Cause of dead Immune System

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What causes Immune systems to become useless and non functional ? Is it drugs too many, to strong ,killing off what is good stuff in our blood,  ?

taking yet more drugs to compensate for blood disorders,to give the system chance to revive to fight back, but seemingly never does.      

What happens when the immune system can't take any more drugs, 

does it shut down totally, and then what?????????????????????????                 

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    That is a good subject. We need the likes of the long termers to hopefully come up with some answers to a complex subject.i suffer with two autoimune problems so taking tabs for both + other complaints. I hope the term ( long termers) does not cause offence. 
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      O.K. David, have you misread or ,misunderstood my post? Where did you pick up the inclusion of long termer, I am trying to get some answers about destroyed immune systems, which, I understand can happen at any age  So, tell me. Where did your probs start, drug related or not ???? 
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    When i mentiond  long termers, i was refering to the girls who have bought the T/ shirt so to speak,and are very knowledgeable about certain subjects.the likes of Elieen & MrsO. They just might pop in for a chat with you.Thyroid&PMR are my two autoimmune niggles.I think we just have to accept poor sleep,aches.feeling cr@@  in the morning. I try not to let it drive me in the ground. hope you get some good feed back.all the best HEY HO.Dave
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      whatever you are on, is doing you NO good, but I like your laterals!!

      seems as though everybody has a well lit immune system .Ain't the boys got access to the T--shirts?????????????????????????????????????

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    I'm of the opinion that many take too many drug doesn't know what the other drug is doing etc...

    I take but a few which include Armour thyroid, blood pressure meds and ibuprofen for osteoarthritis, fibro and a mess from hip replacement.

    I'm of the opinion that for every drug one takes, there are many supplements that can do the same thing without side effects.....all drugs have side effects, some worse than others....

    I love supplments and have been taking Grape Seed Extract and/or Pycnogenol for 19 yrs this month....I have a very strong immune system and I'm 76.

    I take many other supplements to keep myself as healthy as possible for as long as I'm here on this planet....

    I see only integrative MD and take all supplements and a drug IF needed....

    I'm in the U.S. and deal with a messy hip replacement.

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      Morning Joy, or whatever time you are on at thu moment Have to say 

      you and I are in agreement over supplements, I take them for problems 

      that should be on drugs!!!! nd find the naturals are better, and work 

      So sorry to hear about your hip. I have a dodgy almost useless thumb.

      due to careless surgery

      I think that lots of people are unaware that they feel worn out, and

      catch every bug that drifts  past  them, is probably caused by constant

      ingestion of chemicals , another drug for another problem ,and as you

      say, all fighting each other ,to the detriment of the immune system

      I know here n the U.K antibiotics are overused ,and now being

      demanded for the ailments that do not need them 

      Hope you are not taking too many Ibobrufen they can be a tad savage

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      Hello Joy, I have no idea how you found my post, but Iam so glad you did What a shed load of information, all good and  hopefully other people will

      find it and use some if not all of your excellent reasoning and proof that

      hebal products are a million times better and kinder to our bodies. I

      suppose that there are not many people who have not been battered

      by drugs for no other reason that it's easier for doctors to hand them out.

      Please don't disappear 

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      Supplements have side effects too. It all depends on what meds on is taking. Some meds do not work well together or can cause a reaction. 

      I have been taking supplements for years. There are so many new ones it almost like u need to really study up on all u r taking a be sure UR doc is aware . Some auto immune diseases have no cure. But in today's pharmacuiducas the market has many new drugs on the market to help put auto immune diseases in remission. There is no supplement I am aware of that can put ant auto immune disease in remission.

      some can be controlled by OTC ANTI INFLAM DRUGS. yet even those have side effects.

      my partner took ibuprofen for hrs. It hav caused a leak in his intestines where the pill does not fully disolve. The doc said it caused a small vein to rupture. The found the intestine leak with a camera pill. The doc said asprin and ibuprofen are common for causing smal veins in the intestine to rupture and leak blood. My partner had several pints of blood needed to replace what he had lost

      now he takes any type of med with a full glass of milk as suggested by the dr. And is careful always takes a Zantac as suggested by the doc when taking meds. Any med can set in a spot in the intestine and cause this issue particularly in the antiinflam category.


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      DGL is my stomach protection....I avoid most drugs....take armour thyroid and 2 BP meds and ibuprofen, 4 per day.......if only I didn't end up with this hip replacement mess.  I've been working with supplements for over 25 yrs.
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      Agree, I'm autoimmune but take nothing for it apart from thyroxine and b.p meds and ibuprofen, paracetamol when really needed. I get a lot of fatigue but live with it. Taking too many meds can cause headaches.
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    Yes, I agree on antiobiotics being handed out like candy, happens here in the U.S. as well, I'm in Southern Calif...and avoid them with a passion unless absolutely necessary....

    When I feel something might be coming on, I hit my Echineaca and this herbals stops anything in it's path.....I'm talking a cold or the like....I never flu shots as my immune system is strong....

    Thanks to finding Pycnogenol and then Grape Seed Ex a year later....These are both from France and Pycnogenol hit the U.S. in about 1994, I found it in 1995 and at a lecture we were told it "may" prevent cancer, I was sold and the first things that went were allergies and sinus issues....a lifelong allergy and since condition....

    Yes, I agree on the pollutants, thanks to our capitalistic profiteers....we fight it here and with climate change, so much is worse's almost frightening and I don't like to live in fear....but it's pretty bad.....

    I take DGL (deglycerrized licorice) for stomach protection from ibuprofen and so far so's been a miracle for me, so many take drugs for their stomach issues......I had a stomach ulcer in the 80's from a pharma drug and that was my beginnning of my dislike for the drug world....

    Anway, make sure your Vit D is optimal and magnesium is critical too for bone health and heart health as well......bye for now. joy

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    I'm a member of some other health groups and one member just sent this info thru and thought of you and Immune System...most days I take a swig of my CS:

    The establishment medical system says there is no cure for Ebola. The vaccine that they hastily put together may or may not work, but is likely not to work based on the history of vaccines.

    Just before the “wonder drug” penicillin came on the scene around 1940, doctors used a general purpose, broad spectrum antibiotic known as silver, usually in the form of silver nitrate. Penicillin, which has since been discovered to be useless against the new superbugs, had to be replaced with Amoxicillin, which has also become useless. However, both drugs were very profitable, and is the true reason for their promotion.

    So why did silver come into ill repute? Simply because it was much cheaper than the so-called wonder drugs which were touted with much marketing hype. As it turns out, silver (and also copper) cannot be resisted by any kind of pathogen, no matter how much they mutate, making silver a superior product.

    In modern hospitals, research has been performed which shows that hospital objects are vectors for spreading germs, such as plastic trays and hospital doors. In the past, brass push plates were put on swinging doors because it was known that the copper in brass (brass = zinc + copper) killed germs. Recently, hospitals in Israel re-discovered that copper is an excellent material to use in hospitals for everything, including food trays. Copper-lined clothes, such as copper-woven socks, destroy bacteria and therefore the bad odor that normally occurs. Silver is even slightly better than copper, as it is a better conductor of heat and electricity. It could be that these conductors “short out” pathogens. Nevertheless, regardless of how they work, copper and silver destroy germs, super or otherwise.

    If the scare of Ebola or MRSA comes to your neighborhood, why not be prepared and have some silver solution on hand? You could be dead in two weeks waiting for your order to arrive, and the medical establishment doesn’t even offer colloidal silver. The newer silver solutions are suspended silver particles in a distilled water base and are called colloidal silver. Sometimes they are called ionic silver.

    Colloidal (Ionic) silver can be taken internally or externally. It is even safe enough to spray in the eyes, unlike silver compounds. Also, the level of silver ion concentration is so low that it does not pose any risk of turning one blue, which can occur at high concentrations (>500 ppm) and in large amounts (1 quart/day) over an extended period (months).

    The Out of the Box Remedies products only use 10 ppm colloidal silver.

    Keep Your Immune System in Top Shape

    Besides colloidal silver, it is important to boost your immune system when a pandemic (or epidemic) occurs. Out of the Box Remedies also has an Immune Boost formula that keeps viruses at bay. The Immune Boost formula contains the top rated herbs for viral infections, namely Lomatium dissectum, Elderberry, and Goldenseal.

    Lomatium dissectum has a history of success in the great flu epidemic of 1918. A certain tribe of Nevada, U.S., Indians were cured of this deadly flu by taking Lomatium dissectum root.

    Elderberry has been demonstrated in recent years to make body tissue “slippery” to viruses, so they cannot gain a foothold and infect the host. This is the active ingredient in a popular antiviral remedy called Sambucol.

    Goldenseal is also a top-rated antiviral remedy that is well-known by our grandmothers, right up there with chicken soup.

    The Immune Boost formula offered by Out of the Box Remedies can be taken orally.

    Counter-attack Viruses Where They Usually Strike First

    A special variation of the Immune Boost formula has been prepared that does not contain any alcohol, an extreme irritant to nasal passages. The Antiviral Nasal Decongestant contains colloidal silver and Goldenseal, a knock-out combination for getting rid of nasal viruses. Taking antivirals orally alone does not get rid of the source of most viral infections: the ones in your nasal cavity.

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      Morning Joy, Just thought I would ""pop across" and see  how you are . 

      Does your hip give you a lot of pain, and restricts your life ?

      An aunt of mine , damaged her hip with a fall 5 years ago, and still has to use a walking cane, and is still in pain 

      I have to have an operation on my shoulder shortly,and keep the arm

      in a sling for 4 weeks mimimum, that will be fun ,as I am left handed.

      Hope the sun is shining on you ,that's good for Vit D

      take  care

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      Just a short note as I'm a little rushed today, but I've had shoulder issues for about 10 yrs....I can Lift my arms over my head ok and a little pain, but work thru it. Surgery opens up a whole bigger can of worms.....I don't know anyone with no complications.

      I've had PT on the right shoulder which is the worst, and also Dextrose Prolotherapy which gave me 3 yrs of relief.....but I manage and do NOT want any more surgeries if I can help it....

      I had a hip replacement in 2010 and it's been a mess, I still do life but I have a lot of limitations, but at 76 it's OK....I did a long life with a lot of work and exercise....and a lot of fun too.

      Sun is shining but I don't spend time in the Sun anymore, bothers me and the skin cancer issue. I count on my Vit D supplements.....later,

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       Hi Joy, a bit late tonight, been watching "" Last Night of The Proms""

      Must have had the fastest  appointment  ever The consultant gave me 

      Four minutes,,told me nothing, except that I had severe Diviticulitis ,then sent me on my way Thank goodness for that. I thuoght there was something seriously wrong with me  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      What's PT ??

      Whose perfect, no one I know, so we all must be normal.

      Speak soon    night   .

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      PT is Physical Therapy and it kept my shoulder from freezing...

      There are many helpful alternative treatments for Diviticulitis....including changing one's diet....

      I believe there is an alternative type healing for all health if it's a matter of life or death, then I suppose I'd go to the drug world.

      So many interesting topics here but don't know how much energy I have to chat more...I've been on health groups since 2006 and have loved it, but maybe I'm wearing out of trying to offer help....I'll do what I can I guess.

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      Hi Joy. keep going, I love reading your posts they are so interesting, plus 

      telling me things I didn't know

      Iv'e always had a good diet, I cook from scratch, never buy ready meals,

      take aways.or ,eat cakes and chocolate Had an active life ,kept horses

      for most of it, and still ride today, sadly not my own horses, so ,something

      else must have caused this rotten D.D..But the medicals seem to want

      to tread the same trails over the cause ,and I suppose that there aren't

      enough of us to really bother, and ,they just keep us ticking over.

      night Joy  sweet dreams

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      Hello Mayday, where have you been hiding ???No furher consultations

      were or have been offered, since I was "sent on my way"" So I wnt out into the unknown pantry of life, and started reading labels (BORING) and 

      did away with all the food that I really enjoyed,  Still vertical and pain free , as I resorted to herbal repair stuff, which has been sooooooo

       good, so the Divi is on the back burner, and I deal with my other

      ignored, untreatable diseases 

      How are you ,obviously been to distant shores for a few months 

      There should be a Caribbean island where all Divi sufferers are sent

      to, whether they want to go or not cheesygrin

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      From Canada there is a very interesting documentary on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). It is called antibiotic hunters. One topic is silver so you might find it interesting.
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      Hello Joy, I know it's been a long time . and surprisingly I am still vertical I was just browsing through this forum and found your bit about Goldenseal ,won't carry on ,in case you are not on the end 


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