BPH and Ejaculation Frequency

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So yesterday I did more research on BPH as this is now really beginning to effect my sleep quality with frequent interruptions due to night time visits to the bathroom and I saw an interesting finding that men who frequently ejaculated actually had a statistically significant lower chance of developing prostate cancer. So then I began thinking about the rise of my prostate problems.

Up until November of 2012, I used to ejaculate at least 3 times a week. But since November of 2012 I have given up PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm) and now ejaculate maybe 3 times a month when I have sex with the wife. In January 2014 I developed an acute Prostatitis and have never fully gone back to normal from that. Since Spring of 2016 my BPH has been worsening and I started noticing that I would now have to wake up at least twice a night to urinate. The LPN put me on Urotraxal which made me dizzy so I stopped. I then was put on low doses of Cialis which has helped some but I'm still waking up too frequently at night. At the beginning of this month I had another bout of Prostatitis although this episode was much milder than the one in 2014.

This week because of the way things have gone on the romance side I had sex with orgasm on Friday night and I let myself O again with sex on Monday morning. I wasn't noticing the horrible brain fog and listlessness which I experienced in the past with frequent ejaculation so last night we had sex again and I ejaculated again.

Lo and behold, for the first time in maybe 9 months, I only woke up once to urinate and slept like a baby!! And when I woke up my urge to urinate was barely there!!

I realize this was only a single episode and maybe its a fluke, but it is possible that my intentional retention of semen by resisting the urges and not allowing myself to ejaculate could be contributing to my BPH.

I am going to continue to experiment and monitor this.

BTW- again today post orgasm I feel quite good!

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    Does anyone else have any similar experiences?
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    Charlton, It's great that you bring up this topic.  We, in the U.S.,  are an extremely prudish society, going back to the Puritans who came here for the freedom to impose their religion on everyone else!

    ?I've always believed in the use it or lose it mantra for every organ in the body.  Evolutionarily, once a male stops ejaculating, there is no reason to remain alive.  So, to my logic, substantial exercise, a healthful diet and frequent ejaculations are required for a long, healthy life.

    ?I'm 75 y.o., and I've ejaculated at least once/day my entire life, and still have my eyesight.  In my 20s, I would ejaculate 3 or 4 times/day.   However, when working, that wasn't so convenient.

    ?Anyway, although my prostate is 70 cc., and my PSA is at 8.5, having been at 6.2 in 1999, I have never had any real prostate problems.  I do get up, typically twice/night (every 2.5-3 hours) to urinate; but, I don't find that to be a problem, at all. 

    ?I had two 10-core, random biopsies, both negative, in 1999 and then in 2005.  Since random biopsies should now be considered obsolete, in 2015 I had a multi-parametric MRI when my PSA temporarily zoomed up to 14 (then came back down a couple months later) that was also negative for suspicious PCa.

    ?I do gymnastics, and run, and lift weights, and dance a modern, aerobic style.  What's funny and tragic is that I've never seen a recommendation to ejaculate one's brains out to prevent disease.  I've never read about a clinical study to evaluate its effect (although it would be difficult to get anyone except a religious nut to agree to not masturbate for 20 years as the control).

    Further, I have no chronic disease and take no pills, medications, supplements, exotic foods or fad diets--just natural, untainted, unpoisoned (almost all organically grown) food.  I also eat lotsa wild fish and stopped eating beef in 1970, and chicken in 1996.

    I say, go for it.   And I, too, would love to hear from others their perceived benefits of frequent ejaculation.

    ?Harvey (in S. Calif.)


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      My reasons for stopping M in 2012 has to do with performance.  I had started to notice a little ED and loss in libido.  I did some investigating and stumbled on Gary Wilson and his site Your Brain On Porn.  It was a real eye opener.  Fortunately for me I've never gone off the deep end in regards to porn and masturbation but there are forums loaded with guys who have and have totally screwed up their sex drive.

        Anyways I've been following Gary's advice and it certainly helped as my ED and loss of libido both disappeared.  

        I've been continuing to stick with it to try and improve my energy levels.  But if what happened last night is not a fluke, I plan on having sex with the wife 3-4 times a week

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      53.  I gave up PMO right before my 49th birthday.  Had bacterial Prostatitis 14 months later.  This is the first time I've ejaculated 3 times within 5 days since Novemebr 2012.

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      If you google NoFap, or YBOP or Gabe Deem you can find a whole movement of guys who have decided to commit to this because of how it has screwed up their brains- especially the youngerguys who have grown up with the ability to access high speed internet porn in all its forms
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    I should add that a year ago  I was speaking to a young physician who was about to deliver a talk on healthful lifestyle.  I though she would have had more credibility if she were 75 y.o.  Anyway, I offered to be an example of the result of a healthful lifestyle, and then mentioned frequent masturbation as one of the requirements.  She walked away from me!  I didn't attend her talk.  I knew there was nothing I could learn from her, since she was unwilling to learn from me, who had an actual life experience.  Or, she was just a prude, something incompatible with the practice of medicine.


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