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I have been reading various threads on here for a while now. 

It has been a life saver...to know I am not alone going through this! For the last 3 years I have felt like I'm going mad. Suffer with panic attacks, anxiety, palpitations, hot flushes, aching legs, bad circulation, leg cramps, ridiculous tiredness, heavy periods.. The list goes on.. Have ended up at A&E due to panic attacks a few times.. Hating this period of life! I just want to feel good again for longer than a day or so.. 

I noticed that a high dose B6/B12 supplement has helped some of you.. So today I bought the Busy B supplement from Holland and Barrett. 

I am just slightly concerned as have been reading about too much B6/B12.. How long is it OK to take this high a dose for? Also has anyone experienced any side effects taking it?

My GP's answer to all my symptoms is Citalopram.. I am not keen at all!

Any info and points of view greatfully received.. 

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    Hi....I don't get why some people suffer so badly and others seem to breeze through all this.  I've said before, but I cannot cope with the thought of years of this to come :-(. I suddenly feel very old :-(((. Am also taking vit b's on the advice of this forum and don't feel any worse for it!  Tho my doc says you pee most of the goodness out......?
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      Thanks for your reply.. 

      It's horrible but at least we know it's not forever! 

      Have you felt any better for taking the B supplements? Is it a high dose? 

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    Hi herb

    It is not high dose as such .. We just need a better quality B6 and B12

    Which are always higher mg or mcg.

    Its the you get what you pay for scenario

    Cheap complexs may maybe only have 10 mg of B6 so that doesnt help a woman in menopause.

    Generally ladies lack B6 so 100mg is a good supplement i take 150mg daily but i am post menopause and its totally lifted my anxiety etc

    If you say youve followed the posts you will read why we need it

    Not sure if busy B has 100mg of B6 in it or not.. Possibly

    I know holland and barret Mega B 100 complex has 😊

    Take as long as you feel comfy with in tend to take mine for good 

    Good luck

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      Hi reading the post want to know if I can take busy b 's with menopace   

      Menopace only has 10 mg of b6 and 9 ugh of b12.    Busy b' s have 500mg of vit c and 100mg of b6 and 500ug of b12 so can I take together 


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    Hi hevb

    We lack B6 during peri generally.

    So need a better supplement content.

    Some cheaper ones may only have minimal B6

    So not helpful. 

    As you will have read on the previous posts it is beneficial for per and meno

    I intend to take mine for ever 😀

    Jay xx

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    I can't say that I would recommend Citalopram (of all the anti-depressants on the market it is a poor one) hving experienced the effects upon clients I have cared for, inumerable people.

    Why are some GP's so out of touch..................................

    Hope the Vitamin B12 and 6 works for you wink

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      Just been started on Citalopram (hot flushes so severe steam up own glasses, night sweats so severe they wake me and keep me awake), so can you give me a heads up as to effects has. My GP says has found good for this so confused, is there a better medication?
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      Hi MrsMerm and Lisa65434

      It drives me mad that GP's just don't have a clue about this.. You would think with so so many women suffering for so long that things would be better but I have yet to hear of a GP who is helpful! 

      I took the prescription from her as I was feeling low but I really wasn't keen. Then got home and looked it up online. It is contradicted by lansoprazole which I am (was) on.. This immediately didn't fill me with confidence! 

      Then came on this site and having read loads of posts I've decided to try with supplements for a while. 

      I've also come off the lansoprazole as it is no longer doing any good I feel .. Will see if I feel any different once it clears my system. 

      I take menopace vits and have also started using the ladycare magnet.. Will be starting the Busy B supplement..  Fingers crossed!! 

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      Hi Tazchurch

      I am going to leave the Citalopram for now and try the supplements 

      Will be interested to hear if you feel it helps you though.. Good luck x

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      Hi hevb

      Most docs as soon as you say anxiety and menopause give you antidepressants

      Mainly to relax you ..

      My experience of Antidepressants years and years ago was not good. They slow you down, make you fuzzy thinking, not alert anymore. Can make you feel worse, thick headachy feeling..

      And if you drive it affects your reaction time.

      Menopause is not depression. Its anxiety time due to hormone decline and its part and parcel of it.

      Docs just send us off with strong meds that screw your heads up as they have no idea.

      GP is not a Gyno they have no idea in my opinion.. 

      I didnt take anti dees for menopause was given some but declined, 

      My experience of them was years ago before and never again for me ..

      Jay xx

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    Yes vitamin b is great! I also eat food that are high in B-6 and B-12 one in particular is nuts like sunflower seeds. I am 50 years and this started for me in my early 40's I do have to say that I am having longer periods of time where I feel really good, no panic, no aches and pains and I can also now narrow it down to times of the month when my period is due..sometimes it shows up just a little..I am guessing it is hormones just surging away because my ovaries are shutting down that is when I seem to have my panic, creepy feelings, aches, leg cramps , cravings etc.   but as I said before the times of feeling good are lasting  ALOT longer like months! So there is a big light at the end of this crazy rollercoaster ride! This blog helps alot because you realize that we are all going through it ..Hang in there!!


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      Thanks Lisa65434

      So pleased to hear there is light at the end of the tunnel.. It just seems like a very LONG tunnel that I'm at the start of lol!

      This blog definitely helps as even talking to friends they don't really get it cos they don't have the same symptoms so can't relate to what I'm going through.. 

      I am hanging in there.. I will not let this beat me!

      So happy for you that you are starting to feel better!! 

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      Hi lisa

      Your like me peri started at 40 had 10 years of it .. Natural with supplements

      Post meno now age 50

      Vit b6 i have 150mg daily

      And B12 

      And many others vit E 

      Chelated magnesium etc etc 

      After B6 every symptom improved anxiety went .. Brain fog went etc

      It gets better ladies .. 

      Jay xx

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      Hi Hevb

      Thats a good attitude ,' wont let it beat me '

      Positive is the key 😀

      we cant stop it so ride with it and be kind to yourself 

      Jay xx

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