Chlordiazeporixide (librium)

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I had a liver function n ggt test done a week ago i was called into see my gp today and told the results of my GGT was high in December it was a normal 21 now 7 months later its 133!

he has prescribed me chlordiazeporixide 10mg  i have to take 2 tablets 3 times a day for 3 days then cut down to 1 tablet 3 times a day.

my question is has anyone else used these how did u find them??? 

ive taken 2 doses now n am desperate for a drink

does anyone know wat will happen if i did drink whilst taking these?

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    Oh Anna, that sounds so scarey, I am so sorry.

    I have no knowlege of what you are taking, so I can't be of any help.  I just wanted to say how much I feel for you and I hope someone on here can advise you soon.

    I hope it all works out for you, poor you.

    Sending hugs,


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    I am disappointed to read this. I do private alcohol detoxes with my clients, using Librium (normally at least 4 doses a day and often higher than 20mg). Firstly, I don't know what you were drinking so I am not sure if the dose is likely to be high enough. Having said that, even if I did know, I couldn't guess because everybody is different. Some people need more, some need less.

    Also, you should have been told to stay in and not to be alone. We insist that a client has a responsible adult with them, calls us before every dose with the blood pressure and pulse and then WE determine the dose. If they need more to counteract withdrawal symptoms, then they get more.

    If you have large amounts of alcohol in your body, with Librium, it can cause breathing issues. However, if you are getting withdrawal symptoms (shakiness, sweating etc) then you need to have a drink. Once you do, take no more Librium. I don't mean just drink if you fancy a drink. ONLY if you are suffering physical withdrawal symptoms.

    Then go back to your doctor and tell him that the doses he gave you were not sufficient to counteract the withdrawal symptoms so you had no choice but to drink. Do NOT take more Librium than the doses he prescribed.

    If you do drink, you will need to start the detox again (on higher doses) but please let me know and I will give you more details about the precautions you should take.

    I am very disappointed that a GP would think it is simply a case of giving you a Librium prescription. It could be very dangerous to do an alcohol detox like that.

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      Thank you for your reply

      Do u know what a GGT result of 133 means the doc didn't really explain it?

      What my go said was he'd give me Librium for 10 days and if I can stay drink free he will then prescribe some tablets forgot the name that make u sick if u drink?

      My concern is I woke up at 3am absolutely craving a drink this has never happened before

      I'm a single mum home alone with my 2 small children

      I'm not sure I'm strong enough to do this alone

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      He means Antabuse. Do NOT touch that stuff. It is seriously dangerous and can KILL you if you drink with it. It is an old-fashioned treatment that should have been banned years ago.

      Do some reading online about The Sinclair Method and Nalmefene, Anna. That is the modern treatment. Unfortunately, many GPs are years behind the times.

      GGT stands for Gamma GT which is a liver enzyme. It gives an indication of liver damage. The normal range is 0-51. While yours IS higher than it should be, you shouldn't be overly concerned at this stage. It CAN rise fast though so please try and find a proper long term solution to your excessive drinking. I have seen Gamma GT results of 2000! However, Gamma GT isn't the only indicator of liver damage.

      The liver has amazing powers of recovery if you give it chance. It can't repair while still under attack from alcohol or other harmful substances. It also reaches a point where it can no longer repair itself and that is end stage liver disease which will kill a person. Do everything you can to avoid that because it is not only awful to go through but there will be no way back. Those children need you!


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      Why should you have supervision when taking Librium?

      is the dose im on low?

      im on day 2 n have already caved n had a drink

      i just dont know if i can do this sad

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    Hi Anna

    I have taken these. They are used to hlp you to come off alcohol safely and avoid withdrawal symptoms. I'm guessing you will be on a regime with a gradual decrease in the amount you take. They don't necessarily make it easier to give up alcohol but they can reduce some of the anxiety that often occurs when people give up. 

    From my experience, if you drink while taking them, you may feel more drunk, more quickly. I've had some bad experiences.

    But new drugs like Nalmefene, available on the NHS, do help most people to give up or drastically reducing alcohol intake and reduce cravings. Paradoxically, they only work when you continue to drink, but gradually blunts cravings.

    But if you can get past the withdrawal stage with Librium and stay off alcohol after that, that's brilliant. But do bear in mind Nalmefene if you can't sustain abstinence.

    All the best!

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    I have just read Paul's response too, so please take more notice of that as he is a professional in the field.
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    Hi. How are you today? Ok I hope. I've been following your discussion and just want to say, I had Librium to detox, when in rehab 2 times, so didn't drink on it. My dr has never suggested it when been desperate in the past and on a binge and quite rightly so, you need supervision, as Paul said. I think it's only used to stop DTs, shakes and seizures though, though I'm no medical expert! It won't stop cravings, though I didn't feel like a drink as it made me so lethargic. Paul is right..don't have Antabuse as it does not stop cravings and is useless. Can't believe your Drs advice. Can't you try another in your surgery? Anyway good luck and keep us posted as we care :-)
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      Today I'm desperate for a drink 

      i wanna go n get one but trying to resist the urge

      why should you have supervision whilst taking Librium?

      is my dose low 20mg 3x a day?


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      Hi. I can't give you advice about Librium as only taken it under supervision in rehab. I really feel for you tho. You need advice from Paul. Just hang on in there until he sends you a post. When did you last have a drink btw? I'm rooting for you x
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      Because it can make you unsteady, it can reduce your blood pressure, if you are not getting enough, you can still have withdrawal symptoms, if you go out alone, you could walk in front of a bus without seeing it. If you drank with it (or even if you didn't) it can cause breathing problems. It is a very strong drug and you are taking large doses.
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    Hi Anna sorry for not replying yesterday. I was drunk all day. Today I feel very ill !!!!! Anyway you had some good responses  whitch I have taken on board as well.Unforttunatly Nalmefene is not for me-too many side effects and I'm an all or nothing drinker- one drink is to many and 6 are never enough a quote from one of my many Alcoholic books. Rehab cost a fortune and i started drinking again soon after.I will phone for my blood test results Monday-too busy drinking yesterday!!!! Keep in touch X
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      What medication are you on?

      its so hard im on day 2 of Librium n feel its helping the withdrawals but not the cravings

      have got to 8:30pm n have caved n drunk

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      I was struck by your comments about Nalmefene. It can have some bad side effects for the first 2 or 3 days (it's different for everyone) but they do subside, usually within a week, and from my experience are no worse than a hangover - BUT with the benefit of potenentially no more hangovers ever after that, its worth persevering. Also there is a lot of confusion that a lot of doctors and counsellors seem to have... a notion, and it is strongly beleived (and no doubt true if the Sinclair method isn't used), that moderation is not an option. With the Sinclair Method, using Nalmefene, the reason moderation is an option is that this combination of meds and psychology lead to a position where you can take or leave alcohol.

      In that enviable position, you can drink, every so often, if you want to - at  a wedding, birthday and Christmas, say. But you could just as easily decide you are not going to drink at all. Because there is no addiction, you are in control and it just becomes a matter of personal preference.

      For me it seems perfectly understandable but a lot of GP's, counsellors, friends and family seem to really struggle with the concept. 

      But this approach is evidence based and approved by NICE in the UK and Nalmefene is available on the NHS (though it may be difficult to get a prescription due to local budgetary constraints and/or GPs lack of knowledge)

      It really is though, the newest and most promising approach to alcohol dependence. 

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      Wow, that was the best ever defence of the reason to take Nalmefene.  I have never heard it put so fact you have convinced me that I should seriously consider approaching my doctor about it.

      I drink mostly to settle me down at night, to shut out unwanted thoughts and to help me to sleep.......would Nalmefene help me get out of that habit?  I take antidepressants....could I take the two together?

      Sorry, so many questions, but your post was so inspiring, thank you for posting.


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      Aw thanks. Yeah it should do that after a while. It can take weeks to months, but every day you should be improving. I also take antidepressants (Citlopram) with Nalmefene and it's fine for me but check with your doctor.

      All the best!

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      Thank you your post.. But on my leaflet it says I must not be abstinent from Alcohol- just to cut down - I feel paradoxically that information very confusing. Alcohol with me is all or nothing . I can't do anything in  moderation. Now if I don't stop my Husband will throw me out on to the street and divorce me and I will end up in dirty squat clutching a bottle of wine . It 's killing  my marriage. Your help would be appreciated.
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      I think Paul who is an expert in this field has written a really good piece advocating this approach. Also see who have written an explanation aimed at relatives.

      People really do seem to struggle with the concept which is based on sound science. These pieces try to address that, and more eloquently than I could. 

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      You need to realise that Nalmefene changes everything. It allows people to control their drinking (see Kipling's post as he describes how it works very well.)
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      Hi Paul. Kipling' s post  was  unftortunnaly deleted by some one official who did'nt approve of the  content-I wonder what he said ? Managed not to drink Acohol yesterday-I felt tooi ill to bother  with it.
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      I caved last night n drunk

      Such a failure day 2 on Librium n couldn't cope with the cravings sad

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      No, Kipling's post wasn't deleted, Susan. It was temporarily unavailable because he put a link in it and the moderator needs to check all posts with links in to ensure the links are suitable. The post has now been approved with the link included.
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      HI Susan. Your situation sounds serious and you are right in posting your honest opinion here. Lots of people will reply and help you and not mis judge you. It is perhaps a case of juding if you have hit ROCK BOTTOM and then evaluate your life and try to stop completely..I did hit rock bottom and was on the road of completely destroying my family life, loose all respect and very poor health long term. That was nearly 3 yrs ago and I did stop completely and have never had a drink since then. YOu should carry on taking medidal advice and stop gradually since stone cold seems dangerous to you. Best of luck to you for certain!
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      Hi Paud 2 days sober- still don't fancy alcohol!! Long may it last.Was looking at the Sinclar Method yesterday. What is your opinion on Naltrexone as opposed to Nelmefene ? Many thank for all you help.Sue
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      The two drugs do the same thing, Susan. Nalmefene is newer and is considered to be superior. It is also more gentle on the liver, although neither are as bad for the liver as large amounts of alcohol.

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