Blood Test ?

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Is there a Blood Test to see if your Gallbladder is not functioning properly ?

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    Yes they check liver function and the pancreas. But they usually come back normal. Are you sick and in pain everyday? If so the gallbladder is the cause.
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      hi how are you doing my friend ?

      hope your recovery is going well and yr pain is calming and confidence building,

      im still having some pain but it is calming slowly lol

      im 13 weeks out tomorrow.

      merry Christmas my friend.

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      How's.It going with you. I'm doing great now. Still watching diet no fats. There are a lot of options besides meats. I'm enjoying life again. No pain. Thank u for your support. I hope you good. Merry "Christmas". My Bud.

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      good to hear I’m so happy for you my friend.

      well I’m 13 weeks post opp of my puss filled gangrene gallbladder removal and still alive that’s the good news.

      i am still getting upper right quadrant pain intermittently but it does seem to be getting less !!

      the sucker punch upper mid stomach pain also is getting less frequent.

      i do still have very light stools which worries me a lot !!

      And all my bloods came back normal lft amalase etc apart from I still have slightly elavated white blood cell count at 13 normal range is 4 to 11

      apart from that I’m doing ok my buddy.

      hopefully with more time I’ll see more improvement hopefully lol.

      i have gained 20 pounds in Wright ,which I am happy about as I lost so much weight so very fast.

      but now I am thinking I’m going to start going low fat and see what happens !!

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      Good for you. Switching a fat free diet is your best option if you want your pains to go away. They will eventually stop. But if you watch what you eat you will benefit with a more healthy lifestyle. Happy Days. Fernando😎

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    I agree with fernando rosemary.
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    I’ve been going through the same thing and everything coming back normal. I’ve just had a test called a HIDA test. I believe that tests how much of the gallbladder is working etc I’m getting my results tomorrow. I would look into a HIDA tests if you can 
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    samamtha is spot on.

    the test is called a hide scan 

    it takes around an hour to perform and they either inject a die into you while your in the scanning machine or you drink it, but I’m sure they inject it.

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      They injected it into me, then they scan you gallbladder for an hour, they see if it empties, mine took a bit longer to move so had to give me a mars bar. It didn’t fully empty I don’t know if that’s normal though as I’m awaiting results. I’m kind of hoping it’s not so at least I can get some sort of answer to what’s wrong with me. 
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      bless you I hope you get the answer your looking for .

      sounds to me like if it didn’t fully empty then it’s not functioning properly!

      i had a 3 year ride with mine and they still did not know I had a gangrenous gallbladder lol

      i feel very lucky to be alive, when I had mine removed privately in an emergency I knew I was close to death I could feel it coming, and my surgeon said I had hours to live .

      i do still have almost constant pain and some other issues going on but I’m praying it will sort itself out with time !

      however the attacks of crawling around on the floor in agony for 20 hours at a time 3 to 4 times a week wanting to die have gone I’m so happy to say as every time that happened I was very scared and thought I was going to die every time, so the pain I have now is like being kissed by a butterfly in comparison.

      so feel yr pain and that of everyone who has or is going through this horribly progressive disease called gallstones.

      i had a 2.3 cm stone stuck in the gallbladder neck for 3 years as it turned out.

      merry Christmas to you and all.

      now where is my turkey I deserve it I’ve missed it for the last 3 years lol

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      OMG I’m in actual shock I can’t believe you were left that way. It’s so scary. Unfortunately I haven’t actually got stones now that’s my problem. I did while I was pregnant and ended up in hospital has one passing must have got stuck. Since leaving hospital it has just been daily pain and feeling sick, I can barley eat anything any more, but as everything is coming back fine ( apart from some liver damage) but liver functions are fine. They aren’t doing anything. I feel like I’m so depressed from being this way. After hearing your story though I should probably count myself lucky 
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      oh I assure you I intend to sue the nhs weather I will succeed is another thing as they all close ranks and lie better than any other industry on earth , but I intend to make during them my New Years new career lol.

      so you had a stone pass and was in hospital, do they actually know the stone passed for sure !!

      as it sounds like from your symptoms it may be stuck in your bileary tree somewhere and if that’s near the pancreatic duct your in a lot of trouble !!

      i do really hope that’s not to be your case Samantha. !!

      look this gallbladder thing is really no joke at all it’s taken too lightly and can be extremely dangerous.

      only last night I was being told a story by a friends d=friend who told me his dad just died of exactly what I had as no one knew his was gangrene! Which puzzles me somewhat as if yr gallbladder is infected or gangrenous you will have raised white blood cell count as did I yet no one seemed to want to pay any attention to this just stating oh your white blood cell count is elavated !!

      i know but you doctors nurses consultants hospitals etc did nothing about that in my case for 3 years !!

      and it’s still a little elevated but that’s all they say lol they don’t actually do anything about it or investigate more evidence of my nhs negligence I think !!

      time will tell one way or the other.

      but yes it is extremely scary more than most realise I think.

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      I absolutely don’t blame you, the hospital is the Isle of Man has made a lot of mistakes with people which has ended up with death and when people have tried to sue they can only get to a certain point. Someone once told me to record what ever appointments you have with them just incase because you never know what’s going to happen. I’ve had mrcp scans and ct scans and then a HIDA scan so I’m hoping that they would have shown any blockage but you never know, they keep telling me different things every appointment. I’m just hoping tomorrow when I go I get some answers. I can’t go on like this much longer. Sending you good luck with your case and hope you win. 
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      yes I too do not expect to win lol after all the nhs is the biggest institution in the U.K. and the biggest employer and they all close ranks and lie.

      i went to see a gastro last Monday waited 7 weeks as an urgent case lol urgent 7 weeks ?

      when I entered the room after about a minute I said oh by the way I’m recording this consultation and I’m just letting you know out of common courtesy.

      he threw his dolly out of the pram screaming no no I do not consent to being recorded.

      i said I do not nee your consent I can do it covertly but I’m letting you know out of common decency!

      he refused to see me called security lol and walked out of the building in his car a drove off !!!

      doesant give much confidence in them really does it ?

      yes it’s a very worrisome illness and still I worry lol.

      i hope you get some satisfactory answers Samantha. However feel it’s unlikely if I’m to be honest.

      but I wish you all the best.

      please let me know how you get on .

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      I will also be sueing the NHS Samantha. They've left me feeling so unwell and used every avoidance tactic under the sun. I've got worse and worse since Oct 2016 and since Jan and March this year i've had every gallbladder symptom going!

      Good luck!

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      Really? Did they also say all your tests were fine? And bloods? What’s symptoms have you been having? They told me today they will take it out. I have to go to aintree first to see if I have a narrowed valve coming off my gallbladder and if it’s all ok will be removed. Do they keep fobbing you off? It’s just so awful isn’t it. 
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      I've lost eight stone this year as i can't eat properly. Upper back and shoulder blade pain since Oct16 that was so severe in March, April and May it was like somebody sticking a knife in my back 24/7. Right flank and rib pain  24/7 since Jan that gets worse after eating. Nausea everyday since March. Light coloured stools and dark urine all year. Dizziness, bloating and night sweats.

      My GP finally sent me for an ultrasound at the end of April after me asking and asking which showed nothing. GP in June said it's def not your gallbladder but i will refer you for your piece of mind (totally wrong thing to say)I asked gastro for a HIDA he refused as all my bloods and ultrasound had been normal . He ordered CT scan and when it came back normal he wrote and said he had made no further plans to see me and totally missed out all my symptoms in the letter. Phoned the hospital for him to phone me after a six hour A&E visit.  He ASSURED me it's def not my gallbladder and he would call in 3 months. I had to phone after 2 months and again asked for a HIDA was again told no and blood tests would 100% show gallbladder problems. I then had to ask for another ultrasound is i thought it's better than nothing. Had the ultrasound 2 weeks ago and sonographer said i had a stone and thickened wall. Waited a week and phoned gastro who had the nerve to say we don't take them out unless they are causing symptons which i just couldn't believe! I may aswell of been talking to the wall! He then agreed to ask my GP to refer me to a surgeon. 

      Blood tests Oct16, April17, June17, Aug17 and Oct17 all normal apart from high end WBC once and high end of bilirubin once but both still just within normal.

      Good luck to you!

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      i feel your pain totally my friend but of course your just mad crazy anxious or all the above lol

      as far as the nhs is concerned, what a joke it is Matt it’s like men are not worthy of treatment or something !!

      i call them the nhs death squad now , as that’s how it seems to me and you I’m sure , that they are trying to kill us off !

      yes yr paranoid Matt , and so you should be my friend !!

      yes your anxious Matt, and so you should be my friend !!

      yes your scared Matt, and so you should be my friend !!


      ‘yes you are I’ll and sick my friend and in this case all the above are totally NORMAL my friend.

      8 stone is a serious amount of weight Matt that worry’s me a lot as that does so much damage to a MAN

      i lost 4 and a half and lost all my muscle mass and strength, so god knows how you are feeling.

      you gave every single symptom I had by the way right down to to the light peanut butter colour stools and almost brown urine ‘ of which I now 13 weeks post opp of my gangrenous puss filled gallbladder still have !!

      i really feel for you my friend and clearly me and you have the exact same thing on !!

      we need to stay in touch with each other me and you for sure Matt .

      where are you in the world ?

      i don’t need to ask how you are because I know the answer to that !!

      and I really do feel for you it’s horrendous scary and very worrying where you are at right now .

      may I ask you what they are are doing now if anything please Matt ?

      please do come back to me as if your in U.K. I intend to try to help you Matt sincerely ok.

      come back to me I’ll be waiting yr reply.

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      Because we live in the Isle of Man I have to be referred to Liverpool aintree for them to do an ercp to double check I haven’t got a narrowed valve coming off my gallbladder (which they said I did have and then didn’t) so they are double checking that’s not he case and then taking my gallbladder out which I’m glad of.
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      hi again thank you for getting back to me.

      now ?

      that is one invasive test that I would not have personally Samantha!!!!

      it has a very very high risk rate of causing pancreatitis and messing with the pancreas is no joke !!

      that test causes big big problems ?

      not for me no thank you very much !!

      but it’s your choice and if you think it’s worth the risk well that’s a decision you have to make !!

      personaly I would refuse the ercp and say no I don’t want that just remove my gallbladder!

      but like I said you need to make your own decision and of course if you choose to have the ercp I of course respect your very brave decision!!

      very risk procedure I do hope they made you aware of the risks associated with an ercp and the percentage of people who end up with pancreatitis following it !!

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      Yes i'm very weak. I was a slightly overweight 6ft 6in 22 stone sport professional from 1993 until 2011 and i'm now just under 14 stone who's lost all his muscle mass.

      Yes i'm in the UK we have replied before to each other through this forum. I'm in East Sussex and having to deal with East Sussex Healthcare Trust. It's a total joke!

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      Hi, I've never felt so ill in all my life to be honest. I just can't do anything and i'm missing all the enjoyment i should be getting out of my 4 year old.

      No not in Hastings but not far away.

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      sorry to hear that mate.

      your situation is so similar to mine it’s scary only diffrance is I’ve had mine out but still in pain still got the peanut butter coloured stools ,but now seem to able to eat pretty much anything all through not tried eating out as yet.

      are your stools the same as mine as in light coloured every time ?

      i have started putting Wright back on now I’m happy to say.

      feel so weak lost so much muscle I feel like a fkn dweeb can’t stand it.

      and you have lost a hell of a lot of weight my friend nearly twice as much as me in fact ,that worry’s me about you the weight loss is so dramatic I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a gangrene gallbladder also Matt as they can’t even see it on ultrasound or ct scans.

      the nhs are taking the p**s out of you .

      get yourself a dictaphone that records on tapes .

      take it with you to every gp appointment and put it on the table as you walk in each time and tell them your recording every consultation you have with anyone in the nhs as you feel they are neglecting you and your health !!!!

      watch how they change Matt !!!

      watch them start giving you tests immediately!!!

      then when your all sorted please god , sue the granny out of them as I am intending to do , as the way they’ve treated me and you is nothing short of n h s attempted murder as far as I’m concerned!

      can you not get the tests done privately Matt ?

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