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Hello all,

I have had a quick look through on the forums and I can't seem to find a discussion on carer's allowance. Sorry if I'm asking questions that have been answered elsewhere!

I applied for carer's allowance last week on the .Gov website. It was a relatively easy process compared to the other benefits I've had to apply for, for my Mum. The website stated they would be in contact with me within the next four weeks as to whether I am eligible or not (I hope I am, in a full time love in carer, 24/7 without aid).

Either way, what I'm asking is has anyone else dealt with Carer's allowance here? Does it actually take the four weeks, or longer? I only ask because sometimes, the waiting times they give aren't necessarily adhered to!

Obviously I don't expect to have heard from them just yet, but wanted to get an early view on the sitcho! One less thing to worry about smile

Thank you so much for reading and to anyone who gets back! Hope you're all well and having a great day! X

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    Why can't you edit these posts!? I was supposed to write full time, live in carer, but I am also a loving carer lol!! smile

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    If you 9nly receive ben8fits then you should get carers allowance.if you work and ea4n over 92 pnds a week you will not get it.aare you aware the carers will be taken off your mothers benifit.i would have applied for severe disability
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      Hello Jackie, thanks for the reply!

      I am a full time carer, I've had to give up my job to care for my Mums needs so I have absolutely no income right now. I have literally only just started applying for ESA for Mum (I called and made the start to the application Wednesday gone), and on the advice of the DWP advice line, rather than claiming severe disability (if mum is eligible for ESA), to claim carer's allowance myself as this will contribute to my National Insurance points therefore to a pension, as right now I am unable to work due to caring for Mum... if that makes sense!

      As far as I know, carer's allowance shouldn't effect mums PIP?

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      It wont effect your mums pip but it would effevt her if she is on esa or income support
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      Great, thanks for the understanding in regards to Mums PIP, I got a bit of a panic on then lol!

      Yes, I was told it would affect mums ESA, but having discussed it we thought it best to apply for carer's allowance smile

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      Hi I see you are not working. I myself claim universal credit and the carers element which is added on top of my benefit each month. It's £150. And it doesn't affect any of my auntys benefits. It did take around 8 weeks to sort because the people at dwp didn't understand the carers element side of things with universal credit. So after me explaining to them time and time again it eventually got sorted and now all is well. Hope this helps

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      Sorry to butt in, but I have been getting carers allowance since my girl was little and she was getting DLA back then, they deducted some from my income support. well she went on to work for two years but has now left work as she has health issues. and is awaiting a major operation too so the DWP recommended she go on ESA, so which she has and I still get the carers allowance, so it doesn't effect the ESA, I was still able to get the CA and my daughter was still able to get the ESA.


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      Can I ask how it affects your mums ESA hun, as my daughter has only recently been awards the ESA but I have been getting carers allowance for her for numeerous years, but they never said it would affect her ESA and as far as I can see it hasn't.

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      Thank David, but because my wife works I'm not actually entitled to income support, even though we are struggling. Was told by the DWP that I can only apply for carer's allowance - but at least I can be grateful for that!

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      Hello Michelle!

      Of course, basically as far as I can gather, and I'm no where near an expert, there is what I would call an 'add on' to the ESA benefit called 'severe disability' or something along those lines. If you have someone caring for you who is claiming carer's allowance, then this part of the benefit isn't elegible to you - as far as I can gather this part of ESA is given to you so you can pay people to care for you if needs be. If someone is already doing this, and claiming for it, you don't really need the severe disability premium rate. Does that make sense? In regards to the actual main ESA claim, as far as I'm aware, it doesn't make a difference.

      Anyone, feel free to jump in and correct me as I am still learning!!

      Hope this helped Michelle smile x

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      Yes thank you hunnie, that does make sense, that could be why her ESA claim after she stopped working was actually quite straightforward then,  thank you very much xx

      Michelle x

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      You also have a time limit on the hours you can work as you have to be available to provide at least 30 hours of care per week (possibly more now, as it's a while since I checked).  You are correct that the severe disability premium will be lost from her Mum's benefit, but it's still better for her to claim carer's allowance, as this carries an ongoing national insurance credit for the carer - SDA doesn't and this is important if her only source of income is benefits, as she could otherwise reach a point where she exhausts entitlement in her own right.

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      As far as I am aware, standard rate care award for PIP is one of the qualifying benefits for carers allowance.
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      Thanks for clarifying Pam, I really appreciate it!! So helpful to have you comment smile

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      This is correct for means tested ESA which is income based.  It's basically carers allowance paid as a premium on top of the basic ESA entitlement.  Anyone on purely contribution based ESA does not get this add on and any carer has to apply directly to claim carers allowance.  It's often seen as unfair as the means tested premium assumes care needs and is paid directly to the disabled person, whereas contribution based ESA requires the carer to apply in their own right, and there are all sorts of reasons why they may not qualify.  It's also worth noting that if you currently get higher rate care component of DLA and this is reduced to standard rate care on reassessment for PIP, you will lose the severe disability premium (approx £15 per week) paid on means tested ESA.  This is because, despite the fact that standard rate PIP will still qualify you for carers allowance, only enhanced rate attracts the severe disability premium.  Anyone affected might want to enlist the help of their MP in getting an explanation as to why this should be. Doesn't make any sense to me.

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