Changed from Fluoxetine to Citalopram - Help please.,.

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Hi all, been to docs this morning after week 12 and he has changed me from 20mg Flouxetine to 20mg Citalopram. I have to start the change immediately.

I have read other posts about this and almost all takers have suffered with weight gain. I know that the whole thing is about feeling better but weight is a massive issue for me and should I put weight on, this will spiral me into a worse state of feeling. I am already hung up about my body and don't want to add to my overall feeling of poo-ness by dealing with additional weight.

Can anyone advise of their experiences of this drug please and any effect you have encountered as either being on it or going through the change from this to Fluoxetine or vice versa.

Any advice or info would be grealy appreciated as I'm meant to be starting these tonight and I'm really apprehensive.

Thanks. Ang.

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    God Ang, why has he changed your pills? You've been doin OK on fluoxetine haven't you?

    I would be the same if I had heard the citalopram put weight on, as I feel exactly as you do about this matter.

    I had that contraceptive thing put in my arm a few years ago, and I piled weight on then, and I just felt like sh** every day. I totally understand how you are feeling. But I dont know what to advise you to do?

    Why has the Dr changed you? Have you been unwell on fluoxetine?

    I still have my dodgy stomach, and now it's so bad that whatever I eat seems to go straight through me.

    I've also got to make an appointment with my Dr in the next couple weeks.

    Im really confused that they would switch you babe? Do you know why they have?

    Google the new pill and see if you can find out anything about weight gain. If they are proved to, I would go back to the Dr .

    I know im not much help. But I hope everything works out OK xxxx

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    Hi Ang

    yeah i'd have to say i'm with u on this one my dr tried changing mine couple wks ago not to these ones but one that began with M? The biggest side effect for them were also weight gain!! I refused to change to them so she upped my dose of flux to 40mg a day.

    Even tho i'm a mear 8 & half stone the thought of putting weight on right now would kick my arse pretty hard - for me depression always flags up how bad i feel about myself so wacking on many pounds would not make me feel too good!!!

    My advice would be unless u really feel the change in meds are needed then fine but if not remember its up to u wot u take or don't wish to take drs try to help but at the end of the day they are a service to us - if u not happy taking tham - DON'T!!!!!!

    hey suzisue really am sorry times are tricky for u right now!!!!!

    As for your son maybe seek some counselling thru your drs sounds like he might need to talk to someone & he may well feel u have plenty on ure plate right now.

    Well it nice to hear how u all fairing - keep strong fellow fluoxters xxxxxxxxxxx

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    First of all Ang I want to thank you for being so determined and positive on your posts to this site. I am now on my 5th. week of flu and you really helped me through the initial side-effects. I have in the past taken Citilopram for about 5 weeks - I don't know about the weight problem butI spent those 5 weeks in a stupor, which takes me on to the other waffle I want to put on this site. I have been treated for depression for nearly five years now and have been given a number of SSRI's the latest being flu. Among the usual initial side-effects, they have all made me feel as though I was trying to find my way through fog, wearing a diving helmet and lead boots which is why sooner or later I had to give them up.

    I complained of this fatigue to a Consultant Psychiatrist, his Registrars,

    The CPN and my GP and all I got was a change of antidepressant always with the same result. I went on to flu because it is supposed to have a stimulating effect - yes it gave me the jitters for about a week, then back to the lead boots.

    A couple of weeks ago, when I was trying to gain some comfort from trawling this site, I cam across a reference to a medication called Modafilin.

    I did a lot of research on it and came to the conclusion that it would be worth a try. For some reason I assumed I could not get a prescription for it and ordered some on the web - it still hasn't arrived. I told the CPN what I had done and she then told the Consultant, who was very grumpy about my ordering stuff on the web. However with hardly a demur he consulted with my GP and hey presto a prescription. Of course the local pharmacy didn't have it and it was only to-day at lunchtime that I managed to get the stuff. Its supposed to be taken when you wake up but I tell you I was desperate with fatigue, so I thought what the hell.

    I took the prescribed 200 mg. and within 15 minutes the fog started to clear, after about 2 hours the lead boots came off. I have just walked about a mile and a half to the village and back!

    I still feel a bit sleepy but about 70% better than I have done for weeks and maybe in due course the dose can be put up. I don't know what it will do for night time sleep, but I have the theory that because my brain has been at least half asleep all day, it doesn't want to sleep properly at night (very scientific).

    What p##ses me off is that I had to find, research and then ask for this help. You would have thought that one of the doctors might have thought of it. (maybe its because its expensive - about £2.00 a go).

    Anyway I hope I haven't bored you into a snooze, but I seems it may be an answer if antidepressant induced fatigue is a problem.

    I hope you sail through on the Citalopram and feel better very soon.

    Let us know how you do.

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    Hi all and many thanks for the great response and support.

    Well, I decided not to take the Citalopram on Friday night. I read all the side effects in the enclosed leaflet in the pack, as I did when starting Fluoxetine, and I've pretty much scared myself sh*tless.

    So, I didn't take them and.....I haven't took my Fluoxetine either. I have 8 tablets left on Flu. I have gone cold turkey from Friday night after a full 12 weeks of being on them.

    I really, really do not want to take Citalopram and I'm actually not feeling too bad being med free at the moment.

    I went into the docs on Friday and said that I was okay but feeling as though the effects of the tablets weren't as strong as in the first month or 2. I told him how I was getting a bit more snappy and irritable like before but not as bad as before. He said I should try another SSRI and I asked if he could just try upping my dosage perhaps rather than a new type of pill. He said no and to try this new pill with immediate effect.

    Well, as I say, reading the possible side effects has scared me off. I know that they are guidelines and not all or any may occur but I read them to both my partner and my mum, and both agreed that I shouldn't take them and go back to the Flu, but not go cold turkey - which I've done. :oops:

    Apart from a bit dizziness, sore throat, tiredness and mind blanks, I'm actually not bad at all. I know they take a few days to get out of your system so I'll probably be a mare in a few days! Do you think I'm daft for coming off them? :?:

    I should probably go back to my docs and say that the Citpram didn't work for me and can I go back to Flu?

    I've been quite strong throughout this and being on this site has given me drive & focus, but now I really don't know if I have done the right thing. :roll:

    Sorry for waffling, you guys will know I'm good at that now!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated - as always.



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      Hi guest

      Stay on the citilapram don't go on flu

      They make you to high and you don't care about anything flue has the same side affects as citilapram I'm in the middle of trying what to do for best I was relay bad last Sep very bad not go cold turkey it's dangerous its great @ first but then it will hit you come off slowly or just take one tab if you are not depressed come off. I have been swimming like mad and do erotic ever size it relay does help but be very care full.good luck and take care my.


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    God Ang, you must be feeling very confused. I honestly don't know what to advise or say to you. If I was in your shoes, I think I would feel the same about taking the new pill. But babe, I know you may be feeling OK now, but like you say it takes a while coming out your system.

    I don't understand why your Dr changed your medication. It seems funny to me. When I went to my Dr and said I still felt crap (but that was right on the second week), she advised me to increase my dose to 40mg.

    Ang you have to go back to your Dr. What'll happen if you start to feel really cr** again in a few days / weeks? You'll have to start all over again, and have those initial side effects all over again.

    It's gone through my mind loads to stop taking them, and see how I go. But I guess I just don't feel ready yet.

    Can't you go back and see another Dr babe?

    I would certainly try to

    Let me know what you do Ang, I wish I could help you, I just feel for you, and that you just don't know which way to turn - that's why I'd go to another Dr at your surgery, and just be honest with them.

    Let me know what you decide to do, you know I care.

    Thanks to you I re vamped my CV, and had my first interview yesterday in Northampton. I am determined to change my life.

    It's all down to you, so be strong for yourself, and do what you know is the right thing to doxxx

    Big cuddle babe xxxx

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    Hi Suz and thanks for the lovely post :lol:

    I'm on day 5 of not taking these and I have slept like a log the last 2 nights, albeit some weird dreams but I'm alert today, and feeling good.

    I'm not going to take for granted that coming off these is going to be a breeze, I know they're still in my system and it's when they start coming out that I think the reality will hit.

    Still, I feel better in my head knowing I'm not on pills :P

    I'm unsure why he switched my pill rather than upping the dosage :?: Saying that, this was a different GP and he was lovely. he actually chatted away to me and asked me how I felt and that he will see it through that I'll get better! The other GP just gave me a repeat prescription and that was that - honest to goodness!

    If worst case scenario does happen, I have 8 Fluoxetine tablets left so I can start again and go and see my GP.

    Well well well!! I'm delighted to hear about your CV updated and an interview too! Good for you Suz! Remember the fundamental basics of the interview though; don't fidget, make good eye contact, don't waffle, listen for questions that they look for an indepth answer too ie, why, what, where, how etc. Make sure you research the company first and slip it into your interview that you have researched and you understand not only the position you're going for, but also the company aims and even possibly their mission statement. Jot down any questions you want to ask them and at the end of the interview, ask them if there is any answers tha you supplied that they would like you to explain further or if there is anything else they need to know. This shows that you are assertive and that you're keen to get the fullest answers across with no misunderstanding. You'll be fine, just relax and hey, if it's for you, it'll not go by you.

    To all folk on this site, been reading posts daily and it's amazing to know that our fears, feelings and thoughts aren't just our own. It's good to know that we are 'normal' and share our experiences with others. It's just we're all going through some kind of sticky patch where we need a little help, guidance, somewhere to spout off and this place is ideal. It has helped me understand that I'm not alone and people do want to help but most importantly for me, people actually understand. Thank you.

    Will keep you updated on how going cold turkey is doing! :roll:

    Take care - Ang.

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    Ang, I think your brilliant. If you feel good - do it, that's what I say.

    You've gotta keep in touch though with me, and let me know how you go. I hope it wont be long until I'm doing the same.

    I wish you all the luck in the world, go for it girl!!!

    PS I have just joined this site today but the activation link will be sent to my home and im at work - so if you join I'll be able to PM you! Would hate to lose touch xxxxxxxxxx

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      Hi suzisue

      I'm new also .

      Iope to chat soon

      You may b able to give me advise


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    Hi to all,

    Well I have been on mitazipine for 7 weeks and my main issue was the weight gain, i put on over one stone in 6 weeks. My deprression had lifted which was why I was on it but the weight gain became a different issue. I had started to binge eat then make myself sick so I talked to my Psychiarist and now he is changing me to Fluoxetine in a weeks time. So hopefully I will still feel better but the weight gain and eating disorder will resolve. Anyone out there who can advise on Fluoxetie and whether there are any weight gain side effects. By the way I am not an obsessive person about being thin or anything its just that I am only small height and the weight has taken over me.

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      hi Guest i myself am on Mirtazapine 45mg for 8 months now still feel depressed, motivation 0, extreme tiredness just to shower and dress myself was a up hill battle. psyciatrist surgested Fluoxetine after i start to cut my mirtazapine on monday to 30mg for a week, then week2 down to 15mg + 20mg of fluoxetine, week3 stop mirt, just take the 20mg fluoxetine do you have amy advice?
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    Hi Ang

    You mentioned that you felt on Flu like you were trying to get through a fog and having lead boots on and the positive effect of Modafinil initially.

    I just wondered is this still the case a couple of months on?

    My Dad is feeling exactly like you have mentioned. He hasn't suffered depression before and was put on 20mg of Flu but after 6 weeks no improvement so they've upped it to 40mg.

    At the moment he is asleep for 20hours a day and the 4 he is awake he isn't doing anything as he is so worn out.

    could you let me know if they helped you and I will ask him to mention it to his GP when he goes to see her.


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    ANG!!!! Where r u?

    We need u babe

    I really need u

    I just want to end everything tonight, and Tooooooool wants help with his dad

    I just dont want to face all the sh** anymore

    And u dont know half of it

    Get ya ass back on here ANG!!!!

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    Just came across this thread, so I'm guessing medication has been sorted out and all is well as it's been a year since this was written.

    But I just wanted to add that I've been taking Citalopram for many years and haven't had a weight gain issue.  This medication is apparently the ''kindest' in ways of side effects and has also cured me of my long standing depression.

    There are many different sorts of SSRI's and people react differently to them - each one tailored to suit you.  Citalopram has been my saviour and am back in the land of living my life to the full.

    Depression is a vile illness and feel sad for all who are starting their journey through it.  Going through depression is terrifying, but coming out the other side is truly wonderful.  I am sadly now watching my own child go through the same, but am grateful I'm in a position to understand and help.

    I wish you the best and hope you are well on your way to recovery.



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