Chest Infection for 4 months will I ever feel well?

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! came down with this chest infection in February had 2 lots of antibiotics and felt well for 2 or 3 days in March and then got bad again. I have been on 2 more lots of antibiotics Clarithromycin and Doxycycline but still coughing and am now on serevent and ventolin inhalers.

I have had blood tests which came back to say I had had an infection of some sort and a chest Xray which was clear plus spirometry test which was ok but improved with ventolin inhaler.

The inhalers have helped me a bit and I was put on ventolin and Doxycycline antibiotic after I woke up at the beginning of May unable to breathe - it was very scary.

BUT still coughing up phlegm, feeling unwell and very fed up now. I am a singer and have been unable to sing, due to all the coughing since the end of January. I am fed up and depressed now.... 

Eventually having a specialist appointment on 4th June - this has gone on for 4 months now!!

Has anyone else had anything like this - I just want to know if I'll ever feel well again

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    sorry you are so unwell this way.  This may or may not be of use to you. I had to have 2 large doses of antibiotics for 7 days for H Pylori bug which lives in stomach.  On the other side of this I wish I had never taken the antibiotics and searched for a natural way to get rid of H Pylori, which were not causing me any problems (although they can be a problem with stomach ulcers) it was just that H Pylori was found to be there when they were checking for something else. It lives in a lot of us often for years. Last day of antibiotics my tongue swelled up, fissured and had thrush over it.  4 weeks on and I am still trying to get rid of it, the thrush or Candida is through my system and I have to take antifungal medicine to shift it, strict diet, and I'm also trying a homeopathic remedy.  Antibiotics wiped out ALL my good gut flora and Candida took the opportunity to set in.  If I hadn't got it on my tongue, I would not have known I had Candida and would have just wondred why I wasn't feeling well, lack of energy etc. It's not easy to diagnose if it can't be seen seemingly, that's what I've read about it re doctors and they don't always check for it.  It can cause various auto immunine diseases as well as fugal issues on the inside and outside.  I just wondered if you might have this problem after the antibiotics as it might be causing some of your problems possibly.  Clarithromycin was one of the antibiotics I was on.  You need to take strong probiotics when you are on antibiotics to keep the good flora from being wiped out.  I appreciate this might not be the root of your problems, but thought I'd mention it in case of
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    hi Jane sorry  to hear that you feel so unwell ---- I know people who are prone to chest infections and the last few months have been particularly bad for them-- however they are all feeling  better now and I hope that you do too very soon--

    good luck with your appointment on the 4th best wishes

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    I have had a chest infection/cough as I mentioned in another thread but I stopped taking the erythromycin and now feel better.   Regarding wiping out the good bacteria and candida, there is lots of information on The Harcombe Diet website as the basis of this (apart from losing weight) is to get rid of candida.  A bit complicated to go into here but Zoe Harcombe is a good source of information.
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    Thanks for your replies everyone . I will let you know how I get on on Wednesday. I hope they can sort something for me - I will let you know
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    Welcome to my world!

    Have had repeated chest infections since March.On my 4th course of antibiotics, and am on ventolin inhaler 4 times a day,this has helped with the breathlesness.

    Waiting for results of 2nd chest xray, !st one was clear 6 weeks ago, and sputum test too. Very scary and debilitating, never smoked or suffered as much as now!

    Coughing muck up,mostly in morning, loss of appetite,feeling quite depressed and worried as to what this could be.

    Hope you're feeling better and getting the right treatment.

    Fingers crossed its nothing serious> xx



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      Hi Rachel 

      This sounds similar to me. I am still not right yet but slowly slowly improving.

      Like you I am on asthma inhaler mainly ventolin now as I had bad reaction to some of the others they gave me. They have given me some stuff for my stomach I suppose in case it is linked to acid reflux I suppose. I also take beconaze for my nose.

      I have had spirometry tests which were ok, 2 chest X-rays which were clear and am doing a peak flow test 3 times a day to see how I do morning night and evening. They are referring me to Ear Nose and Throat and for a full lung function test. Unlike you I used to smoke but was only a very light smoker I.e. 1 to 5 a day until I gave up about 15 years ago.

      To me I seem to be getting most problems from my throat rather than my chest now. I often get a hoarse voice which is less frequent now, but this is very difficult for me as I am a singer and the last time I could sing was January. 

      Please let me know how you get on and I will update you on my progress. Let's hope we both get better soon.

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    Still  not better. 2nd  x ray results came back as shadows on both lungs, sputum test still clear though,which is insane as i'm couging up copious amounts of green!

    Waiting for specialist now, the docs not doing anything else.

    Breathless climbing the stairs, rather fed up with it all, hope i get seen soon!

    Glad you're improving, it all takes time.

    I'm using lots of natural products now to improve my immune system, not getting better but at least not worse.

    Here's hoping it will all be sorted soon. 


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      Hi Rachel you certainly seem to be worse than me and so far no shadows showing on my lungs,but to be honest most of mine feels to be in my throat which feels tight at times. I think it will just be an elimination process for us both. Like you I am trying homeopathic remedy plus improved diet and got rid of feather pillows in case it was an allergy or something. I will let you know how I get on next week. And please keep in touch re your progress I think it helps to give some mutual support with these things. Not knowing what you have makes it harder I think.

      But we will get better :-)

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    Hi Jane

    Sorry to hear about your problem. I am a professional musician/singer. About 5 weeks ago i came down with a sore throat and a cough. It then became a chest infection and had a course of antibiotics. A week later was still coughing and wheezing and finding it hard to breathe. Went back to docs and was given more antibiotics this time Doxycyclin. Five weeks on and i'm still coughing and wheezing and on a blue inhaler. I've never been so long with an ilness and worried it might be more than just a chest infection. Being a musician i have had to endure smokey atmospheres in clubs and hotels for years and am wondering if this has anything to do with feeling so bad now? Should i maybe keep on at the docs and insist on getting a chest xray or something? Any helpful replies would be much appreciated.

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    Oh Jane

    I thought I was on my own with this, I have had it the exact amount of time 2 lots of antibiotics earlier in the year and have started back on another one, 3 scripts again now 5 days per script.

    Did end up in hospital end of June they did all tests X-ray, blood test, lung capacity test, M R I,

    Still nothing have a sore chest, phelmn still, I feel worn out and get tired.

    So good luck with your specialist hope they sort it for you. Please come back and let us know if there is a problem. It may help all of us that is experience the same thing.

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