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louise73742 louise73742

Blood in urine but no infection and health anxiety

A couple of years ago, I was treated for what I thought was a urine infection.  However, no bacteria were ever found in the urine samples although there were traces of blood and leukocytes.  This went on for a few months.  The only thing that seemed to help was nitrofurantoin which I had to stop due to a strange reaction. 

Eventually I was referred for an ultrasound which found nothing.  I still had symptoms at this point and my doctor told me to cut out tea and citrus fruits.  My symptoms then went away after a few weeks. 

I slowly started with these foods again around six months ago, and a few weeks ago my symptoms all came back.  I am not sure if this is related or not.   Anyway, I went to the doctors again.  Yet again, there is no bacteria, but traces of blood.  The doctor has freaked me out by referring me on the two week wait scheme for a cystoscopy.  I am now convinced I have bladder cancer.  I admit I have health anxiety, but can't think what else is causing my problem.  I am also quite hospital phobic after a bad anaesthetic experience as a child.  Anything that might lead to me having a general anaesthetic sends me into a bag of nerves. 

I am in my late 30s.   Just recently, I have noticed other pains to the right of my navel and in my vagina area.  I'm now staring to panic that the suspected bladder cancer may have spread around my body.  

Does anyone have any advice for me? 

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  • lynne69494 lynne69494 louise73742

    There is a condition called intersticial cystitus, it causes frequency, often with pain in area of urethra bladder, vaginal area, often burning pain, it can also cause general pelvic pain, no bacteria is found in urine samples as its caused by inflammation rather than bacteria, but the inflammation can cause blood in urine, it doesnt show up on scans, only on cystascope where they can see the bladder wall and take bioply. Its a very quick procedure, just looking inside bladder with a camera and taking a biopsy.  l think it takes about lomin, and back on the day ward, sometimes some sleep for a while, others dont need to, and on their way home in an hour or so, usually with a diagnoses if its ic urologist can id by sight.  Its not forced to be i.c as l,m sure other conditions can cause simular probs, Those with ic dont usually eat any acid foods like fruit, thinking acid aggrevates inflammation. There is a lot more info and advice on c.o.b site, cystitus overactive bladder and cover all bladder probs, theres a  forum and help line, check it out to see if symptoms fit with yours.Try not to worry and good luck

    • holli93617 holli93617 lynne69494

      I came here looking for answers to this. I just read my latest lab results -- second time they've found blood in my urine, and what they didn't mention when they called me was that I had clumps of white cells also. I'm having some pretty bad digestive problems as well. I'm glad to read about this, because my doctor asked if I wanted to be referred to a urologist, and I said not right now, because I'm having all these other digestive tests right now, but I think I'll call her back on Monday and tell her yes. She didn't seem to be too concerned about the blood, but it's odd she didn't mention the WBCs. This was also a fasting test, because I was fasting for an ultrasound. 

      I'm 65, and not liking old age at all! Seems like my entire body is falling apart!

  • keeley30 keeley30 louise73742

    Hi there,

    I've been googling (against my better judgement) and your post is exactly what I'm going through right now. I went to my gyno due to discomfort in the lower abdomen thinking it was ovarian related due to my PCOS. Well, really I thought I had ovarian cancer and freaked out. Turns out that everything reproductive-wise looks great, but my gyno noticed a little cloudiness in my bladder during my transvaginal ultrasound and the nurse confirmed there was blood detected in my urine. Was just told that the tests came back negative for infection, so cystoscopy has been scheduled in a few days. I'm only 28, but I've had on and off horrific health anxiety for nearly 6 years, and right now I'm convinced I have cancer. Just beside myself.

    I know this is almost a year later, but how did your testing go? Would love to hear from someone who was in the same boat as me...

    • sara90946 sara90946 keeley30

      I'm in a similar situation. 32 years old and twice in the last 4 months I have had suden episodes that feel like a UTI (abdominal pain, urgency, constantly having to pee even though I just went, etc.) there has also been visible blood in my urine. Both times the symptoms and the blood have gone away on their own within a few hours. The first time it happened I went to the dr two days later, when I didn't have any symptoms anymore, and my urine did not have an infection. The second time was 3 days ago and I didn't go to urgent care because I feel like it will also be negative. I'm going to a urologist next week to get everything checked out, but I'm so scared it's bladder cancer.

    • SB14 SB14 sara90946

      Hi Sara, I have the exact same problem as you. How did the urologist go? I had what I assumed was a UTI, with burning, frequency, little coming out etc. about three weeks ago, and it seemed go on its own within a few days, but then I had really bad burning again and frequency two weeks ago and I noticed a little blood in my urine. It disappeared by the end of the day, and by time I went to the doctors the next day, I had no symptoms at all and it came back negative for an infection. I assumed by on and off week of symptoms had just gone away but I'm still worrying about it. It's been over two weeks since I have had any symptoms or noticed any blood so I feel like maybe it was infection that went by the time that I was tested for UTI. I I may have to make another appointment, have you gotten any where with yours?

    • sara90946 sara90946 SB14


      Sorry, I just saw this reply. I went to the urologist and I had a ct scan of pelvis and abdomen as well as a cystoscopy. Both came back clear. Urologist has me coming back in 6 months to give a urine sample just to keep an eye on things because they didn't find anything going on. This was December. Fast forward to yesterday, I had a follow up appt with my GP for something unrelated. They did a urinalysis and said I had "trace" blood in my urine (although the microscopic report says 0-2 red blood cells found, which is listed as normal). I explained that I had a clear CT and cysto and now they want me to do a urine cytology next week. I'm nervous about this because now I'm thinking there was something the other tests didn't find. I haven't had any more episodes of visible blood or UTI like pain since my last post 3 months ago.

    • kristi13372 kristi13372 sara90946

      I'm 25 years old and going through the same thing. One day felt I had a really bad UTI all of a sudden with a lot of blood in my urine, went to the doctor convinced it was a UTI, I wasn't having any back pain or anything, just abdominal pain. The doctor prescribed me antibiotics for what we thought was a UTI, I took the antibiotics and after a day the pain was gone and the sudden frequency to urinate was gone. I thought, oh great, the antibiotics took the UTI away, thank god! And then I received a call from my doctor letting me know that the lab results actually showed no bacteria/infection in my urine. I went into the doctor again to give another urine sample and I'm waiting to hear the results. This morning I noticed a very slight light red tint in my urine, a lot lighter than the first time, no andominal pain though. I am freaking out that I have bladder cancer. Has anyone figured out what's going on yet? I can't wait another second for the lab results.

    • sara90946 sara90946 kristi13372

      Hi Kristi,

      Nope, I went for the full battery of tests (CT, cystoscopy, urine cytology) and not a thing was ever found. It has never happened again since my original post. I honestly think I passed a small kidney stone or something, but the tests I had never verified that either.

    • charlotte81811 charlotte81811 Love229

      Hi, just wanted to help with some other information. I had blood in urine, back and flank pain, frequency, urgency, burning, etc. It turned out to be a kidney stone. Very painful to pass, but once it's gone, you feel much, much better.

  • louise829289 louise829289 louise73742

    Hi Ladies,

    I am 29 years old, and have suffered from what I thought was bladder infections, basically ever since i started having sex (symptoms include, urgency to urinate, little coming out when urinating, pain/burning when urinating and visible blood - sometimes clots of it in my urine). They seem to recur a couple of days after ive had sex. I nearly always go to the doctor within a couple of days and get antibiotics, and that combined with not drinking alcohol/anything acidic/loads of water normally seems to help within a couple to a few days.

    No one ever thought to test my urine until a few weeks ago. Since then i have had 2 urine tests within 24 hours of having the first symptoms. Both tests ive done show blood in the urine, but no infection. So my doctor today has reffered me for an ultra sound. This can test for a number of things - kidney stones, kidney infection, kidney cancer and bladder cancer etc. None of which are more likely the the other. I go to get my ulta sound in 2 weeks time (i was not refered urgently) and i will get back on here once i know some more information. I dont think anyone should panic or worry until results come in. 

    I hope this helps with a little piece of mind. I wont forget to report back!

    • lorraine72825 lorraine72825 louise829289

      Hi Ladies

      Over a year ago i was admitted to hospital with server abnominal pain and vonitting, they found i had a kidney infection (pyelonephritis) which i was treated for with antibiotics and it cleared up. During the following 6 months i had infection on infection and was put on  nitrofurantoin for 3 months before i had a cystoscopy which revealled nothing, so they discharged me from hospital. I have been back to my GP with pains in my back and stomach and blood in my urine but no infection, yet again since November, i recently had a gyneo pelvic ultrasound which showed everything was fine but still i have blood in my urine. I have been off work this week with server abdominal and back pains.and yet again blood in my urine but no infection ...i am now awaiting another cystoscopy. i will you know the out come


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