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I went to CT scan. Very nice tech there. Then I went home. Within a half hour I got a call from urgent to come there immediately, as I have a blood clot. Portal vein thrombosis. I was there for a couple of hours while they rechecked everything with yet another blood test.

Sooooo, I got to inject myself in the stomach, which I will have to do for awhile, then change to pills later. The shots are to thin my blood. The doctor explained every single thing that was going on, and would go on. This may be my biggest challenge yet, but by God...I'm not done yet. The havarti for the cirrhosis has to wait, yet again.

The clot has to do with the huge stomach bloat. After the second time my doctor fluffed it off, I got serious. The third visit I told him I was not leaving the building until he took my growing stomach seriously.....he examined it very closely, and immediately scheduled the CT scan.

This could get worse before it gets better...if it gets better. I feel sure I am in good hands between my doctor and the urgent care doctor who told me she was available to me at any time, for anything.

They were going to show me how to give myself the shots, but I asked to be coached instead. I told her if I couldn't do it there I wouldn't be able to do the two shots a day at home, so I did it. Hooray for me, I wasn't positive I could.

My next follow up will be on Wednesday with my regular doctor who was off today, but when the lab called him, he told them to get me in right now, into urgent care. So he, of course, knows everything, and they followed his instructions today.

Well that's the saga of my day. whew! I left there and took myself right to Burger King for a hamburger and frieslol....something I haven't done since the anxiety started.

I am posting this because so many people asked me to keep them up on what is going on. Some of you are close friends by now, and others are new friends. I hope you all understand why I didn't want to write all this again. It would have worn my skinny butt out. I need a nap now. Love to all, Cia

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    Jeez i wrote a whole thing and this site shot into outer space. Cia how does all this work and how long does it take to thin out the clot. Im sure they will probably keep you in blood thinners now. Do you get a visiting nurse to check on you daily? Or every other day? You should look into that if noone mentioned it. Good for you you knew to be firm and have that checked out. Very untypical outcome. I guess youll find out more in regards to the havaritis another time. When do they recheck it? Burger king would be honored that that was what you chose to go and eat haha.tasty.  Im sure you are very tired and i can imagine whats running thru your mind but dont let it Cia.oh cia you are really going thru a lot but each thing is fixable so hang in there, stay very strong and take it one day at a time. Im just going to say one more time find out if you get a visiting nurse. Someone just to pop in take all your vitals and see how you are doing physically. Making sure all is good with the shots and with you. I send you prayers, hugs and stregnth! 
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      Thank you Honeybun. I don't need a nurse, fortunately. I am only five minutes from my clinic, urgent care and the hospital. I have a check up appointment on Wednesday. I am fatigued most of the time, in discomfort from the bloat some of the time, but still can get around just fine.

      They will be keeping a close eye on me, and since I drive, I'll go there where all the records and equipment and experts are. The outcome and timing are all iffy. The truth is I am pretty used to one day at a time. I'm also used to having such lovely people here to take care of me, too.

      As my sister said to me earlier, I have always been independent, and taken care of myself. That's just my nature. I suppose that is a good thing, don't you think?? The urgent care doctor told me I was one of the best advocates for self she had ever met. That was an unexpected compliment in the midst of picturing myself voluntarily stabbing myself twice a

      I do need to, and intend to keep my mind where it belongs, and away from the what ifs. That's my job, so I'll so it. I'll just keep my mind on you-know-who's unmentionables. All is well. Hugs back, Honey.


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    god love you cia i will send prayers that they will go away xx
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    O my goodness u have had a rough time.

    First of all though u sound like one of the strongest people I know.

    Look what u have been through and yet u still sound so positive. It's inspirational for the rest of us who are feeling low.

    I really hope u get through this in the best way possible.

    Hope u enjoyed ur Burger King too, u deserved it!!

    Sending love and hugs xxx

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      I have no idea where I heard it Helen, but I remember hearing that we can only control/change  one thing... our attitude. I may not be able to control, or change something that's happening, but I can decide to change my attitude about it. From that attitude, the physical things can change. Anyone know who said tthat? I love it!

      As to positive or negative, well that's a choice we get to make 24/7.

      Don't worry, I'm not going to go all serious about this....I intend to laugh just as much as ever!! For some reason, stabbing onself ...voluntarily.... strikes me as hilariously funny. So feel free to make your giggle comments to your hearts You should have seen the nurse, doctor and phlebotomy tech try to get the top off the needle.  They were all there having a needle conferance. Finally the burly tech got a grip on it and really yanked. He not only got the top off, he knocked himself back against the wall. They all tried to stay professionsal and didn't work. I broke up, and finally stuttered out...Oh no you don't, I don't want to beat myself half to death  just to stab myself, twice. That did it....we all howled. Lots of love to my sweet Helen.


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      That quote sounds like hay or dyer kind of thing. Maybe dispenza but hes more into ..feel it healed kind of thing.  The mind body stuff. Cant use first names go offf to moderation haha. 
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    Dearest Cia,

    thank you darling for keeping us all in the loop. I was thinking about you all day and wondering how everything was going.

    You must be exhausted honey. It's so tiring being at the hospital and having tests. And you are very brave and very cheerful with your wonderful sense of humour holding it all together.

    As for the injections, if that's what it takes to get you well I know you will deal with it with your usual fortitude and wicked wit.You're a feisty lass and I don't doubt you will cope.

    Burger King? Oh Cia, good for you! And less of the skinny butt, madam, I'm sure your butt is as delightful as the rest of you

    Now you know your friends all love you dearest and as for myself, I desperately need you to keep me in check, keep me on the straight and narrow.

    Take care dear friend xxx Love ya, smile


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      Helen, You would have roared this morning when I stabbed myself for the first time at home. I got so excited, I jerked the needle out spraying meds around, and had to stab myself again before it all ended up on the kitchen floor.

      Oh God, there are times i drive myself right round the bend. I stood there laughing while pondering a career as a nurse that had to give shots, and the reactions of the patients when they saw me coming...can you imagine???eek

      My butt is indeed still delightful if you remember it from the covered wagon days. Even the horses used to stare in awe.

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      Were you riding a horse covered wagon when you attempted to stab yourself? How the hell did you miss? I thought you had a nice little pot belly, somewhere to rest your weary bosoms on. How big did you want the taget to be anyway? The size of Kim Kardashian's ass?

      Why am I not surprised? LOL 

      Doesn't take much to get you excited does it? Though stabbing myself in the belly would be bottom of my list, Cia smile

      You, a nurse? There'd have been a mass hospital ward exodus! The weak and the wounded leaping out of bed and hurling themselves through the nearest windows at the sight of you armed with a hypo needle and a steely glint in your eye

      You are incorrigible

      Thank Godlol you are

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      Helen, you are precious. You made me laugh out read your post, and laugh again.

      If laughter is medicine, I'll be better in no time at all.

      From the Incorrigible phlebotomist...have needle, will travel. Payment up front.

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      How will you travel? By covered wagon? You'll never get anywhere if the horses are staring at you in awe.

      Payment up front? How much will you pay them to be allowed to stab them in the flesh with your hypo needle? Anything over 5 bucks and you can count me in

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      I will travel by horse, that way they can't be distracted by my beautious butt. I will pay $7.38, so get in line.

      (Helen, by any chance have we lost our minds?) If so, beware the people who found them....uh ohcry

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      Oh, I lost my mind mine years ago ! I kept changing it and then forgot where I put it.

      $7.38! Holy sh*t! You can stab me in the ass as well for that  price!!!

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      Don't have a mind, don't have much boobs, don't have much hair (freaking pixie cutcry ) don't have much money .

      Still, looking on the bright side, who needs a mind when they have an acerbic tongue ?

      Hair will grow

      Boobs not big enough to emigrate south and bounce on my kneecaps They'll stay firmly in place

      I'll be raking in the big bucks when I let you loose on me with the hypo needle...

      .But...but then I'll be leaking like a sieve through the many puncture holes, I'll loose body fluids and vitamins and so my hair will drop out and then...and then I really will lose my mind!



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