Blood Pressure at young age 27 feeling depressed :(

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I have got BP problem at very young age 27 ,my bp is high always it some time 180/110,160/100 and sometime 143/77 , I have gone through blood test urine test all my test are normal,my bp was detected 2 years back when my weight was 110kg but i decided to loose my weight instead of going for medication after 1 and the half year my weight is 92 but still my bp is high ,doc have told me to go for medication ,now I m starting with medication but I am feeling deprseed how come my bp is detected at such young age need ur help guys ,is der no any other way den taking medicine ,doc r telling me to go for medication and dnt think much,pls need ur help guys

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    You really do need to take your docs advice on this. Hypertension is dangerous, uncontrolled it can cause strokes and heart attacks. It seems once it is there you need medication and it is for LIFE! I can understand how you feel as I was there myself and determined to sort it by exercising and reducing my weight, cutting out salt etc. None of that made much difference. I reluctantly obeyed my dr and have to say now I just take one pill each morning with no side effects and no big deal.Your BP is high but ask the dr for a 24 hr monitor which will give him a better picture. Just an occasional reading in the surgery can cause it to spike and not give the true reading, they call it 'Whie coat syndrome'..
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    Hi Abhij,

    It is really very sad to have hypertension at so early age. But don't be depressed. Looking at the figure of blood pressure you can't escape from medicine right now. However a slight change in your lifestyle do really matters a lot. I have seen many patients whose blood pressure got controlled with changes in food habits and exercises which relax your body. Though the medication did not get stopped by this change, overall quality of life improves. I would like to suggest you for investigations that rule out congenital adrenal cause if any. Also check for your family history which may guide the doctors in your line of treatment.

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    Yeah thanks for supporting me , I have gone through all the test and all my test are normal just one Renel doppler test is remaining that   I will be do tomorrow ,yeah even dr told me dnt think much just do excercise,stay happy and take medicine normal even i have been told to take medicine after breakfast,so will be starting with the medicine from tomorrow onwards.I have faith in my Lord I have always trusted HIM, he will gude me and will always be with me during this tough period of my life smile
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      hi abhij how are you now! even m 27 I m going through same where you were 3 years back, i was diagnosed with high BP 1 and half year back i tried to avoid medication but now i cannot any more,m starting from today.i its really depressing.Please reply me and let me know how it feels after taking medicine or did you stop taking it  after you had control over high BP.
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      Hey there, I know I am not the original poster, but I can give you some thoughts on this as well. I am 28 and have been on BP medications since 20. I am a fit guy, always been athletic, try to be conscientious of what I eat, but got saddle with some really bad cards when it came to genetics. It may seem like the world is falling apart on you because you are young and have BP issues, and it is definitely a scary thing. But it is something you need to learn to accept (although I still have trouble with it myself). Definitely do what other people have said, watch your diet, exercise, monitor your BP as much as you can. But don't turn your health problem into something that makes you depressed and apathetic, you have to realize it, accept it, and try to change it! Medications can be a bit of a scary thing as well, but life doesn't change that much once you get on them. A few minor side effects maybe, but it you keep up with them, as well as other things, you will feel like an entirely new person! Take it from a fellow young guy with hypertension. We have the same lives as everyone else, we just have to work a tad harder! Just don't let it ruin your life! 

      Sorry for the long message.

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      If you are in the UK insist on being referred to a "hypertension Centre". If you Google it you will find a list of hospitals with them. They will do every test necessary to try to try to find a physical reason for it and as my specialist said : Cardiologists are very clever people and do lots of clever things that I can't but they don't understand blood pressure like I do. 

      When I said that I had tried every drug going and with bad side effects he looked at my list and said there are many more that they don't know about. In the main his attitude is less not more drugs.    

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      I was diagnoses this year and I am 27 years old ( although my instincts tell me I might have had it from a younger age since I use to have frequent migrane headaches). I dont consider my self unhealthy but could lose about 10lbs to be at an average healthy weight. However, both parents and all my grandparents have a history of highblood pressure ( so genetics might play a role).I have done kidney scans , heart scans and blood tests and to no avail ( I just need to do an adrenal gland check to rule that out). Anyway Since my diagnosis I have suffered and been completely depressed it even interferes with my personal amd professional life. I feel like my life has been cut short and I am absolutely paranoid. I am on a mixture of almpodipine(10mg) and bispropol (2.5) per day and it makes me even more sad knowing I have to be on medication for life. I struggle with anxiety too because of this and i consistently myself about my condition since i feel i have been cheated out of life having been diagnosed so young.
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      Hi Kelsie,

      I understand what you are going though as I have also gone through the same phase.

      The only thing I would like to tell you is dnt think much on this just accept it and with the advice of the doctors take precaution measures.

      I accepted the fact that I need to be on medication after getting diagnosis with BP 2 years back.

      From last 2-3 years I am taking medicine and my bp now is in normal range 110/70 so far no side effects observed.

      I am trying to loose my weight once again as I have gain it back after marriage smile .

      Believe me once we accept this fact it will help eventually. I just take my medicine after breakfast and do all my normal routine daily life I simple do not think of this that I am on medicine and all other things.

      This attitude has made me to enjoy the life and help me to focus in my carrier as well.

      But just make sure after medicine also your BP is in normal range.I visit my doctor once or twice in a month for BP checkup and make sure it is in safe range.

      Few things are not in our control in life so we just need to focus on things we can control,and I am trying to do the same just focusing on what all i need to do to ensure I am healthy rest things will take care of it self.

      So cheers and enjoy the life like before ,life is more beautiful then all this worries and atleast we should thank God we are diagnosed early rather then later stage in life.

      Let me know if  you have any problems. 

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      Hey misternurse, hope you're feeling feeling okay? I am 20 years and have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure (sometimes 160/70 or 170/80 and 140/70, just started taking meds recently and I really don't have a problem with that. I just want to know how quickly you saw good results and much effort you put in personally to have come this far with no issues, your reply is very much appreciated.

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      Hi! Im turning 28 this month and i last febuary i was diagnosed with hbp. I coundn't believe it at first thinking i am too young to have this illness. i got depressed and i think having anxiety. I feel like im gonna die everytime. My work got affected but im trying my hardest to be able to function well. I keep on overthinking regarding my health. i always ask myself am i the only or am i the youngest person diagnosed with hbp (bcoz what i know is this illness is for the oldies only) . Thank God i found this forum. And what you said made me realized that i am not alone and i had so much ahead of me .

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      Hi Abhiji,

      I am 28 years old and my weight is 90. 2 days back I have checked my BP. It was 160/80. 5 Months back it was 140/70 or 145/80.

      I met cardiologist 5 months back. He suggested to reduce my weight and restrict the salt. He told not to use the tablet at this age for 140/70.I followed the same now my weight is 86. But at some moment again my weight is 90. 

      Now at this stage(160/80), is it mandatory to use medicine or can we Normalise the BP by reducing my weight and salt restrict.?? 

      If it is mandatory to use medicine, then please let me know the Name of the medicine to normalise the BP.

      Please help me. I am little bit getting scared with this. 

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      Hi there, ur not alone... i am 25y.o. And diagnose with essential hypertension...  im taking meds now cuz my 2decho result are not good. But doc told me to take the meds for 1 year.. immreally struggling right now on the effects cuz it make me dizzy.  Sometimes chest pains but my ecg is normal... i feel like im having anxiety attack. I just keep praying and hopefully these terrible effects will be gone...
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    Listen to me...there are so many known and more unknown factors that could cause high've got to b proactive and take charge of your own health.  But it's VITAL that you immediately do what is necessary to lower your BP and keep it in a safer range. The potential damage is too great...kidneys, eyes, heart, etc...too many things can be affected by high BP...after that step is taken...yes, get your weight down...exercise every day....30 minutes min...even if it's just walking it every day.  Try different exercises, so u don't get bored.  Every day!!  Drink lots of water!  We're 70% water!  You must keep your kidneys in great shape...drink! Try yoga, or something to work on the psyche...your brain...your emotions can have so much to do with your well-being...take time to relax....I don't know anything about you personally, but if u hv a stressful job, life, relationship, broken down auto, negative friends, bad investments!! Do what you have to so your life's direction is not constantly against the wind!  Life is good!  Smile, take a thankful to be alive.  Take your medication, and start to heal YOURSELF! Good luck! 
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    For alternative approaches that have shown to work - especially if you are too efficient at storing calories especially from carbohydrates

    a) give blood

    b) take CoQ10 - but as you are young I am not sure this would help.

    I would eat more protein. Your BP is not 'that' high so these, plus lifestyle modifications could be enough to reduce it quite substantially. 


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      Is there any serious medical evidence that CoQ10 works?

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