chronic stomach pains

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I've been in pain now for about 4 months, like, everyday. I feel as though there is a very tight belt around my mid section. It doesn't make me feel nauseous really, it just hurts quite a lot.

It doesn't seem to be there in the mornings, but throughout the day it will emerge and it will more often be at its worst in the evenings. It feels as though there is someone's fist in my stomach, like I've swallowed a rock or something.

My doctor didn't suspect that it was an ulcer, or cancer. I had a lot of blood tests that suggested that I am "fine"... which was great news I suppose. I am currently on Omeprazole tablets 20mg I think, I take 4 a day of those. To be quite honest I don't think they're doing a damn thing.

I don't drink or smoke, I don't do any drugs blah blah blah. I eat a fairly well balanced diet. Since this whole thing begun in September I fluctuated between eating and not eating at all for how much I was worried about myself.

I am truly at a loss. I am booked in to see a specialist GI doctor on the 14th of January... which is bullsh*t. I have to put up with feeling like this over the christmas period. What fun. But this pain has become my new normal, so whatever I guess.

Does anyone on this site have any suggestions? Anything at all?

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    I would check for an allergy. From what you are saying, it sounds like inflammation. What are you eating during the day? If it is an allergy, the question is, what could be causing the reaction. One way to rule out an allergy is to do a 1 or 2 day fast of water only. If it is not an allergy but is inflammation it could be an autoimmune disorder. Hope that helps some!
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    Thanks for the reply Rose!

    Yeh my doctor told me that it sounds like inflammation of the stomach lining or something, that's why I'm on the Omeprazole.

    I asked about Lactose Intolerance, apparently its not that and from his opinion it doesnt sound like I am gluten intolerant either. I eat a lot of bread and pasta and veggies, I drink mostly water and tea. I've always eaten pretty much the same stuff forever & this seems to have come right out of the blue (I'm only 22 btw)

    I do have Ulcerative Colitis which is an auto immune disease I believe, but whenever that flares up it only affects my Large Intestine & rectum, not my stomach, so I'm just a little bit lost here, nothing seems to relieve it, I'm just putting up with it sad

    Should I go back to my doctor? I'm worried that something has been missed & I don't want this to escalate. Thanks

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    If you go to the doctor again they will most likely remind you that you have an appointment to see a specialist. Unless your symptoms get worst or you develop new ones I would not recommend it because it could be a waste of your time. You could call and let them know that the medicine is not giving you any relief?
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    Yeh I guess your right about that rolleyes I'll give my doctor a call just to tell them I feel like nothings happening,

    Thanks for the support!

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    OMG!!!!!! I have the same thing! I've been like this for at least 3 years. I too don't smoke nor drink, So far I have had an allergy test done, taken omeprazole, got an endoscopy, ultrasound, went on special gluten free diets, and the list goes on. Lately I have been taking Hyoscyamine sulfate0.125mg and it helps some of the time. I don't know what I can do anymore. I've seen a GI dr., my primary and a pain management specialist.
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    Gosh, i am so pleased i found this discussion, i have had the same symptons for nearly 6 years and is getting worse. Like Arlene i had 2 ultrasounds, tested for H-Phylori have been prescribed anti acids, but the pain is constant and the dr says everything seems fine. However the pain is getting out of control and i don't know what else to do. Has anyone got the the bottom of it, as we seem to be having the same symptoms?
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      Hello, Im glad I found this thread too - I was really worried. At Xmas, out of nowhere I started to get this horrible sharp pain under my left ribs, high up. Then my guts started churning all the time, constant trapped wind, and everything I ate upset my tummy. After Xmas i caught norovirus - twice! and thought maybe that had just taken ages to incubate, but after i recovered from the second bout of norovirus in Feb, the problems came back again worse than ever - nausea, feeling full, no appetite, gas, bloating, trapped wind pain, constipation. I began to despair because I was unable to do anything, standing hurt, walking was impossible, I had to cancel every appointment or arrangement to meet people cos I couldnt stand up straight due to the pain and discomfort!

      Doctor suspected stomach irritation due to NSAIDs for my arthritis so started me on lansoprazole which has literally cured my stomach problem - the high sharp pain under my ribcage, but my bowel/bloating problems remained.

      So I have treated these myself (doctor said its probably post-viral IBS) - and heres what I have found to work.

      - Probiotic and prebiotic pills (high potency, off Amazon for about £8)

      - Probiotic, low fat, good quality yogurts - I live off them when my tummy/guts are feeling sensitive

      - ginger biscuits (good/homemade with a high ginger content) - life savers first thing in the morning when I wake up feeling nauseous

      - Milk of Magnesia which is great as an indigestion remedy in small doses and a safe (osmotic) laxative in larger doses - it is safe enough to use every day if necessary because it isnt a stimulant laxative so doesnt make the bowel 'lazy' or dependent on it. It just draws water into your intestines to make peristalsis easier - so just remember to drink plenty of water etc

      - I find vegetables and fruits very irritating when my tummy/bowels are having a flare up, especially fruit juice which is just too acid 

      - regular coke somehow helps, i have no idea why!

      - Completely avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose. That has made a substantial difference on its own, sweeteners are actually really common irritants and especially prone to causing nausea and gastric problems

      - Simeticone (Deflatine, Wind setlers) is enormously useful for bloating  - I take it regularly and it works with no side effects

      - Omega 3 fish oils and Vitamin D supplements - I take these for my joints, but have found they have actually contributed to my tummy improving!

      - I avoid hot drinks like the plague, they are very bad for my tummy, likewise cucumber, banana, pastry, curries or any spicy food. 

      - A bowl of bran flakes works wonders to fill me up without irritation or pain if I cant manage a proper meal

      Hope some of this helps someone else! I am still having to manage my symptoms day by day, but the above tips - as well as trying to get decent sleep including an afternoon rest or nap - means I am now feeling much, much, much better and more able to get on with things!

      Hope you find some relief in the near future!

      Christine x

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      What a great list - Thanks for sharing! I am suffering along with the rest of you. I've had kidney stones so the pain is just like that. I went back to Dr, nope, gall stones. Had gall bladder removed, still in pain. Went back to Dr for kidney stones, Nope, no stones, just be muscular/skeletal. Umm.. so now what? No one has any suggestions so I'm getting so frustrated. As the day wears on, the 'belt' is more irritating. BUT I have a part time job, cleaning bathrooms at the factory I already work at. A lot of bending and stretching. I seem to feel better after that, but stiffen back up the next morning, so am trying to work a yoga session into my schedule, but it's hard as classes in my area are few and far between so I need to be more disciplined and workout every day. Good luck to everyone and hope you all find something that works for you. Thanks for all the good suggestions!!

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    I can relate to this, my pains started a year ago, and I was Diagnosed with Gall Stones, so for whole year I suffered on andoff
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    sorry didnt finish. so after my gall Bladder surgery I was had another bout of Dyspepsia (this is now the diagnose) Feel like I have a band around my upper mid section, pain after eating, very nausea. Loss of appetite. Doctor put me on Omaprazone and taking 20g a day, well no change.

    Lost about 14lbs in weight so far.

    These bouts last about 4 weeks, then seem to subside. I am a 57yr old usually very fit swimmer, who usually enjoys good health, and eats really well, non smoker, non drinker......

    Living on Bananas and Bread at the moment.....

    Hope things improve for you 


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      Hey susan, sorry its such a late reply.

      That sounds awful sad I feel for you, I hear the whole bread & bananas diet is good for the tummy.

      I am actually much better now than I was when I first wrote this post. I thought I would never feel well again but here I am, feeling ok. The stomach can be the most sensitive thing in our body, its a little wimp sometimes. And sometimes when its having one of its hissy-fits it can take a long time but it could just get better on its own, mine seemed to...

      coz I mean I was on a cocktail of about 6 medicines when I started this thread & I was convinced they weren't helping. Just make sure you keep on eating SOMETHING, stick to plain stuff like you are doing, drink water & don't dehydrate & just try to take it easy. 

      It turned out I had a bacteria called H.pylori, which is a little b*stard that can imbed itself in your stomach lining & make you feel sick, hungry and full all at the same time, give the whole "band around my stomach" sensation & pain after eating.

      It can be diagnosed through blood tests or by stool samples, the doctors finally saw it in my blood (BUT I HAD TO ASK THEM ABOUT IT, THEY WERENT GOING TO TELL ME IT SEEMS) but anyway it should clear up if you attack it with a full-on right hook hay-maker of 3 kinds of anti-biotics.

      If you see your doctor again, just tell her/him what youve told me & if they're good at their job they'll do their best for you. You should maybe mention the H.Pylori bacteria to them, apparently its something that is usually associated with Third World countries & is not immediately thought of by most doctors.

      Let me know,

      Andy x

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      Hello Andy

      I came across this post whilst looking up my symptoms which are very similar to this. You may already know/ or be taking them, but do do do take probiotics, e.g. acidophilus, because you have been taking anti-biotics. I had to take them as a kid but we never knew the side-effects then. They are very good, but they kill the good bacteria as well and as soon as you start eating sugary and yeasty foods, the bad fungal growth begins in your intestines/stomach etc.

      This is because all the good bacteria is wiped away, leaving free reign for anything to grow. This may sound a bit whatever but it's true, BELIEVE ME I have been through and still am - a little down the road and you have raging candida.

      So if you take plenty of probiotics now it should be OK.


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    Hi Andy its actually nice to know other people are going through the same experience, and actually know how you feel, i am off to the doctors his afternoon and will mention the H pylori test, I have read alot about Dyspepsia and my symptoms, I have also read that I have some of the red flags, age, loss of appetite, nausea, so hopefully they will start to do the tests needed, I am glad you are feeling abit better.

    thank you sue

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    Hi Andy...Good to know that you are feeling well now...Actually I have also been facing same problem and Symptomps from last 8 months..I was diaognised with H.Pylori bacteria through Endoscopy and on medicine from last 3-4 months which has given me only a bit relief. I have lost 15lbs in 7-8 months. Can you please let me know what all things have given you relief from this dieases as i cant eat and drink my fav things 
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    Hi Andy,

    I'm new to this site, I've had the same horrible stomach problems as you and was diagnosed with h pylori through an gastroscopy too, I have started the antibiotics 3 days ago and still don't see much of an improvement.. I am on amoxicillan and Clarithromycin along with a proton pump inhibitor. I'm just wondering if your h pylori was successfully eradicated and how long it took for your stomach to feel better. These antibiotics maybe are making me feel a bit ill with a metallic taste, which I know can be expected.

    I'm also 23 years old and the pain had being going on for a long time before I got the scope, it's also affecting my social life and I just feel miserable sad 

    I'd really appreciate to hear about your h pylori and how you feel now, Thanks so much!!smile

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      For about 5 years now, I've been on Amitriptyline which used to be used for depression.  Now they use it as a nerve medicine for the stomach.  It used to be I couldn't eat or drink anything without feeling nausea and a tight band in my midsection.  After being on the medicine for a couple of weeks, it relaxed my stomach and I didn't feel nausea.  The tight band was actually trapped gas which built up because of my upset stomach. I no longer feel the band and ff I miss a daily dose, I'll feel the nausea again and know I need to remember to take it.  My dose is 20 milligrams a day.  I found my brother-in-law also takes it for his stomach.  Unfortunately, he has to take 100 mg a day.  I had been through tests after tests before an internist told me he wanted to try this. I'm so glad it works for me because I can eat anything I like and not feel sick at all.

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