there was still microscopic blood.  Went back 2 weeks later.... same thing.

    So now, scared like hell, I made an appointment with a urologist.  Though I have severe health anxiety, the urologist managed to calm me down.  She struck me as a very competent urologist, nothing fake about her, really seems compassionate and understanding.  Anyway, she told me that in approximately 80% of cases, blood in urine is not due to a serious medical condition such as cancer.  She also said that bladder cancer is quite treatable, etc. etc.  Of course that only helped so much, 'cause who would want to hear the big "C" word??

    I had a cystoscopy.  She asked me if I wanted to watch and I quickly said, "NO!" - afraid of what I might see.  Within what seemed seconds she said, "Aha, yep, it's cystitis cystica and trigonitis... pretty bad too".  Never heard of that before.  So she explained.  Trigonitis is a chronic inflammation of the bladder; Cystitis cystica is similar to a chronic infection but when they test for infection, nothing shows up.  Both seem to be caused by infections that were not treated completely.  The bacteria ends up hiding in the bladder wall causing inflammation. 

    She put me on a low-dose antibiotic, one every night before going to bed.  I was given a bladder diet, very similar to the one they use with Interstitial cystitis.  Some urologists believe that IC and C. cystica are the same thing, but my urologist disagrees.  She told me they look different and the exact cause of IC is still pretty much a mystery.  She said to check which foods on my "Do not eat" list cause me irritation, and the worst one for me is coffee.  If I drink more then 2 cups of coffee a day for a couple of days and then I check my urine using the dipstick, it will show microscopic blood :-(     Many doctors believe the conditions are chronic and you have periods when they improve, but you never get rid of them completely.  My urologist disagrees... as long as you stay away from the offending foods (many of them!) and drink plenty of plain water, you should be ok.

    Going back tomorrow for a second cystoscopy to see if the inflammation has improved; I hope so!  The urologist also told me that it is usually the GPs who grow very concerned when there is blood in the urine.  For urologists, she said, once the cancer diagnosis is ruled out, they do not concern themselves with the blood.  I know, easier said than done for us... when we see blood we freak out (well, I do).

    My tests included urinalysis, urine cytology, cystoscopy, urodynamic studies.  I live in the USA.

    I hope I helped someone who is experiencing anxiety over the condition  :-) 

    • Merelym Merelym patricia81959

      This post has helped immensely!  I've been stressing non stop over blood in the urine.  Had it in June and urine sample indicated an infection.  Just had it again last week and the dr said no infection showed in the sample and his only answer would be a bladder stone.  I have recently had an ultrasound so all was good with kidneys.  I still feel like my bladder is full a lot but that could also be due to post many little issues with this age group!  I"m seeing my dr again next week so hope to ask more questions and see if she thinks I need to see a specialist.  Your story is comforting as most of what you read on the internet points directly to bladder cancer.  

  • tracy43328 tracy43328 louise73742

    Hi there I have just came across this post and I have been suffering for years with pelvic pain and constant peeing. Also tested for UTIs and came back clear. I did have uti recently and was prescribed antibiotics. I got 3 days worth but was still there. I sent another sample in and was told there was blood in my urine but nothing to worry about. . I was referred to a gynaecologist and he said that because I had pelvic pain and heavy painful periods that I could have endometriosis. He booked me in for a laparoscopicy and said if they found endometriosis they would treat there and then. They did find it and I was treated. However my symptoms are back again and I have been put into a medical menopause but not really helping. I do have an overactive bladder as well which doesn’t help. Has the doctor ever asked you to have your bladder stretched or to go for urodynamics? This is when you have a tube inserted into your vagina and rectum and they get you to sit on a bidet type seat and they fill your bladder with water. It is hooked up to a machine and records how long you can hold for. I did this years ago and I get Botox for my bladder. I’m thinking that it could be either of those. It can take 10 years to be diagnosed with endometriosis and my gynaecologist said there was evidence that I have had it for a long time. Hope this reply helps 

  • Cee Lee Cee Lee louise73742

    I have severe health anxiety. I was peeing bowl after bowl of blood in the toilet bowl. Pain urinating, clots in the urine, severe urgency. Went to urgent care. They gave me antibiotics and it went away. I had cloudy musty smelly urine yesterday so I called my PC and spoke with the nurse. She said the lab work on my "UTI" show no infection. So now I am FREAKED OUT.  I'll go today to repeat a urine test. I can't even concentrate on work. I'm so terrified right now.1

  • MFN MFN louise73742

    I signed up because I had to reply to this thread.

    A good few years ago I discovered that I had blood in my urine (not visible) at the doctors. It comes up on every single urine test. My bladder control also isn’t the best, but that could be related to the fact that I’ve had 2 kids!

    About 4 years ago I also started to get pains in my kidneys, around my sides and back. But i never had pain urinating and uti tests came back negative.

    Originally my doctor hadtold me that some people just generally suffer with microscopic amounts of blood in their urine for no real specific reason, and if it isn’t causing any other problems then it’s of no real concern.

    But once the pain started he wanted to send me to get an ultrasound done and a kidney function test. These came back ok.

    When the pain continued he sent me to have a biopsy done on my kidneys - I had anaesthetic and  it was a needle put in and pulled out, very quick.

    Anyway the results came back that I have a form of kidney disease, that was only discovered because of the biopsy. The pain ended up stopping by itself and I don’t really have any symptoms now just the blood in urine, but that could be unrelated as my kidneys are functioning fine and filtering everything it needs to out. I now just have an annual blood test to check if it’s doing it’s job. 

    As for the name, it’s something with ‘Collagen’ in the title 🤔 but back when I researched it doesn’t normally cause any real issues and doesn’t normally get any worse, so it’s just one of those things you can have! 

    I’d recommend all of you to just get a biopsy done on your kidneys, that’s the clearest way of finding out anything! 

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