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can anyone tell me anything positive? I'm 55 years old and have found a lump in my breast, just below and a bit including the area surrounding my nipple. I've been having some discomfort around my left breast for a while now which I suppose made me check it out consequently I found the lump which my dr says is about 4x5cm; quite large I thought. If I press really hard the lump feels quite hard but if I press gently, if feels softish. I am assuming the worst but won't know anything for weeks. The waiting is hell already. 

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    Hyia, Deb, firstly, don't panic, I know it's easy to say this,,  and don't google it ,   Thank goodness u u've gone to your doc,  at least now yr in the system for a appointment to see a consultant.   My advice is to go to the booking office and find out how long the waitin list is,  and if you cN go private. It's best to,get these things checked out.  It could be due to yr age,  are you having pain with it, if so that's a good sign , because breast cancer doesn't cause pain,  my mam had breast cancer lump( aggressive) and she didn't have any pain or discomfort.  Please, please phone the booking office and ask to be put on the cancellation list. Also go bk to yr doctor and ask for an expeditary letter to be sent, as your really, really worried and explain to him/her you can not wait.  Hope that this helps,  (I found a few lumps in my right breast) and did this and went on the cancellation list and got an appointment with in a week, after seeing my doc and a letter being sent.  
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      Thanks for replying. I am panicking and haven't stopped Googling all night. Plus I keep feeling the lump and jabbing at the other boob preying I will feel an identical lump, but it's just not happening. I'm going to phone the breast clinic tomorrow to get an idea of how soon I'll be seen and if it's not soon enough, I'll enquire about private. Thanks for replying. I really appreciate it.
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    Yr welcome, like I said the best peice of advice that I was given and this was from a doctor on here was NOT tO GOOGLE it.  ( my lump was around the size of a large marble, and hard  has discomfort with it. that one turned out to b a small cyst( had a mamogram and ultrasound.  , I found another one a few wks later went bk to my dr. was refered bk to the consultant and it turned out to b a collection of small cysts,  any help or advice I can give you please don't hesitate to contact me.    Liz
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      Hi Liz, thank you again for responding to my posts. I've been awake for most of the night and tried to stop myself from Googling without success! May I ask if you are a similar age to me (55)? Reason I am asking is that when I did the dreaded Google it said that 85% of lumps in people aged over 55 are found to be cancer. I have told myself this morning not to Google anymore and not to feel the lump incase my constant touching it is making it sore/bigger/harder. I've removed my estrogen patch too! 
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    Hi, I'm 43 and when I first found the (first lump) I was staying with my mam who at the time was in hospital,  she had been ill for quite a long time,  and findin this lump quite frankly scared me,  the first thing that I did was go and see my doc,  who in fact refered me to see the consultant in my local hosp.  I like u did google it, and then I cMe on to this site,  which helped a lot,  for myself I sort of knew what to look for as my mam had breast cancer ( tho I stress ) she wasn't like u or I and she wasn't keepin a check on her breasts, she always had lumpy breasts etc, and was sent for mammograms in the lorry that went around and it came bk 4 her to go to hosp for mammograms etc.  in the end she suffered with her nerves all her life, please go bk to yr Dr, and tell them how worried u r.  
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      I'm going to nag the breast clinic today for an early appointment. I can't feel like this again for weeks. I have only just recovered from major surgery last year. My nerves were shot then! Thanks for tour support Liz
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      If they say it's a 4-6week waiting list tell them that , that's not good enough and tell them that u need to go private. ( ask yr Dr for an expeditary letter to be sent ( the booking / consultant will waNt this letter) , also ask them in the mean while to put u on the cancellation list, which is what I did and when I phoned I was asked if I cld get to the local hospital at 9.20am on Monday as they had just got a cancellation in. (2weeks ago) I said yes and thankfully the 1 lump turned out to be a cyst and has now gone into a lot smaller cysts.  Hope that this helps. Have u had mamogramms in the past?  Also ultrasounds?  If so u know not to worry about those,  I found the mammogram a little bit difficult as I'm not very big on tot lol, and also I've got a curviature of the spine,  if I can be of any further help please let me know how you get on.   Liz
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      Thanks for that. I've just found private mammogram is done daily not far from me so I will phone the breast clinic and if I am not going to be seen for a while, I will book in with them. Thanks for all your advice.
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    Hello Deb

    Liz e-mailed me this morning to ask me to contact you.

    I am the doctor that she told you about, that suggested that she didn't google!  Liz and I have got to know each other a little through this site - she has a great deal of common sense and I strongly recommend that you follow her advice!

    I am sorry to hear about your lump.  As Liz said, the fact that it is painful is a good sign, as so often malignant lumps are not.  However - was it

    the discomfort in your breast that alerted you to check them, or is the lump itself painful?

    The other fairly positive sign is that (hopefully) if your GP thought it was likely to be malignant, I think your appointment would have been expedited, and that you would have been seen very quickly. 

    I strongly believe that no woman (or man, for that matter) should have to wait weeks with the agony of worry that is the inevitable result of knowing that you have a breast lump.  I would definitely follow Liz's advice about chasing up your appointment, and asking for a cancellation.

    Locally, a private consultation costs about £175.00, and I believe a private mammogram is about the same (or was), although there would probably be another fee of much the same for the radiologist to report on it. 

    Obviously, depending on your finances, you may find that the relief of knowing where you are is worth every penny, and of course, if the worst comes to the worst, then the sooner you are treated, the better.

    I am 54.  I had an invasive carcinoma detected at my first mammogram, two years ago.  It was removed, and another, less invasive one (a ductal carcinoma in situ) was found in the material removed, so I went back for more surgery.  This was followed by radiotherapy, although I was fortunate not to require chemotherapy. 

    I seem to be fine now - my last mammogram was clear, and my surgeon was happy with me a few months ago.

    I know exactly the anxiety that you are suffering - although until I had the mammo., I was unaware that there was anything wrong - it was the wait for the lymph node results that was torture for me. 

    Sometimes it may help to go into a practical mode - in your case, making sure that you receive adequate medical attention as fast as possible.  Stay away from Dr Google, even with medical training it is frightening, and without it, you don't really know which sites are reliable.

    If the worst happens, once you are in the system, if you just go with the flow, a while later you are through it, and eventually you stop thinking about it all the time, and get back to normal life.  The treatments are far less radical than they were, even ten years ago, and the results far more promising. 

    Great idea to stop your HRT patches.  Most of these tumours are oestrogen receptor positive, so HRT will not help.  If you have a benign lump, it may be worth discussing with your GP the benefit v risk of continuing with it, depending on how long you have been taking it. 

    I did exactly the same thing, and at least felt that I was doing something positive to help myself!  My cancers were both oestrogen receptor positive, so I am now on Tamoxifen.  It's OK, once you get used to it. 

    There is a charity - easy to find on line - (this site doesn't like people putting in websites) - called Breast Cancer Care UK.  If you put those words into Google, it is the third one down. It is a wonderful organisation - you can call them anytime during working hours, and they will put you on to a trained member of staff (who has to either have had breast cancer, a partner with it, or a genetic predisposition to develop it) that you can talk to, cry to, ask questions of, with reliable answers, and feel that someone is interested in what you are going  through, who entirely understands, because they have been there themselves.

    I really recommend that you look them up, and phone them.  I found them to be so good, that although it is too soon for me to apply to become one of their telephone answering people (it has to be well over two years since your own cancer), I would seriously consider training to be one.  The training is surprisingly onerous - involving, amongst other things, away weekend workshops and so on. 

    So - you can understand why I recommend them to you.  Far better than Dr Google, and not only do you receive reliable information, you have a lovely human being to empathise with you.  They know exactly the place that you find yourself to be in today, because they have been there. 

    Meanwhile, don't forget that you need to sleep.  You need to eat well, drink lots of water or juice, especially as it is hot, and you need to stop rummaging around, as you will only bruise yourself, and learn nothing new.

    Try anything that distracts you - go out with a friend, have a lovely bath with smellies plus a G & T, go for a walk, and try to enjoy nature, listen to music, or whatever floats your boat.  Lean on your partner, family and friends.

    Just don't become fixated with trying to find answers that simply are not there on Google, winding yourself up with erroneous information, and staying awake, fretting.  If you must - the Mayo Clinic site is very reliable, in my opinion.

    Please feel free to write back to me at any time, and I shall try to reply - but please do so on our private comm.s - there are some rather weird people out there that seem to take vicarious pleasure out of the sufferings of others, and I prefer not to talk much on the open site.

    I shall be thinking of you.

    If you wish to, I would be very pleased to hear how you get on.

    With my very best wishes



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      Thank you so much for making contact and thank you Liz for e mailing on my behalf. So appreciated. I don't know how to do a private reply so here goes. It started really with discomfort in my left outer breast/arm pit although I can't feel anything there but I remember keep touching it because of the discomfort. Then I started getting a bit of like bruising pain in the upper quadrant of my left boob close to my breast bone. I suppose the discomfort encouraged me to feel around a bit and I was shocked to feel this lump, softish when first touched but then when pressing on it, it feels quite hard, from the outer part of my left nipple spreading down to the very top part of my breast. The actual lump doesn't seem to hurt, only when the dr really pressed down on it. The GP said it measured 4x5 and I am sure she said cm not mm. Now the outer part of my left boob, mainly  is a constant discomfort; when I can sleep it wakes me when I lay on it. I am worried sick, can't eat etc etc etc. I have just put the phone down and the NHS breast clinic can't see me until 4/8 and then if they deem a mammogram is needed after that, the wait is another 2/3 weeks. I am just about to phone and book something private for Monday if I can get it. I just can't wait 5 weeks. 

      That breast cancer care website/support line sounds brilliant. I think I will be using that. I've already checked out the Mayo website. Unfortunately I had major surgery last year due to pelvic abscesses so have only just recovered from the stress of that. Now there is this to worry about and I am a worrier I'm afraid. I just can't get it off my mind. Thanks for your post and again, thank you Liz. I'll let you know how I get on hopefully on Monday. Xx

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      Well I've been. They felt the lump . I've now got to wait to be called for a mammogram. They said it would prob be in a week. I was hoping they would do it then but no luck. Just a waiting game now.

      Deb x

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