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beverley14462 beverley14462

Can H Pylori come back even after taking the 3 antibiotics

my symptoms, pain under left ribcage is still there and tummy seems to bubble and make weird noises like a burb inside. Is this normal???

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  • woodbon woodbon

    Hi, I'm not a medic, but I believe it can return. I've had an ulcer that perforated over 20 yrs

    ago and had to have major surgery at the time, which was not nice! Not long after this the H pylori and its role in some ulcers was discovered. A while later I started having I went to my GP and had a simple blood test, which showed I had the bacteria again, so I had the antibiotics and then another blood test, which was negative. I was told to go back if I had any symptoms again. I think the tests are easier now, but I don't know as I haven't needed to do anything.

    Anyway, a simple chat with your GP should be able to give you the information you need and do any tests and provide treatment if needed. I'd rather be safe than sorry!!!

    • mel19134 mel19134 beverley14462

      Beverly, I'm totallly stressed out as I have been batling this thing called H pylori since Dec. 2016 and afetr two rounds of antibiotics I'm sure the meds have not wroked. I called the doc and advised them and they replied by saying you still have totake the breathe test which i did this mornng.

      I know the infection is still present and I'm getting depressed about this situaution. 

      Any insight you can provide is greatky appreciated.


    • beverley14462 beverley14462 mel19134

      Hi Mel. I actually had to take 4 courses before my h pylori was irradiated. I never did the breathe test, I was diagnosed by endoscopy down my throat. Do not give up but take the course fully and wait a month, then do a stool sample and get the results. This infection is getting immune to drugs. I have to say my last lot of 4 drugs together just about finished me off. But I bounced back. You just need to get the drugs that will work for you. B. Good luck.

    • nicolajc nicolajc mel19134

      Hi I have just been diagnosed, just finished all my antibiotics. Do you know how long it is till you can get tested again . And did you have weight loss and severe pains in stomach? 

    • Jan6969 Jan6969 maureen 65564

      That is FALSE ... H pylori gets eradicated with the combination of antibiotics and acid reducer if taken as instructed . Depending on the antibiotics prescribed , some people reported that they had to complete more than one dose ,  I did not ... The antibiotic that's known to be very very successful is called Pyloric . I personally took it along with acid reducer exactly as directed for the entire course, went back in for Endo, Hpylori gone.... There are side effects as with any medicine , one of which is weight loss which I experienced and tastelessness in my mouth .... I would say , that was a blessing ...  it was  all worth it !

    • palcol3 palcol3 Jan6969

      I also took the course as directed and ive just found out 6 weeks after treatment I've tested positive again  so it doesn't always get rid of it no matter how precise following the course of treatment .

    • Jan6969 Jan6969 palcol3

      I'm not saying one dose works for everyone ... I'm saying it worked for me and others out there .Some patients get two or three doses and still complain that they have the symptoms . If the medicine did not work it does not mean it came back , it means it was not eradicated in the first place.... unless you tested negative after the procedure then +ve  later on then it's safe today it came back.

    • palcol3 palcol3 beverley14462

      Hi beverly14462 , i have just tested positive for the 3rd time (1st time 2 years ago they didn't treat it properly) The 2nd time 4 months ago this time 2 week course of antibiotics, but still positive this time....more antibiotics a different type. Will i ever get rid of this thing cant stand looking so bloated almost 5 months pregnant.  Being told that i wont get tested again after this course have to go by my symptoms .....

    • Jan6969 Jan6969 SickOfThisShit

      My GI Dr. ordered it she actually gave me the entire box with the full dose from her office ... She explained that it was the best but very expensive and most insurance won't cover it as it's almost a thousand dollars for the entire dose . I almost cried tears of joy!

    • SickOfThisShit SickOfThisShit Jan6969

      Thank you for the quick reply.  Expensive, yes, but i would pay anything to be rid of this but what is the guarantee, did it work for you? How long  I am just finishing up second round of meds and will be visiting with my doc tomorrow.  I will bring this up to him to see if he has heard of this treatment. Another question, have your family members tested for this?  I know it is contagious. 

    • Jan6969 Jan6969 SickOfThisShit

      Yes it worked very well for me I was -Vw when I retested and my ulcer healed ... on one 14 day treatment combined with the proton pump inhibitor to reduce the acid on the stomach and plenty of water .... Good luck!!

    • Leni75 Leni75 SickOfThisShit

      Hi H pylori positive in Jan 16. Confirmed with a scope test. I had to have 4 different course of antibiotics to finally have a normal stool test !

      All 3 treatments failed and had them for 1 week only and retested 2 weeks later.

      the fourth treatment was for 14 days and retested 6 weeks later.

      because of the PPIs we must take with the treatment, must wait at least  6 weeks otherwise Could be a false negative.

      Had mild gastritis, nausea ( mornings), fatigue, low iron levels etc.

      Recovered well and even my husband and 2 year old daughter were tested too.  Took L - glutamine  every time I remembered and the gastritis pain subsidised gradually. Now more and less 6 months later, I'm having again stomach pain, chest, feeling tired. Found out I'm h pylori positive again!!

      I was tested and it was negative but I wondered if your immune system is low or if you left with some h pylori that doesn't cause symptoms it can grow and colonise your stomach many times again?

      I hope they can find a vaccine for prevention of this nasty and persistent bug because even when you got rid of it might come back again 😫


    • Leni75 Leni75 lori57315

      This bacterial infection is a very persistent because the hp burrows on the lining of stomach so it needs the right antibiotic to kill it. Don't give up eventually you'll get rid of it. The big worry is it can come back again and again. It has happen to me and I don't know why. You must wait 6 weeks after treatment and take some probiotic if it's possible because I 'me had a really bad candida overgrowth after all treatments? I'll be back to antibiotics again. 

    • j45508 j45508 mel19134

      Hey Mel I'm 25 and was treated for hypylori in August I'm still battle with the after math of the triple does drugs. Stomach has never been the same. I have such recently started to see a gut naturopath and going to do a stool, urine saliava and blood test. I strongly suggest you see someone who can help you start to heal and build back the good bacteria in your stomach 

  • arturas arturas beverley14462

    Hi, same here. I have also taken two courses of antibiotics each time 2 different ones, but all the same still have those noises like bubbling or burbing, not sure if it is normal.

    • woodbon woodbon arturas

      I don't think the antibiotics do more than just clear the infection when you take them, then like many other infections, if the conditions are right and the body contracts the infection again, the symptoms will return and you should see your doctor and discuss what threatment is best for you.  

      From my own experience of not knowing the symptoms, so not seeking treatment, until the ulcer burst and I had peritonitous, I would say to anyone, if you think you've got an ulcer, get your GP's advice and treatment.  A month in hospital isn't fun!  And you may not have anything wrong, so you could stop worrying!!!  Good luck!!!

    • arturas arturas woodbon

      I did some online research and find out that H pylori is becoming resistant to some antibiotics that's why there is a possibility of reoccurrence. As for my ulcer, doctors did X-ray test and said it healed, so what is left there ? It must be H pylori, which survived.

  • arturas arturas beverley14462

    What antibiotics did you take ?

    • woodbon woodbon arturas

      I can't remember the antibiotics I had when I had the second infection.  It was found by a blood test, It was a long time ago, I think I had two different ones and proton pump inhibitor to stop the acid forming.  I still take that as a precaution.  It was a fairly new treatment when I had it and I think its probabley better controlled and the test to see if you;ve got it no longer involves a blood test, but I don't know.

    • palcol3 palcol3 woodbon

      I was told by doctor that a blood test  can be inaccurate up to year after any treatment for the condition and can show a false positive.....whereas  the breath test that is one that will identify if you still have the gut bacteria present however you have to wait at least 6 weeks or longer after a course of antibiotics before taking the test. 

      I guess the blood test is good first time round but not reliable second. 

    • Leni75 Leni75 palcol3

      A stool stool test is also accurate I believe because of its sensitivity. And yes 6 weeks is the time everyone should wait to get retested but if your symptoms don't improve after 2-3 weeks I should say get another treatement. 

    • palcol3 palcol3 Leni75

      Ive noticed resistance by the doctors in the UK to retest as NHS guidance states after first treatment retesting is not necessary only if patient presents with symptoms should they treat again. Its crazy as surely each time we need to know otherwise uanessacry course of antibiotics which could be something else. 

  • diane01 diane01 beverley14462

    Hello, how is you condition nw been on the 2nd set of antibiotic.... I was diagnose with H.Pylori and I have just started taking antibiotic, am on Amoxicillin n Clarithromycin with Omeprazole.... Apart feeling like bubble is stock in ur throat, I keep having arch in my arm..

    Does anyone get this arch too n has anyone been cured from it yet?????????


    • beverley14462 beverley14462 diane01

      Hi Diane although I have had a test done it came back as normal but my symptoms are still present. I am seeing my doctor on Tuesday. I don't have any pain in my arms at all. My pain is directly underneath my left rib cage but isn't there all the time but does give a feeling if being bruised. My husband has just been diagnosed with the same problem . Hope this helps. Bev

    • argzxoni argzxoni diane01

      Hi diane01 and all,I was diagnosed with duerdenal ulcer 15 months ago I know it,s not H-pylori but I think it,s all to do with gut problems,I also have AF and I,m on the AFA site aswell and on there they to have the same theory sort out the gut problems and a lot of the other things will sort them selves out.Latest research shows that bad bacteria is killing the good bacteria which is causing a lot of the problems,I have had the bubble stuck in the throat feeling and nausea for months so last week we talked on the AFA site about pro-biotics so i started on them last Monday and for the last 3 days no nausea or bubble they are not cheap but feeling better is worth the money,It might not work for everybody but it might be worth giving it a try.If anybody does please let me know how you get on argzxoni

    • diane01 diane01 beverley14462

      Thanks for the reply, I got tired of reading I went off the site for awhile.. After the first test of endoscopy dey found h.p which I was given I week of two anti biotic.. I manage to get the to do another because I wasn't feeling any better and my weight keep dropping, pain in my arm still there and on n off tummy arche, I had a second endoscopy n colonoscopy they said they check for H.P and it was clear that there only mild gastritis.. What can I do nw, how r you now???? Sorry to hear about your husband pls update

    • diane01 diane01 argzxoni

      Argzxoni what is the pro-biotic you used???

      Thanks argzxoni for the reply, I got tired of reading I went off the site for awhile.. After the first test of endoscopy dey found h.p which I was given I week of two anti biotic.. I manage to get the to do another because I wasn't feeling any better and my weight keep dropping, pain in my arm still there and on n off tummy arche, I had a second endoscopy and colonoscopy they said they check for H.P and it was clear that there only mild gastritis.. What can I do nw, how r you now???? 

    • argzxoni argzxoni diane01

      Hi diane,I use Acidophilus,Just read an article in the mail and it say,s in there that not enough people understand the gut problem about good and bad bacteria,not to say it will work but it wont do you any harm.I got them from Holland and Barrett,3 months supply for £11.99.

    • stomachgirl stomachgirl diane01

      I had the same thing and discovered it was a side effect of the Omeprazole.  Try getting of the ppi family, and switch to an h1 blocker like zantac, which is also used to treat h pylori.  The ppis can cause seriosly bad side effects.  I had anxiety, insomnia. aches in the limbs along with numbness, chest pain/palpitations, difficulty breathing and more.  Then I looked it up, and those were all listed as side effects of ppis, including worse--far worse, like death.  These meds are like poison for some, so take heed.

    • diane01 diane01 stomachgirl

      Thanks Stomachgirl, I am trying to get off omeprazole and the renesdine but just worried if the acid is still there it become worse??? I will try and stop it and get on Zantac.. Hope d arm pain get sorted, I also started getting the bubble in d tummy, on and off tummy arch.. Really tired 

    • diane01 diane01 argzxoni

      Thank you Argzxoni for your reply I will get off to Holland and Barrett tomorrow.. It's what a try... I was on another discussion page interesting information, read that  Pomegranate Juice during meal is good, also to top up on supplement... This is from the page

      -Magnesium Supplement 

      - Sublingual B12 (top up with iron rich food)....

      -Bromolain/Quercetain, Nattokinase

      -Zinc Gluconate 25mg daily with meal 

      - Vitamin Dplus K2

      - Slippery Elm

      Pls let me know if you or anyone knows anything thing about this supplement and if they can help.. I also heard about Bone Broth?????? Need some info.. Thanks Diane

    • stomachgirl stomachgirl diane01

      Bone broth helps line the digestive track and heal, as does slippery elm.  I hear these two are the best.  I take slippery elm & it helps.  I'm a vegetarian, so the bone broth is out for me.  L-glutamine also promotes tissue repair.  Try that, but it won't work immediately, so try it for a good while.  B12 and D k2 are important for the immune system.  I take them. Bromelain is a digestive enzyme, and I believe nattokinase is too, by the ase ending of the word.  I take a ton of digestive enzymes. I'm sensitive to zinc, but magnesium keeps you regular and regulates many functions in the body.  I take that too, along with dgl licorice, marshmallow root, oregano oil, neem oil and olive leaf which are natural antibiotics, to kill off any yeast or fungi that I may have in the gut.  

  • naturallola naturallola beverley14462

    I had H Pylori years ago - and I believe it was what caused several trips to the ER over years - I would have stomach "attacks" I have a lot autoimmune issues and didn't want to take the 3 antibiotics - also - don't think my stomach could have handled it - So I followed my naturopaths suggestion (he was also an MD) and took Pyloricil for a month - blood test afterwards - VOILA - it was gone - pretty easily - I don't know why the medical community does not unite and use all forms of treatment to heal. My sister had the same thing - recently - we are of different minds - she took the antibiotic - it was not fun - I think she finally did get rid of it though.

    In the meantime - gut health has become something that people are beginning to take seriously - I was glad to see the supplement support - You can google DR Axe and Leaky gut - he explains it and has a protocol of what to take to heal it - I had been doing it - but then accidentally ate gluten - which I am intolerant of - was sick for two weeks - and then felt better for one day and now feel like I did when I got the H pilori - hope its not back - gonna run and get a test

    Take probiotics - L Glutamine really helped me so much as well. I ran out of it - that might be the problem smile

    • val46767 val46767 naturallola

      Sounds like great advise naturallola. I've had H-Pylori twice now and think I may have for a third time, waiting for test results. Not sure you ever get rid of it completely.

      I was looking for something natural to kill of the bacteria so may try the Pyloricil you mentioned, then I will try L-Glutimine to repair the gut lining and between 10 - 50 billion probiotics to replace the good bacteria (I found this on another forum for IBS (H-Pylori in disguise), interesting!

      Where do I get the Pyloricil, is it completely natural and what dosage? Do you have to stick to a special diet?

      Thanks for all the info. Much appreciated!

    • nadine94387 nadine94387 val46767

      mastic gum also works to rid of hpylori, it's so natural u can take it everyday. it's a tree resin. once u rid of hpylori u should take mastic gum once,a year for at least a month or two. keeps it from coming back. because once u get it it has to grow, if u maintenance dose it can't grow. it spreads like the plague through saliva. ewwww

    • Caterina912 Caterina912 naturallola

      I would really like to hear more about how you cleared the h pylori. I have been having symptoms and it's scaring to me to death. I never cleared my h pylori because my body kept on rejecting the antibiotics and now I'm getting really bad symptoms. Scared of what it might be

  • hope18465 hope18465 beverley14462

    I was prescribed two antibiotics and 1 anti-acid pill 3x a day for 2-3 weeks but something equally important that the nurse practicioner told me to do was to steer clear of all acid producing nutrients during this time. That means no sour candies, no hot peppers, no fruits, no juice, no coffee, no soda, no flavor for your taste bud during this time of treatment.

    She explained to me that H. Pylori is an acid loving bacterium so naturally the best place to live is in my stomach. The treatment worked for me because all I ate was porridge(white rice boiled in water until thicken) and drank only water plus the 3 pills 3x a day for 2-3 weeks.

    It was difficult but I pulled through because it made sense. You basically 1.)inhibit the acid in your tummy which = inhospitable environment to live for H.Pylori, 2) starve it to death = don't eat candies, drink sodas or juice, no fruits (stick with porridge(no salt/no seasonings) and drink just water), 3)Bring in some competition by introducing antibiotics.

    Do Steer clear of taking any acids/vitamins/candies etc for 2 1/2 months thereafter finishing the meds just to be sure you are not nurturing any weak H.pylori survivors back to life. The last thing you want to do is feed it with a glass of homemade lemon aid or a squeeze of lemon in your salads, soups, tacos, etc. 2 1\2 months of fighting the cravings! You can do it if you put your mind to it! Take your body back!

  • jakeb90779 jakeb90779 beverley14462

    I beleive it can but the antibiotics can give similar symptoms as well even weeks after taking them.

    I have had my fouth lot now and still have symtoms. Gurgling stomach I mean very loud gurgling and I can feel it. Stomach pain and some weight loss.

    I have had amox and metri for one week, then for two weeks, again for one week (six months after the first two sets) and just ten days ago finish a week of amox and clathyr. I still have the symptoms,

    I am also taking two lanzes a day as well and taking pro biotics

    I find cranberry juice helps  I read that inhibits the little feckers from reproducing.

    Its not a nice thing to have I wouldnt wish it on anyone.

  • susan41692 susan41692 beverley14462

    My husband has had h pylori 6 times now and the dr keeps giving him antibiotics and no other help he is doubled up in pain and doesn't has healthy eating plan is this right that they only offer antibiotics thankyou 

  • Ashleyshow25 Ashleyshow25 beverley14462

    I've had a stomach problem for about 4 years now. Every other month there was a week where I couldn't eat anything I'd get sick even with the thought of eating would make me sick even drinking water would make me sick. This past November I had pains in my stomach I felt like I had my menstrul cramps but so worse but it was in my stomach. I went to the doctor drew blood and I have h pylori sad well I took my antibiotics and well I still feel like I have it I lost 10 pounds so far. It's the death of me I can't eat I'm nauseous I can take 2 bites and finish and then get sick. I wanted the gastric sleeve well instead of paying the 10 grand guess what I got my own called h pylori it's the worst thing. I came across this and made me more sad cause I'll always have it. I hate living like this. I'm a very clean person I just don't understand how in the world me or any of us can get it but it's common apparently... I want to eat but I can't. I gotta see the gastric doctor for the first time and I'm just bummed about the whole thing I have the burb bubble you feel... also feels like I have a baby in there but I'm not pregnant just the nerves in there I guess..

  • Leni75 Leni75 beverley14462

    Hi beverley

    Did you have bad inflammation in the stomach from the infection? I've pain and bad nausea every single days for over two years. Doctors don't seem to know anything but ab's to eradicate this bacteria but it doesn't work in some people. Bacteria is highly resistance and burrows in the stomach lining. They MUST develop a vaccine that prevents people from catching this bacteria. May I ask you during your treatment did you take anything else beside the ab's and ppi Ike pepto bismol capsules? I think people are very luck if they get rid of this infection!

    • liam37331 liam37331 beverley14462

      Hi Bev, 

      Have your symptoms completely resolved now? 

      I have similar symptoms where my stomach feels ok but i'm constantly gassy and get this hiccupy/gassy feeling coming up my esophagus. Sometimes if I just breathe normally a little gas bubble will pop through. I can often force it back down by swallowing but it's quite annoying, considering it's every 20 minutes. Like you, I started off with really big indigestion burps but these have pretty much gone. But the gassy feeling, gassy throat, little gas bubbles remain. 

      I even wake up and I feel a little gassy/hiccupy. 

      Can you just confirm if all your symptoms have gone please? 

    • Leni75 Leni75 beverley14462

      Hi, I've had 4 treatments as well, and this last seemed to work because I got a normal result finally!  I feel much less nausea and pain from the gastritis which is wonderful. At last I can enjoy life a bit more smile

    • liam37331 liam37331 beverley14462

      Thanks for the reply Bev, I had a stool test for H Pylori which was negative but I was taking PPIs at the same time with mastic gum and gavison... So I think this might be a false negative. Will ask for a blood test and if this comes out positive will then do breath or stool again. 

      Thanks for your reply and i'm very pleased you are better!! 

    • linda187 linda187 beverley14462

      I have had different antibiotics treatment 3 times and still am testing positive on a breath test.  Gives me hope that 4 times worked for others though I am wondering if you do get rid of it after 4 times, can you keep it away?  My GP gave up after 2 times and sent me to specialists.  He refuses to deal with this one anymore.

  • linda187 linda187 beverley14462

    I haven't gotten rid of it yet after taking 3 antibiotics. I don't feel I have any symptoms from it like pain or ulcers and I have had 3 breath tests that show it is still there.  Going to try the Naturopathic route next.

  • Sunbabycc Sunbabycc beverley14462

    Oh my!  I have had two different treatments, the last being 3 antibiotics, Prilosec and probiotic.  The treatment itself made me ill!  I don't think it is eradicated but I have to wait to do another breath test!  I have been battling this for two years!  How long did you wait in between treatments?  Did the symptoms go away instantly or over a period of time?  I'm still having pain (usually after the 1st thing I consume of the day). The pain is not as severe, and it is shorter in duration, but there is still nausea and the bubbling in the belly.  My 1st treatment was 8/16 (2 antibiotics/Prilosec) my 2nd was 6/17 (3 antibiotics/Prilosec/probiotic).  

    Any info is appreciated, I've been suffering way too long!  

    • Sunbabycc Sunbabycc Educate

      For two weeks I took 1000 mg amoxicillin 2x a day, 500mg metronidazole 3x a day, 500 mg clarithromycin 2x a day, 40 mg omeprazole 2x a day and probiotic once a day.  As I said, it literally made me ill, but I stuck with the treatment religiously.  

    • Educate Educate Sunbabycc

      That must have been an awful experience. How come they didn't go the Bismuth route? I ask because your first treatment used Clarithnomycin. Usually if that fails, they replace it altogether.

      Also what makes you think you have not yet eradicated it?

    • Sunbabycc Sunbabycc Educate

      I'm not sure about the bismuth route.  I will ask my internist on Wed.  I have an appt then.  I have a GI doc too, and I have been seeing both on this issue for two years.  

      The reason why I don't think it's eradicated is: (keep in mind, I have had every symptom imaginable when it come to the stomach/bowels, and they have changed somewhat over two years.  Some diminished, others developed.)  The most recent (the past 10-11 months) and most puzzling for my docs is terrible stomach pain (spasms) usually after the 1st thing I consume that day.  The pain was debilitating.  (Writhing on the floor pain that would last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours)  I no longer have that severe of pain, but I do still have knawing, uncomfortable pain that lasts 5-15 minutes, after the 1st thing I consume.  

      I have had every diagnostic test in the book so it's not anything else that they can detect just H.pylori.

      Do the symptoms go away immediately if it's eradicated?  Or in time?  What is another course of action I may suggest to my doc?  Believe me, they have no idea.  It was me being proactive requesting another H.pylori test, nearly a year after the 1st treatment.  I have been on so many medications.  The last been an anti anxiety medicine because the GI doc was convinced, my problems were psychological.  I kept insisting the issues were not in my head, but in my gut!  

      There is only one GI in the area and he is overworked and overwhelmed.  I'm at my wits end.  The episodes have greatly affected my quality of life.  

    • Educate Educate Sunbabycc

      I am sorry that you are going through all that discomfort still. Could it be the antibiotics you took and some still in your system? Are the symptoms you are now experiencing exactly the same as the ones you had before the antibiotics or different? I know the treatment can make one feel very sick.

  • ryann53726 ryann53726 beverley14462

    Hi I have been diagnosed with h pluroid when I was 16 I'm now 24 and it has never gone. It's effecting me more now more than ever.. iv taken the meds had the tests and endoscopys done but still nothing. It's getting me really down now.

    • linda187 linda187 ryann53726

      I know how you feel. I have had three treatments and still test positive.  I have heard some people get rid of it in 4 treatments.  However, this time I am taking supplements like mastic gum, manuka honey, curcumin, and especially N-acetyl-cysteine.  (This one is especially important as it dissolves the mucous that the H.pylori bacteria hide in), licorice, Next week I am going to ask my doc to give me the antibiotics again and will take them this time with this other stuff.  I would encourage you to try this too.  Also if you decide to do this, eat a healthy diet and make sure you wash all fruits and vegetables, be meticulous with hand washing and don't kiss anyone unless you know they have tested negative for this bacteria.

    • rogelio47769 rogelio47769 linda187

      Hi Linda how are you well I have taken the treatment twice and it does come out negative after the treatment but i can't get rid of the symptoms it makes me think I have it again I hope not but I have a drs appt this month to get check again can u tell me ur experience

  • lori57315 lori57315 beverley14462

    Hi all,

    I started with a dull stomach ache a month ago and finally went to the Dr. I tested positive for IgG and negative for IGA and IgM and I have no idea what the two negatives one are in comparison to my >8.0 IgG.. 

    Just started two antibiotics and the PPI.. huuuggee mistake researching because all I see is stomach cancer etc. I was diagnosed via blood test and only have the fatigue and tummy ache. 1000mg a day (2 pills) Amox.  1000 mg a day (2 pills) Clarithromycin and 40 mg (2 pills) Pantoprazole .. eating seems fine for me for now. I appreciate any feedback as I'm a nervous wreck. 

    • Jan6969 Jan6969 lori57315

      If you have ulcer caused by the hpylori it can be eradicated if you follow instructions taking the antibiotics and acid reducer at the same time and also avoiding foods high on acid, it's also very important to drink lots of water while medicating ... works for me with one treatment.

      Stomach cancer comes from leaving an ulcer untreated.

  • linda187 linda187 beverley14462

    I have taken antibiotic treatment 3 times and it is still not gone.  I always get the symptoms you mention when I am on treatment.  I have heard some people take 4 treatments to get it gone.  I am always tested with a breath test about a month after I finish treatment to see if it is gone.  I hope to opt for the 4th treatment soon.

    • lori57315 lori57315 linda187

      Sorry to hear you still have it!  Its so annoying to think this thing just lingers.. I am on the meds and I am changing my diet to make my stomach less hospitable.  I have a weid taste in my mouth but I don't care as long as this stupid thing goes away!  Let me know how your treatment goes for the 4th cycle.  

    • taro93814 taro93814 lori57315

      Hi Lori,

      Just got tested and positive for h pylori. Doctors prescribed triple treatment. I am nervous to take them, scared of the side effects. What were your side effects and how long did the side effects stay? Did they cause heart issues like palps and irregular heart beats?

      How did you take the antibiotics and ppi? All together 2 times a day?

      I also suffer from chronic fatigue and I am already weak. Not sure if I can handle two weeks of antibiotics.

    • lori57315 lori57315 taro93814

      I am so sorry to hear that you tested positive.  I did the triple therapy honestly with no real side affects.  The triple therapy was 14 days then I waited a month and did the breath test to find out that I was still positive so I did the quadruple therapy for 14 days of Pylera and the PPi 2 times a day.  Those 14 days I took a total of 16 pills and stuck to the schedule regularly.  I made sure to get the book called the H.Pylori diet and follow all the instructions on what to eat and what not to eat.  I then waited 30 days and retested and it finally game back negative.  Happy about that yes but I still have some issues with the stomach and following the eating recommendations.  When you eradicate the bad bacteria you also eradicate the good bacteria so you want to make sure even on the treatment to get a really good probiotic.  

      Other then being tired and fatigued I did get some yeast stuff going on but that was during the quadruple therapy not the triple therapy.  Make sure to take meds on time and follow a strict eating plan.  I understand your journey since I am still trying to get my gut back to good health.  Please let me know your progress and you are not alone.  You want to get this crap out of your belly.


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