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My egfr has been getting lower, from 74 to 68 now 64.

My Albumin/creatinine -normal is <2.0

Mine is 38.8?

My potassium is high

Normal- 3.5 to 5.2

Mine is 5.4.

My albumin urine is 93 mg/L

creatinine (urine) normal is 2.5 to 2.0

Mine is 2.4

Albumin/creatinine normal is - <2.0

Mine is 38.8

What does all this mean.

My Doctor will call with an appointment when she reads these but I'm curios on your thoughts. Should I be concerned. We have kidney disease/diabetes in my family history..

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    You don't give your age, the length of time it took you to drop 10 points or how close the relatives with diabetes/CKD are to you. Should you be concerned? Yes. My grandfather had CKD, my grandmother had diabetes, their son, my dad had both. My father in law was a diabetic. Our whole family was tested every year. I ended up getting diabetes and CKD. My kids and husband continue to get tested but they are fine so far. I have one brother that is diabetic.

    I posted a link for newbies, to help them understand their labs. Couldn't get it to work so I posted what to Google. It' a may 17, 2016 publication but it's excellent. Gives ranges and explains what each test is for.  Maybe you can Google it for me and post the link?

    When do you go to your Dr again? Where did you get your egfr  and lab numbers?  Check the numbers you posted again, are you sure those are your numers?

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      Hi. I'm 49.

      My original, 2 years ago, egfr was over 100. So it's been gradual.

      My grandfather had kidney disease. My grandfather, aunt, brother and cousin have diabetes.

      My egfr and lab numbers come direct to me via email from Lifelabs, which in Ontario Canada is the place we go for bloodwork.

      I put in a call to my Doctor but haven't heard back yet. So those are definitely my numbers.

      I don't know how to post a picture, or I would.

      I'm on a drug called amiodarone for heart trouble, I'm hoping it's not effecting my kidneys..

      Thanks for your response.

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      I have both CKD and type II diabetes in my family too. In my case it includes my immediate parents and their siblings and parents. 

      I'm glad to hear that you'll be seeing your physician soon. Let us know how that appointment goes.


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      I just wanted you to check your numbers to make sure there was no typo. 

      Yes, I'm glad you called your Dr. So you can get in and discuss your labs with him. I think one question I would make sure I asked your Dr is why is your eGFR dropping like that. "Will you please tell me why my gfr is coming down like this or will you be sending me to someone else that will tell me?" Your body, get some answers. 2 years ago you were at gfr 100, today you are at gfr 64. You are only 49. Yep you need answers.

      Did you use the link?

      If you click on my profile you will see some old posts on gfr by age, check them out.

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    What is a healthy gfr?
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      According to my lab reports a "normal eGFR is described as greater than or equal to 90 ml/1.73 m2."

      Mine in June 16/16 was 105

      That was my original test.

      I had a sudden cardiac arrest that's why they started taking all these tests.

      Now I'm on an antiarrythmic called amiodarone which can have some terrible side effects. So I go for bloodwork every 6 months

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    The number that's scaring me the most is the albumin/creatinine sitting at 38.8 when normal is <2.0 mg/mmol

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      Hi Laurie

      Onky a suggestion but your cardiac arrest could have triggered AKI acute kidney injury, which could be the cause of the decline in your egfr.

      Hopefully you will stabilise and stay at a decent level.

      Mine was 61 at 49 yrs and now 41 at 53yrs and has stayed in low 40's for the past year.

      Hope yours stays stable, good luck x

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      I actually had 2 cardiac arrests. One in May of 2016 and another in June of 2016. I now have an ICD which has shocked me numerous times.

      Seems like its always something

      I'll keep you all posted when I hear from my Doctor..


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      I can understand your concern over your lab report but remember that it is one lab report. They may take another and the numbers could be different.

      You say you are mainly concerned about your albumin/creation ratio. Make sure you mention this to your Dr. 

      You can Google:  normal albumins/creation ratio.  Just make sure you visit a good site, NKA, etc.

      I myself wouldn't freak out just yet unless repeated labs show the same numbers. Until then I would try and learn more about lab reports and why they are done, what the ranges are and what they mean when not in range. I made a post for newbies that I think may be helpful to you.

      Keep us posted.

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      Ya. My last labs, in January, my urea was high. I didn't have the acr tested.

      My creatinine is gradually rising and my eGFR is dropping.

      Definitely calling my Doctor again tomorrow so she can explain all this to me.

      Thanks for all your replies!

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    Laurie, sorry about the additional post but I need to make this one. 

    If you are taking Motrin, Aleve, Excidrine take Tylenol instead. Many over the counters will kill your kidneys. 

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    Finally heard from my Doctor. She's sending me for a spot urine test and a 24 hour urine test.

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      Awesome Laurie! Glad to here your Dr. got back with you. There is a lot of waiting but it will be worth it to find out what needs to be done next. It will try your patience but hang in there. Keep a record of all your lab reports.
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      Getting results back from my tests GFR is now 52?

      Creatinine is high

      Creatinine renal clearance is low

      Uric acid is low

      Albumin/creatinine ratio is high

      Sodium is high

      Still waiting on urea 24 hour-urine and protein 24 hour-urine

      Is eGFR just and estimate and GFR is more accurate.

      Could that be why in 9 days it dropped 12 points?

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