Chronic Gastritis

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Hi have chronic gastritis from 4 month(confirmed by endoscopy).

I do not have acid reflux.

Only dull ache above abdomen and left side of chest.

I am on reberprozole and librax.

My question is whether chronic gastritis is curable or is it a lifetime condition?

I am loosing hope because this dull ache is not going away.

Please please reply...

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    It was a chronic gastritis associated with h pylori. I took HP kit antibiotics for 1 week and retested H pylori, it was negative this time. But now this dull ache is not at all leaving me. It looks like h pylori has done enough damage to my stomach mucous.

    Guys please tell me if chronic gastritis is curable and I will be able to live normal life again

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    Have you considered alternative treatment options.  Ive read thet DGL liquorice , is supposed to be good, the problem could be the tablets your on?, is stomach or abdomen pain a named side effect?  

    Ive read some people have had success with Mastic gum?  worth a read up on these to see if its worth a go.  

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      Thanks Mark!!

      I am taking mastic gum from last three weeks...little bit relief but dull ache is not going completely.

      Mark my question is simple whether chronic gastritis is a curable condition or it can be just managed.

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      I understand your question and I'm in the same boat. The ache in my abdomen is still there but not as bad. I took the treatment for 14 days and thought it would never end. Finished the treatment 6 days ago. Today was my best day yet. So maybe it to all go away eventually. But I've had your same question. I didn't have an ulcer or acid reflux either. It was all inflamation. But was really really painful 24/7 for about 8 months. Blood test and all that crap showed nothing. But the endoscopy did. I guess the pain will leave but from all I can found out is I need to eat small meals forever I suppose. It sounds like even after its healed. Haven't found any better answers. Maybe someone who has been there and healed will see this question and be able to shed some light. With you all the way.

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      Hi Portacrean,

      Many Thanks for your reply. Great to know that I am not alone.

      I have seen people coming out from ulcer and stomach cancer. Which are far more dangerous then this. Why the hell inflammation takes this much time to heal?

      And why the hell we still have pain even though we take medicines?

      Is there any end to it

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      I don't know if there's an end to it or not. Sure hope so. I've had every test under the sun , to no avail , until the endoscopy. The pain was excruciating. It's still there but at least I can walk . When I use to complain about something hurting , like my foot or whatever , my wife would always say , we'll at least you have a foot to hurt. She had a good point because there are so many people who are much worse off than me. So I try very hard to keep those words in mind. But it still hurts a lot. Hard to hide or ignore the pain , but I'm giving it my best shot. Maybe that attitude will rub off on me. US!

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      Many thanks for your reply...Is this not affecting your daily official work. For me it is doing. Are you still taking Proton Pump Inhibitors? They say if we take PPI for more time it creates B12 and calcium deficiency.
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      I don't see my doctor for 8 days. He didn't tell me to continue with the ppi. But I just cut it to every other day. Don't know if that's a good idea or not but I feel somewhat better. And yes that's what I've read . So I take the liquid B 12. Been taking 60mg daily along with b complex. Well its all in the same bottle. I think the H Pilori bacteria destroyed my intrinsic factor. So I guess that's something else I'll end up taking forever. But that's ok with me. Started doing quite a bit of celery , cabbage and carrot juice . Read that the cabbage juice and celery juice had strong healing property's . It does make my stomach feel a little better. Also drinking KEFIR and plain yogurt to try to build up the good stuff the antibiotics killed off. The antibiotics killed off everything in the system. My gastroenterologist suggested that. That's also fine with me. Doing everything I can to get rid of this junk. The amazing thing , I just realized yesterday , is if I make myself walk for some exercise my stomach stops hurting for a while. Don't know why , but it does. Didn't realize it until I finished my walk though.

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      Didn't read before I sent. 600mcg B-12. I actually went and bought a new juicer yesterday just for this.

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      Thanks a ton for this much information. Are you able to take wine/whiskey. I know you are not supposed to take but occasionally are you able? For now I have stopped it totally.
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      I haven't drank whiskey in years. But I do like red wine and a beer ocasionally. Didn't touch anything though for 14 days. Was scared to , knowing it could cause acid. But yesterday I had 5 oz. Of dry red wine. Drank it early in the afternoon though. Didn't want to try it close to any kind of meal. Tasted delicious and didn't have any I'll effects from it. Didn't do it today though. Don't want to press my luck. I eat about 5 small meals , before now I would have called them snacks , throughout the day. Instead of 3 meals a day. Before all this started I ate pretty much water I liked , but it was still healthy food and 5oz. Of wine in the evening around 7 pm. Changed my habits up drastically. But if this is what I need to do , then ok. I don't think I could handle all the pain if it didn't change. I'll probably try another 5oz. Of wine tomorrow. I love beer but right now it seems that might cause some acid to build , so not gonna try a beer for a while. Going very slowly on things. Just scared to death of creating another monster in my abdomen!

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      I will also try red wine. I mean you need some relaxation from this pain and stress for some time.

      My doctor says chronic gastritis takes 6-12 months to cure. I don't have any choice other than believing him.

      So many times I felt anxiety during last 4 months.

      I don't know why the healing is so slow in this decease.

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      I don't know why it takes so long either. But I ha abdominal pain and neausea for a long long time before they came up with H Pylori. And it wasnt even a doctors suggestion that I get the endoscopy. They all kinda laughed a little and said no , I didn't have H Pylori because the blood test would have showed it. Soo I scheduled it on my own. So I mm a little skeptical of some of their opinions now. Oh , also read that Pepto bismal heals inflamation where H Pilori has done it's damage. So I still take two doses each day. H Pylori can't survive in Bismuth , Pepto bismal active ingredient.

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      So how are you doing now ? My abdomen still hurts some but haven't had any neausea , thank god . My biggest problem is energy. No energy at all. I wonder did the antibiotics cause this. Probably . Been doing a lot of raw cabbage juice , celery juice and carrot juice daily in between eating. But still have this nagging pain in my abdomen , not excruciating , but it let's me know it's still there ! And lack of energy. 9 days after finishing antibiotics for H Pylori. Was wondering if you got any better yet.

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      H pylori antibiotics almost break you down. That happened with me as well. I took off from office for two weeks.

      Now next action item will be healing damage caused by h pylori in your stomach mucous by antacids or proton pump inhibitors and that will take a long time. Be patient, my pain is still there,

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