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tiffyx tiffyx

Can anxiety go away on it's own??

I finally had the courage to go to see my doctor today...until I got outside the building. I sat outside for half an hour before giving up and walking away.

I see now that I am not going to be able to do it, I have tried.

How am I supposed to get the help that I need if I can't even force myself through the door?

I'm too scared to sit there in front of my GP. And to anyone thinking that I am just being negative..yes, I am. That's the problem I guess.

I have spent the rest of the day either crying, or staring blankly at nothing. I feel like I am just going to have to deal with it and be like this forever.

My partner tells me that going to the doctors is stupid anyway, because I am just very shy. I am pretty sure that it's more than that, but if he's not concerned then should I be??

Can anxiety go away on it's own? Because the thought of feeling like this forever is just too much.

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  • meteor63 meteor63 tiffyx

    Hi tiffy

    I'm sorry you are going through this.

    this may not be a popular opinion but I'm glad in a way you didn't see your doctor because the chance are, he would have put you on an ssri and, given my bad experiences with ssris, I'm glad that hasn't happened.

    • tiffyx tiffyx meteor63

      I'm really relieved to read that actually, it's been a massive struggle for almost a year now trying to get myself to see a doctor, but I have heard that medication will likely be thrown at me...which will most likely be thrown right back at them ;-) 

      I will Google that now, thank you.

  • jmcg2014 jmcg2014 tiffyx

    I'm sorry to say that no generally anxiety won't go on its own. If life factors are causing it and those change then it may subside. I agree meds aren't always the answer, but therapy could be. Anx untreated really isn't the best idea, any sufferer will tell you, the soonest is best for treatment whichever route you take

  • meteor63 meteor63 tiffyx

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  • diana28874 diana28874 tiffyx

    Hi Tiffy, I wouldn't recommend you to see a doctor , I've been in your place so i know how it feels, and I am glad that you can acknowledge having anxiety. I believe you need to start to look at your life style, do you do any sport? I advice you to start with yoga . If you are intrested I can even recommend you what I had .


    • tiffyx tiffyx diana28874

      Hi, I used to do body balance (yoga + Pilates) and body pump at the gym, but then I got worse and couldn't face going. I felt really self conscious. I do a bit of stuff on the Wii Fit Plus and take my dog for walks, cycle etc but am open to suggestions! I'd rather do ANYTHING than face a doctor haha! X

  • athol91131 athol91131 tiffyx

    Anxiety can go away by itself. I have experienced this. The more attention you give to it, the worse it gets. If you get to the point where you can just ignore it and give it no time, it willgo away completely. The more you try to fix it, make it go away, try to find a magic pill, think about it, try to sort it out etc. the more attention you are giving it. It only lives by our attention to it. Do nothing to get rid of it. For the moment, just accept it and it will slowly dissolve. Leave it alone and it will go away all by itself.

    • jmcg2014 jmcg2014 athol91131

      Everyone's reason for anxiety is different, as is their experience of it. For some its a chronic problem that will not go away until the reason for it is addressed. Your approach may work for some,but absolutely not for others. Its best in the hands of a professional to help you through it. Ignoring it and pretending its not an issue will for minor anxiety be enough, for long term disabling anxiety it takes more than that

    • Cgrimaldi7 Cgrimaldi7 athol91131

      Hello I likenti bekive thisbbutnive been suffering anxietya tatcksnnoknstoo for the littlest thoughts. If I think of something scary or if I think that I'll never get better then my anxiety attacks happen right then and there. I will have to admit that I pay attention to it all day and I use my phone all day to research answers to why this is happening to me. I haven't slept or eaten in two days.

  • lisa54358 lisa54358 tiffyx

    Hey girl i was reading you post i have anxiety and panic attacks its so hard and scary because your mind is every where it feels like your heart is coming out your chess you feel like you can't breath you can sleep you then that's when the fears kick in.i've had it for .... four years i had to deal with this i had no choice to get on medication

  • lisalisa67 lisalisa67 tiffyx

    You can self learn cbt, many online courses. You do need to readjust how your body responds to stress. People go to the doctors to get a clear bill of health so that they can focus on the anxiety issues. Medication for anxiety is a choice. A doctor can write up a script for it but that doesn't mean you have to use it.its the full exam with bloodwork you want. That should be done  yearly by way with or without anxiety. If ignoring it all worked wed all be in tip,top shape. You noted this is a year already. Id say learn the cbt. I also believe in the uk theres a waiting for cbt with a soecialist so you can at least get your physical and get in the waiting list too. A good back up plan right?

  • torrin70633 torrin70633 tiffyx

    I am quite concerned that most of these comments tell u not to bother with docs or medication :-/ doctors are there to help u! I've got two young children and I suffer with social anxiety and ocd paranoia, it started when I was under a lot of stress at work 2 years ago, ive tried therapy but then got pregnant so decided to stop, but since having my baby I'm on waiting list to go back, ive also tried quite a few medications that I've had to stop as they made to unwell to look after my children, I fear the doctors ect but I have to get this sorted I refuse to live like this for the rest of my life, I haven't found anything that has helped yet, but I'm hopeful I will :-) and u will too!! U just need to make that first step n go to docs! (I too have an unsupportive bf who don't understand) do u not have a friend, sister close relative that could go with u? I also find a morning app would be more easier as it's less quite and there's not much waiting around to scare u off!! Please go to the doctor, don't suffer on ur own, they are there to help!!!

  • Lovebug Lovebug tiffyx

    Hi i have anxiety as well to be honest i didnt know i had anxiety i thought it was just stress and my bodh reacting that way. So i went to the doctors its hard to hear that you have anxiety. So they are two routes therapy or medication right away. I was very skeptical about anxiety medication but since therapy wasnt working what did i have to loose. The doctor explained when i asked exactly how does the medication work and how does it affect my brain. Its not has bad you think i had to try just one to get to the right one although it can take more. Basically what anxiety medication does is it blocks certain endorphins your brain may over produce like serotonin dopamine etx. Dont be afraid youll be fine just think postive surround yourself with good thoughts no matter how bad it gets. You arent alone explore all the options there is i was skeptical at first and in denial.

    Wish you the best!

  • wai58301 wai58301 tiffyx

    Hi Tiffy,

    I hope you got better by now. But i used to be a self proclaimed "expert" on anxiety as i had it so bad. I had it so bad that i wake up every 3am with a panic attack nearly everyday for over a year, ,bedridden on my back for over a year, gritting my teeth, as i cannot breath but also immense physical pain like my brain is all swelled up, with immense headache like my brain was going to explode, my intestine stomach muscles hurt really bad too all tensed up nearly 24/7 for a year that's why i grit my teeth mainly because of that pain and my brain swelling feeling pain like my brain is trying to explode, also mentally i had horror nightmares running through my head awake and even when im asleep. Really i have been through a lot it literally was like torture and hurt really really really bad mentally and physically. I seen like 7 doctors(1 local gp, 2 private doctors, 2 of them A and E hospital doctors and 2 chinese medicine doctors). Most people's comments here are correct, I personally think doctors do not help in terms of the medication they give you, they gave me valium(happy drug) and wanted me on some type of tranquilisers, I tried it but it does not work well, it only slightly tries to ease the symptoms(not effective in my case) and not going after the main cause. The only good thing about the doctors is them actually telling me i have anxiety, I did deny it vigorously saying no it must be something more serious like cancer! The pain i feel! But after i came to my senses I eventually believed them and accepted it is 100% anxiety and panic attacks(a really bad case of it). You 100% have anxiety and it is NOT NOT NOT just shyness, i once thought i couldn’t talk to people because of that but no it was because of panic attacks i couldn’t not shyness.

    The Good news is it is absolutely curable. I am testament to that. The bad news is(in my case anyways) is it will take time. Not a day, not a month but more like 1 year if you have it bad. After 1 year i was 75% better, after 2 years I was 95% better. I really do believe that no one has had it as bad as me(yes this is a self claim too but it’s just to emphasise how bad i was!). To answer your question whether it will go away by itself, the answer would be no unless you are actively doing something about it. Now for the fun part, how i got rid of it - I used mind diversion techniques. When bad thoughts come into your mind, immediately think of something else, something happy. Like going to the beach or for my case playing football with my friends, or playing some funky music i heard of in my head to divert my attention to something else. Reason for this is you are trying to unlearn your anxiety, and by diverting your attention when you get those bad feels your brain will learn to try and “forget” anxiety. This is what worked for me. Btw I am thinking of starting an anxiety blog maybe called anxiety away or something to share my knowledge of what i have. As i feel this condition is torture and worse that all other conditions combined. Hope I have helped you.

    • wai58301 wai58301 leanJisoo

      Hi leanJisoo,

      We can talk here or I could give you my email. But I'm not someone that's a medical expert but just someone that has gone through it and fixed it in my own way. Anxiety could be possibly different for every person but my personal case is I think i had it bad for 2 years

    • leanJisoo leanJisoo wai58301

      Thanks for your reply everyday i feel like im going to die when i feel something bad or aching on my body my heart starting to beat so fast and i feel weak everyday i feel that 😞 im doing your advice to think something happy but im still worrying

    • amy08203 amy08203 wai58301

      Ive been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for about 2 years and I am 43. I can understand the first year cause I was withdrawing from marijuana, I smoked so much that I started have anxiety here and there. Till I finally quit smoking cold turkey but it was so difficult. Everyday I had anxiety and panic attacks I mean everyday. I suffer from PTSD I had a very bad childhood and lets just say I finally decided to not be numb anymore and live and that is the most difficult thing ever I'm not use to normal all I know is chaos. The normality of life is the scariest to me because I'm so use to bad I'm just waiting because it. I do go to therapy every week I am on the lowest dosage of an antidepressant, I am on a very low dosage of buspar which is for anxiety but because I'm finally dealing with indepth pain from childhood that I still a have them. When I have them I feel like i'm going to die, get light headed, vision is off a little, chest is tight, feel like i'm going to die. Just please tell that there is hope that one day I'll go back to normal

    • fatima 10081 fatima 10081 wai58301

      I also would like your contact information. I've had anxiety for 3 months now but it came with depression and no matter what I try it won't go away. I also went to therapy to figure out why it came and I'm still in knots. 

  • Psychostein Psychostein tiffyx

    I recovered from anxiety in total of 9 months 2 years ago I actually forgot I had so it was a back burner thing all my mental and psychical symptoms left, it only came back 3.5 months ago because i smoked a good strain and it was the biggest regret of my life I'm about 99% recovered as I speak no meds.



    • julio42427 julio42427 Psychostein

      What did you do to recover from anxiety it seems like there a tons of posts of people going thru this but not enough of people beating it . I wish they would start posting to help us who are still suffering have hope and tips on how to start moving forward

    • Nancylexus Nancylexus julio42427

      Well it's been awhile sense I wrote this. I'm feeling a lot better. I was put on 25mg then 50 of Zoloft. It did take it away but then got side effects from this drug. Couldn't sleep and palpitations bad during day. I have got me back to cymbata 20mg . I was on it for 7 years and never had anxiety. I went off of it last year and it came back, so I guess I'll stay on this. Also I listen to relaxing music on YouTube every night before bed. And I pray and talk to god, so those 3 things have me my life back. Heart rate is way down. I don't like taking meds. But what I have learn. Is feeling better is well worth being on it. On YouTube type in abide Christian meditation . Try that, it's great. Let me know how your doing. Be glad to help

  • Nancylexus Nancylexus tiffyx

    I have read your Post. I'm 59 I do have anxiety. I also have heart palpitations , had them for 9 years. I was taking cymbata for 6 years 20 mg. Felt good , then I said to my self I'm going to go off. It's the only drug I have been on . So I weaned myself off for two months this summer of 16 went pretty good till right before Christmas I woke up panicking sweating and fear . I quickly went to my doctor and I ask her should I go back on the Cymbalta and she agreed because it was anxiety I believe but I also have these heart palpations and every time I get one it throws me into anxiety . I started therapy for eggs ID which the doctor she's not into medicine which is kind of nice but for right now I'm going to take the medicine and I do take Ativan in between times because sometimes my heart rate shoots up and makes me nervous . I wish to God there was something that I can do because I really don't want on the drug and I can't tell if the drugs making me have more anxiety . I'm to the point where I don't want to go anywhere because I'll get heart palpitation and then that makes me nervous and then give me anxiety .

  • courtenay14693 courtenay14693 tiffyx

    I have been dealing with my Anxiety's attack for over a month. I couldn't sleep if I do it is just for a 2-3 three hours and I am up back and won't go back to sleep.. I feel like I losing control my head keeps pounding, chest feel tight, I can't concentrate, feeling like nothing is real! Feel like I am doom .

    • fatima 10081 fatima 10081 courtenay14693

      I also was like that, 3 months ago my anxiety struck me with no warning. Woke up one night with a panic attack and I haven't been the same since. Right now I am taking all natural vitamins, and it seems to be helping me slowly but surely I feel a huge difference I can now sleep, wake up happy with my kids, eat and now worry. I still have some shakiness inside of me I'm my sore what it is. I have depression as well. That's a little harder to cure, negative thoughts going through my head feeling scared feeling like the world is better off without u. Wish it upon no one but it all starts with a step as soon as u do that one you take your next one if that makes sense. A lot of people cure it or treat it let's be the ones who cure it for good!!! 

  • shelley25997 shelley25997 tiffyx

    I've dealt with panic attacks off and on for years. Started when I married an alcohol husband. The stress with addiction created panic attacks. I was house bound having panic attacks 10/15 times or more a day. Fear on top of fear. Get help from a doctor in the field of mental illness. Knowledge of anxiety disorder is your best tool. Don't be afraid to try meds. Meds are a kick start only in getting control, a helping tool. The real treatment comes from learning, knowledge about panic disorder from your mental doctor. I was put on meds for 6 months while doing therapy. This was over 25 years ago. Through learning about panic disorder, i learned to own my anixous feelings and not allow these anixous feelings to dictate my every day life. When you run, flee or freeze from anxious feelings you give in to it. That is like putting gas on a fire. When you own, accept these feelings they no longer can control your life. Please educate yourself.

  • nat67736 nat67736 tiffyx

    Oh I hate to hear this. I have such bad anxiety anyways after the birth of my third child it was terrible! I talked to my ob and of course he threw medication at me! He barley talked to me a few min and ran out the door. I didn't take it. I was too paranoid to take it from the reviews I have read about medication. I have tried reading my bible, praying and talking openly about my anxiety. Of course I still get panic attacks but I think it's getting better. I still have really bad nights sometimes.  I hope you get feel better soon!! 

  • Sandrasep Sandrasep tiffyx

    Hi, it's been 4 months since dealing with anxiety and honestly I feel like it's taken over my life. I wake up every day with the thought that I'm going to beat it and be normal with my kids and husband. I walk 2 miles a day, try to eat healthy when I can eat. I'm just so done with this anxiety I just want my life back. I try so hard for my family but, then all of a sudden it hits me out of no where. I'm so afraid of taking pills I've tried them and I felt worst. I couldn't sleep my heart was racing. I'm at the point where I don't know where else to turn to. Then, if i take pills what am I suppose to do since I work. I just want to live life with my kids and husband and be without anxiety. When will this ever end??? I'm so done with this anxiety. HELP!!

    • alejandro36850 alejandro36850 Sandrasep

      i have tried headspace meditation app, I think it helped .. I still have some situations with physical pains but they have decreased a lot, I don't feel like I want to die anymore.   So, first thing in the morning meditation then follow the guidance , mindfulness during the day, etc.  You will be fine.


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