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    Thank you Derek

    I have never had a problem with ciprofloxacin. Just got a script this morning for 14 days I may have a UTI so to be safe. I will see him on the 7th to see what is going on. Had blood Wed either UTI or I passed a stone. We will see.

    Even if I have never had a problem I know that there are men out there that due. When you are giving a pill by a doctor please check what the side effects are and be aware of them


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      With this family of drugs Some people can get away with it. It seems to depend on your genetics and DNA. With others you get away with a few treatments before it catches up with you. When there are other drugs it's not worth taking the gamble.

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    Hey Derek

    I laid down and was thinking about the article on the drugs. I did print it and put it in my file so I will have it just in case anyone what to know about it or did not get a chance to see it.

    Men need to research and medication that you get from your doctor. That is a must for me. If my Urologist or any of my doctors prescribe me anything. The first thing I do before I pick it up is ask my doctor what it is for and then do my own research.

    When you take anything you have to know what side effects to look for. There have been men on here and maybe else where that when something happen they don't know why.

    Men are given let's say Flomax or Rapaflo they will cause retro ejaculation and are not told about it. When it happen they freak out because they think something is wrong. You have to do your research. Some medication carry 30 or more side effects.

    All I ask is do the research. It will help you in the end. All of us on here try to give our brothers in pain our wisdom because we have been there and we don't want you to have any more problems.

    Good health to all.............Ken

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      Hi Ken - I hope you are feeling better.

      Regarding side effects I just want to mention that yesterday I cracked a tooth on a turkey bone and had to rush to my dentist who I have not seen for several years thankfully. He said he had to freeze my left side so he could do a new filing.He has a new system and wanted to know my BP. I asked why as that has never been an issue with freezing. he just said it was a precaution.

      When he injected the freezing the right side of my face went numb and I could not open my right eye. My left eye was seeing double vision. So my wife rushed me to the ER nearby where after a few hours of observation I was ok. Really scary stuff!! be well my friend . Howard

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      Thank you Yes I am feeling better Woke up this morning my whole bed was wet. I think I sweat it out last night. Still not great but much better no fever Thank God

      I'm going to have to check that out. I will be going after the first of the year have to have 5 teeth pull from the bottom and have new plates done.

      Did he tell you anything else. Did you ever have the tooth fix

      I just looked it up there are a few side effects like yours and also it can cause heart palpitations. This is good to know when you are going to a dentist

      I hope you are doing better. Just try to relax and rest. Stay away from the Turkey


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      I have heard that American dentists will not treat patients whose BP is high. Here in the UK they are not up on that some are also not aware that patients with A.F. should have an adrenaline free injection.

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      Thanks Derek and Ken - no I did not have the tooth fixed as they thought I had had a stroke! I am fine today and will go back on Monday to fix the tooth. I will ask at that time what the freezing chemical was and it was very different from past freezings and was administered differently too. The equipment was very new and modern with the x-rays showing up right away in front of me. Amazing how a cystoscopy can be quick and easy but freezing a tooth can be life-threatening!

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      Howard: When you say freezing do you mean just a regular novocaine or alternative anasthetic shot? I've never heard of actually using cold to try and numb the nerves so that a dentist can do a filling.

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      I always truthfully tell people that I'd sooner have another GL/PVP than an extraction or a root canal.

      I have a wisdom tooth that is niggling and the dentist looked at the X-Ray and said that will be a challenge as the root goes at a right angle into my jaw bone. He said that he might pass me on to a colleague at another practice.

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      When they say it will be challenging, that is bad news. I had that happen to me about 8 months ago, but assumed challenging meant that the dentist didn't have the right equipment. The root canal with the endodontist was 2 hours of agony. At one point after about 90 minutes and during an episode of intense pain, I actually lifted my arms as if I was going to strangle her (I apologized later and she took no offence whatsoever). It was bad and she almost gave up which would have meant an extraction; but fortunately, I got through it. Since that episode, I now use a waterpik every night.

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      I hate that this site "moderates" posts. At least provide the poster with the opportunity to modify the post. Now I have to write a long post all over again, which I think I'll pass on.

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      Hey Buddy

      Yes that is a shame and it does happy

      If you want to say something to someone that you thing may be moderated sent them a Private Message. It is much better and you can say what you want.

      Have a great day............Ken

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      You could always use Word and keep a copy before posting. I tend to do that in case a post gets moderated. Links to other sites are not liked nor to copywrite articles or with phone numbers or E-Mail addresses.

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      Hi - just regular novocaine but I have to say that what the dentist used on me yesterday was not novacaine as I never had a problem from that drug. "Freezing" is just a descriptive term as that is how my jaw feels but there is no actual freezing involved.

      On the Cipro stuff: a few years ago when I started CIC I got a UTI and was given Cipro which worked ok. I had no side effects from it. But 6 months later I thought I had another UTI though it was just urethral irritation. I was give Cipro again and it almost paralyzed me from tendon pains in my legs and shoulders. From what I read for some people the first dose of Cipro sensitizes the body to the drug so when the second dose is taken later on there can be an adverse reaction.

      Since then I use Keflex (Cephalexin) for my epididimytis with great results and no side effects. Howard

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      Howard & Derek

      I'm going to talk with my doctor when I see him on the 7th. I am taking Cipro for 14 days but he does not know that I had Tentititis years ago.

      No harm in telling him.Ken

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      August 22, 2016


      Subject: Important Changes in

      the Avelox (moxifloxacin hydrochloride) and Cipro (ciprofloxacin) Complete

      Prescribing Information – New Limitations of Use and Safety Information for


      Dear Health Care Professional:

      Bayer HealthCare Inc. and Merck

      & Co., Inc. would like to inform you of imprtant changes to the prescribing

      information for fluoroquinolone antibiotics for systemic use in the United

      States, including Avelox (moxifloxacin hydrochloride) and Cipro


      Limitation of Use and

      Safety Information for Fluoroquinolone Drugs

      To communicate important safety

      information for fluoroquinolone antibiotics, the U.S. Food and Drug

      Administration (FDA) has requested that all license holders of these products,

      including Bayer for Avelox and Cipro, implement a class label change.

      These labeling changes provide

      for revisions to the Indications and Usage section of the package insert

      to include a new limitation of use statement for acute bacterial sinusitis,

      uncomplicated urinary tract infections, acute uncomplicated cystitis, and acute

      bacterial exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, to reserve systemic

      fluoroquinolones for treatment in patients who have no alternative treatment

      options. In addition to the Boxed Warning, Warnings and Precautions, and

      Information for Patients sections of the package insert and the Medication

      Guide have been revised to include information regarding the risk of disabling

      and potentially irreversible serious adverse reactions of tendinitis and tendon

      rupture, peripheral neuropathy, and central nervous system effects that can

      occur together in the same patient.

      The labels of fluoroquinolones

      already had a Boxed Warning for tendinitis, tendon rupture, and worsening

      myasthenia gravis. The labels also included warnings about the risks of

      peripheral neuropathy and central nervous system effects. Other serious risks

      associated with fluoroquinolones are described in the labels, such as cardiac,

      dermatologic, and hypersensitivity adverse reactions. This information about

      the risk of disabling and potentially irreversible serious adverse reactions is

      based on the FDA’s review of postmarketing adverse event reports from the FDA

      Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS). This safety information was discussed

      at a November 5, 2015 joint meeting of the Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory

      Committee and the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee.

      Prescriber Action:

      Health care professionals should

      not prescribe systemic fluoroquinolones to patients who have other treatment

      options for acute bacterial sinusitis, acute bacterial exacerbation of chronic

      bronchitis, acute uncomplicated cystitis, and uncomplicated urinary tract

      infections. Health care professionals should encourage patients to read the

      Medication Guide that describes the safety issues associated with

      fluoroquinolones. The Medication Guide is required to be given to the patient

      with each fluoroquinolone prescription. Stop fluoroquinolone treatment

      immediately if a patient reports serious side effects, and switch to a

      non-fluoroquinolone antibacterial drug to complete the patient’s treatment


      Reporting Adverse Events:

      Health care professionals are

      encouraged to report adverse events to FDA’s MedWatch reporting system

      If you wish to request further

      information for AVELOX, please contact Merck National Service Center

      Please refer to the accompanying

      Important Information about AVELOX and CIPRO for complete indication and other

      important risks. Please also see the enclosed Prescribing Information,

      including BOXED WARNINGS and Medication guide for AVELOX and CIPRO.

      Bayer HealthCare is the license

      holder for AVELOX and CIPRO. Under terms of a marketing agreement, Merck

      markets AVELOX in the United States.


      Dario F. Mirski, M.D.

      Senior Vice President and Head

      Medical Affairs Americas

      Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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