Can blepharitis cause headaches and heaviness of the eyes?

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I have had blepharitis for years but it was diagnosed only a few years ago. I suffer not only from redness, itchiness and dryness but also from headaches and constant tiredness of the eyes. My eyes are also swollen. Has anybody got similar symptoms and a possible cure?

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    I get all these symptoms too! It's horrible isn't it? I've just been reading a post on here about Candida overgrowth so I might try a course of probiotics to see if those help. Someone else has said that a course of iron tablets have helped them so that's worth considering too although my blood tests showed no iron deficiency. Apart from that I've tried everything else with very little success. Some days I think I see a small improvement but then the next day back to bad again!!

    The eye drops that give me most relief from dryness are Hylo Forte but I'm having to use them about every hour!!

    Hot compresses or eye bags don't help and antibiotics , both oral and eye drops have had absolutely no effect . Steroid drops haven't worked either..

    I don't really know where to go from here!

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    Yes I have head pains but I also have blepharospasm so thought that might be the cause.  I am trying these heat compresses and massage but it doesn't seem to be helping.  Not only are the eyes uncomfortable but they look so awful.  I am having botox injections for blepharospasm which helps a little bit.   I use Celluvisc eye drops, which are quite comfortable to use but not a lot of help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.  
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    Dear Fabi,

    You can kill Blepharitis if you are not allergic to shampoos, detergents, or the handwipes. Use an antibacterial handwipe with Benzethonium Chloride in it or as Honjon (on this site) used a handwipe with Benzalkonium Chloride in it. Both are ammonium salts or compounds.

    My friend and I killed Bleharitis using 2 different products, both with Benzethonium Chloride in it.

    Honjon had symptoms like yours.

    I tore the wipes into 8 sections and did each eyelash area 2 times each. I did that 4 times a day for a week and a half. I then went down to 3 times a day for a month (eyes felt so much better). After that, I went down to 2 times a day for 2 months. It bothered me once or twice more and I jumped on it for a day or 2 with the wipes and then gone for good.

    You have to wash each eye with a different washrag (I used white to put into a bleach load).

    Hope this info helps you.

    Wish you relief soon,


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      Hi Lynda,

      I will certainly try it.  Thanks very much.


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      Dear Josephina,

      You can wear makeup and kill this at the same time. Buy new. Using mascara you have to buy throw away wands (on internet). You us 2 wands per time. Never put a used wand back into the new mascara.

      You can buy throw away applicators at the drugstore. They are flat on one end and sharp on the other and look like a cue tip (UK cotton bud). I used eye shadow for a liner. Black or dark grey. Never put a used one into the eyeshadow.

      Wash each eye (when taking makeup off) with seperate wash rag.

      I used a gentle makeup remover.

      I did this and still killed it. It is a bacterial infection. My friend who used an antibacterial facial scrub and killed it. They no longer make it with the Benzethonnium Chloride in it.

      So 2 people using 2 different products (both with Benzethonium Chloride) were able to kill it. If it was not bacterial it would not have worked.

      One girl told me she had it for 20 years and her lashes had fallen out. Dr. said it probably would not grow back as she had it so long. 

      she used the wipes and now has lovely lashes she said.

      Just make sure you are not allergic to the things mentioned above. Also,

      it has lanolin in it and some are allergic to that. One man said he was. Hope you get the relief soon. I was amazed after a week.

      Honjon on this site used the wipes in the UK and has been doing great  too. Both of these wipes use ammonium salt or compound that act as an antimicrobial.

      It takes only a few months to kill it.

      Thinking of you and hope to hear you are getting relief real soon.



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      Dear Lynda 79

      Thank you for your advise.I will try this for sure.

      Be blessed.


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      Sound advice as usual Lynda.😀
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      I use a make up remover which is oil based,could this be aggravating the bleph?
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      Dear JudyJR,

      Not sure but you can always use something else and find out if it is bothering it. I used mascara that was water based so I could use a wash cloth for each eye with just water on it and take it off. I took it off as soon as I came home. You need 2 use 1 for each eye so you don't reinfect yourself.

      Hope this helps a little,

      Lynda 79


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      Thank you Lynda can I ask which brand of mascara is water based ?
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      Deat judyJR,

      I use covergirl professional. It is blue. It is also really cheap. I buy a new one each month and never put a used mascara wand into it. I do not have Blepharitis any longer but I am afraid of infecting myself again. I think it was old mascara. I do use a throw away wand but I use it on both eyes now. I just don't put it back into the mascara.

      Hope this info helps,


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      Thanks Lynda I've ordered some disposable wands,wish me luck?

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      ?I think I have spoken with you before about the dreaded bleph.  I was diagnosed many years ago after having most of the symptoms posted on here, not much gave any real relief but one day I caught seborrheic dermatitis from my sister-in-law (wondered why she was always scraching her head).  The doc prescribed Capasal which is anti-bacterial and told me to wash hair every day.  I did as he said and noticed that the crusty eyelids also cleared up so I now use this stuff every morning, washing hair, face (particularly around the lashes).  I then continue with Nivea body wash, touch wood, there has been no re-occurence of blepharitis ever since.  If I miss a day the eyes begin to feel itchy.  I have asked for feedback on this site whether anyone else has tried my 'cure' but have never received any, either way.

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      Dear David,

      I found that the hand wipes killed the blepharitis as they were an antibacterial. Anything in that family will help if the problem is on the lashes. 

      I don't have it any longer but if I touch my eyes and realize my hand was dirty I simply wash with an antibacterial soap on my lashes.

      I do not want this back again.

      Hope this helps,



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