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Can H Pylori come back even after taking the 3 antibiotics

my symptoms, pain under left ribcage is still there and tummy seems to bubble and make weird noises like a burb inside. Is this normal???

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  • Hi, I'm not a medic, but I believe it can return. I've had an ulcer that perforated over 20 yrs

    ago and had to have major surgery at the time, which was not nice! Not long after this the H pylori and its role in some ulcers was discovered. A while later I started having I went to my GP and had a simple blood test, which showed I had the bacteria again, so I had the antibiotics and then another blood test, which was negative. I was told to go back if I had any symptoms again. I think the tests are easier now, but I don't know as I haven't needed to do anything.

    Anyway, a simple chat with your GP should be able to give you the information you need and do any tests and provide treatment if needed. I'd rather be safe than sorry!!!

    • beverley14462

      Beverly, I'm totallly stressed out as I have been batling this thing called H pylori since Dec. 2016 and afetr two rounds of antibiotics I'm sure the meds have not wroked. I called the doc and advised them and they replied by saying you still have totake the breathe test which i did this mornng.

      I know the infection is still present and I'm getting depressed about this situaution. 

      Any insight you can provide is greatky appreciated.


    • mel19134

      Hi Mel. I actually had to take 4 courses before my h pylori was irradiated. I never did the breathe test, I was diagnosed by endoscopy down my throat. Do not give up but take the course fully and wait a month, then do a stool sample and get the results. This infection is getting immune to drugs. I have to say my last lot of 4 drugs together just about finished me off. But I bounced back. You just need to get the drugs that will work for you. B. Good luck.

    • mel19134

      Hi I have just been diagnosed, just finished all my antibiotics. Do you know how long it is till you can get tested again . And did you have weight loss and severe pains in stomach? 

    • maureen 65564

      That is FALSE ... H pylori gets eradicated with the combination of antibiotics and acid reducer if taken as instructed . Depending on the antibiotics prescribed , some people reported that they had to complete more than one dose ,  I did not ... The antibiotic that's known to be very very successful is called Pyloric . I personally took it along with acid reducer exactly as directed for the entire course, went back in for Endo, Hpylori gone.... There are side effects as with any medicine , one of which is weight loss which I experienced and tastelessness in my mouth .... I would say , that was a blessing ...  it was  all worth it !

    • Jan6969

      I also took the course as directed and ive just found out 6 weeks after treatment I've tested positive again  so it doesn't always get rid of it no matter how precise following the course of treatment .

    • palcol3

      I'm not saying one dose works for everyone ... I'm saying it worked for me and others out there .Some patients get two or three doses and still complain that they have the symptoms . If the medicine did not work it does not mean it came back , it means it was not eradicated in the first place.... unless you tested negative after the procedure then +ve  later on then it's safe today it came back.

    • beverley14462

      Hi beverly14462 , i have just tested positive for the 3rd time (1st time 2 years ago they didn't treat it properly) The 2nd time 4 months ago this time 2 week course of antibiotics, but still positive this time....more antibiotics a different type. Will i ever get rid of this thing cant stand looking so bloated almost 5 months pregnant.  Being told that i wont get tested again after this course have to go by my symptoms .....

    • SickOfThisShit

      My GI Dr. ordered it she actually gave me the entire box with the full dose from her office ... She explained that it was the best but very expensive and most insurance won't cover it as it's almost a thousand dollars for the entire dose . I almost cried tears of joy!

    • Jan6969

      Thank you for the quick reply.  Expensive, yes, but i would pay anything to be rid of this but what is the guarantee, did it work for you? How long  I am just finishing up second round of meds and will be visiting with my doc tomorrow.  I will bring this up to him to see if he has heard of this treatment. Another question, have your family members tested for this?  I know it is contagious. 

    • SickOfThisShit

      Yes it worked very well for me I was -Vw when I retested and my ulcer healed ... on one 14 day treatment combined with the proton pump inhibitor to reduce the acid on the stomach and plenty of water .... Good luck!!

    • SickOfThisShit

      Hi H pylori positive in Jan 16. Confirmed with a scope test. I had to have 4 different course of antibiotics to finally have a normal stool test !

      All 3 treatments failed and had them for 1 week only and retested 2 weeks later.

      the fourth treatment was for 14 days and retested 6 weeks later.

      because of the PPIs we must take with the treatment, must wait at least  6 weeks otherwise Could be a false negative.

      Had mild gastritis, nausea ( mornings), fatigue, low iron levels etc.

      Recovered well and even my husband and 2 year old daughter were tested too.  Took L - glutamine  every time I remembered and the gastritis pain subsidised gradually. Now more and less 6 months later, I'm having again stomach pain, chest, feeling tired. Found out I'm h pylori positive again!!

      I was tested and it was negative but I wondered if your immune system is low or if you left with some h pylori that doesn't cause symptoms it can grow and colonise your stomach many times again?

      I hope they can find a vaccine for prevention of this nasty and persistent bug because even when you got rid of it might come back again 😫


    • lori57315

      This bacterial infection is a very persistent because the hp burrows on the lining of stomach so it needs the right antibiotic to kill it. Don't give up eventually you'll get rid of it. The big worry is it can come back again and again. It has happen to me and I don't know why. You must wait 6 weeks after treatment and take some probiotic if it's possible because I 'me had a really bad candida overgrowth after all treatments? I'll be back to antibiotics again. 

    • mel19134

      Hey Mel I'm 25 and was treated for hypylori in August I'm still battle with the after math of the triple does drugs. Stomach has never been the same. I have such recently started to see a gut naturopath and going to do a stool, urine saliava and blood test. I strongly suggest you see someone who can help you start to heal and build back the good bacteria in your stomach 


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