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Hi everyone, 1st day on here.  Dont want to discuss with friends and family or work colleagues.  Have told work I'm getting galstones out! Really nervous.  Did anyone worry that they will never be able to eat normally again????? As most of our social life is spent eating out or round at friends and on holiday feel a bit depressed that I will never be able to do this again!!.  I know its the right decision but still........


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    Hi I had my gall bladder out nearly 10 years ago now. Nothing changes with your eating. You can live quite happily with no gall bladder. Pain free. Just message me if you have any questions
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      Oh bollocks. Didnt read your post propperly. Haha
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    Hi Spidereyes, I had my bypass surgery in November, like you most of

    my socialising was around eating out, and I too was worried about

    whether I would eat 'normally' again.

    It takes time to adjust but I'm still enjoying eating out, I find it helps if I

    focus on what I can eat rather than what I can't eat, that way I don't feel

    I'm missing out.

    There will always be something you can eat, I started by just having

    soup, not wildly exciting but at least I could join in. Now I tend to have

    two starters as this is all I can manage or I ask for a child's portion.

    Despite my initial worries I am so pleased that I had the surgery, I'm still

    finding out what I can and cannot eat as it seems to change on a daily

    basis, but it is getting better and I can honestly say I have had no regrets.

    Take it slowly and follow the advice from your consultant. I wish you

    every success, take care and look after yourself, best wishes Lenora

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      Oh thank you lenora20709.  I thought I was the only one you was feeling "greedy" or "ungrateful" for this oppotunity. I dont know anyone who has had the bypass to ask.  I certainly haven't heard anyone say they regret having surgery so onward and upwards x
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    Hiiiyaa I had my gastric bypass on 6th December 2014 in 3 months I lost 4 stone! Best decision I ever made my confidence is up and I feel great, after the op I was in a lot of pain but the man who also had his op same day as me seemed fine, bit obviously everybody is different, I did regret the op almost straight away wen I got home cos it was so close to Xmas and I knew I wud hate not being able to eat proper, and I also felt depressed the first couple of weeks at the thought of never eating proper again, but don't let it discourage it's so worth it, I have suffered with my weight since I was a kid and I am so glad now that it's finally changing, the main place I want to lose it is my stomach but I ain't losin it as much there really but my face and arms and legs I have but my dietician says that's normal, u may feel fed up at the thought of never Eatin proper again, I meas about and say to my family oh god I wish I cud just order a takeaway just once, but I stil wud never ever change my decision cos the feeling of losin weight is better than any takeaway ️xx
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      Thank you kittiedlfc91.  I just want to stop being obsessed with food.  I find abstinence the easiest way, hence the slimfast preop diet. I'll get there and I'm reassured knowing you think you made the right decision.  Good luck xxx
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      I always find the hardest thing is being around ppl who is eating what u wana eat, but 1 day u wil be eatin normal again just very small portions of it, don't worry too much u can stil enjoy eatin out I stil go pub with my friends for dinner u wil find there is always something to eat that wil b ok for u, the puréed stage only lasts few weeks so it's not bad, u wil be happy u did it I promise xxx
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      Smiling now.  Thank you so much. I CAN do it - I just want to get on with it now.  These few weeks to go seem so long!! lol  I'll keep you informed xx
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      Ur more than welcome hun lol u seem excited now I think Ur guna b very happy with Ur decision cos I'm so happy with mine add me on fb hun If u want more advice or anything and anybody else who is havin gastric bypass is welcome to, my name on fb is KATIE DUNWELL im from leeds xxx
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      I'd rather contact you on here if thats ok? I dont use FB much and dont want everyone to know my business.  Thanks for your encouragement x
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    Hi Spidereyes, I feel exactly the same, have told family as need their support ,we always go for dinner & Mother's Day ect. I am on day 20 of the milk diet, I've lost 11lb on this liquid only diet but it's very tiring . I have an appointment on March 30th to see how I've done, then hope to get a date for bypass op at Luton & Dunstable hospital. Good luck. Marilyn x
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      Hi Marilyn, I feel your pain!!  The kids are asking what I want for mothers day and I'm (grumpily) saying nothing!!! Its very hard but have to stick to it as my surgery is two weeks monday.  You've done brilliantly to loose all that so far!  It is very boring and very tiring I admit and I couldn't do the milk diet as I hate milk!!  I just keep affirming that it will all be worth it in the end.  Let me know if you get a date, best of luck xxxx
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      I'm the same, just had a birthday & my living room is full of flowers & plants ,I  also got books as I'm a keen reader. I got new P Js off my daughter ready for my hospital stay, I've wanted this for so long I'm staying focused, but it is hard.  Marilyn x
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      Lol I've  asked for donations towards my hair colour after the op.  Thought I may need cheering up a few weeks afterwards. Just got home and I have my admissions letter. Feels very real now!!! Kirsty x
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      Oh how exiting Kirsty, I go to the college for my hair colour they do highlights  for £15 & it's all supervised. I have a college nearby here in Northampton. What hospital are you booked into, ️Mx 
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      Never thought of that. I have a college nearby too.  Am booked into Taunton, I live near Glastonbury xx

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