can anyone tell me why?

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id like to know why i am so intolarant to salt when applied to food .salt allready in food is ok if eaten in small amounts but just cant apply it to food without upsetting my stomach.

and the same with vineger cant stand it the smell the taste or anything with it in , except mustard and mayo but cant have that either because it cripples me with nausea and heartburn. 

seems strange to me as as a kid my chips floated in vineger.

i would like to understand why ? can anyone could shed alight on it for me.confused

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    I failed or dropped out of chemistry...gave me headaches but I do have a very small amount of chemistry knowledge....salt...iodized or not? sea salt does not have much iodine..

    .normal table salt can be considered "neutral" "by itself" but when its added to changes...could change to acidic or to the base of what it was applied to

    . vinegar is kinda's mostly would lower your stomach PH...normal stomach is around 2.5 to 4ph...therefore lowering it further would most likely give one heartburn.


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      thank you for your reply it makes sense. about the disturbence in the ph of your stomach would cause problems .

      it also makes sense that it started with my 3rd pregnancy, when i had terriable heartburn that lasted the whole preganacy when the doctor gave me gaviscon to reduce the heartburn ,and told me i could have up to 16 a day , this must have altered the stomach balance as well.

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      It is so very difficult to resolve many digestive issues. Hippocrates stated that all evil is within our digestive system.

      There are so many different ways to throw it out of balance...from illness'es, medications, food toxins just to name a few.

      IMO to get to an underlying cause is essential for a complete restoration or re establishing homestasis. In the meantime we "put out the fire" rather than stopping or containng its progression giving us time to get

      to the "probable" cause/s..again..not easy...we so differ....I can eat everything...wife it the food?...don't think merely further insults the symptom/s. Compliance is and has been for many a huge problem. "can I still "enjoy" a couple of glasses of wine on the week end and yet resolve my Gastritis symtoms"???

      My 95 year old friend from China, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr..told me "any patient that is non compliant will not be further treated by me". That would have been about 14 or 15 years flys...Excellent post Tina....

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      Don, how do you know what level your stomach PH is, who can measure this? Or how?  Find this very interesting and think might be giving clues to a lot of problems.


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      Stomach acid test

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      Hanny, unfortunately Its not a DIY....Can be done in "some" clinics...

      Stomach fluid is removed through a tube that is inserted into the stomach through the esophagus (food pipe). This is not so common, its usually done when your dr suspects something more than merely ph.

      But your in good company, many researchers are interested in the PH factor thruout the body...

      My wife purchased ph strips..used them for saliva and urine...learned "nothing"...


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    hi tina

    is it that you no longer tolerate salt SINCE the gaviscon episode?

    i assume you are no longer taking that pH altering poison? tho glad it helped you for a limited time...just hope it was limited ?

    are you talking about not tolerating processed table salt? that would make sense since its processed.

    if however you also have difficulty with pink himalayan salt or celtic sea salt....are you struggling with hashimotos at the moment and trying to stabilise?

    vingar can re-ignite candidiasis....which might explain those symptoms.

    so its just a case of knowing where you are at the moment in your wonderful self-healing process.....and i was just wondering with respect to your thyroid whether you have any known issues that may be at play?


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      any added salt pink sea salt gives me problems

      one of my faverite spreads is marmite i have occasionly the tiniset bit on toast just the tip of the knife and iam suffering.

      i took gaviscone for the whole of my 3rd preganacy i didnt know any better then ,i did ask the gp he told me it was ok.

      i never touch them now i use welda stomach calming drops very good .and much better for you. if only we had the net back in 1990 as it is now i would have found so much stuff out and would have proberly saved my self alot of suffering, my son who i was carring at the time is now 24 and he has stomach troubles .

      i hear people going oh god had to have my gaviscon last night after that curry , why!surprised just dont eat the bloody curry if its going to upset you

      why cause a painful condition in your gut then put it out with a ant acid

      dont understand. they are also very bad for people as they get older apparently surpressing q10 and lowering imunity .

      so i know a lot now about so called safe drugs

      there no such thing  and thats a fact.


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      not sure what benzo's is are you in the uk .?

      my brother nearly lost his leg ,and my sisiter inlaw her life due to doctors errors. my younger brother nearly died to due to a poor surgery .

      by the time my dad was diognosed with bowel cancer it was to late to do anything but suffer

      , he had been back and forward to the gp and fobbed of each time with ,i b s and bleeding piles. a friend of mine lost her 41 yr old husband to throat cancer after he was fobbed of with ant acids and didnt go back for 6 months by which time it was to dont have to tell me about blunders .rolleyes

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