calcium for cfs

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Has anyone tried calcium supps for cfs , recent research say that we a have imparied calcium ions and lack of abilty to draw it into the cell , i dont know if taking a supp might help , but im going to try it! <3 Guava

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    I’m on so many bloody supplements can’t  take one more .... it’s costing me a fortune number 1 and number 2 sick  of swallowing pills and tinctures .

    If it works though I guess I can take another pill. Keep us all posted on what you find .

    Here’s to getting better! 

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      Hey Lori , i can only take iron , but i read about the calcium thingy the other day , i dont know if that means we should take it , but i will carefully try it , the cells need sodium , potassium , magnesium and calcium to function properly its said , but the study said for some reason we have trouble with uptaking it , Yes heres to getting better at some stage!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Guava

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      I know both drinking sole , made from celtic sea salt and using magnesium oil seems to help me! <3 Guava

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      Hi Guava, do you use a magnesium spray? I tried taking the tablets & made me feel rather peculiar! Or maybe I was feeling peculiar anyway - who knows 🤔 it might be worth giving the spray form a go to see if it makes any difference. I take MSM which is a sulphur compound to help bones & joints. Like Lori I spend a fortune on supplements but willing to try new things in the hope it may help 🙏🏻 

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      Hi pet48859 , Yes i use the spray , it makes me pretty spacey , but im sure it helped me off the bed that and the sole, my entire life is often peculiar, i am also in kundalini awakening, i cant take supps , too sensitive , and can only eat 8 foods, how wonderful it would be to be well again yes, im so fat atm lol just to take some walks would be wonderful , much love to you <3 Guava

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      Hi Guava,,I’m not a fan of feeling more spaced out, think I’ll  give it a miss. Eeek! But if it helps you that’s great.  It’s funny how it effects us all differently. I’m more underweight than overweight but body feels like I’m dragging a ton weight. Must be hard when you are limited to only 8 foods though. Although I imagine there’s probably certain foods which I really shouldn’t eat too but I think we can get into a bit of a routine of what we eat to make life a bit easier. I often think how wonderful it would be to be well again. I’d probably do a few things differently “when” energy returns (we have to hold onto belief)  It’s certainly taught us about patience & resistance & how we now appreciate the little things in life 😁

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      Gosh you’re so right pet with the patience part . One thing I’ve learned is when you’re healing naturally it takes ‘time’ and seeing there is no real cure for this ... naturally it seems is the only way to go. 

      I too can’t wait to feel well again ... 6 months  of this with a few ‘ok’ days  in between but mostly AWFUL!!! 

      Prayed on my knees shouted at the world then I take a check at myself and say ‘handle it’ ‘get through this’.

      I’ve watched the seasons come and go.... it’s sad 😢

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      Bless you Lori, it’s early days for you, so statistics say there is a good chance you could recover - especially if your young apparently - if you take your foot off the pedal & listen to your body. Pace yourself & try not to  over it on the days you feel you have more energy. Help your body to store up some energy. I so wish i had listened to the people who knew in the beginning. I thought I knew best & kept pushing on - never thought it would hit me so bad, but 10 years on I learnt a very hard lesson. Had to give my successful hairdressing business up & now predominantly house bound & mostly bed bound. I did more damage by fighting it. Like Guava says we go through all these emotions, but only in surrender & acceptance can we find peace. So to be the observer, accept the emotions when they come but always hold on to hope. Look for the positives & try to eliminate stress where you can. I ride with the waves & tell myself it will pass 🙏🏻 

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      10 years pet ??? I’m not that young 52 but look younger and always felt I was pretty healthy .

      Yes I feel I messed things up by working out hard for the last 5 months . I had no clue what was going on though. I hope I haven’t done more damage .... this is all so daunting and depressing .

      So you NEVER recovered ???? 

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      Hi Lori, I’m 48 & like you have always looked younger & was always very fit & healthy. I was a big gym bunny & when it 1st started I was still going to the gym 2- 3 times a week as I didn’t know what was wrong. (We’re led to believe exercise is the best thing, so I kept pushing through) It took 18 months to be diagnosed,  only then was I told to stop the gym!  It was 5 years in when I had my big crash (worst relapse) as I was pushing through to keep working 5 days a week. (I was told to cut down but me being me & stubborn, thought I knew best & didn’t listen- I had a business to run after all) 🙄

      Have you been given a diagnoses of cfs/me? If so It’s early days for you & sounds like you’re learning the lessons of resting up already. I wish I could go back & do it differently, but it is what it is. If my experience & how I didn’t listen can help someone now then it has done some good at least. It sounds to me like you’ve had a flare up of symptoms, but moving forward (slowly) learn where you went wrong. It helped me to write an activity diary to find what took most of my energy & then find a base line. 

      Try not to be angry - it’s wasted energy & will keep the stress response button switched on. Try to keep calm as only when our bodies are calm & relaxed can we then heal. 

      Take care lori 😊 

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      Hi pet 

      Thanks so much for your kind words . I keep beating myself up about the working out as I exercised like an athlete for 5 months but it wasn’t my fault ... I just didn’t know and the drs never tested me for EBV . 

      And yes I’m doing very minimal things a bit of cleaning here and there a few errands ... it’s the clock watching that gets to me ... the hours don’t go by fast enough every day I’m just waiting for the day to be over . 

      If I knew when this thing would go away I could stop stressing out ... but right now I can’t relax. I must try and put my mind onto something else though. Just thinking about this ALL the time is driving me nuts! 

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      Hi Lori, 

      Sorry for late response,  think we’re In different continents (I’m in uk) 

      Hey, don’t beat yourself up - you did what you thought was best at the time. So let go of the past & focus on the now. Be present in the moment. There’s a lovely saying “The past is history, the future is a mystery & today is a gift which is why it’s called the present” 

      When I need to do a little house work I break it up into bite size chunks, never do it all at once or it’ll come back & bite you on the bum. You’re energy is precious so use it wisely. Look up the “spoon theory” on you tube - that explains it quite well. 

      I listen to mindful meditation to help with relaxing when my mind is working overtime, it really helps my body to “land.” I’m currently in a relapse so meditating a lot. (The housework can wait! This comes from a very house proud perfectionist. But I’ve learnt the hard way once again)  I also use Bach rescue remedies, they do day drops & night drops. If I’m feeling a little anxy I’ll put 4 drops on my tongue , it helps with relaxing. We must listen to our bodies as it’s constantly sending us messages, so send love to every part of it. 

      I hope you’re having a better day 😊 

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    Hi there,

    I took calcium supplements for years after a blood test showed mine to be low and I can report that they didn't make a bit of difference to the CFS.

    But we are all different so what works for one and all that.......

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      Thanks Bear, i might still try them when i get some cash , all the best <3 Guava

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    I’m not taking ONE MORE THING !

    So sick of this crap. I’m on so many pills and tinctures  it’s ridiculous . Drinking celery juice eating chunks of garlic ... diet excellent and always has been . 

    I did elimate dairy nothing more I can do..

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      THe one thing ive learnt with this Lori is the cycle of Grief , sharing so your aware , but it goes Sadness/ grief , Disbelief, Anger, Bargaining, Acceptance, Ive been doing it 3 and a half years, and come so far, and i still go through these things , even though i understand it more. We will get better!! patience always comes through <3 Guava


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      3.5 years!!! My God !!!  I hope you are at least functioning ! How have you gone through this so long ???? I’m approaching month 6 and soooooo Fed Up already !! I don’t go out .. in bed most of time ... bored .

      It’s getting really old ... fast ! 

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      And yes! Go through those emotions all day every day although the crying is less ... just apathy right now 
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      My Heart goes out to you Lori, it certainly is a trying time, But as Pet said trying to keep calm is best medicine , i gotta work at one lol, if you like some sort of craft, that can help fill in the hours , material is always bright and fun , even if you make some simple handmade items , bAGS OR TOYS ETC , THERES LOADS OF DIFFERENT OPTIONS WITH CRAFT AND I FIND IT VERY RELAXING, WOOPS sorry caps lock, much love, and yes i can function a bit , a few chores and a little shopping <3 some light stretches, and very short strolls barefoot is best, gets lots of sunshine it helps <3 i sleep now which is gold <3 Guava 

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      Yes may get a few jigsaw puzzles when I have the energy . Everything is such an effort .... I cleaned the house yesterday so suffering today 😫

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