Bulls eye bite/rash

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For the past 5 years I have been back and forth to the doctors with exhaustion, muscle aches and pains, insomnia, dizziness, weakness and feeling depressed. After about 3 years, I finally got taken seriously and diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, however this has now been treated, medication has balanced my levels out and according to my endocrinologist I should now feel normal, I don't. 

Looking back, I distinctly remember having a bulls eye bite on my ankle, no tick was present but the rash was huge and happens to tie in with me feeling incredibly sick. I've always put this down to my hypothyroidism but now I'm starting to rethink.

My sister has been treated for lymes, roughly 5 years ago, when my rash appeared. I stayed with her for a few weeks before she started having symptoms and now I look back, it's quiet possible I may have caught lymes at the same time.

I did mention this, after visiting the doctors with my complaints but they didn't even know what lymes was and totally dismissed me.

Is there anything else that could of caught this bulls eye bite/rash? Horsefly? In pretty sure it wasn't ringworm. I worry I'm going to sound like a total but case going to the doctors for a rash I had almost 5 years ago, but It seems silly not to rule it out considering how I feel and everything else.

Any advise please ?!

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    Hi Bethany

    Where do you live? There is the Hospital in Herts where they do testing. I'm English but live in the Middle East so i have ordered the tests from USA they can send the test to you and you just get the blood taken and courier it back to them. I have had what looked like ringworm in the past but don't remember a bulls eye rash but i have been ill for 6 years since being given a steroid shot. Muscle pain, palpitations, breathless, tingling and numbness, blurry vision, headaches and electric zaps in brain etc. I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism but 3 years of anti thyroid meds and i still feel like hell. Docs don't understand what's wrong. Vasculitis, high coproporphyrins, adrenal malfunction, positive test for mould and multiple chemical sensitivity which includes lots of perfumes so i barely leave the house as I can't breath if am in contact with people wearing some perfumes i am allergic to etc. I am hoping the lyme babesia and bartonella tests will show what's wrong

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      Thanks for replying.

      I live in Dorset (South west England).  I'm new to all this, but have read on other threads about being tested privately, are these tests more reliable than the tests run by NHS/ your gp?

      Sounds like you're really suffering, it's such a waste isn't it? Feel for anyone who can't enjoy life properly because of such symptoms.

      I'm suffering mainly with total exhaustion, I have a 17 month old little girl and my partner is having to take a lot of time of work, some days I literally can't get out of bed, the exhaustion is unbearable and I ache so much, didn't realise headaches are a symptom too, I get incredibly bad headaches, kind of living of pain killers at the moment.

      I'm heading to GP tomorrow to see what he says, but worried about being dismissed or tests not being accurate. I would love to feel like a normal young person again! 

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      I did a serum lyme test a few weeks ago but was negative. Apparently they aren't reliable as they only pick up 30% of new infections and can't pick up on chronic lyme. I have been told the only test is the lyme and co - infection panel which is western blot and much more accurate but expensive. I have been to see many docs in UK with no help at all. I told my insurance to test for lyme but they laughed and said I wouldn't have lyme. don't be too upset if your doctor ignores what you say - all mine have. They used to tell me it's all in my head but the hyperthyroid diagnosis stopped that. Now they just blame it on thyroid. Doctors are mainly arrogant and useless
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      I'm dreading going to see him but I can't go on like this. I do have health insurance, so I'm hoping if I can persuade my doc to give me the blood forms I can make a claim, I'd pay out my own pocket to have it done.

      It took so long for people to take me seriously with my thyroid, I'm dreading trying to try and get taken seriously about Lymes, my sister had to explain to her doctor what is is, they're so useless.

      My endocrinologist has given me blood forms for all sorts, it's crazy. I'm 21 and feel like a 90 year old!

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    I have read that Lyme can be transmitted by other types of insects, eg. horseflies etc.

    I cannot remember ever being bitten by a tick but had plenty of bites from flying insects. I tested positive on the USA lab and negative on the Germany lab this year wthin a couple of months.

    I definitely have chronic Lyme, lot of neurological symptoms, balance, facial palsy. I begin IV antibiotics next week. (privately) Its my only hope for treatment. If you can't afford it you need to know about different antibiotic/herbal regimes.

    Join Eurolyme to start with. If you e-mail me I can give you a link to antibiotic/herbal treatment. Someone on Eurolyme is taking Monolarin and coconut oil and having a lot of success. NHS doctors in the main will not help you.


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      I do have private health insurance and can probably afford private testing and treatment, can't put a price on feeling normal again (if it is lymes).

      Just confused as how to go about being treated privately etc. my doctor is usually very good, guess there's only 1 way to find out.

      Will take a look at eurolyme, need to try and get a better understanding of all this. 

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      Hi Bethany, 

      Yes ONLY Lyme cause a bulls eye rash. I asked a doctor this last month at the hospital of tropical and infectious diseases in london. He said Yes by no doubt it IS lyme if you have/have had the rash. You must be treated with Doxicillin, they will give you 2 weeks. All GPs in uk received a memo in may this year regarding Lyme, stating no positive blood test is needed for you to start receiving treatment.  You will probably need more than the two weeks they give you. You can buy further tablets from lloyds pharmacy, as an antimalarial drug (destination Goa) and this will keep you going until you can investigate further regards private treatment. Please be selective of people's views online, everyone's situation is different and don't let it get you down. I don't normally go on this site but your post popped up in my email, and felt compelled to write. My boy is 19 months and it is so hard to be the active mum you want to be. But you'll be fine. It might be a long road to rid yourself of all symptoms but little by little you will return to your old self. Good luck and all the best xx

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      Thanks, now I know that I can be sure I need to have the tests done ASAP. My doctor has written a blood form for me, I'm going to see what it comes back as and if it's negative I will try this western blot test that is meant to be more accurate.

      I'll get there eventually, it's just difficult because I know so little, don't really understand where a lot of doctors were educated but I'm starting to feel like researching things for yourself is the only way to give them a kick up the ***.

      Not having enough energy to be super mum is the hardest thing for me, I hate it.

      Thanks for your advise

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      I agree, the self education that is clearly needed is hideous. But very necessary. Did you join the FB group Lyme disease Uk Discussion? It's a useful forum for a quick query, and a variety of replies. Very helpful is  document compiled with reviews from the group members about private docs around the world, especially Germany and American clinics. They are pricey, so if you feel this becomes necessary in the future, best to make sure you read reviews before signing up to an expensive treatment plansmile 

      The general consensus is to leave a space of 4-6 weeks after your last penicillin cure, before you take new blood tests

      I have just finished four weeks doxicillin, and am now 'on my own' until the review in 2 months at london hospital of tropical. I know two people (friends of friends) that have had lyme and have now been fine and healthy for many years, so it's not all doom and gloom. Keep the spirits up , and all the best wishes to you and your family. Xx

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    Hi Bethany, you have to get tested. I did my lyme testing with County Pathology.

    The results will be taken seriously by your GP. Get the Western Blot test. I think the total cost is about £160. Failing that you could ask your GP for a 2-4 week course of doxicycline, you can actually buy them online, maybe mention that to your GP because it shows how serious you are taking the lyme possibility.

    Best of luck !!

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      Thanks, I have emailed County Pathology. That's great. 

      Does anyone know if anything other than Lyme Disease (bar ringworm) could have caused the bullseye rash that appeared on my ankle? Or is that pretty much a definitive sign of Lymes?

      My sister is convinced that my nephew was prem and has growth problems because she carries him whilst having Lymes, I'm now petrified that if this is possible it could have affected my little girl, anyone aware of any truth behind this?

      Thanks in advance, I'm at a complete loss of what to do!

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      Hi Bethany, sounds like lyme disease judging by symptoms. You may also want to contact LDA (lyme disease association UK) who were extremely knowledgable and helpful. Often they can cite studies with regards to lyme you can take to your GP. I have read lyme can be transferred to the foetus. Ask the LDA, they have so much reliable info.
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      I'm 90% sure it is Lyme Disease but the only thing that makes me wonder is the rash was itchy (but it was on my ankle and I tend to itch as soon as I see a rash/bite and irritate it) and apparently with Lyme disease the rash wouldn't itch? The rings were really obvious too and makes me wonder if it was ring worm, but I never treated it, it just went after about a week.

      I've tried to find LDA on google with no luck, found a website called Lyme Disease Action, is that it?


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      Apparently it can cross the placenta as one lady I have spoken to has lyme from years ago reawakened by steroids and her children have it too.

      I also worry if I have it from years ago as I have suffered from vertigo for 17 years. I only became ill 6 years ago when I was given a steroid shot and all hell broke loose. My daughter complains of some of my symptoms and gets very breathless and faint and has to lay down in sports. She is 13 now. When I had her I had pre eclampsia and i ended up with c - section at 38 wks and my body went into shock.

      I rescue cats and dogs and many have had infestations of ticks so i could have been bitten. I remember having huge swollen itchy bites but can't remember bulls eye. Could have been bitten on my head and never know if it's bulks eye under my hair.

      i have read reports that lyme is becoming an epidemic now days so i suppose it's always worth checking. Best of luck

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      My little girl seems fine at the moment, had a good pregnancy and birth but suppose I'll have to wait to find out if I have it first.

      Sounds like you guys need testing too, it's such a shame we struggle so much with the NHS, so difficult.

      All the best to you both

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      Sorry, one more thing...the gp will prescribe you 200 mg a day of doxicillin. If you choose to self medicate by a further two weeks, many sufferers of lyme recommend a higher dose. Just a word of warning if you are of slight build.. The dose which is believed to be safe is 4.4mg per kilogram of body weight. 400mg, as many people on chat sites recommend, might not be considered safe for most women.  It is one you'll have to weigh up, excuse the pun. Tablets come as 100 mg each. The gp will give you two tablets a day. I chose to continue on 3 tablets a day for the further two weeks, as felt 400 mg was a bit heavy.  Just to keep in mind. X

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