Bumps on penis head, stinging pain in urethra (2 years)

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I have seen comparable issues being discussed here, but I haven't seen many conclusions so I thought I would submit my own entry.

This has been an ongoing issue for 2 years after sex/oral, unprotected. I am 27yrs old and have been sexually active previously for a number of years. I have had no issues previously, so I am quite sure that this was as a result of the sexual contact.


  • The primary concern is the appearance of the penis. There are raised bumps, which are much more noticeable when erect (see photos). The photos don't really do it justice, they are all over and very noticeable and has become worse over time. One or two can be seen when not erect . This has all developed since having sex/oral.
  • Secondly, I have intermittent stinging pain in the urethra, lasts a few seconds then goes away.
  • Any sort of frequent masturbation (more than once in a day) makes the skin quite angry and red.
  • Urine dribbling out of end of urination. Not an issue stopping the flow per-se, but just little remnants dribbling out afterwards. This is never been the case in the 25years prior to this issue.


  • Initial appointment, provided urine sample to test for possible infection, nothing found.
  • Second follow-up, provided blood sample, nothing found.
  • Referral to urology and subsequent cystoscopy. Cystoscopy found no issues inside urethra tube or bladder.
  • Referral to 2nd urologist, no conclusion.
  • Joint appointment at Dermatology-Urology Clinic. Provided photos of erect penis for reference. Viewed the penis when flaccid, concluded there was no issue when flaccid, no major concern.
  • Additional full STI test (privately done, see below)


-Recommended to change to non-irritant shampoo/soap, no change.

-Prescribed antibiotics, no change.

-Prescribed canetesen, no change.

Private STI tests (all negative):


-Hep B

  • HIV
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Mycoplasma
  • Ureaplasma
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Gardnerella
  • Herpes Simplex 1& 2

I understand that in many of these discussions, the conclusion from contributors is that this is normal, however, I have never had this issue previously and then did have it immediately after. At worst it's extremely bumpy and I have avoided all sexual contact over this since it's arisen, so I'm a desperate man at this point! If anyone has had success with any remedies or prescriptions that I could discuss with my GP or urologist, any help would be much appreciated.





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    Hey i'm struggling with the exact same thing big time. Other symptoms like need to pee more, irritated meatus, sore anus (no anal), dry and itchy scrotum.

    Unprotected oral and my penis glans have changed like yours. I have posted preciously so take a look or can send a picture if you want.

    It 100% came from this encounter and i dont know what to do. Seen GPs, GUm clinics and gastro specialist and urologist. Nobody knows. All seem to apply its in my head or i changed my washing powder. On that diagnosis i could be a doctor. They dont have a clue.

    My tests were all negative except Ureaplasma, which doctors disregard and HSV1. I have never had typical herpes symptoms although had a rash on my genitals after 7 months exposure. Not blisters but not something i have ever experienced. I could have acquired HSV1 at any point but first time i have ever tested for it as not standard in the UK. I think it is herpes related but everything i read and professionals i speak to say it doesnt do this. Could it not effect the nerves in my glans?

    I see my urologist this week to catch up after 4 weeks doxy, no impact.

    How soon after exposure were you tested? where you based?

    Send me a message if you want to chat.

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      I've just had a look at your posts, it's very similar isn't it. It would have been a few months after exposure that I was finally tested. Nightmare getting appointments (based in UK).

      In answer to your question on herpes. The test was also through Let'sGetChecked, not sure if the urine or blood sample was used.Whilst I don't think it's herpes, I'm not that confident in the reliability of their herpes test given that most tests I read about in clinics involve a swab not a urine sample.

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      Yeah very similar. NHS lost interest so currently going private.

      I did the full panel on lets get checked, came back positive for ureaplasma and gardernella, but you were negative which is a shame as that could have helped us work it out. I came negative on that panel for herpes as its done by urine which just isnt accurate.

      Did the blood test through lets get checked after 9 months and was positive for hsv1.

      Would you test for this?

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      So looked over the LetsGetChecked results, looks like they used the urine sample. I'm going to order a blood sample to see if there is any different results like yourself

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    can you tell what kind of urine test was it?

    was it urine "Urine routine microscopy & Urine culture sensitivity"?

    if possible post photo of the test result.

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    Hi ! Please msg me personally.

    It might be possible you are suffering from Prostatitis - Most probably non bacterial.

    For the glans i cant say anything might be just balanitis. But for urethra i have same problem.

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    On looking at your post I would say that you would need to consider:


    • the issue(s) that have arisen following the oral you received may in the main be coincidence, specifically, raised bumps do not occur overnight
    • the conditions that make the bumps as obvious as the are in the photos need to have been in place for quite some time, or, there has been an overuse on the penis of things like soap and other forms of body cleaners, such as shower gel, since you received the oral
    • the bumps themselves are a natural part of the head of the penis, only, they are not usually as prominent as shown in the photos - this would suggest there is quite a high level of irritation going on
    • again suspect contact with soap, shower gel and suchlike
    • if you have continued to masturbate in the last 2 years you would need to consider anything that you apply to your penis before, during or after masturbation
    • in addition, do you apply anything at all to your penis: any form of skin cream, moisturiser and suchlike?
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