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My CHRONIC AFIB veers into a mode which affects the Blood Vessels in my head WITH EXTREME TIGHTNESS.  At the same time I simultaneously experience EXTREME TIGHTNESS in my heart area. 

I take in the morning: Diltiazem 180mg, Metoprolol 25mg.  In the evening I take: Metoprolol 25mg, Warfarin, & Atorvastatin Calcium 10mg.

The result is a TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE feeling in my head and heart which make me feel too damn tight and that I feel I need something to relax my vessels.  Sometimes I have to take Lorazepam or Magnesium, &  Potassium to try and relax this tightness. 

i've been on dozens & dozens of Meds for my AFIB the last 25,years and it has all been ineffectual and a horrible experience.  I actually believe that these damn drug medications TRIGGER ALL THESE HORRIBLE FEELINGS.  The drugs certainly don't make me feel better because I feel terrible on these crappy drugs.  NOTHING WORKS AND I FEEL TERRIBLE.  I also fee l that the constant erratic blood movement through my head WILL REALLY DAMAGE MY BLOOD VESSELS.

The Doctors are fixated on lowering the Heart Rate but I believe there are big prices to pay with these heart rate lowering drugs.  NOTHING WORKS AND I AM ALWAYS FEELING TIGHT, BAD HEAD FEELINGS AND MY RATE IS STILL IN THE 120's/130's.  Do these Doctors have a handle on this serious AFIB or are they just guessing?  Because it seems THAT NONE OF THESE GODDAMN DRUGS WORK.

In in the last 30 to 40 years there hasn't been one advancement of one new drug THAT ACTUALLY works.


I AM NOW 72 and will be 73 in December.  Somebody please help me with good advice as to why these damn ineffectual drugs ARE ALWAYS GIVING ME TIGHTNESS IN MY HEAD AND CHEST.   It comes and it goes without explanation but these feelings can last for hours and hours, everyday AND I NEED RELIEF.  PLEASE HELP ME WITH GOOD ADVICE.




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    The feeling I had (before being diagnosed with AF) when I sent to A&E was similar to wearing a very tight swimming cap - the Drs ignored me and sent me home. I'm now on Flecainide and Bisoprolol. I did however have a bad experience last night - I start burping (but it's not indigestion) and it felt like someone was sitting on my chest- but fortunately I'm better today.

    Has anyone mentioned you having an ablation?

    I am surprised that your heart rate is still so high - what does your GP say about that?

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      Thank You for your response. I will definitely be looking into possible ablation. If I do ablation my goal would be - not to be on anymore medications. In the past I had read that one can get ablation but still be on medications. So I had always postponed it. Lately I've heard that is not necessarily true so I will be discussing it with my Doctor(s).

      My HR has always been sort of high and erratic. In the past they had me on enormous milligrams of HR meds. I have trouble climbing stairs because of heart rate drugs and the last thing I want are big doses of these drugs because they make you totally lethargic, tired, fatigued and virtually impossible to climb any stairs at all. They really slow you down.

      I even had very erratic fluttering AFIB when they put me on OMEPRAZOLE for stomach acid. I noticed a big increase with my AFIB problems and after 8 weeks I stopped taking OMEPRAZOLE. I feel somewhat better but the AFIB is always there.

      I thank you very much

      Jerry C

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    Well the key problem is that the physicians are treating you based on statistics, and you as an indivual are not a statistic.

    It sounds like the events you described are due to blood vessel constriction. What you would like to have is blood vessel dilation.

    For that, quercetin supplements (500 mg to 1 gram per day) or simple chocolate (if you can tolerate it) could be of assistance. Chocolate for many is a major aifb trigger. Also, definitely keep up with the magnesium.

    Good luck - tough problem.


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      Thank You Very Much for your wonderful advice. You were exactly on target. What I feel is what you described. "Blood Vessel Constriction." That is exactly what I feel is going on.

      The mystery to me is WHY? Why would they constrict? I do easy Stationary Bicyclying (45 minutes) five (5) times a week so I am very perplexed as to the constriction and I can't find any explanation as to Tightness & Constriction on the Internet.

      I will be looking into the Quercetin you mentioned. I will definitely explore that plus Blood Vessel Dilation. Your reply to me was very, very helpful.

      Thank You So Much


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    I know how awful AF is especially when the medication doesn't help and you have episodes where you just don't think you can carry on.

    None of the medication I was put on made any difference to my AF so I went down the alternative therapy route.  Now I know that doesn't work for everyone however I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy amongst some other things and have now stopped all gluten.  I have also been taking some homeopathic remedies because of the lack of some minerals and have started to feel better with the AF episodes not happening so frequently.  Another really bad trigger I have found is almond milk.  A couple of days ago I had a really bad episode lasting 24 hours after having almond milk on my breakfast cereal for a couple of days.

    I have now stopped all my medication but I hasten to add I did that with my consultants knowledge.  Don't ever stop medication without seeking medical advice.

    Try not to give up and look for some alternative ways of trying to improve the AF.

    I hope this helps in some small way.

    Take care.


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      Gloria - question - was it the almond milk or the cereal? Cereal can have all knds of triggers.


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      Thank You very, very much for your personal experience and advice. I certainly will consider additional alternatives. I have over the years tried so many self-treatments.

      Just a little while ago I ingested an additional 2.5mg of Metoprolol and it has calmed me down somewhat.

      Could it be that a very wild, fast & erratic heart rate is giving me these terrible feelings? I thank you so much for your invaluable advice.

      Thank You So Much,


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      Hi Frank

      It was definitely the milk as I have now stopped all gluten and my cereal is now gluten free.  I started using it again because I thought it was the cereal with gluten in it but had it this week with gluten free cereal and had the worst episode ever.


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      You are welcome.  It can be very frightening also try and focus on your breathing and not get uptight about it, much easier said than done I know.  When you have tried alternative remedies have you actually been to a therapist which is what I would recommend rather than trying to do it yourself.

      This is a great site for support, everyone is great.


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      Thank You very much for your sensible comments. I will be exploring them all.

      Thank You,

      Jerry C.

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    Hi Jery

    I JUST wrote  LONG  DETAILED nessage about the HARMFUL drugs we are perscribed and older doctors, even SPECIALISTS message which DISAPPEARED into cyberspace GRrrrrrr,  but I will ie my opinon on shorer version I think :

    I HATE drugs and research every single one on Internet on WEBMD for excellent information on drugs, effects, interactions with other drugs m, and more,.my advic to you os do the same ..

    Doctors do not stay abreast of new informaion nor have time to research SIDE EFFECTS and DANGERS  on I DO it MYSELF . Internet has a wealth of knowledge OLDER Doctors seem not to keep up with, So I suggest you google Drug Interactions

    Google " WEBMD " which will t,ake  you to a GREAT informative site which  lists MANY interactions with simple ndrugs even over the counter drugs and NSaids such as Ibruprofin and even TUMS and CALCIUM ) again I say for thise of us taking the newer nlood thinners Warfarin has other problems kike dosaf=ge checks and frequent glood tests and certain food no no;s etc ..BUT at least if bleeds occur (and they doo a shot or 2 of Vitamin K will stop the bleeding ..Others like me will be up the creek ,(3 sugeoms have refused to operate on me for adifferen tproblemm not only because of my severe AFIB BUT because as they are friends and confide I stand the risk  of BLEEDING TO DEATH DURING AN OPERATION..May will not tell you this MY friend doctors did.


     ( IF  you are one of us taking one of the NEWER more expensive drugs such as Xarelto( H I Insisted and after a catscan was correct I had a massive

     HIMATOMA  (sp ? Internal bleed )  whoch almost killed me...and WHCH I  INSISTED I stopped and was switched to a less potent blood thinner

    (Plavix 75mg ) This may not apply to those taking Warfarin which even though an older drug seems to work and at least has an Antidote if you bleed or worse if you REALLY Bleed out during operations .

    .Actually there IS an antidote  for the newer drug made by a company called ISIS (What a name ) IT is FDA approved  BUT  is not yet available !!!

    WHY  THE HELL NOT IF  IT COULD SAVE OUR LIVES  IF WE HAPPEN TO OTHERWISE BLEED TO DEATH WHILE HAVING AN OPERATION for perhaps another ailment ??? We seed a petitition on FB If I find he time I will  start one

    I agree with your re awful drugs and had your symptoms while taking Xarelto moxed with various other drugs which I now refuse to take EXCEPT the 3   THYROID PILL half, and, PLAVIX 75MG ( one of the newer blood thinners  and if my pulse races over 100 rarely I take a RYMONORM)  and a half of , WHICH i know i NEED ATENOLOL.,

    I'spent  the BEST $40 on a BP machine which also measurres my pulse and if under 100 I doo NOT take the RYTHMONORM whch I was perscribed

     My advise is BUY one and use 3 times daily and with truial  abd research of EACH pill you taje on the WEBMD site ...

      with  trial and error learn to KNOW your bodies warnings ,, , most "specialists even Cardioologists are UNAWRE that we can not eben take Ibuprofin for pain , Calcium por even TUMS because they conflict with with the NEWER BLOOD THINNERS Plavix ,, and especailly XARELTO whiich I insisted dr change to Plavix because Xarelto caused me internal Bleeding ,,and GOD forbid I had an operation for another affiction I have I would have BLED to death,,,,WARFARIN at least has an dantidote (A shot os Vitamin K will stop the bl;eeding the newer drugs have NO antidote so GOOD luck to those of us needing an operation for other ailments as I cannot have but need operation for as I said I have surgeons who are friends so REFUSE to operate on ME, not only for my severe AFIB but becqause I could die from the bleeding whoch can not be avoided in operations..

    SO Good Luck and post after you research Print out or write the list to TAKE to at LEAST 2  CARDIOLOGISTS ..Younger ones are more apt to use info n INternet adxising of new warnings etc,,FORGET the OLD fuddy duddy doctors who do not know how to turn in a computer,,I am 75 but had the luck of having an ex hubby who was a software PC genius and taught me iNternet is for Information NOT Games as most kids think

    ALL the Best


     MY Name os aldo KING so if in ngland we may b e related AFIB is SUPPOSED to run in g=famillies Sigh...,

    SO also I 

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      Thank you so much for the wealth of information you gave me. I really appreciate it so much. I admire you so much for living in England and I believe you will endure much less stress because you are there. I wish I could get there some day.

      So true as you stated that the older Doctors don't bother too much with the Internet. Most of them think they know it all anyway.

      So great to hear your thoughts on AFIB & my problem.

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    WARNING TO ALL ICLUDING JERRY ;;;I spend hours weekly researching NEW updates and info on line but NEWARE that  I have stopped many drugs after researching side effects and inters=actions with other drugs as simple as Ibuprofin and even TUMS for those of us on newer blood thinners BUT STOPPING BLOOD THINNERS   (Anticoagulants IS VERY dangerous and WIL as proven scientiifia=cally, CAUSE STROKE so PLEASE get at lest @ CARDIOLOGISTS opinions and research on WEBMD online  and a FEW other good Medical sites ,

    ,MY advice afer naby specialists advice and ONLINE research,,, is DO NOT STOP EVER  ANTICOAGULANTs and  GOOGLE online EVERYTHING under "Drug Interactions " with meds you take..YOU will be amazed that  some of us ) ALL doctors are NOT  even aware especiallly the OLDER ones who do not use computers for the intended purpose INFORMation,,, they don't know, if taking newer blood thinners  CAN NOT even take Nsiads,IBUPROFIN  or asperin or even TUMS if on the NEWER anticoagulants   called blood thinners (which by the way do NOT thin the blood so   stupid name that alsowink

    do TAKE CARE and Jerry I hope you dod not just stop your Warfarim..please get 2nd or 3rd Cardiologists opinion and Internet 

    Blessings to us all

    Debbie  King

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    PLEASE excuse typos I was rushing to get word out re just STOPPING those blood thinners for fear of STROKE
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    What about an ablation.? I am considering it  My aFib heart rate most days is 180 or more. The pressure in my head and chest is overwhelming during times each day and fainting. Have an event monitor?
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      Holter monitors are UNABLE to give answers as to why my head feels constricted or ready to explode. They'll give heart rates but are useless to give any explanations as to the Blood Vessel turmoil which affects one's head or chest area. I took them many times but they don't give anything other than heart rate activity and Doctors can't determine what else may be going on in your blood vessels. I wish it was more explanatory but it still operates pretty much the way it did 50 years ago.

      I will be looking into Ablation but after an ablation I wish to be off ALL HEART RATE DRUGS if that is possible.

      Thank You for your feedback. Most appreciative.

      Jerry C.

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