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Hi , I have to use a suprapubic catheter for life time. I would like to know what

the comments are from anyone who has used the flip flow value

instead of the leg bag?



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    hi Frank 27027

    I'm a female with a flip flo '

    Was there anything in particular that you wanted to know.

    I've had mine just shy off 2 years..

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      Hi, Do you find it's better then a leg bag,and perhaps less UTI.

      I have a nurse tells me i should only use a leg bag. has your dr. said anything negative about the flip flow valve? Sorry I didn't get back sooner.


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    i did not like mine as it leaked

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    i did not like mine be course it leaked and coursed me a lot of infections in my bladder & my kidney

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    hi Frank27027

    like you I didn't choose the leg bag, just the night bag..

    I'm not sure if you mean yours leaks from the suprapubic site or from the flip flo valve ??

    As for the infections... i have to agree, i am struggling with them

    At present i am on long term antibiotics which I've been taking for the last 3 months. I every night at a low dose.

    Slightly better, but i dare not drink any fizzy pop at all.

    Even eating spicy foods causes a flare up

    Out of interest Frank if you dont mind me asking, do you get any bleeding from the supra pubic site?

    with best wishes Bae x

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      Hi BAE 39, yes i do get slight bleeding when i clean area where the catheter goes into the bladder, I get a crust build up and use soap and water to clean area 2 times a day.

      I have had this catheter in 4 months already,looks like it will be a life time issue. I have to find out more about which exercise i cannot not do?I was asking about the flip flow valve? I find i have to use this quite often,sometimes i feel like i don't empty ,and a short time after i have to go again.does your dr say it 's ok to use the flip flow valve? It sure is much better than a leg bag. How long have you been using this? Sorry i did;n answer sooner?


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      hi Frank27027

      I've had mine almost 2 years .

      i don't like the leg bag at all, being female you can imagine can be very limiting ...

      It is known that if you use a leg bag only you are letting urine "free flow " and you will begin to lose all the sensation of when your bladder is needing to be emptied or getting full.

      But using the flip flo is better as you will continue to feel that your bladder needs emptying.

      As for exercising, You would be best discussing this with your consultant as you may have other medical issues to take into consideration..

      I keep mine clean with a saline solution twice daily minimum but very often much more as I do get a discharge from the site .

      Soap irritates the site for me but glad it's working for you.

      And obviously I'm sure you've been nagged to drink the water daily, it really does help ,sadly it's a must Frank.

      Hoping some of my waffle is of help...Take care x

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      Hi ,And thanks for that good info. I love the flip flow valve. I just started using it. I don't know if you have to get used to it,as i do find I get a sensative bladder,so then i change to a leg bag and the bladder feels good again. How long did it take you to get used to the flip flow? Do you use a leg bag before?How often do you change the valve?I had enlarged prostate ,had surgery Jan 20 , was told I had a 70% chance of getting a normal void,it didn't happen. Of course I had urine retention for 4 years and i did intermiting catheterization. This is outcome is better than my past.

      Looking forward to your response,


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      Hi Frank27027

      I'm very pleased to hear that you are starting to get on with the flip flo..

      It does give you more freedom than being attached to a bag all the time doesn't it Frank??

      I opted for the flip flo after 2 weeks.

      However, when I get infections I revert to the bag (trying not to be too graphic) would be in the bathroom constantly not knowing if my bladder is full, during flare ups suffer pain, burning and the worst of all the main culprit is " Bladder Spasms"

      As for the time it took me to get used to the flip flo...probably a couple of weeks, but in fairness Frank that was just 2 weeks after having the supra pubic op. so things were still a little delicate all round ..

      I change the valve every 7 days unless I feel the tap a little lose, then sooner....wouldn't want it to catch and open accidentally eh lol ...

      I believe the recommended time is 5-7 days .

      Of course I change to night bag at bed time..

      Before I had the suprapubic I was self catheterising about 9-12 times a day..

      so ohhh what a relief this is !

      It sounds as though you have been having hard time with surgery..

      Whatever you are going through Frank I send you love and blessings hoping a fraction of the info has helped in some way.

      Keep safe


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      HI FRANK yes are all right but they have their come backs as if you are not careful it lake from a round the catheter its self so i would keep a leg bag with you just incase yours Carl

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      Hi Bae 39, Thanks for your info .I love the this valve. I have to get use to it.I have to learn to wait a little longer as i only let out around 150 to 200 ml. How often do you release and how much? I know were all different.I

      was told by the nurse that changes my catheter that i should only use a leg bag. I could get a stretched bladder and the urine could go back in my kidney . She doesn't know i probably have a stretched out bladder already.Have you heard anything about this?Do you clean the flipflow valve? I use alcohol wipes,and change valve every 7 days.I hope your feeling ok and the UTI stops for you. I get a frequency and i think i/m getting a UTI? Can you get a UTI without a fever?


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      Hi Frank27027

      Depending on my fluid intake on average my output is 150mls - 200mls

      The bathroom and I have become firm friends as I seem to visit so often lol.

      Probably every 90 minutes ...

      I do try to " last longer" but am not very successful..

      a. I have heard of backflow to the kidneys if the bag gets too full.

      b. Also if you use flip flo and don't have a sensation when you need to empty your bladder I would think the same could happen.

      c. and if you get a blockage where you are not draining which will of course warrant urgent treatment..

      d. Men with enlarged prostate or prostate problems can get " Ureteric Reflux"( think that's what backflow is called). and after prostate surgery ...I would think if you are in this category you would have been advised by your consultant whether it's ok for you to use flip flo Frank ...

      Yes I clean the flip flo as part of my daily routine .

      Having been plagued with a multitude of UTI's, yes you can definitely have one minus a fever !

      I do hope you are ok x

      My consultant has advised me to buy

      D Mannose 1000mg a natural product which has been helpful.

      Hoping you are keeping safe

      bae39 x

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