Chronic migraine for 4 years

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Hy, this is my 1st post so I'm kinda nervous. Anyway I've had a migraine for 4 years and they only get worse, I've lied saying I dont have a migraine but I wanted to cry asking them to save me but I dont do that. My migraine is in my eyes then goes around like a wide headband. Then pain starts pulsing then turns into a dull pin stabbing the "headband" area.

I also just got out of the hospital from a horrible migraine, the Dr's said "I dont know what else we can do for you. Sorry" They couldnt even help... I'm 15 so thank you.



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    I'm so sorry you have been going through this for so long. Have you seen a neurologist about your headache? It is important to get checked out to make sure something else isn't going on too. It sounds like you are in need of both a preventative medication and a rescue medicine. If you are already on those without any relief then there are options but your doctor will have to be on board. I was once in a state of constant pain and it seemed like nothing would break the pain cycle. There are medications that can be administered via infusion like in the hospital that are not the narcotic pain killers that get the doctors treating you like a drug addict. My doctor phones the ER and requests a DHE infusion with Reglan and Magnesium. Not all hospitals stock DHE so they should ask. It helped me so much I was able to leave without my sunglasses. (I wear them constantly)

    I hope that you find some relief soon. I have received my fist round of botox treatment about two months ago and can already begin to tell a difference in my pain levels. Still daily, but less intense, a big improvement!

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       My rescue meds only make it worse, prevention meds just got changed and isn't working. DHE was given to me and helped but my veins couldnt handle it and they said from the start if it damages too much we're taking you off. They sent me off with 4 shots of botox 2 in front, 2 in back. I have an appt with a neurologist soon.

        Thanks for your help!! (I also wear sunglasses all the time ^w^)


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    Hi Yona,

    Firstly, there is ALWAYS something that can be done to help headaches, there are lots different meds to try and the first port of call is usually triptans, so if you havent tried them see your dr to ask about them.  Then you need a preventative so talk to your dr about verapamil and pregabalin.

    Next its ok to be nervous, its the same for everybody when they do something new like talk on a forum.

    So, dont worry, you will find something to help your headaches.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Good luck and best wishes

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    You poor thing. My daughter is 12 and is in her 3rd month of non stop migraines so i can only imagine what you're going through.

    Our doctor requested blood tests. These have come back as miss 12 being severely anaemic so her iron levels are in single digits instead of double and triple digits. Iron tablets were prescribed and we were told she'd need an iron infusion. Living in Australia, these aren't done to under the age of 14. By mistake, I came across a private paediatrician who had his colleague perform one within days. Migraines are now 8 and 9/10 instead of the average 15-17/10. (I ask miss 12 every morning where her pain is at) and very, very slowly declining.

    She will be having more blood tests in a couple of weeks to see how iron levels are going as well as to test for coeliac disease.

    Apparently migraines in children can be caused by anaemia. Coeliac disease is gluten intolerance and would usually upset stomachs, however in children, migraines can be the outcome.

    I know I've rambled on but maybe go to your doctor and request a blood test and start eliminating.

    I wish you all the very best x

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    Hi, Yona. We are with you. You are not alone. Migraines are really tough to deal with especially at such a  young age, so good for you for reaching out. I would start with analyzing your diet. Start eliminating possible triggers such as caffeine, nuts, dairy, alcohol etc. There is quite a list. Do you drink enough water during the day? Water is huge!!! I would then look at the hormonal factor since you are fifteen. If you are menstruating, are you regular? Are your periods heavy? Talk to your gyn about the headaches because hormonal fluctuations are a big cause. I would try natural supplements such as magnesium and 5htp since migraineurs are typically low on these. Also, exercise to help keep your stress levels downs. Hope these suggestions help. Of course, get an eval from a neurologist to make sure there is nothing serious going on, and it you get a clean eval, try these. They made a huge difference for me. 

    Be well and hang in there. 

    Keep us posted. 


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    Hi yona, I have severe migraines myself and there a couple of preventative medications u can take to prevent reoccurring migraines, u can try either gabapentin or u can try pregabalin, whichever one u get, u need to take them three times per day, morning, afternoon and night time, u should start to notice the difference within a couple of weeks and u should also ask ur gp for some 300mg of aspirins as when get the onset of a migraine, I usually take two 300mg of aspirin and within 20 minutes my migraine has completely disappeared. Hope u get sorted.
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