Blurred vision for one year, how to diagnose the problem?

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For about 12 months now my left eye has gone blurry, not so much that I can't see things but I'd say I lost about 30% of my focused eye sight during this 12 month period, I can see what is around me but not speficially, I can't read any text, CLOSE or FAR away from me, unless it's in front of my face such as my phone. (This is only my left eye). I went to an ophtalmologist and he checked everything and said I "had" some "form" of astigmatism and I needed glasses, he prescribed everything and when my glasses arrived a few days later I put them on and nothing, this was about 7 months ago, or more, I thought I should just wear them to see if my eyes would adjust but that just seemed ridiculous as my eyes shouldn't have to adjust to the lenses and after two weeks of wearing it without any affect I just left it aside and I never used it again. So two months ago, I got tired of my blurry vision and I went to another opthalmologist and said the prescription for my other glasses were wrong as one machine he used with a ballon inside gave the correct prescription while another gave the wrong one, so all in all I again received my glasses a few days later and yet again, no effect on my EYES whatsoever.

Throughout this whole event I noticed that in the morning when I wake up I can see almost clearly with my left eye, but as the days go it gets blurrier and blurrier but never more than losing 30% of my focused sight. What is more strange is that if I simply take my finger and push the skin beside my eye inwards it makes my vision 100% clear meaning that I see perfectly, I tried touching my eye ball and pushing it VERY gently and slighly inwards just a tiny bit that you can barely notice and it also makes my eyes 100% clear meaning no blurry vision.. I don't want to keep going to new opthalmologists for this as they don't see to know what is up with my eye, it's a waste of money.. I was wondering if anybody could help me with this..

I do use the computer a lot and I am not sure if that might have any problem with it, but if I focus my eyes too much on something close it bothers me such as making my eyes dry and not as clear.

I am now taking VITAMIN A as I read that it helps with vision but so far nothing, I play sports and I fear of this because I need perfect vision and I don't know what to do.. I am in dire need of help.


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    What you describe sounds like an astigmatism.

    When you say you have been to 2 Ophthalmologists and they prescribed new glasses, do you actually mean Optometrists...aka opticians?  Ophthalmologists are medically qualified doctors and if you are still having problems, then you need to see an Ophthalmologist, whom you will find in a hospital.  An optometrist can examine your eyes and tell you about astigmatism but if there is a problem, then the optometrist should refer you to an Ophthalmologist.

    Using a computer a lot can trigger dry eyes because you don't blink enough to lubricate your eyes.  You can buy ocular lubricants, perhaps it would be worth trying that too.

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    If I were you, I would Google Amsler Grid, print a copy, stick it on my fridge. Follow the directions and report what you saw to your ophthalmologist. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that problems don't show up on their $$$$ tests until long after the grid shows them.

    Good luck. Sorry about your problems. You might look up the formula used to make supplements for vision and eat the foods recommended. Those that were recommended some years back had beta-carotenes in them and they were causing smokers and former smokers to develope lung cancer. Most now have a lot more zinc in them than the Mayo Clinic and Whole Foods recommend.

    Eat a carrot every day. It will give you more than the daily allowance figures for Vitamin A, beta-carotenes, and has lutein, which is good for vision.

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    if the optician has given you glasses which don't help then you could go back to them and tell them that they are not making any difference. after all you paid for the glasses.

    it sounds as though it would be a good idea to talk to your GP / optician to maybe get a referral to an opthalmologist in the hospital.

    also, please be careful of self medicating with vitamin tablets. take your doctor's advice on this. as yvonne66994 suggests: better to eat the correct foods.

    good luck

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    Do have good diet that is very important.Otherwise you must have eye checkup again,if glasses are not doing any better.
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    I recognise these symptoms, having had similar myself for over a year. You need to go to your hospital eye clinic emergency unit if you have one. Or get your GP to refer you to the eye clinic. Although there is no clear indication, you could be suffering from a virus relating to cold sore virus. This needs treatment urgently with drops or ointment. I am just beginning to be able to read again, but still cannot make out clearly numbers or some letters.

    Good luck

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    Hi I have that exact problem and I am seeing a retinal specialist... she found that I have branch retinal vein occlusion..I am taking monthly injections to keep it from getting worse.. it is all due to a blood clot in my vein inside my left eye..
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