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New to this. My gp prescribed me 20m of citalopram last week. I have taken it before (10mil) with no side effects but this time I am having extreme anxiety and insomnia. I have gone to a private gp now and he has given me 15m mirtazapine to help me sleep. One day on that and no sleep yet but I feel more relaxed. Any thoughts / info here? Is it safe? How long should I take the mirt for?

Any help would be great

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    Hiya, I have been on Citalopram for a very long time and I have had these side effects. I remember when I first started off I couldn't sleep very well and I did feel quite on edge. You just need to stick with it and fight through the side effects because the benefit does outweigh them. It took a good month for them to get into my system. How long did the private GP tell you to take the Mirt for? I wouldn't take it for too long if it is a sleep inducing drug due to risk of addiction etc. I hope you start to feel better soon.

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      Oh thats good then. Not too long. If you have problems sleeping after that I think trying the old fashioned way of a hot bath and a hot drink, read a book etc would help otherwise you'll be reliant on other meds which don't necessarily need to be used. I sometimes get insomnia now but only when I'm very stressed and usually once I've had one night of next to no sleep and I have to get up for work in the morning, my body is so exhausted that I do end up having a good nights sleep the following night. 

      Hang in there! You will be fine :-) 

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    Hi Gavin, I agree with Rosieh.  I wouldn't take them for too long as insomnia is often one of the initial side-effects of taking Citalopram which passes after 2-3 weeks.  Citaolpram actually increases your anxiety initially for 1-2 weeks and it is a rough ride but worth it.  

    Good luck

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    I took these for 16 years, came off for a year but had to restart due to stress of family illness so restarted and second time around had a completely experience starting up. The took much longer, and had different side effects.  Good news is that yes, they did work again, so just stick at it and be prepared for a long haul.

    Mirtazapine is ok to take with SSRI's.

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    I've suffered anxiety issues now for around 6 years in that time I have started on 20mg and currently at 40mg.

    When in bad bouts I suffer from hurrendous sleep issues. I recently went back to my GP who has advised me to taper my cit. 1 week 40-30-40-30etc then 30-30-30-30 etc on a weekly basis then lower and lower but steady. He also gave me mirtazapine 15mg at night. First 3 days slept fine so far so good. Still quite anxious and have a fast heart rate and a bit groggy throughout the day but better than not sleeping!!! Anyone out there have similar experience out there to talk to??? Anyone out there on similar medication that can advise and let me know how they are doing?? Any one find that this combo works for them??

    I've been fine on cit alone until recently. Doc said it could have stopped working, can this happen?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I have to go back to the go next week too.

    I've tried to find groups where I live but there is none which is a shame as I think group thearpy would be awesome.

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      How have you been doing? I would hope that since you posted this you are feeling a little bit better, as it takes time for these types of meds to normailize in our system. Mirtazapine also has awful next-day groginess side effects.

      I was on 40mg for many years but tried to go off of them and really screwed myself up, so trying to get stable on 40mg again.

      I have had sleep issues from messing around with my Citalopram dosage and was eventually described Mirt to help with sleep.

      It has gotten me a couple nights of sleep, but I feel awful and not like myself the next day, but I suppose that is better than no sleep.

      How have you been doing? Are you still taking the Mirtazapine or were you able to stop taking it and sleep on your own again?

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    How have you been getting on? I have recently been dealing with the same exact issue, so I was glad to find this thread. It's the worst when you feel like you are the only one experiencing the awful things you are.

    I was stable on 40mg for many years and decided to try and go off of them, but by the time I got down to 10mg, I had a major relapse and I have been trying to stabalize on 40mg again (I've been back at 40mg for just over a month now).

    My anxiety has mostly subsided agian, but also the biggest issue for me this time around was sleep issues. It has been a nightmare.

    I was eventually also prescribed Mirtazapine by my psychiatrist, after trying other things on and off, i.e. xanax, ambien, belsomra, trazadone.

    Mirtazapine with Citalopram definitely seems safe, and I have gotten a couple nights sleep with it, but I feel awful the following day, just groggy, dizzy, and way out of it. I hope I don't  have to take Mirt for too long and that the side effects will wear off after a few days. I definitely also worry about becoming dependant on something to help me sleep and just want to sleep on my own again.

    Please let us know how you are doing now! I would greatly appreciate some feedback. Thank you.

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    Hi some people take mirtazapine in evening.with drink of hot beverage i was drowsy at first but been on them many years now and no.they arnt drowsy must effect people differentley

    .now my.friend tells me antriptaline taken at night makes one drowsy .my doctor has now diagnosed me with insomnia so.only at most only getting 30mins nod at most a day hope you get sorted gavin

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    I have been on Mirtazapine for three years at 45mg and recently a Psychiatrist recommended the GP introduce 10mg citalopram as I have severe panic attacks and health anxiety. I’m slightly worried about side effects (but as I have health anxiety reading about them can trigger a panic attack) 😔 Id just like to know too if anyone found this combination of medication dealt with their anxiety well? I trust the Doctors but sometimes hearing other people’s experiences of things can help. 

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