Can anyone tell me what's wrong?

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Hello. I don't know if 'Depression' is the right category for this but please help me if you know anything. Three years from now I was hit by the elusive illness which later, after six months, the doctor finally diagnosed it as CFS. A lot happened in these three years. I'll keep the details short. I was 16 when it started and of course no one knew what was wrong with me. All my tests were perfectly normal, nothing alarming, so we stopped going to the doctor for a while and in that while something strange happened. One day we visited our relative's house and our aunt, whom we visit frequently, was also there and in the middle of a conversation, I just glanced at her for a second while she was looking behind and when she turned her head back, not looking at me but in my direction that's when it happened. Suddenly I was seeing a complete different scenery like not my aunt's house or anyone who were there. I saw that I was standing on the front porch of a wooden cabin. The ground and the dark leafless trees surrounding the area were filled with snow while snow was still falling down and there were a few big and small metallic contraption on the right side of the ground. Here I was actually gazing at this new scenery from my left to right in a circular motion, then when my line of sight went to the right side of the cabin's porch I saw a girl between 19-20 age with light chestnut Bob hair and poorly dressed for winter, in a white frock with no shoes, socks or even a sweater. She was walking on the porch with her back towards me and the moment I saw her there she briskly turned around and smiled at me and then I jolted back to my aunt's house without anyone noticing. No one noticed it because they were chatting away, so I assumed I must've just phased out which was unusual, I never wander around when talking or anything! So trying to figure it out, the last thing I recalled before was my aunt and so I looked up at her again and to my dismay it happened again. Over and over this strange 'view' played in front of me (like pieces of memory flashing before you're eyes) and always ending at the smiling part. At first it was only when I'd look at her but the more I couldn't understand this the more my mind would unconsciously travel to her and then it started coming when my head would turn to her and without even seeing her, and with the escalation of the coming flashes, the scenery got cut too either only till the metallic contraptions or just snowy ground but mostly came the girl—turning around and smiling. Now I'll tell you this, I've never seen snow in my entire life nor did I know the place and l've never been a wooden cabin or house and the most agonizing yet, I don't know that girl. Also it was june. It wasn't ending at all and I decided not to look at her anymore. I noticed it was already late afternoon and hours had passed.

After that my aunt and cousins decided to come at our place and my whole body was unbearably throbbing in pain but I had to sit with everyone else because there's some invisible rule that you shouldn't rest even when your body's aching while someone's at you're house! And then I sitting there, in pain, while everyone were choking on laughter. So I decided to  think about what happened. Then I realised nothing happened when I looked at her after we came from that house and I looked again, nothing. It was all very weird until I tried to get into their conversation, she looked in my direction and it all started again. A few times again my head would go back towards her in frustration. None of this made any sense. I thought if I tried to keep my reality and then look at her maybe it'd stop but nothing worked. So this time I stopped looking as quickly as it started however it began to trigger just by listening to her voice. It made me very angry, frustrated and confused like 'what is this?' and started thinking hard on what's this and who's that girl and why's this happening to just me, no one else seemed bothered and my aunt's really sweet to be jinxed! Then my vision went red for a good 10 or maybe less seconds. I felt so enraged in those few seconds and the red vision confused me even more, like looking everywhere just to see everything red. Nobody noticed anything and was thankful to think I was normal on the outside.

Ever since, my memory's worsened in these past three years and can't seem to remember anything! I wrote this in my diary if you're curious. I barely passed by a margin in my highschool exam. Since I had the red vision, whenever I'd think on those events that day or that scenery and girl, my thoughts get bleary and I can't think in that direction anymore and if I force myself my mind becomes fuzzy and everything seems surreal. There's also the feeling like my mind's blocked and I can't access into it and if I try harder, the surreal fuzziness comes back and later (even now) this forgetful, 'blocked' mind, happens in everything I do either working or talking and if I force myself to focus, everything becomes surreal like a dream. I black out a lot and can't converse normally because I can't think clearly and forget things (even what we were talking about) in the middle of it and always end up saying something that hurts the other person's feelings without realizing it or something I'll regret later when I think on it.

Please tell me if you know what this is, I'm really tired and sick of myself. This was just one out of many weird 'things' that occurred in these years. I wanted to tell more but this already took so much space. Sorry for jabbering nonsense and thank you those who read this till the end.

English is not my first language but I'm guessing you already figured that out.

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    What a very strange phenomenon you describe.

    The first thing that comes to my mind is that the symptoms you describe do sound like you may be suffering from something called 'Frontal Lobe Epilepsy'. Obviously this is something that needs to be diagnosed not only by a general practioner, but a psychiatrist and confirmed by a neurologist.

    I completely understand why you would be disturbed, even frightened by this alarming phenomenon.

    Have you described these symptoms to your doctor? If not I urge you to. It could very well be down to something else entirety, however if it is frontal lobe epilepsy it is something that can be treated quite effectively.

    Please do see a doctor.

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      Hi Jack.....wondering if you can answer this for me......I take 4mg warfarin each day, along with 200mg Sertraline.  Would I be able to take Omega-3 oils to augment the Sertraline, or would it negatively affect the warfarin and my inr?
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      Hi JackDM. It's really kind of you and everyone here to reply to this. And um no I only told this to my sister who's studying psychology and she told me it could be due to depression. Well I did say she's studying, she's hasn't become a psychiatrist yet.

      I couldn't tell the doctor about this because that time the things I was going through, everyone were convinced I was going insane and I didn't want to risk it and wanted to show them that's not true.

      This might be kind of 'out of the blue' but I was hallucinating and occasionally hearing voices which always taunted me about the way I was and some of them were very scary and I couldn't sleep for days. At times when I would be sad or really in fit of rage they would start whispering gory and vengeful thing and sometimes I would see them with their feral smiles but the worst of them was the one which looked like me. One day I was really angry, in despair, in pain and my head was not working right and I just saw myself in the mirror and from there the 'me' I hallucinated came who was worse then the others.

      But I always rejected them and denied their presense, also my anger would swiftly change into fear of loosing my humanity when I'd hear their whispers. However, I can't see them anymore since last August and I'm not sure if the whispers are gone or not because sometimes I hear them but then I think it's just me though similar to those whispers I hate.

      Sorry for the lengthy info, I just thought you should know. Do you think I should still tell a doctor about this?

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      It does sound to me like you have been experiencing symptoms of psychosis. The visual and auditory hallucinations sound like classic symptoms of psychosis.

      I can only imagine you must be in a pretty frightening position right now. Having these experiences can be very frightening, but so can the prospect of discussing the issue with a doctor. No one wants to be labelled with a mental illness.

      I really do think you need to speak to a doctor about these experiences. Thankfully as yet, you have been able to discern that these voices and things that you see are not real. You don't want to get to a point where you have a full blown psychotic episode where you can no longer see any boundaries between your hallucinations and the real world. Suffering an acute psychotic episode is traumatic, devastating and can take a long time to recover from.

      I really feel it would be much better for you and for everyone who loves you if you sought professional help now. You need to speak to a psychiatrist about these symptoms. You need a diagnosis and the correct medication regime.

      please see a doctor and discuss these experiences. It would be so much better getting help now than having a psychiatric intervention during an acute psychotic episode.

      I can only say that what you have described sounds like symptoms of psychosis. You must see a professional for diagnosis and the right treatment. For your own well being please do that soon.

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      Yes it is frightening but not so much as people calling you by that title and treating you like something else. Though it was hard to keep boundaries between them and my reality, I sometimes accidentally talked to them or gave them way when I thought they needed to go somewhere and often found doors where they shouldn't be in our house.

      But yes I'll take you're advice to go see a doctor before it escalates or something else happens. I really thank you for you're help.

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    It doesnt mean you have schizophrenia but just some symptoms of it
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      Hello Jen1519. Thank you for taking you're time out for this. I thought about it being schizophrenia but I don't know what to think about anymore. Since I can't see them anymore and in the last month before they disappeared, they were very nice to me and even hugged me when I woke up and I could feel them. Now rarely I see light shining and disappearing and sometimes I think I see them from my peripheral vision but their not there anymore.
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