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Hi one and all just to let you all knowy Botox injection outcome.

I had this injection on the 6th December 2007, I was only in for the day, I feel so much better, no more having a bath at 2 and 3 in the morning.

The muscle spasms have gone, if anyone of you have read about me on this forum I was in a bad way, in pain every day, not good for anyone.

I feel so much better, I get a small abount of pain sometimes after going to the toilet, but all in all my bottom feels much better, I may have to go in for a second injection, I see my Surgon in FEB. I will keep you all informed, if you have any questions send me an e-mail, or post your questions on this forum.

Happy bottom pain free new year.


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    Hi Moonfairy ... im glad to hear that things are working out well after your botox injection .. can i ask you how long you suffered with the fissure for ?? was it located high up ?? did you try rectogesic cream and with what success?? ...... im going back to my colo rectal specialist Monday Jan 14 and im feeling totally miserable .... i was put on movicol sachets and rectogesic cream .... the cream i feel hasnt helped me at all really as the problem seems higher up than it medicates to.

    Any information you can share would be really usefull to me as no-one identifies with what im going through, and sometimes i feel i may have something more sinister going on.



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      My husband is going for Botox injection for a Fissure What can he expect is this pain full, he has been dealing with this for about 6 months now.

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      Hi there, like most procedures different people get different results, and the surgical teams differ widely. Many people on here have had instant relief, but others haven't. I'm in more pain now, over two months post op, than I was before but I think that's due to bad surgery. Certainly don't let that put your husband off. The most important things are to completely communicate what he will and won't accept prior to the op (they gave me a partial fissurectomy when I was expecting just botox), to get comprehensive aftercare info, such as avoid solids, plenty of stool softners, and the fact that there is a chance of urine retention, and if he is in great discomfort a few days later get straight back onto the team and demand immediate action. There are a couple of really good threads on here detailing peoples' experiences when it doesn't go quite to plan, and they are a great resource. I've known what drugs to ask for, as well as really good tips, from here, rather than from clinicians. Keep posting, too - you'll get a lot of support and advice. I hope your husbands op goes well!
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      Hi Gregg, 

      I am one  of the few whose condition was considerably worsened after the botox injection. I actually had 2 injections. When I told  the colo rectal surgeons about worsening of my state they plainly replied: "Can't be" and when my pain lessened only marginally in the space of 8 months they gave me another botox injection although there was no fissure there anymore.

      I was desparately ill after this intervention and virtually unable to walk for 5 months. There were days on which I could only move around by crawling on all fours. The pain, was of a different nature than the fissure pain: it was stabbing, needling and sometimes  like electric shocks and independent of BM. Fissures had recurred though but healed fairly quickly with only transient pain of a lesser nature.

      I asked for a second opinion and the evidence from manual examination and physilogical tests seemed to indicate nerve damage at the points of injection. One of the examining doctors mentioned in passing that nerve damage does not respond very well to traditional analgesic, but the successful pain treatment is often achieved with a small dose of a certain type of antidepressants

      As no report of the physiological examination was forthcoming, I asked my GP (who was not given a diagnosis either) to prescribe Amitriptyline 10mg for me. This gave me an immediate pain reduction and by now, after  4 weeks much pain relief,so that I can go about my daily life again. There is pain, but it is tolerable.

      When I insisted on another consultation I was told my the doctor that my complaints are  mysterious and will remain unexplained. 

      I know that nerve damage cannot directly proved but only inferred by a process of eliminating other causes and looking at "circumstantial evidence" like sensitiviy irritants and response to medication. Anybody who has ever done Jury service would be convinced of the circumstantial evidence, but the doctor in charge of my latest examination is stone walling me. 

      I think it is pretty evident why.

      However, I have not given up yet. I want to see the physiological report and will speak to a lawyer who specialises in medical negligence. 

      Jamie, I got carried away writing this, but I wonder whether you are not another victim of misapplied botox injections. 

      I do not know whether my predicament is due to medical negligence or to  a possible intolerance of botox on my part, but I will not accept the treatment I have received. 


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      Hi Suleika, As I said above I'm waiting to see what the team in London say, but after a nose around I'm wondering if the incision during the partial fisurectomy was where the error was, as I still feel very raw inside. Shortly after the op I did discover a medical term for when the incision is made too shallow, but I forgot to write it down and now can't find it! I get a terrible burning pain when I stand for more than 20 minutes or so, as well as pain after a BM (which are almost always loose due to the amount of movicol I take each day). I've just had my morphine dose put up to 40mg a day, with as much as needed on top of that. So as well as the pain I'm now probably dealing with a slight opiate dependance, great! I'll post the findings of the consultation. Hoping they offer me an exploratory under a general anaesthetic quite soon after the appointment. The team all have a proven history of research, and specialise in fissures and stenosis, which is what my last useless consultant half admitted I seem to have after the op. If I had the money I'd go private. If there is any hint that it's provable that the ongoing pain was caused by the op I'm going to go to one of those no win no fee vultures, something I wouldn't usually consider but the last few months have convinced me otherwise.
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      Hi Suleika,  Reading your posting makes me hurt just thinking of what you have and are still going through.  I've read several postings about Botox on other web-sites that were not positive that's why I had the fissure surgery.  I'm doing so well and believe I'm fully healed.  Could you possibly go to a private clinic for help?   I think you are in the UK?  I'm in the US  we don't have socialized medicine.  My doctor as I've mentioned before is from the UK, he promised me: You will be pain free after this and I am.   Most of the cost was covered by my medical insurance, it cost me $430 out of pocket - best money I ever spent.  I wish you well.   
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      Hi suleika

      It has been a year from the date of your comment. Hope you are fine.

      I have the similar case. Went for Botox in Jan 2014 , approx 3 years back for fissure. My fissures gone , no pain and any other motion related issue.

      But just after the Botox I developed pain in perianal area pelvic region and lower part of thighs while sitting. It starts after 20-30 minutes of sitting and keeps increasing with the time. It becomes horrible in the post lunch.

      My pudendal nerve test and MRI are normal but I think it's related to some nerve irritation or nerve damage ..which may be result of misapplied of Botox.

      Any suggestion ........

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      Hi Raj,

      this is the first time that I heard from somebody who had a similar experience. I was about to cancel my participation in this forum and only look at it once in a while, because I have resigned myself to the nerve damage which I received from botox injections  and the subsequent pain is now under control.

      There are two treatmenths that alleviate the pain for me.One is homoepathic (yes! it works but requires strict disciplne in taking the medication. It also requires an experienced and empathetic homoepath. And it is not exactly cheap (Ca £80.00 per  two monthly session inc medication.

      The easy medication is Amitryptiline, an old fashioned anti depressant  that has been found to be effective with neuralgic pain (the other one is Gabentin). These medications are nowadays almost exclusively used as analgesics. The seem to supress the pain receptors in the brain.

      I quite like them because as somebody who suffers from insomnia, Amitryptilin deals with that too.

      The nerve damage that can be caused by Botox is well known among homoeopaths who are often  the last port of call for women who had facial treatment that went wrong. Botox is a nerve poison and maybe some people have an intolerance.

      In my case i would have become an invalid without the above listed treatments. 

      The worst part of my experience was that when seeking a second opinion at England's foremost hospital for  gastro-intestestinam etc diseases, they doctors tried to supress the evidence from the medial examination. While one doctor was quite candid, the others lost the test results etc, I had to fight very hard to get hold of the results.

      There was a half hearted admission in writing that my pain possibly stemmed from the injections.

      I really empathise with your description of your pain. I could not walk or stand up without the most  horrible piercing pain.

      Please feel free to share this email with the doctors who treat you, although if you want my post to be taken seriously, it might be better to leave out the references to homoeopathy, which for most conventional medics is quackery.

      I would be interested in hearing more from you, Please try to get second opinion.



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      Hi Suleika,

      Good to know that you are well now and thanks for reply.

      I am in mumbai India and problem is that here is only one doctor who gives Botox for fissure, rest are not much aware of that. They do traditional treatment / surgery only .....So they don't know much about the side effects also ....which may happen due to Botox, like nerve irritation damage and all.

      So I have only one dr with whom I can discuss this. He suggested Nurokind and other similar medicine which gave some relief for brief period of one / two weeks but not for long time. Now he is saying pudendal nerve block is the option. But that block is also given by that one dr only. So I am not going for that option, fearing any further complication ......

      I also met homeopathy dr but same one two week relief and again same ........I went for nerve stimulation also, here also same experience.......only temporary relief.

      Now I have some queries -

      A . Whether you took only homeopathy treatment or other Medicine also simultaneously.....and where & which homeopathy dr you consulted ?

      B . For how long one need to take That amitryplin tablet , and whether It has Any side effect.

      C. You are completely pain free or it has only been reduced. Bcoz dr in Singapore general hospital who did my pudendal nerve test told me that it appears to be sensory damage due to niddle of injection while taking Botox and there is no permanent solution for sensory damage .

      D. Since mumbai India not much dr who handle such issues , is there any dr in U.K. Or USA with whom I can consult over mail. So that accordingly I can plan my visit also if required .

      Thanks, have nice pain free time.

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      Hi, ive had my problem for 4years now and ive had everything you can name, ive had the bowtox injection twice now and due to have another one, if im honest its works for some people doeant work for everyone, it hasnt worked on me, so i am now demanding to have a colostomy bag, coz i cant cope no more, ive got a little boy to think about and this is the only way i can keep my dignity. The reason i dont want the injection again is coz the last time it made me incontinent so i had to wear a nappy and im 29years old i ant having that again. Your husband will be put to sleep but no its not painful.
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    if you dont mind me asking how did u get botox and how much did it cost

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    I had Fissurectomy and botox yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ihave been in agony with muscle spasms for 4 months with an anal tear. It was worse than child birth....REALLY!

    I researched on the web and realised that having the anal muscle CUT is the last resort. So I contacted the local private clinic and saw a Colorectal surgeon in Bath, but made sure he was also an NHS surgeon. NOTE some surgeons dont do botox but this one does. After seeing me he put me on the local NHS list and i waited 5 weeks for the surgery. Privately it would have cost £1500, which is money i do not have.

    I was in for the afternoon on the NHS had a general and although i am a little sore and some bleeding from BM today the spasm has gone.

    Prior to this i had tried EVERTHING; analgesic, GTN, name it i tried it. The best thing is to get the botox early otherwise the tear/fissure is too old to heal.

    For treatment whilst you are waiting for an appointment ask your GP for Buscopan. It is a muscle relaxant tablet which is used for IBS but relaxes you rectum as well.

    Keep your BM's VERY VERY soft!!!!

    I will post on here again with an update soon.

    PS try Sudocream. It protects the fissure for the stool to slide over.

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    NOW 4 days post OP. NO SPASM AT ALL. NO PAIN EITHER. But I have only had one BM and so am trying everything make me go!

    So far so good with the OP.............

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