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Good morning all,

I have read the debates etc with great interest

If am honest AM SHOCKED.....well am not sure that is the correct term moved like...I HAVE BEEN IN DENIAL....I have been on co codamol for about 4/5yrs...I don't take more than 10 a day which going by readers this isn't a lot BUT I am still addicted the slightest pain and I MEAN slightest I run and get some.....I have to admit I have not as yet come to deal with kidney problems...well to my knowledge....the only thing I have personally found is I sweat constantly and it's very embarrassing....having read all your comments and letters I WILL be making an appointment to see the doctor...I just wondered if sweating was a symptom for everyone or just me

Many thanks 


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    Have to admit City1960 I've never suffered from sweating but this is a sign of someone going "cold turkey". But if you sweat constantly I'm unsure. Your GP will have some idea and possibly order some blood tests. Good luck.
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    I take up to 8 a day and like you run to get one if I think I am going to be in pain then tell myself it is ok ad I am prescribed them. 

    To be honest it was also till not coming on this site that I realised I was addicted and saying it feels awful.

    I do get sweats if I try and cut down on them in the day but I do suffer a lot from ectopic heart palpitations which I am being checked for at the moment. No one has said it could be the co codamol and I am too scared to actually ask could it be them as I keep telling myself they should know as they know what meds I currently take and if I am totally honest worry they will just say yes as they cannot find answer for ectopic at the moment and take them away 

    So they are real pain to be honest would love to be free of them

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      Hi Amanda

      I have read some scary stories about these tablets as no doubt you going to go to the doctors on Thursday and have a chat

      Because it's embarrassing to say the least

      I will let you know what he says

      I hope you keep well so to speak

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      Hi god I feel quite envious that you are strong enough to ask doctor about them I want to but just can't at the moment.

      You think I would know better my mum broke her back and took so many of these danned tablets but she also liked a drink she died of liver failure and I know these tablets were a key feature along with the wine. She took way more than prescribed and just got worse as the painkiller effect wore off along with the happy coping feeling !

      After sitting with her for a week in the hospital she didn't regain consciousness for me to say goodbye and I knew then these tablets and the doctors how they prescribe such a high dependent drug are unbelievable but I know we need to find another solution

      I so hope you get help from your doctor and look forward if that is the right thing to say in these circumstances to hearing from you on how it went. 

      Good luck take care amanda

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      Please don't take this how it may sound

      I feel you have to face your demons

      If your not strong enough the fact that you know it's the right thing to do will no irate me

      Am not saying we should all be like that because that isn't always the case

      But I was 20st

      Drank a LITRE vodka a day

      Smoked 40/50 cigs a DAY

      I lost 7st... Though put 3 back on

      I don't smoke now

      Nor do I touch vodka

      In my head I know if I can conquer those demons this will be bearable

      I just have to realise the damage & reasoning behind it

      And reading the stories on here

      That motivation itself will get me there 

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      Thank you for your honesty and hearing you does help me also believe I can rid them as you say I didn't realise I was addicted at all in the first place it was actually coming on this site and reading other thread s.

      I did enjoy my wine after work and gave that up at Xmas but feel the tablets have taken their place which makes me think I have just rid one crutch for another.

      I will find a way but reading your post has lifted me 

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      You will.....if you want to

      Be honest with yourself

      If you visit the doctor

      Your being honest with yourself

      What's the worst that can happen?

      In all honesty he will probably ores ice something less addictive

      That's gotta be a good thing hey ?

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      Dear City.

      Understand this post hope you don't my butting in. I was a drinker and a smoker like you were. The pills just replace both of your old habbits. Think why you drank, how you stopped. How you stopped smoking. It will give you strength to beat the pills.

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      Hi Amanda again

      Funny enough I keep catching posts on my phone and am getting gobsmacked by the amount of people on these drugs and it really is sinking in more and more how addictive they are.

      I think we are all looking for that one miracle post which may help us cut down in a copeable way and copperbottmed I take most of my thoughts from your posts you are totally right most of us are just replace g one addiction for another but is there a key to kicking these without something else creeping in their place.

      Have been speaking to a guy at work who gave up drinking several years ago but have realised he gambles constantly and people on this site giving up food or again drink push forward their intake of co codamil ( at this point I quickly hasten not everyone as possibly some and I do think a very tiny minority  may not be addicted or admit they are addicted ) 

      Copperbottomed I apologize would love to know your proper name I really am Amanda pleased to discuss with you, you say you are kicking this codeine habit how exactly are you managing this and are you replacing your depletion of codeine with anything else which could be seen as addictive.

      Ps thank you for asking how I am getting on its funny but they should do site for us all to help each other as I know sometimes people come on here and take things totally the wrong way x so maybe more of a support group separated though probably this already exists but this site is good for us all to gain some help from each other

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      Hello Amanda


      Yes my name is Pete and I don’t really mind anyone knowing about me. I am just an ordinary man with three adult children, a house and all the other bits of so-called normal life around me. I give this because I don’t want anyone else to feel they are any different in anyway. I have used paracetamol with codeine for pain then it became a way of dealing with an unhappy life. Then I could not get off it. 


      Yes there are a few angry people on this site, had two bite my head off, its anger mostly wrongly directed. And also those who just refuse to accept they are addicts.


      Sadly going to the doctors unless you are really, really lucky will bring no magic cures. Addiction is about us admitting we have the problem, most lightly at a stage of being low, understanding how it can kill you, damage you then at last wanting to come off the drug. At this point fear and even the feelings of loss of coming off the drug hit us like a train.   


      Codeine with Paracetamol is for anybody, an all addiction, a legal one that is easy to buy over the counter so acceptable seemingly to all. Doctors give it out for pain often adding it to a repeat prescription and leaving the person on it without address. We need to have firm guidelines in place to stop this. Far too many kids taking it.


      It’s been a long fight but I am making really good progress coming off it. I find somehow and I don’t know why that the dissolvable ones seem to be part of the addiction. I think its because it works so fast, almost like a junkie using a needle to get the gear in and working as fast as possible.

      So I am only taking paracetamol pills, just and only when I need real pain relief. I take Dihidrocodine, pill form and have cut this down bit by bit. Now only on 8 mg three times a day. No more dry mouth at night, no more salt from the fizzy pills. The paracetamol is no longer an overdose, some days I take none. I was taking a 30 mg pill of codeine with the paracetamol with 16 mg of codeine 5 to 6 times a day.


      So I believe by removing the ritualistic habit of the fizzy fast way in several times a day, has really helped. By reducing four times a day to three every 6 hours, (waking hours) makes it so much easier to cope with. A good starting point maybe for you, same dose just only taking it every 6 hours, it’s easier than you might think. In time taking it every 7 hours.


      Once the paracetamol danger is reduced and that is what we are really concerned with here, we can work on the codeine.


      Someone barked at me a bit yesterday, they were taking 10 pills a day, liver damage for sure, kidney damage for sure.


      I go for my M R I scan next Monday.. liver damage which leads to death is a slow horrible process, if anyone else is reading this on this site please go and read up on paracetamol overdose and you will understand why you need to give it up… Taking an overdose, or long term use.


      Sorry as usual much too much script to read through, yet I just want to help others escape the damage they are doing to their bodies.

       Pete :>)      

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      Hi Pete I hope you are doing good I kept reading your last post and find you inspirational for myself with your honesty and felt really cross when people attack you though we know why!

      I tried really hard and the next day went down to four tablets unbelievable as normally six big fizzy maybe seven a day but you know what's coming next went full steam ahead next day and back in trap.

      I agree I do think the soluble ate worse for me anyhow I really crave that small glass every few hours but finding it so hard to change.

      I did enjoy glass wine after work but stopped very easily at Xmas never thought I would to be honest not huge drinker but definite habit bought wine on way home and opened as soon as indoors. The painkillers are replacement so thinking about I probably did not give up wine did I!

      To make matters worse my partner is on them now for his back has been for about 2 Years he never took any pain relief at all and I feel so bad as I feel I got him involved by allowing him mine when his back was unbearable though in my defence I did not know then what I do now, and unfortunately when I tried to tell him we were addicted he was very defensive as some posts you received on here hmmm!!!

      Total catch 22 I am living with someone who won't admit a problem I want to change but there are packs of 100 boxes on regular basis coming into my home so am looking at what I crave and feel that if am lucky enough to beat you his addiction temptation is staring me in face , my partner and I work together in highly manual backbbreaking job and long hours .

      Look forward to catching you soon Pete

      amanda x

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      Hello Amanda

      I was just about to close my email and this came up.

      You must never beat yourself up if you try and then slip. The real work is to keep trying, its a bit like giving up smoking in that many smokers take between 3 to 5 times to beat the habbit.. It took me 6 attempts to really stop smoking.

      I also found the clean glass with the fizzing tabs was very much part of the fix, once I took it pill wise it was not so actrive. Sorry folks if spelling  is off I cant find the spell check on here and I have dyslexia, at work they just have a good laugh.

      So 6 pills three times a day with 6 hour breaks... or just cutting off half a pill here and there. I am sorry your partner is also taking them yet maybe he really has got bad pain, it was the reason I stayed on them.. trouble is the doctor should have reviewed it all, and to be honest I would have said, O the pain is terrible without them.... junkie Pete.

      I have come back today after a C T scan to see how the land is. I will post the answer when I get it.

      Some years back I gave up being a house carpenter and joiner for family reasons.... My days working for myself were much like yours, long hours and very hard work, rewarded by drink and feed by smoking all day. So I do understand the triggers. I think you have also understood the trigers its the first step to stopping. Just think I still go in pubs yet don't drink, so the fact your partner is popping them should not really make a difference, yet it will be hard in your face, yet just think if you can bet it with this going on you will never let anything beat you again... Long hard days, overload of work will no matter what happens at some stage cause you both problems, we don't get any younger, yes we get bad backs and other things happening that we did not before.... time to relax, real you time for both of you is needed to balance things out, not the pills...

      I feel you will beat this, just keep coming back to trying again, even if its in a weeks time, each time you will learn just what really triggers it, maybe keep a log book and write why you could not reduce on a given day.... I bet it will be, a long hard day, a down day, a happy day, an angry day, the list is long as aducts always find an excuse... I know I did when I was a drinker.

      Take care and keep talking it will help others also who are strugging.


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