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Hi everyone,

I am approaching the seven month mark, and feel awful-and more limited than I did a few months back-

which I was limited for the first few months as well*

I am curious, has anyone gotten basic bloodwork done and it all comes back ok?

I got the basics /Lipid/CBC etc

it all looks good indicating no infection.

A few months back I got my EPV levels checked, they were high.

I was diagnosed with EPV AUG/18

(took four months for diagnosis though)

EPV is a seperate test so it would only show on that?????

My question is how can I have EPV and feel so terrible, but my overall health bloodwork is good? How can it not throw off other things in your overall system? It makes me think that these Doctors think I'm nuts and its all in my head.?

so confused.......

would'nt my WBC count be up if my body is fighting this?

I have night sweats, muscle fatigue nausea etc all classic things-

How can this virus hide like this?

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    Nature of this horrible beast I am afraid!!!!!

    I wish you healing. TAKE IT VERY easy and rest as much as possible it can be a long journey xxoo

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      I haven't but my husband had in 1968 and he was in isolation hospital on liquids for 2 weeks and was told he would have relapses for 2 years which he did!

      my daughter had age 14 and I believe her health probs stem back to then. SHE IS 42.

      one of my granddaughters had EBV 2 and half years ago and is not in school because of CFS.


      you need rest, rest and more rest.



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      Hi Krys,

      So sorry to hear about your granddaughter and daughter's health issues, this virus is so awful and tries to be so destructive, I just hope and pray for breakthrough and recovery and good health for you, your daughter and granddaughter. God is the great healer I believe He is going to help you and praying for blessings and healing from Jesus in your family.

      Thanks for the encouraging words for folks here Krys, it is very much appreciated and do keep in touch and let us know how you and your family are doing over the coming period. Thinking about you.


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      P.S. Bowen Therapy is natural alternative therapy I have found very helpful for all sorts of aches, pains and fatigue type issues over many years - maybe it could be something worth looking into for your granddaughter - it's very safe and non-evasive, certainly can't do any harm.

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    when i got bloodwork done after 5 months of fatigue at the er everything was good but still knew somwthing was not right so asked dr for ebv test and yes positive .

    i felt like i got worse once diagnosed as stopped working out and its been a rollercoaster ever since .and yes bloodwork can look good and still have ebv

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      thank u Lori-:-)


      i knew /had a hunch-

      in beginning what i had some Mono" thing

      but had to go the infectious disease dr to get accurate info/tests

      sure enough

      EPV numbers high*

      it all made sense

      i got hit so hard

      i could not work out or move -nothing

      i think its strange that bloodwork can look fine and i am sicker than a dog!?!

      it bugs me but am glad other things are healthy-

      i live in the deep south in the US

      im from out west

      i grew up in mountains with zero problems

      move out here

      subtropical climates breed this stuff more i guess?



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    dont think it has anything to do with climate could be when hormones drop depending on your age . stress...anything can

    bring it on . and yes 2 drs missed my illness i just happened to see a post on the womens forum about ebv and then everything was clear . its a nasty nasty virus that takes a long time to go unless you are 18.

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      who knows

      i was under tremendous stress when this hit me overnight!

      bad stress.....

      but also work in dentistry and my ID DR says I picked it up there because it was acute/fever the works?

      lived here over 3 years

      i go back to work for three months and get super sick;


      dr after dr after dr after er

      four months of BS/searching

      i thought i was dying and went to infectious dr twice to push him to run EPV test


      why are they so aloof with all this?!

      i just want it to go

      im tired of the games this virus plays with my body

      if i got it young

      maybe id be stronger against it

      i had zero illness growing up....

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    My titer count was really high when tested for EBV but the rest of my bloodwork was normal. EBV is a monster that hides out, but eventually goes away. I remember feeling so terrible I felt like I had been shredded in a cheese grater. Hang in there because eventually you WILL get well.

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      hi Forgetmenot

      thanks for your info and encouragement

      the bloodwork is tricky

      doctors pay no mind to you because it looks good~

      ......i agree with u

      epv is a monster/demon same thing^^^


      i mean, cheese grader/meat grinder

      same thing--:-)

      i feel like ive been in both

      i cannot comprehend that there is a virus like this that causes this many issues at once*

      approaching month 7 -:-|

      i thank u again for your time, it helps a ton~


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      im getting and another ebv victim on here ozone therapy may want to look into it people have had good results with it . they take about a cup of blood infuse it with ozone then reinject it into your body

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