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Coming off citalopram. :(

I've been on 20mg citalopram now for just over a year. I decided to come off about 3 weeks ago as I had

started to feel so much better, which I put down to a combination of counselling and the drug which really did do wonders for my depression. I actually hadn't realised quite how bad it was till I started taking citalopram and I felt normal!

I've come off it properly, one every 2 days, then half every 2, then quarter every 2/3 days. The whole process took about 3/4 months. Now I'm on nothing. The physical withdrawl hasn't been too bad. I've been dizzy and kinda sick for the first week or so and that's starting to go now. However I've been feeling awful emotionally. I feel just as bad as I did before I started the medication, worse even! I feel incompetent at my job and I've even started wondering if it's right for me, I'm a teacher and I've always loved my job. I'm becoming paranoid about my relationship and tearful at the slightest thing.

I feel very depressed and unstable if that makes sense. I almost feel suicidal. Is this normal?? I really need some reassurance that I won't need to be on this for the rest of my life. sad

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  • Roma V Roma V

    I had been taking Cit 20 for just over 8 months and then on to the lower dosage of 10mg In Jan. Actually stopped taking Cit towards the end of May and then a few weeks later noticed I was getting a little short tempered with various things. Don't know if this was due to a lack of sleep. Then last week I started getting tearful.

    Went to my GP and explained what was going on. I am now back on Cit 10mg. for a few months. I had wondered if stopping the Cit 10 all of a sudden started the tears and short tempers, but the GP said I had done the right thing as the 10mg is the lowest of dosages.

    Before I started Cit 10 the first time round, the GP told me if I was to take Cit 20 every other day I would probably feel worse as that would give me an "up" one day and "down" the next. Hence going on to the lower dose. Do you think that could that be happening to you by what you said in your message about "coming off it properly".

    It may be an good idea to have a talk with you doctor as soon as possible.

    Remember you are not alone!!

    Good luck and take care


    • samantha54952 samantha54952 Roma V

      I have been on citalopram since feb 2014 after a tramatic family situstion, I just needed something to help me cope. I decided in july with my up coming wedding that I would like to reduce from 20 mg to 10 mg to ween off. My pcp suggested  to do this for one month and then stop completely.  

      He did warn me that there would be side effects from stoping the medication but they would go away. I finished my last script about a week and a half ago and about 4 days ago I began feeling so exhausted and weak. I am unable to get enough sleep to shake the feeling and the dizzy/ light headed feeling is more than I was prepared for. I am very tearful and feel anxious.

      I hope this feeling will end. I do not want to have to go back on a medication due to the fact that I would like to try and conceive and the birth defects are very serious and I am not willing to risk it.

      Please any reassurance would help rolleyes  

    • indy58040 indy58040 samantha54952

      How are you feeling today??? I'm in your same boat. Gone from 20 to 10 mgs over a week ago. My body does not feel normal. Aches. Pains. Palpitatons. Exhausted. Trouble taking a deep breath. All of these thing make me anxious!  

      Have you tried bachs rescue remedy?  Meditation/ relaxation techniques?  I'm confident these terrible feelings will pass, if you need anything let me know. I'll send you my email and will help anyway I can! You're soooooo not alone in this battle. 

    • lena25 lena25 indy58040

      I just want to say thank you for your note to samantha54942 - I am 100% in the same boat... The exhaustion is the worse and the hardest part... How did you deal with it?? 

      Any suggestions would be great! Thank you very much


    • lena25 lena25 samantha54952

      I just want to say thank you for your note - I am 100% in the same boat... Don't want to be on this medication and planning to have a baby in the near future. The exhaustion is the worse and the hardest part for me so far ... How did you deal with it?? How are you doing now? I see that you posted this 2 months ago.

      Any suggestions would be great! Thank you very much


    • sylvia 01740 sylvia 01740 indy58040

      I was on 20mg for 4 years, everytime i tried to come off, by lowering the dose, I felt worse then ever,  so my doctor,  just up my dose again.

      But this time I'm determined,  I've gone from 20 down to 10 over 6 weeks, Tuesday will be my last day. 

      But like you I ach all over, I find it very hard to get out of bed in the mornings, I have a constant headache,  and feel worse then I've ever felt, but at the same time I really don't want to be on citalopram,  I've put so much weight on with it, and I'm on slimming world diet too,  and it's hard when you go for weigh in and nothing has come off. 

      I just want to feel normal again.

    • gillian176 gillian176 sylvia 01740

      See my old took me a year to get off it,finishing on a ridiculous low dose of 1.25 mg daily

      i now take st jons wort as I could not cope after it left my body..see my last post

      it worked for me when I needed it tho , for which I am very grateful 

    • sheila33024 sheila33024 sylvia 01740

      Hi, Sylvia.

      I was told by my physician that you can suffer from seratonin withdrawals when coming off citalopram. Here is what has been working for me:

      I started at 60mg a year ago and noticed some bad side effects like hair loss and went down to 40mg. I observed that 40mg was fine and since everything seemed to be going okay, I decided to start weaning off about 3 months ago. What I discovered was that by dividing my dose in half - half in the morning and half before bed - I suffered less anxiety than taking waking up anxious in the morning because yesterday mornings full dose had completely worn off.

      I started with 20mg in the morning and 20mg at bedtime and am now at 20mg in the morning and 10mg at bedtime with no harsh side effects.

      **Please note that I am coming off because depression is not a problem any longer, only anxiety and sleep. I still take medication for those as needed (clonipin and ambien). I have noticed that I use my clonipin a slight bit more now that I am decreasing my celexa, but have also taken caffiene out of my diet and added exercise (walking) to help manage stress.

      My best advice: slow steps and if it something doesn't work, go back and wait a while and then try again.

    • barbara39398 barbara39398 sylvia 01740

      Hi Sylvia, I have just come of Cilopram after 7 years and I did it cold turkey, I am not sure if I am coming or going, the reason I was put on these pills was because I went to rehab to get off Temazopam, I ended up all these years on SSRI after defeating the biggest battle of my life, then to come across a drug worse to come off than I originally went into this private clinic for in the first place. I feel rotten at the moment but I hope it will get better. Bless you.

    • malissa22890 malissa22890 lena25

      Omg in just in the same boat tell me ladies hw long does the symptoms need to go away ive being off fr a week nw after ive being on citelopram 30mg fr a year or i cant hold it anymore i collapsed today as i was fr the past week feeling dizxy and sick.shall i keep going.or i yhink i need to go bk to the tab.its too muchh.dono wst to do.

    • angela61922 angela61922 gillian176

      I have been on Citalopram 10mg for a year and a half and have put on weight and decided to wean myself off them. I took them every other day and I'm off them properly now but I feel terrible. Dizzy/sick/ tearful/ irritable/ cross and really fatigued. I began to think I was poorly with middle ear trouble but after reading all these reports I think I have the same symptoms. How long does it last and should i go back on them?

      I have teenagers and young children....5 in all!

    • adam6454 adam6454 indy58040

      Hi Indy

      About 2 weeks ago my dosage of Citalopram was reduced from 20mg to 10mg. I had been on 20mg for nearly 6 years. Since the reduction I have felt really up and down. Tearful, very sick, dizzy and generally down. I have very intense dreams and wake up exhausted most days. Some days are not too bad. I was wondering if you have any advice to get through these tough times..I am aware it's going to be a rollercoaster so any advise would be really appreciated. Many thanks

    • cindy1957 cindy1957 sheila33024

      Hi Sheila. How are you doing off the cit? I've just started to come off a week ago, got 4 more weeks on a schedule my doctor made up for me. I was ion 5 mg for 5 weeks than 10 mg for 6 weeks, what do you think, will I have a rough time coming off when only being on the cit for about 2 1/2 months? Tired and a little dizzy, I have clonazepam for sleep. Any thoughts would surely be appreciated! Thanks cindy

    • gillian81071 gillian81071 angela61922

      i have been on 20mg of citrolapan for just over 12 months I know feel that I want to come off them I can't get an appointment with my doctor for another 20 days so I am going to take half a tablet a day till I see him.

      how long did your symptoms carry on for and how do you feel now

    • nikki-yvonne nikki-yvonne Roma V

      Hi I use to go on forums with a lot of down sides to this Citalapram -  Always trying to find some positive  forums  to draw strength off at my hardest times -I could not find many articles -so i thought instead of telling myself scary stories that i would never be able to quit - i would retrain my brain to postive thinking

      ,This is my 28th Day off Citalapram - Feeling better - i do get a little upset and moody but i have been told by a few different people in the medical proffession this is part of the course and your body is ajusting without the tablets .I am ready a book calles the reality slap - which is really helping it is about postive future thinking only read a few chapters but tryinng to re focus my thinking without relying on tablets which just masked my problems not solved them.If you had asked me this time last week i was about to give up and start some near tablets -glad i did not ,as although i do get stressed easily i am getting use to finding ways to cope with it like listernig to soft music ,laying on my bed for 15 minutes . I am still hoping this time next week i will still be feeling the same ,as i new alert .So to all my forum friends that are struggling it does get better i did not believe it at first -I am so glad to ride the side effects  -Take care all - It was worth it for me in the end -i have my life back .

    • g39280 g39280 nikki-yvonne

      I went cold turkey 1yr ago after 2yrs on Citalopram and other SSRIs but none of them ever did much for me, the side effects were worse than what I was already dealing with.

      I've never been much a tablet taker and I've come to the conclusion they rarely solve the problem, just mask it. Understanding that the thing Citalopram is supposed to treat is all in my head, I've come to think that's the problem to be addressed. CBT with a psychologist worked the best and there aren't really any side effects, just getting better and seeing things differently.

    • nikki-yvonne nikki-yvonne annice56558

      I was given the wrong information at the start from my doctor i was told to come off of the tablets straight away -From doing a lot of reseach to have the best out come you should reduce you tablets slowly - I to was afraid but i have to tell you that i have a lady everyweek for CBT the best bit of advise is she said stop telling myself scary stories and it triggers the brain into being scared - I still have days when i wonder is it all worth it ,get angry ,crying times,just feel generally low, i just let it go and release the emotion inside.It is day 44 i am still struggling with some days when i feel that i cannot cope ,i take rest to help me get through it ..To be honest i do have days when i am ready to give up but i keep telling myself if i can last the 90 days and look at myself again to see if it have made any difference  i know it is a gamble but i have gone nearly half way now -so if i came make it i would like to see a different me -- I will keep this site up dated so people can draw strengh that you can get to 44 days - A challenge but what isn't in life .. Take care my forum friends  -I will update you soon ...

    • Sleeping Better Sleeping Better g39280

      I disagree - I have never felt depressed or evidently anxious and I'm quite a relaxed and easy going character despite and a stressful job and several traumatic personal experiences over the years.

      My reason for being prescribed Citalopram was involuntary screaming in my sleep over 7 years (night terrors or fit-like events??) which sometimes caused physical injury eg. to my voice box and neck muscles.

      This drug has reduced these incidences by 98% though I would much rather not take it, hence my viewing at this site .......

    • fancy 222 fancy 222 sylvia 01740

      Don't give up things get better taking cipramil 20 mg for 15 years then in Jan 2016 came off in slowly had very bad time now I'm 31 days clean it not much fun but the house is so clean I'm keeping busy to get my mind off it all not sleeping to well but thank god fo tv but hang in there every one if a 71 year old can do it you can I do feel more myself It's still a long way to go I think it will take one more month but it's worth it don't go back on them stick it out your personality will come back 

    • patricia20051 patricia20051 fancy 222

      Hello fancy 222, thanks for your post. I am also trying to get off cipramil 20 after being on it for 15 years. A doctor put me on it after I went for help for Fibromyalgia which causes chronic fatigue, muscle pain and other ailments. I was never depressed though. I have tried several times over the years to take myself off cipramil with doctors help, but always have to go back on it. This is due to having nightmares, anger issues, hallucinating, not able to sleep well, nausea, and feeling out of control. I couldn't handle the anger which involved road rage. You say that you came off it slowly. Can you tell me how you did this, please. I was wanting to go down to cipramil10 but the doctor wouldn't agree, so I am going to another doctor who will help me with this. Has anyone else in this forum tried taking cipramil10 twice a day for a few weeks, then reducing it further to once per day? Really would appreciate any further info on this. Thanks

    • meghan31557 meghan31557 barbara39398

      Just reading your post gave me hope. I tried for years to come off of clanazaPam. I almost died cause I did it cold turkey. I had two grand mul seizures. I still kept going 6 months of the worst thing I have ever experienced in all my life. I see this is a year ago so i dont know if you will respond but could you please give me advice on private clinics to get off of clanazapam. I didnt beat that battle. Yet the doctors I spoke with didn't believe in benzo withdrawal. So they put me on cipralex 20 MG I've been on it now 3 years. 5 months ago I suddenly couldn't stop crying constantly. I am sure it's just because all the psych meds I am on are killing me. They say I have bipolar but nobody really knows I just feel like a cash cow for them and I suppose their not going to stop kicking me until I have ran out of money. So since I couldn't stop crying they increased my dosage of cipralex to 30mg my short term memory is gone. I have no sex drive. Gaining weight. Constipated and dehydrated constant headache. I don't even feel human anymore.

    • haylie24 haylie24 samantha54952

      I have been on Cit 40 MG for my past 2 pregnancies. the dr puthe me on it because of the anxiety I was feeling with my 2nd and third child. I had not stopped taking it between the 2, because 5 months after my 2nd I was pregnant with my third. But both of my children are fine normal healthy children. the only problem with my girl was kidney reflux but I expected that because it runs in the girls in my family. but she is now 18 months and it has fixed it's self! but I don't think you have anything to worry about being on the drug and getting pregnant..

    • nikki-yvonne nikki-yvonne

      I was last on here seven months ago - Only managed to hit 53 days - was admitted to a rethink centre - They put my back on a lower does of  10mg Citalapram -after 4 days bads headaches again -Come off Citalapram for 32 days -headaches went but the withdrawal and other systems were to terrible to cope  --Tried 3 other anti depressants -all caused me the same problems -horrendous head --I spoke to my psychiatrist  who agreed that a cannot tolerate anti depressents after 17 years -  Now again i am on 32 days today -still struggling  - seeing a psychiatrist ,Cpn nurse , using Crissis , doing meditation , Mindfulness , i am having some bad systems and i have no way back - My GP said that there is nothnig to help discontinuation syndrome ..My psychiatrist has given me some Lorazepam to help occassionally with stress and anxiety .

      I am still struggling so i have decided to go to Hypnotherapist to see if this will help -- Just wondering if anyone takes 5HTP and it helps systems and depression ?? - And if you can take it with Hrt patch -- And does anyone really know how long it takes before you feel yourself after Anti depressents discontinuation syndrome  ?? There does not seem to be much data .. I read that you could feel yourself  after approx 3 Months to 3 Years -- Anyone been through this i would love to hear from anyone -who has sucessed and are Free from Anti Depressents ..Thank you 

    • bob45964 bob45964 carol33553cupof

      Hi Carol.  It is getting easier every week.  Most of my anger is gone, the brain zaps are decreasing, slepp is better, and my mood is improving.  I didn't stop cold turkey but gradually decreased over a few months before stopping.  

    • nikki-yvonne nikki-yvonne bob45964

      hi -Glad you are feeling better did you taper off your drug - Seen my psychiatrist today and cannot believe she said that is no difference for my coming off straight than the is tapering and was told most people cut back to 30mg and then stop  - i was in a state - so concerned my brain is not getting better i have got to have a Ct head scan - very upset this afternoon - stressed and angry my head will not give me a break  and start letting me get back to myself -- Need some help for people that  actually experiening it ..  My psychiatrist hows about giving pills out -but my head cannot tolerate them anymore after years of being on them - i asked her som questions that she could not really answer about coming off the tablets - worried and scared .. 

    • zimzima zimzima samantha54952

      Hey Samantha,

      I'm so glad I got to read your comment and fidn this thread as I'm in the same boat. Just moved to a completely new country for me away from my entire family and friends to be with my husband and start our new home. Got off the tablet gradually as I don't want to risk birth defects as well...

      Been a week since I got off and I'm feeling super light headed and disoriented and really teary eyed... I feel alone and cry for the slightest thing... I was quite ok with comng to my new home and all of t long as i was on the tablet, but getting off of it has been so hard. I'm about a week in to it now.

      Have you found any hope? Are you back on it? I really want to have a baby and start a family but can't do so whilst I'm on this...

    • allie88849 allie88849 barbara39398

      Hi Barbara. What is your age? I am 64 and during my bout with breast cancer began to take both Letrozol a cancer fighter drug and citalophram for depression caused by my disease. After 5 years remission my doc took me off Letroziol and citalophram. My insurance refused to pay for them after he declared me cured of cancer. I quit citalophram cold turkey 3 months ago and my symptoms are exhaustion and aches and pains. I hope my body pulls itself together naturally. I am just dragging myself around! How long before my body starts to recoup on its own?

    • alyson61061 alyson61061 fancy 222

      I was attacked in my home by my ex husband when I was eight months pregnant I went on citalapram straight after my son was born he's six now and I took my tablets every day some how I believed they were saving me my ex husband came up to see the children and stole my tablets couldn't get a new prescription because of bank holiday four days without them I feel lousy but figured if I feel this bad without them they weren't good for me in the first place I'm determined never to take them again good luck to everyone

    • ingleby1996 ingleby1996 Roma V

      I have been taking Cit 20mg for 7 months now due to bad anxiety . My anxiety has reduced a lot and very occasionally having panic attacks. I don't consider myself a weak person and never knew these tablets were anti depressants when my doctor prescribed them to me, I just assumed it was to calm my anxiety down, which i'm assuming it has.

      I would like to come off these altogether eventually as I feel as a person I do not want to rely on any sort of medication. I tried coming off them before not realising there was going to be withdrawal symtoms...I came off them for 2 days and on the 3rd day I started experiencining dizziness, sickness, tiredness so I went back on them and been meaning to seek medical help.

      I still haven't got round to going to the doctors yet, but I would like to know how long it takes for the withdrawal symptoms to stop and how long it would take to come off them altogether???

      Any advise would helpsmile x

    • threadneedle threadneedle fancy 222

      I am in a similar situation to you, age 71, been on citalopram 10 years, ranging from 10 to 40mg doses in that time, but on prozac 13 years previous to the citalopram.

      My GP gave me a programme to come off over 2 months, but I think it might not be enough time.    Finished taking them 3 weeks ago, was OK for the first week, then started feeling really low with a lot of crying, feeling low, swishing sensation in my head, and slight dizziness, also lack of sleep and fatigue.   I just hiope and pray that it will get better, as I have hair loss and pins and needles in my feet, which I am sure were caused by the citalopram caused,   God bless you for your information.

    • crystal23 crystal23 zimzima

      Hello zimzima!!!

      I have a question! I see you posted this 3 months ago, so I'm wondering how everything is currently with coming of cit for you? I have been on cit for a little over a year and I just got off it. Been off for about 5 days now and im not feeling well and needed a little hope. I feel EXTREMELY dizzy all the time. And light headed almost like I live in a balloon. I'm starting to feel nauseous, and kind of losing faith here. I took myself off to have a baby.

    • Donna00112 Donna00112 crystal23

      If you referring to me, the physicians in the hospital took me off cold turkey.  So, when I returned home a week later, I decided that I had better take at least 20 mg daily.  (I was on 40 mn. daily).  Now, my psychiatrist has me on 10 mg. daily and started me on another antidepressant.  I'm still feeling nauseated, dizzy, trouble sleeping, very anxious.  I worried about all this.  However, we must hang in there to get through this!

    • crystal23 crystal23 fran72020

      I was on 10 mg for a little over a year then went to 20mg per my doctor . Then dropped myself down to 10 again after about 3 weeks on 20 mg . And after dropping myself back down to 10mg I stopped taking them about 2 weeks after

    • Hope71736 Hope71736 Donna00112

      Hi Donna, i too am coming off citalopram. I glad your withdrawals are gone. I'm feeling the withdrawals and this gives me hope. Is there any way you can share how you're feeling now that your off? Thanks

  • pietaker pietaker

    I've been on Cit for abut 6 months and just came to the end of my pack and decided I felt a lot better and that I could just come off it straight away and get on with my life.

    But it hasn't been so easy, it in fact feels like I have gone backwards, Especially in the evenings I feel tearful and very alone, which for the past few months hasn't been the case! I keep meaning to go back to the doctors but it feels good to think I've come off it, the fact I was on it in the first place sanderns me. Which has now turned into a bit vicious circle!

    Do you think cutting down is a good idea? I feel what i have before was perfect! Though i know i can't rely on it forever!


    • laura45889 laura45889 pietaker

      Oh my goodness; the reason you you feel so low is because you stopped taking them so suddenly. You should never do this on your own, if you want to come off them you must always seek medical advice first. I have been on citalopram for about 5 years and only just been able to come off them, but it was a very long process of weening myself off. First it was 10mg every other day, then every 2 days etc and I did this for about a month or 2 for each stage so that it was gradual.

      I have tried in the past to just stop and it has left me feeling so ill and teary. I think you need to continue taking them and when you feel you are in a better position, see your Dr and speak to them about weening off them.

      There is no shame in taking anti-depressants. So if you do need them, do not see it as a weakness x

    • irene20565 irene20565 pietaker

      I reduced down to 10 mg and then stopped. For a month I felt great, loads more energy and more my old self., confident and outgoing. Then I got suddenly worse, feeling alone, sad, suicidal thoughts. This was not just because of citalapram withdrawal (had some health problems) but  I am now back on 10 mg - thinking I now need 20mg.

      I just think my ability to cope with any stress has diminished and any blip in life and I go right down hill. I think citalapram helps the hill not to get too steep.

      hope everyone feels better soon xx

    • lorraine54774 lorraine54774 laura45889

      Hi Laura. How didyou find your withdrawal from citalopram? How are you now? I have been on them for 10 yrs and have recently reduced to alternate days of 20mg 10mg. Soon to be 10mg daily. Id love to hear how you are getting on x

    • simon36892 simon36892 laura45889

      Hi Laura.  I just read your post and have been using the same process as you to wean myself off Cit. I have been taking 10mg every other day for about 5 months now and all the withdrawel symptoms have disappeared.  I last took 10 mg around 3 days ago and so far have had no adverse reaction yet. From your own experience, do you think I can get away with stopping altogether now? I wonder how long it was for you to get from every other day to coming off them completely? Also and finally the big question - are you still managing to live without them after a year plus?  Any suggestions would be grateully received.

      Thanks, Simon

    • jazminebb89 jazminebb89 laura45889

      Hi Laura, I've been on Cit10 for about 3 weeks now and I feel great! I see life a much happier and better place, my relationship with my fiancée is the best it's ever been. Before I started taking Cit I didn't feel depressed a lot but I still felt somewhat depressed. Now after reading a lot of these stories I feel like maybe if I get off these soon while I'm still fresh on them I won't have problems in a couple months or years from now when I do want to get off them. All this seems scary! But Cit did help me a lot and still does. Is this drug really as bad as everyone makes it seem?

    • allie88849 allie88849 laura45889

      Laura, I know there is no shame in taking antidepressants, but I am looking for a natural alternative. I went off cold turkey and my dosage was 20. Now I feel so exhausted and I have to push myself to do anything! Thinking about St. Johns wort. What do you think?

  • Sarahdee Sarahdee

    I was only citralapram 20mg fro a year, I hated being on them ive always been a strong minded person and didnt really want to go on them in the first place but they did work for me and got me out of a hole!!

    I decided 8 weeks ago that I was in a good place and just stopped taking them (yes any doctor would tell you this is the worst thing you could do) but I just needed to do it. My husband has been incredibly supportive and we threw them in the bin together. Well I had two - three weeks of absolute hell, irritable, dizzyness, itching and sleepless night but I got through it. It has now been 8 weeks since I stopped taking them and I can honestly say its the best thing ive ever done not only am I happier, I feel more in control actually have some energy and some emotions back.

    Now i've just got to loose the 18lbs I put on wile taking it.

    Its not easy and you can't do it on your own but I DID IT!!!!!!! :-)

    • Creampuff Creampuff Sarahdee

      Thanks for sharing this!  The worst part about coming off Celexa is the insomnia!  I was on 40 mg. for 2 yrs.  Decreased it to 30 for a month and now I'm on 20.  Your post encourages me to keep going, even though sleepless nights are killing me!  Best wishes to you on your weight loss!

    • LahuSee LahuSee Sarahdee

      I know been over a year, but I wanted to find out how you have been? I have been off for 2 and a half week. Sleepless nights, tired most of the day. Lost a little appetite from lack of sleep. Feels like before mess, but 10 times better. Can you explain more of your symptoms when you got off meds. The two to three weeks of pain you refer to.

    • eval eval Sarahdee

      hi i also know this has been over a year ago! lol. i was on 20mg for a few months and doc says im not depressed so i should go cold turkey sad im kinda worried about this as im going abroad on my own for 3 weeks starting next week and i dont know what ot do if i experience bad withdrawals sad can i ask how u coped with the symptoms? i have a feeling ill need lots of it! also if  i get bad withdrawals,, would taking the 20mgs again stop them? rolleyes sorry i know ru not a doc. im just scared to ask mine cos she kept saying it was fine rolleyes blah idk

      Eva xoxo

    • LahuSee LahuSee eval

      Most doctors tell you to slowly come off, I did half pill for a while, thirds and than zero. I had mild dizzie, tired spells but overall was good. Than insomnia   Hit me. But I had to adjust my sleep schedule to try and get better sleep. I have seen on other blogs that if you feel symptoms, take what you was taking before, and if it goes away, it's a side effect. I would ask you doctor to help you come off slow. Most doctors will tell you a plan to cut down. I did my process myself, because that's what my wife was told by her doctor. Good luck and keep me updated please. 

    • gemlharrison gemlharrison LahuSee

      Hi I have very slowly started to come off cit. I tried taking it every other day then every 2days then every 3 then every and so on. I got to 10mg every 8days so decided to completely stop but the side affects are still there, really dizzy zapps in my head, feeling sick, hot and cold and no energy at all. I have been on it for 3years now, after reading about seritonine syndrome I have started taking it again. I'm 24 and really want to get off and have kids. Has anyone got any advice for me. Hope you are all well

    • gillian176 gillian176 gemlharrison

      See if you can find my old posts but that is far too quick. To reduce. That's why you had a problem. I took a year to come off 20 mg. Reducing the dosr by 2.5 mg each time using a pillcutter on 10 mg tabs and staying on each reduction for 4/6 weeks . Finally was on 1.25 mg..approx! As my last dose. Been off now 3 weeks. 

    • Grl1960 Grl1960 Sarahdee

      Thanks so much for posting. Like you, I was against anti-depressants and had never been on them. I got talked into going on Cit for anxiety and insomnia almost two years ago. I was on 10mg until earlier this year when a few situations in my life made me feel like I needed a stronger dose. I asked for a 20mg prescription, but by the time I got it, I didn't feel like I needed it so I cut the pills in half for a while. Then my mother died unexpectedly. I started taking the 20mg pills that day. It's been 2 months and now I really want to get off of them completely. Your post gives me hope. I gained 15 pounds while on Cit. Hope we both have luck with that issue!

    • gillian176 gillian176 Grl1960

      Well I was just saying to another post tnat I was so irritable last few days have decided to look at St. John's wort which my GP did suggest at one point and I dismissed . It's so easy isn't it to think up tne dose..believe me I have thought the same way whilst I was reducing them parents are both in nursing homes , neither of them well. Life gets more stressful doesn't it . By the time these tablets arrive I will have had 4 weeks off cit so shouldn't have a problem with seratonin syndrome . I am a big boned ..ha ha..woman anyway but am sure I have tne weight gain too...

    • lena25 lena25 gillian176

      Hi! I see that you posted this 3 months ago. If you are still getting these messages - could you tell me how you are doing 3 months later? I went from 20 to 10 last 2 weeks and now for the last 4-5 days the exhaustion is very bad during the day... I will try cutting down by 2.5 every 4 weeks - maybe it will help... Did you have any withdrawal symptoms??

      Any suggestions would be great! smile Thank you!!

    • gillian176 gillian176 lena25

      No I didn't but I took a year to get off cit. then on the cit free month that followed   , by the end of the month as the ridiculous low dose of 1,25 mg left my body, I cud feel the problems return

      I put mysrlf on st Jon's wort one tab.. At night...332mg I think but after two weeks upped that to one on morning as well. Am holding my own in wat I see as a low chemical balance problem. But I am at gym 3/4 times a week. Do meditation classes. And listen to meditation podcasts on iTunes daily.  It helps. I will never be able to cope on my own because I do feel it's the chemical balance that tips me sideways!  

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 gillian176

      Hi been reading down through the discussions and glad to see that you got got good advice from some where.  Have been trained in chemical imbalances - mainly due to counselling in a drug rehabilitation christian centre.  I have been on 20 mg for 4 years due to hormone imbalance which is causing the chemical imbalance.  Most people don't know this but your hormones actually control over 400 functations of your body.  When I started going through perimenopausal years I had a breakdown due to my hugh hormone fluctuations - which a lot of women end up experiencing.  Have lots of experience on this and I myself will be coming down off citalopram now that my hormones are coming back under control due to extensive research and being under a professor.  They actually had to shut my pituitary down at one stage to get things under control - my case was severe.  The guy I trained under for counselling advised me that you should drop very slowly like you did - but you should drop the 2.5 mg - then let your chemicals rebalance for 3 months before dropping again - it takes approx 3 months for your body to level out properly.  Have been given a good herbal remedy to help you if any one is interested.  This is a subject very close to my heart, along with infertility - I know some one who got pregnant using hrt due to hormone imbalance. I have helped quite a few women who have had hormone imbalances caused by 5 year implants, etc. etc. As hormones have such an impact on the brain and can cause depression, anxiety, insomnia and even more severe symptoms like I have had the list was endless.  I hope this helps.

    • claire16441 claire16441 melanie00616

      i have been on citalopram 40mg for about 8 years & a few months ago managed to knock it down to 30mg but every time I try & get it any lower I go through horrific withdrawal symptoms inc awful headaches, cramps, sickness but worst of all really bad mood swings/irritability & tearfulness. I am trying to knock it down again for the last week & now my husband is threatening to leave me because I lost my temper so badly last night. I was advised to try to come off it as I have been diagnosed with adult ADHD in the last yr & am on Concerta XL 72mg/day & apparently these 2 drugs can make anxiety worse...?  Given your experience & training do you have any advice as I am wondering whether to abandon trying to come off it again as these symptoms all come flooding back. I am a teacher with children & simply can't take time off to get through this so anyone's advice would be much appreciated. Do you think a merena coil would aggravate these symptoms as I have had this for last 8 years too. Thanks in advance. 

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 claire16441

      Hi there,

      I so feel for you.  Yep, if your symptoms started around when you had the merena coil fitted, I totally agree this is what is causing your so say ADHD.  They tried to fit me with one, but luckily on a stay in hospital I manged to talk to this lovely nurse who also had training in the same area as me and told me to avoid it like the plague - in another forum on citalopram there are plenty who are suffering from hormone imbalances. They are fitting lots of people with these 5 year implants and my God some of those poor girls are throwing bipolar symptoms and being labelled.  Have helped get some sorted.  My mum was a sister and she worked with people also who had chemical imbalances - they tried to label me at 39, but like you these things don't just arrive, but I already knew it was my hormones. I would recommend getting it removed - but it can take a while for your hormones to settle down.  I am on citalopram whilst going through an early menopause due to my ovaries being hyper all my life.  COuldn't take the pill would be bouncing off the ceiling - so would my mum.  Good luck their are specialists out there that can help and if you need any other advice always here.

      Lots of big hugs.

      Mel Xx

      p.s.  Citalopram comes highly recommended whilst hormones being sorted out.  I talked to the pituitary organisation.  My symptoms were far more severe than ADHD, I have evorel conti patches which are stopping my high hormone fluctuations.  They are just getting sorted as they shut my pituitary down at one stage to give my body a break.   So will be coming down off citalopram 20 mg but very slowly.  2.5 mg over a 3 month period before doing any more.  Used to be on 30 mg.  For my hormones I see a lovely professor in endocrinology.

    • claire16441 claire16441 melanie00616

      Thanks for your kind reply Melanie. It is amazing how much we don't get told about the effects of contraception implants etc. I am definitely going to arrange to have mirena removed & see how I go from there. Best of luck with your health too. 😊

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 claire16441

      No probs there is lots they don't tell you, but basically if you read the book you will see that all studies are done on men!!!!  Women and hormones are greatly not explored.  For instance I have an adrenal problem, due to when my hormones come in at night, especially around ovulation or my period lots of adrenaline comes in with mine.  But there are facts you can find out there is one site called woman to woman and they will tell you your adrenal, thyroid and hormones are all interlinked, etc. etc., all controlled by your pituitary and make up your endocrine system.  I have seen people describe brain zap.  Have discussed that with the Professor I am under.  It is my pituitary going in to hyper drive due to my hormones again when they are coming in - but I could actually feel it thumping behind my nose as well as the symptoms others have described.  He did say it was the best description he had heard.  All of these plus even worse symptoms have been calmed down by the patch.  They don'[t tell you going through menopause for some women is hell, the chemical imbalance it causes and basically it stresses your body to breaking point.  Over the weekend I am going to do some discussions on brain zap, hormones, etc. etc. should have some time then.  Don't wish to scare any people as I have been labelled as severe.  Most of the time problems occur when people are chemically sensitive.  But most of the time they cover the side effects to some women as mood swings!!!  Best of luck to you too.

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi Melanie

      I went on 10mg of cit last January 2014 for anxiety due to perimenopausal. I have never suffered with depression, anxiety etc previously. I am 49.  After six weeks I increased to 20mg and finally felt like my old self again!!! I cant tell you how amazing I felt! My doctor now wants me to start gradually coming off. Over Xmas I reduced to 20mg every other day as I had ran low of tablets. I decided to keep this going but last week I started to feel anxious again realising straight away that this was probably due to my reduction of Cit.

      I have got more tablets and am back to one a day so I am hoping to to back to how I was feeling.

      I am very interested in what you say regarding hormones and perimenopausal and the tremendous effect it can have and for years. (My sister experienced this). I really would like to find out more about this. I am concerned that my doctor wont want me to stay on the 20mg. I really dont think I am ready to come off them?!

      Thanks so much in advance.

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi there Mo.

      Oh it is so good to hear that you got back to your old self!  No don't come off the citalopram and stay at 20mg.  Citalopram is well known for keeping homones at bay from fluctuating widely.  It will probably take a little while to calm down again.

      I am a wealth of knowledge on this and due to my severe and I mean severe fluctuations due to being perimenopausal I did so much research before finding the professor I am under in endocrinology.  This is due to the pituitary which releases all the chemicals which tells our ovaries and in turn effects our thyroid, adrenal and all sorts of things.  Hormones control over 400 functions in our bodies, including effects on our brains.

      Basically what you need is a good hrt replacement - they have got me on evorel conti and believe you me, my husband can't believe the difference.  Now and only now am i reducing from 20 mg, again which the professor has said I needed to stick until hormones balances out.

      So sunday I dropped from 20 mg to 15 mg I trained in a drug rehab centre and they recommend doing any thing like this real slow.  So 3 months at 15 mg to get my chemicals to rebalance out and then I will drop to 10mg and probably stay there until gone through the menopause as it really does stress the body out.  There are so many woman on citalopram to get them through the changes this presents.

      You can tell your GP that professors recommend this.

      I was up to 30 mg last year as they shut my pituitary down for a while to give my body a break.  Then reduced back to 20 mg again dropping 5 mg for 3 months and then another 5 mg.  No effects but obviously did stress my body out a little but soon readjusted.  Whilst reducing in early days can recommend a herbal remedy - real good.  They use in the drug rehab - as they have to go cold turkey if you wish.

      I have been on cit 20 for 5 years and the professor has said he will not rush me off it or the patches - natural oestrogen and patches are the best, as patches continuous supply and don't wear off like the tabs.

      Good luck and all the best.

      Big hugs  Mel Xx

      p.s.  always here if you need any advice.

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Mel thanks so very much for the long reply. You sound like you have been through and learnt a lot. I really value your advice and I really want to stay on the CIT as a year isn't very long.

      That book does sound good I will look for it on my kindle. I guess it really helps to understand how you are feeling?

      That's very nice to know that I can message you, thanks . My sister is a great support to me and I think these forums are so good.

      I am going to see my doctor so perhaps I could discuss the HRT.

      thanks so much again and I will message again

      Glad u have managed to sort things yourself and long may it continue!

      M. Xx

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      So glad to be of help.

      Support is the best - we weren't meant to do things alone, and it is real good that your sister has been through it and can give you the hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

      There is life after the menopause and boy will I throw a party when I have gone through it - lol!!!!

      Big hugs Mel Xx

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi Mel

      I feel so much more positive, thank you. My anxiety has mostly gone away (been back daily on the cit for over a week now). Yes my sister is great! And thanks to people like you also as its great to talk to someone who is actually going through exactly the same thing!!!

      Yes party sounds good!

      I am going to the doctor in 2 weeks so I will let you know how i get on.

      Hope you have a great weekend :-) xx

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      I don't feel so good this weekend...still have headache everyday frm going back on CIT 20 daily but my anxiety has returned.

      My partner had a meltdown and a real moan last weekend and I can't get it out of head. I feel like I'm living on my nerves a bit Mel, does that make sense? He can be moody to which I He can be moody to which I usually just ignore! I love him we been together a few years.

      And on Friday I thought I was getting there! Hope it's just a blip. Damon hormones have a lot to answer for!

      Any words of wisdom are welcome!!!

      Thanks Mel xx

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Oh I so feel for you.

      Unfortunately whilst going through the high hormone fluctuations that happen whilst going through these years really do bounce us all over the shop.

      Yes it does make sense my husband and me spend a lot of time together and are soul mates but the other day I was feeling really emotional (hormonal) and we never have cross words, but he got it full bore.  Plus when I feel like this if he shouts at our 18 month boxer who is quite naughty.  It really grates on my nerves.  So I totally understand as normally every thing goes over the top of my head.  Not being able to get it out of your head - that's the hormones making us over sensitive I get this too.

      Headaches again when things are coming in and going out, hormones, I get really severe headaches and had a brain scan - lots of woman suffer like this and they discovered it is my sinuses - because oestrogen does do this - read also citalopram can play them up as well whilst settling in etc.

      If you look at oestrogen dominant on the web you might recognize a lot of the other things on there.  As my ovaries are low and I didn't know as nobody explains that when they get like this they start really pumping to try and make your body kick start them - hence lots of oestrogen and head aches as well as our pituitary going in to over drive, which puts pressure on your sinuses.

      The mention of hormones are banned in this household!!!!!

      Oh with me I am 1 week in to reducing from 20 to 15mg on cit - which upsetting the apple cart but now my hormones have settled down want to get back to 10 mg - but stressing me at moment so hormones a bit more noticeable - what a double bind!!!! 

      But know I will get there Xx 

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Thanks Mel you always make me feel better! And thats exactly it, things that would normally go over my head just irritate me and I tend to think back to bad things that have happened in the past etc, it is almost irrational!!!!!!!!! And yes things totally go round in my head and I have force myself in to trying to feel positive...its soooo tiring!

      I realise that by reducing the cit to what I did and then suddenly going back to the full dosage means its going to take a little while to go back to the great that i was feeling?? Do you agree??

      But I am at work, eating and sleeping fairly well...all good signs?! Im just negative with makes me anxious or is it the anxiety that makes me negative???!!!!! 

      I hope you find 15mg ok? So hard to make changes isnt it because it is the worry that goes with going through it!!! 

      You will be fine.. I am sure I will be too!!! :-) 

      Thank you again Mel xx

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Tell me I am a very positive, confident, outgoing person who loves a good laugh and then I become negative, don't want to go out and just want to dive under the duvet and stay there - it is so warm, no one there just me and I can curl up and sleep, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the world.  Don't worry those days are few and far between only when my ovaries are building and feel like they are going to explode and before my period!!!!!  I had 18 months without them when they shut my pituitary down to give my body a break - bliss!!!!

      But through my training I know they are just feelings that we don't have to give in to and can put them to the back of our minds and push through - yep tiring!!!!  Another double bind - do I don't I??  Oh decisions.

      FInding 15mg okay just the hormones kicking hard to deal with - my pet hate!!!

      Yes I agree about the cit.  All good signs - you are doing really well - just look at where you have come from should give you some positivity.

      My husband calls it my scatty time lol.

      I have a really good friend - both suffer the same - ring her up and have a really good laugh about it, it sooooooooo helps..

      Big hugs Mel Xxlol

      Here any time you need

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Yes exactly! When I feel like this I feel flat, brain fogged and unsociable...and when Im happy everyone knows it cos I'm just full of the joys!!!!

      You seem to be doing very well and you are confident ...yes my partner says 'have u taken ur happy pills?!

      Seriously tho (!) I should be positive as u say. I was in this boat a year ago and I only remember 2014 being a happy year for me...thanks YET again Mel!!! Positive thoughts, positive thoughts !!!

      What so u think of CBT by the way?

      Thanks it good to write all this down smile xx

    • sheila33024 sheila33024 Mo.101965

      I tried a lot of different things and when I was put on Lexapro, it worked like a champ. I was a new person in days. Celexa is basically the same in generic form, so it is a lot less expensive. But the point is that I had to go through a lot of unsuccessful, or only "so so" meds befor eI found the right ones for my brain chemestry.

      It took a lot of time and but when you find what works, I think you should stick with it and just adjust doses (or come off) based on your health at that time. My doses have gone up and down on all htree of my meds. Sometimes I need more, based on my anxiety level, and sometimes I need less. I just know myself. If I get up in the morning and can't seem to focus or get started, I know that it is caused by my anxiety being elevated, so I take a half of a clonipin and see how I feel in 30 minutes. I also know exactly how long the effects of my ambien last, so if I want to get up earlier in the morning, I take it earlier in the evening. I think you just really have to pay attention to yourself and know that a mood swing or anything that is "off" may mean I just need to adjust my meds very slightly that day. I am always trying to take the minimum, but sometimes my body and mood are telling me I need a little boost that day. Like I said, I take 20mg of celexa in the am and 10mg in the pm, but if my anxiety has been super high, I may make it 20mg in the pm as well. When you wean down, you have to go slow and pay close attention to how you feel. What could just be a bad day for other people is probably your body telling you to make a slight adjustment to your meds. I am not a doctor, but my doc does know that I make small adjustments downwards, but never over what i am prescribed.

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi there,

      Guess what mine was I got another one of those nasty things that I hate - a period!!!  That is the second one this month.  No wonder I felt like crap yesterday.  The trouble is with me I bring in a lot of adrenaline with my hormones, especially to bring my period in, so last night I could have run the marathon and this morning - well just exhausted.

      At one stage I had to have adrenaline blockers - never again, that is the only time I have suffered with depression and I mean bad - once off them - all disappeared.  I wouldn't suggest them to any body.  So put up with the adrenaline - only a couple of times a month.

      Brain fog - tell me about it.  Had got all that sorted and learning spanish at the moment.  Was doing really well - as there are lots of short cuts in it - my brain loves short cuts.  How it functions.  Now I have trouble even thinking about it - but know it is because of the reduction of citalopram and down to withdrawal and a double whamy month.  Oh boy who would be a woman.

      As you say positive thoughts - not long now and all this should end, oh please God.  I must be the only woman on earth who wants to get old so that the menopause will hurry up - oh what a party I will throw, lol.  As I told the professor I want my life back.  I am severe with my symptoms because my heart used to stop and my blood pressure drop through the floor etc. etc. before the patches.

      CBT never thought about it, but in saying that before all of this I was always hyper from my hormones - as my ovaries had run wild for years and then all of the sudden bang - oestrogen dropped and so did I.  So I had to learn to accept at first - which was a big step for me - patience has never been my strong point - every body used to say Rome wasn't built in a day - well I did - had tremendous energy to not a lot.

      So once acceptance hit I love to create so when can't do a lot physically, I knit socks - jazzy ones - taken up quilting and knit real hard design jackets etc.  Have always loved a challenge.  Luckily these things run in our family.  Next year going to take up dress making - mum was real good at it and she taught me how to make curtains.  So that is my therapy.  Last year joined a choir - that really is fun - couldn't really sing - but can now after being taught how to.  Loved it we learnt how to sing Goodnight sweet heart, etc. etc.

      I hope as always this helps - best source of medicine as my dad would say is laughter and lots of it - girly down time.

      Big hugs as always Mel Xxcry  Me today could have a real good boo hoo, that helps as well.  Not normally an emotional person - but today could have one.

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 sheila33024

      Hello Sheila

      Thanks, that is very interesting. I basically have been on 20mg of Cit for one year and it has worked like a dream..over xmas I was forgetting to take the odd tablet and noticed i was almost on one every other day so I continued that way.. i now realised that was a mistake! I think i felt so good that i thought it would be ok! I am now back on 20 everyday..this has been for 11 days and I am up and down (I guess my body is having to readjust yet again!).

      You are right, it takes a while to find out what is right (I started on 10mg, not enough!). Once you are there is such a relief...

      Thanks for your reply :-)

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Oh no Mel, that is why you felt so rubbish!!!! Damn things and yes who would want to be a woman! 

      Its funny cos I saw your earlier replies regarding the merina coil...guess what? My first symptoms started when i had my second coil put in? When I questioned my doctor at the time she said there was no way it was down to the coil? My first coil worked brilliantly for five years.. I have always been a little thoughtful regarding the second one! (I have had it for 18 months now).

      I agree that laughter etc helps... and hey guess what...I definitely feel a bit more 'me' this morning!!!! And keeping busy is no prob with me I have a family and a full time job etc etc and I read loads.

      You sound so positive anyway, well done! We will get there!!!!.

      You are a fab inspiration to me - thank you Mel razz and hugs to you.


    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi there hope you still feeling like the old you!!!

       My last GP asked the professor under if would help my hormones the merina coil.  Needless to say haven't got one!!  I wouldn't have one after what I learnt, through a nurse.  But think as we get older the hormone fluctuations get worse.  As they go higher than when pregnant and then just drop and like coming off cliff edge.  I was so bad at one stage my body would go in to complete shock and the cold sweats that would break out from my hands and feet, etc. etc. were horrendous - didn't think going to make it.  Thank God with the Everol Conti all behind me.  I know for a fact I needed the extra eostrogen, but also the progesterone to steady me out which they have got.  As since 30 my periods were non existent due to not having enough progesterone.  My GP on questioning it said well you are 30 - no it was just a right imbalance!!!!  Ah well that is all behind me.  Love the professor I am under - so human and so has time for you and loves to answer the questions - than just fob you off - as they don't want to admit they don't know what they are talking about - don't get me wrong some of them who specialise in womens wellbeing like the one I am under now does - but had to find her and a better one couldn't wish for as she listens rather than tries to tell me and what ever I and the professor suggest is no trouble. 

      Feeling lot better now 2nd period arrived this month just washed out - I know before started injections my periods were getting closer together - 3 weeks.  But month before 5 weeks apart. 

      As always ever hopeful that the menopause is round the corner and I will get my life so back.

      Take care and keep us informed how things going.

      Mel wink Xx

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi Mel

      All very interesting what u say...thank you.

      I just googled merina coil and anxiety and I'm shocked by what I have read! It's certainly something that I will talk to my GP about.

      I don't feel too bad thanks I think I'm improving every day! Glad u r feeling better.

      I'm having an early night!

      Speak soon xx

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi Mo

      Glad u feeling better.  Once you know what is going on - it so helps!!!

      I so would like to do a blog on here.  Our hormones are the building blocks of our bodies.  It is what puts as out of balance physically as well as mentally by our neuro chemistry.  Hence chemical imbalances, etc. etc.  Main cause of anxiety and depression.

      But so glad you got to do some looking in to things.

      Catch u soon Xx

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi Mel


      I dont feel too good at all this morning!

      My partner's sons argued last night and although my partner was ok,  i got all anxious that something was really going to kick off! Oh and I was doing so well! And then work is very stressy today so I feel pretty bad Mel, headachey, swallowing alot, butterflies.

      I am now a little worried about the coil if I am honest but have docs next 


      As I have improved during this week, i hope this is just a blip? Its almost like im worried about worrying?!!! Does that make sense?

      I hate feeling negative, I am normally a very happy person but I think altering the CIT has really sent me down! Back on 20 a day, 13th day - still early days??

      Yes blog sounds good.

      Always good to hear from you xxx


    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi Mo,

      Oh I so do feel for you.  Hormones make us oh so sensitive to things, arguments especially. 

      But yes the reduction in cit would have up set the apple cart, but you will level out again, I know first hand how it feels like taking forever and not wanting to feel like that.

      Don't worry about the coil - you can get it taken out and yes it will take your hormones probably 6 months ish to resettle down.  But at least you will be covered  by CIT whilst they do.

      I have been to hell and back with mine try looking up menstural cycle and physcosis.  I had no back up, my gp wouldn't listen to me and I was all alone fighting this - knowing what was going on - my 3 cousins suffered this, so did my nan.  Mine didn't become apparent til my oestrogen dropped drastically - I literally use to dread my periods.  However research - pituitary organisation - they said cit the best for hormone imbalance - obviously as my chemicals imbalanced.

      I could write a book with what I went through and probably will.  If it wasn't for the professor that the pituitary org recommended I couldn't have got my medical record rewritten as they had me down as schizophrenic even though no evidence apart from 1 physcosis.  Not on any medication except cit and like my mum said doesn't just happen!!!!

      Stay positive and at least you are one step ahead of most people and you can see light at the end of the tunnel.

      Those patches really have balanced me back out as patches don't wear off like tabs - everol conti - they were recommended by a head gyny along with the professor I am under.

      Don't know what day of your cycle your on??

      Big hugs and lots of love Mel lol Xx


    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Oh Mel you are a such a help for me with your replies, you always make me feel better.

      Yes I have upset the apple cart and YES I will balance out! Its just going to take a bit of time and I should know this because I have been here before...its just that this morning (I feel a bit better now) is the worst i think i have ever felt because of last night...and it really wasnt a big deal but its just like my brain just couldnt cope with the stress! 


      Yes you have been through so much and I like speaking to you because you have the knowledge, it is good to know that CIT is the best one to be taking whilst going through this rollercoaster!

      No monthlies now due to the coil??? So dont know where I am...another thing I have always been unsure of!

      Yes  will discuss the patches with doc...

      Thanks Mel :-) hope your day is going well, I am def feeling brighter this afternoon!!! 



    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi there Mo,

      So glad you feeling better.   Could give you a big hug!!

      Unfortunately our hormones come in at night.  I never have any prob falling asleep and in fact sleeping in general until ovulation / night before period, when hormones wake me up because of the adrenaline (hence physcosis).  So mornings are always worse especially on waking.

      By mid day they wear off - thank God.  Cause of two periods this month - one day just felt so sick all morning!!  Yuk don't do feeling sick!!!

      Yes I didn't have periods for 18 months when they shut the pituitary down to give me a break as my body couldn't handle the stress it puts on our body and mind.  You are oh so correct, it's enough for us to go through the hormones.  But I paid double when I come off them, but it did make me feel better.  I mean I had a constant period for about 3 months.  But it was putting my blood pressure up as normally don't have a blood pressure prob - but that is back to normal now thank God as my doctor was getting a little concerned.

      Even though got coil - a cycle will still be going on - as it was for me even though no periods and a surpressed pituitary.

      Mm surpressing periods, unless absolutely necessary, just lets things build.  But I can honestly say when I got my first period it was just a release and the patches made me feel just soooooo much better my husband couldn't believe the difference.

      As always take care, big hugs Mel wink Xx

      Keep us


    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi Mel

      Yes looking forward to going to the doctors to discuss various! First thing is the CIT to settle my hormones back down to where I was! Definitely feel brighter this morning, I had a lovely relaxing evening last night and slept ok. Day 14 so I hope it wont take too long now!!!!

      Yes i am interested in those patches, they sound like they have done great for you...but CIT first!

      Glad you are doing good!!! I am so hoping I am getting there too rolleyes.

      Hope you have a good day. The sun is shining here in Surrey! 

      Hugs to you xx

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Totally agree with you.  Glad you had better eve.

      I have come such a long way.  When all this started in 2009 - didn't even want to be in a room by myself as my heart was stopping etc. etc and we lived in the middle of no where, with no neighbours - never again.  But hey that is definitely in the past. 

      That is why I decided to do what I did, because of the lack of help and understanding I got, being left to get on with it, with no support etc. etc. - and when this is all over I will either get a degree in hormones!!!!! or mental health - probably both, as they are so inter related.

      Having real good day.  Still got period, but since yesterday less hormonal and my body has got used to the reduction in cit.  So next week can go back to spanish and actually take it in again as was doing so well.

      Here in Spain glorious sun shine just come back from walking our 18 month old boy boxer - barrel load of monkey's he is.

      Notice on one of my news letters from women's wellbeing that lack of vit d - they are putting down to all sorts of things.  I definitely suffer from SAD and know from the professor that is hormonally linked.  I feel so alive in the sun.  Out door person too.

      Lots of women on my travels have said they love wintering in the sun due to their hormonal probs.

      We packed every thing in - still rent our property out - but live in an american rv and go between Spain and England as there is no way I could work with the exhaustion I get.  But my husband works here and there and lucky because of his qualifications can pick things up.

      It is so much cheaper to live here, especially with the exchange rate and we only pay 10 euros a day - that includes all our water, electricity, no council tax, no tv license etc, etc.  Oh yes not forgetting that diesel here is 1.02 euros, which equates back to under 80 p.  Not like rip off Britian - but that's another subject.  So to live here cost £1,800 + our food obviously and again clothes such better quality and sooooooooooo cheap.

      Hugs to you too Xx

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      You have come a long way!

      And yes you will have a degree! I didnt realise so much was linked to hormones. Vit D is def lacking here at moment! Sounds likes your life is very relaxing in Spain, lovely! I dont blame you for moving away, I dont think I could but Spain is so nice in the winter. And the fact that its so much more reasonable.

      Will look in to Vit D! cool

      I am continuing to have a pretty good day..fingers crossed. Am at my partners tonight with the rowdy teenagers lol! I think i can cope!  I really hope I am on the right track now 

      xxx Enjoy the sun Mel


    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi Mo,

      Hope you having a really good weekend.

      Had coffee with my friend yesterday.  Her daughter has had lots or probs with her hormones and anxiety and I have to hold my hands up redface she had CBT.  Sorry with the training I have had it is called reality thinking.  Any ways she had a really good one and it worked - but they were counselling her at the same time and got to the route cause of her anxiety being that her mum had a serious bike accident and they didn't think she was going to make it.  She had a really good counsellor.

      Okay this has really helped me as after all the adrenaline that comes in with my hormones, my brain hates it and marks it as danger, as it remembers what happened just before the physcosis as I could feel all the adrenaline hitting my brain - yuk.

      So with my training in the drug rehab I learnt about the lymbic part of the brain.  Sorry just me - I need to know the in's and out's of a ducks arse lol!!!

      The lymbic is our subconscious.  It stores all our emotions, feelings, responses and traumas.  It also controls our survival responses like flight, fight or freeze.  So any shadow and I mean shadow of a former event will signal to the brain danger and the exact same feelings will be brought fore front.  So the brain is seeking reassurance.  So it took a while but all I had to do was switch subscious thinking to reality (logic) and tell my brain there is nothing happening it is safe nothing to panic about.

      CBT is the same but they teach you to replace negative with positive, which works the same way replacing panic mode with logic (reality).

      Hope this so helps and yes I would find a good teacher on this as it really does help, but there are also some not so good.

      Renewing of the mind and learning how it works has been found in studies to really help - I could just picture Mrs Tishall in Doc Martin with the elastic band as they tried this CBT with us to do with golf - as it really is a mind over matter game - but the woman who came and gave us the talk did little for me, so didn't want to comment.

      As always big hugs (Mel) xx

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi Mel! cheesygrin

      I had a lovely weekend thank you, how was yours? Although i did work Saturday but never mind! I am feeling sooooo much better! I think these tabs are brilliant. Dont think 100% yet but nearly there!

      That is so interesting what you were saying on Saturday. When I read it it was like ' that is exactly how I can feel!'. My doctor was telling me about too much adrenaline and how we can view it as danger. I know that this is the kind of thing I feel when I am not right. I am nervous about being in a tricky or difficult situation (something is going to go wrong, I am not going to be able to cope etc etc)

      The lymbic part of the brain really interests me.You word it all so well Mel! Particularly the part of former events etc.

      I am so glad I got to talk to you on here!

      I would like to really get into learning more, CBT or other.

      I must go now but I hope you have a lovely day and always fab to hear from you. I hope you are still feeling good?

      Lots of hugs xx


    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi there glad to hear you had a good one and that you are feeling soooo much better.  I had a good one too.

      That feeling is because our hormones leave us feeling not in control - overwhelmed and basically exhausted.  I have talked to lots of women and the two most common ones are getting impatient at the til when shopping or in a shop with lots of people and driving.

      When I was at my worst I couldn't co-ordinate etc and really didn't feel safe to drive again the brain craves to be safe and I actually am a real good driver. etc. etc.  Lots of women do suffer from burn out going through perimenopausal years in to menopause and am sure it is the adrenaline factor.  It is medical fact adrenaline brings our hormones in - I had so much in my system when I had the physcosis (from my hormones) they don't know how my heart withstood it.  But I was also having acupuncture to get me through which made it ten times worse - but that's another subject - as it is not as good as they make out for us and they are starting to realise this as explained by my GP!!!!  Did some research on this to - mm.

      Any way as always here if you got any questions or feelings/emotions need answers to. The one good thing I did learn is that they are just feelings and we don't have to give in to them - we can choose our thoughts - not saying easy, but once we start to reprogramme that lymbic oh boy can we start to feel in control again.

      Other - go a bit careful on I worked along side a mental health team with a woman I was helping and they have started to realize that all these alternative therapies are starting to bring peoples anxieties out.  Noticed there is also evidence of that on here as there are lots of people talking about Reiki and the spiritual side and after having talked to a real close friend of mine they are taught to pray things over you their beliefs, etc. etc.  After an experience I had wouldn't let any body near me unless I really trusted them.  The spiritual side of life is something we are not supposed to mess with. 

      I spent another whole day keeping a 17 year old girl out of a mental institution (I am crb checked and they knew I was with her).  But what some people can install in to our subsconcious through different things is amazing.  Somebody only has to repeat something four times and our sub believes it.  The power of the mind is amazing and as such taught we should guard it very carefully.  Not wacky this is all medical fact.

      A friend of mine who was a consultant has said that I should do the degree in mental health and probably would as love to help people where I was left to fight things and do it alone.

      Fab to hear from you to.

      Lots of hugs too Xx

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi Mel!

      Sorry I havent been in touch, i have had two work days from hell! I think the cit helped me cope but i felt a little anxious as it was extremely stressful... today couldnt be more different! I am relaxed and feel quite happy!

      How are you?

      As usual, i loved reading your last post... guess what? I went to the doc and she happy for me to stay on the CIT for another year and a half and then take from there! I am lucky she is so understanding!

      Mel I must go as quite busy. But I hope you are good and the sun is shining 

      Hugs as always xx

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi Mo,

      Sorry to hear you are having hell at work, but on the other hand good that you coped with it.  Feeling anxious in extremely stressful situations is perfectly normal.  So glad today you are feeling relaxed and quite happy.  That shows your back.  As if you were just plain anxious would still have it all going around in your head.  Good for youcheesygrin.

      I am doing really well.  My body has adjusted to dropping to 15mg - think it stressed my brain out for about 10 days - then felt perfectly fine.  Thank God.  So wait another couple of months and then drop another 5 mg to 10 mg - then think I'll stay there until after the menopause.  See the professor in May, and will see then how my ovaries are doing - think two years ago they were 8. 1 - 3 very low and just there, 3 - 8 low.  So must be getting there any way the test should show!

      So pleased for you that your doctor has agreed to let you stay on CIT for another year and half - that takes a weight off your shoulders. Having a good GP is second to none.

      We had a lovely day out today - try once a week, and celebrating tonight as we had news today from the company we have had a legal fight with - that it has gone in our favour, lucky for me able to do it myself and hasn't cost us a bean, except my time in drafting letters, etc.  Also our dog is responding better to his medication - than the last he was on.

      We rescued him here and is a spanish boxer - beautiful, but we didn't realize he had leishmania which they have an epidemic of here.  Basically it is a parasite in the sand flies & mosquitos, but it puts them in to organ failure if untreated.   

      So all in all going well.

      Hugs back as always. Xx

      p.s. sure as we get older we don't handle stress either as well as when we are young!!  I forget that I am not 20 any more, but middle aged 45!!

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hello Mel! How are you?

      You sound like you are doing great! Healthwise and everything else! Yes going to the 15mg sounds like its worked ok for you and yes I dont blame you for wanting to remain on the 10mg, I think it is a good idea. Hope you enjoyed your celebratory night out cheesygrin. Good news re your dog, he sounds adorable.

      Yes really pleased re doc and I think the relief has improved my mood even more, i feel great! Really looking forward to the weekend... in your words, I am definitely back!!!! 

      Hope you have a lovely weekend, its beautiful today here, really sunny but its a chillly 4 degrees!

      Hugs to you.

      PS I am older, 49..  a big birthday this year but really looking forward to it!!!! xx


    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi  Mo,

      So glad your definitely back - it is a real good feeling!!!!  It gives you the motivation to start planning again, without thinking what am I going to be feeling like.

      Doing really well and know in a couple of months when drop to 10 mg will be good, just need to get through the first week and then will be fine.  Plan it and make sure can have a few duvet days, get some good movies etc. etc.  It will be once back in England.  Turbo is great and has come such a long way.  But I love working with dogs, put a lot in to him, for a 18 month old boxer, who is on his 3rd owner, every body adores him.  Met a guy the other day who trained rescue mountain dogs and he said that he was so good.

      Ah our weather this weekend.  We got a storm on the way - the wind is really picking up - but today it felt like summer again - breezy, but so warm.  Any way by Tuesday the weather will be getting warmer here.  But between now and then, tomorrow we will be rocked in our rv and Sunday plus some of that horrible wet stuff.  Probably only had 3/4 days so far this winter.

      Can't believe where winter is going, we have only got another 10 weeks left in Spain!!!  But can't wait to get back home and spend time with family and friends.  Although have lots of friends here too.  So blessed there.

      Hope you have a lovely weekend.  Glad you got some sun shine.

      Hugs back.

      p.s.  hope you have put orders in for pressies!!!!! cheesygrin

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hello Mel! Had a fab weekend! Then for some reason yesterday felt a bit odd! (do you understand that feeling of worrying about becoming anxious, if that makes sense? out of the blue?!). Ok again this morning. Tabs havent completely kicked in I guess? But thats ok. Patience! My partner is feeling a bit down, things like that make me worry I guess...

      It snowed here this morning! It has been really chilly since last week. It looks so pretty. Spain is amazing at this time of the year, so much sun and warmth. Lovely to have Spain and England to go between! 

      Was your weekend good?

      Hope it is sunny and warm there!!!!!

      Hugs to u.xx

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi glad you had a fab weekend.  Mm had a good one but lazy as my body trying to force another period - as having them every two weeks and it ain't happening so quite painful as got lots of adhesions and my ovaries are pumping which in turn makes my pituitary pump bad - so hormonal - but just enjoying feeling quite on a level playing field - if that makes sense.  Tried to do spanish yesterday - just weren't happening as she was speaking to us and we had to write down what she was saying and it was going through the fog first.

      Sorry to hear your partner is feeling down.  The worry bit sounds like the mother in you - if that makes sense.  Us woman hate to feel all is not well in the nest!!

      I would also imagine your brain associates worry with anxiety - which could be playing in your subsconscious.

      It is warm hear but at the moment but quite windy.

      Hugs back Xx

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hello Mel. Poor you that sounds rotten for you, but you are coping!!!!!!!!

      It is completely strange... but after my really lovely weekend (spent with my partner and no kids!) I have felt rubbish mostly.

      My partner seems a bit happier but i feel negative like something is just going to go wrong! I think I have said to you before that his house is very loud, teenage boys (he is a single dad) and can be stressy! I hope and pray that after 27 days of 20mg cit a day I am getting there but I seem to be having good days and then bad.. I think I remember it being like this previously but I could do with some positivity..and I thought of you!  Why does my brain feel sooo negative when i feel like this?!!!

      I do hope you are doing well.

      Thanks to you in advance Mel.

      Big hugs. xx

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi there,

      Poor you!!!  The trouble is our hormones can bring us down to feeling so low/tired & stressed and then the negativity creeps in without us even realizing it and starts to take hold and then the hormones lighten up and hey presto we can take on the world - lol.  Well may be.

      Me - well - stressed - my husband is quite low at the moment - but I don't worry as I know what is causing it.  The injections are making our dog really fiesty.  Still not got my period - pain - yuk - and I don't do feeling ill at all well.  One bit of good news though won the legal battle.

      But I can honestly say now my hormones are back on a level playing field can cope.  I try not to think too much or put too much in to my thoughts, know it is hard - but the training so helped teach me this.  Like last night my pituitary was thumbing and I was hyper, but just concentrated on feeling warm and all snuggled up and safe in that warmth and it so helps.

      Been out today, although exhausted, and had a lovely walk along the beach and now feeling quite mellow.

      Have you talked to your doctor about the patches - they soooo help and level that brain chemistry back out and your positivity and dealing with stressy situations. 

      Teenage boys and all that testosterone - mm.

      Hope this helps and you are feeling better today.

      Big hugs.  Mel Xx

      p.s.  keep us updated.

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi Mel.

      Yes i agree... once that negativity starts creeping in there is often no stopping it controlling us and yes next day u can rule the world when u settle down! I have looked over my posts to you and I have had good dare I say that I probably havent levelled out yet (back on Cit for 4 weeks??).

      Have been talking to someone else and the same thing has happened. He thinks it takes some time to get right again because of 'upsetting the apple cart'!

      You say you husband is low..this is it for me.. when my other half is low and I am ok I can handle it like you!!

      Oh hormones hormones!! I dont feel as bad today and trying to be up beat!!!!

      Glad you are doing good, always nice to hear from Mel.

      Hugs xx


    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi Mo,

      Glad you feeling better. 

      If you wish I could teach you about our thought patterns and the negativity that they bring in when feeling low and so they replay again and again in our subconscious. 

      Alot of people don't know this but we can actually change those thought patterns!!!

      They are normally established when we are young and to do with negative experiences and/or false beliefs that are often other peoples fears which they instil in us.

      For example you'll end up just like your aunty - pregnant at 16, was my father's - totally put my off boys!!!  Could run with them at school and I had this guy come up to me at 15 and ask for a kiss as his mates had dared him - horror - i didn't even know how to kiss - lol.

      Glad to say that fear did subside and happily married 2nd time around - however my dad then went on to worry if I was gay lol.  By the way have gay friends, nothing against them and find that they are on the whole very caring people, etc. etc.

      Sounds like you need a girly time - I could do with one and can't wait to get home and see two of my friends that are just a scream - one is a scatty scientist type and reminds me of prof on back to the future and the other used to be a consultant in America (Americian) and is now a minister in England - but she is just a scream - like whoppy goldberg in sister act.

      We don't actually get a lot of time together - but when we do it is a hoot.

      We are going to book rooms next door to each other in a nursing home, when we are elderly, as all have older husbands and have the times of our lifes.

      Hopy you have a good weekend - mine is going to be duvet based as just exhausted from those darn hormones - like you staying up beat and they are not going to be in control!!

      Big hugs and best wishes.

      Mel Xx


    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi Mel!

      Oh yes I'm very interested in this! It's amazing how powerful the mind is and yes when I have these negative feelings they do go round and round in my head! So annoying ! Have woken not feeling bad but I would like to be able to control these feelings for sure. It must help so much.

      At the moment, as my other half is low (and sometimes grumpy!) im worried world war 3 is going to break out in the house. All males, the boys can be argumentative and in turn my partner gets cross and I just can't deal with the stress (which usually I can! I just ignore).

      Like I said, I had a lovely relaxing weekend last weekend with him and by the Monday afternoon at work, I started feeling anxious again for no's like I worry about feeling anxious and then I get anxious!!!

      Yes love my girly times with friends and my grown up daughter and I always have a giggle!

      Duvet weekend sounds good. We arent doing much either which is nice. I hope the cit kicks in properly soon!

      Enjoy and take care and thanks as always!


    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi Mo,

      Woke up with a right wanger of a headache from my pituitary being in overdrive and my ovaries feel like they have been through a meat grinder!!  Unforunately for me they have been in overdrive ever since they kicked in - used to ovulate 4 times a month - hence early menopause.  Couldn't take the pill would bounce off the ceiling with it.  Oh yes and feel sick as a dog - will pass by lunchtime.  Once those darn hormones have subsided.  Know it is back lash from reducing cit - but also it will level out over next couple of months.

      Didn't help my husband being in a right mood yesterday - but hey ho he will get over it!!  Had a good boo hoo and got all those emotions outcry.  That really helped as bottling them up not good for the soul.  Then went round my mates to clear my head last night - that really helped.  Woman to woman - oh understanding.

      Never mind today is another day and the sun is shining.

      I can really help with the thought patterns, but it would mean knowing what is going around and around and getting to the root cause of it - so it is a self discovery - but also you have to explore your thoughts which I can help you do - so if you want to private message me - no probs.   But totally understand if find this difficult.

      Hope you having a good day - me wallowing in my duvet.  Warm and oh so cosy.  Head on pillow - not a care in the world!!

      All my hugs Mel Xx

      p.s.  the art of serenity is being at peace with your thoughts and not fighting them or burying them etc. etc.  When I went through my training we all have lots of thoughts coming and going all day long - but it is the lymbic that is flagging them as dangerous so we need to retrain it by explorative work and laying them to rest. 

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hello Mel! Sorry has been a few days I had a busy Sunday and a busy day yesterday.

      Poor you, it is a horrible feeling isnt it?  And yes I expect it does help a little to see the sun everyday! (Its VERY cloudy and chilly here!).

      Feeling a little better, trying to stay upbeat. When I think about it, four weeks back on the CIT isnt that long, not sure if you agree? I think I was very up and down previously at this stage. And because I tried to come off I have obviously have really unbalanced everything? Interested in what you think?

      The thought pattern thing is very interesting. I will private message you when can, I am on a course at work and its full on! I like that we can explore our thoughts etc. And this lymbic thing...I am sure it is quite a difficult thing to do but I would like to give it a try?! Ahhh serenity sounds SO bliss!!

      How are you feeling today?

      Mel as always, THANK YOU!!!!!!

      Lots of hugs to you xx

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi there,

      Good to hear your trying to stay upbeat, it oh so helps.

      I agree 4 weeks is still early days - as with any meds - I know it took six months for HRT to really sort my hormones out and of course yours would have been allowed to come back through more as cit really does surpress them.  So it is a two way thing.  Also seen postings where people have come off and 2nd time took a little longer to get back in - but it will.

      I was doing so well until my ovaries went in to hyper drive and just had to admit defeat and go back to 20 mg as 20 mg is really the maintenance dose and keeps my ovaries at bay - so felt nice and dizzy yesterday, but that's past and today once went for a nice long walk and got all those hormones out of my system feel a lot better -  a good stomp sorted them out.

      Hope the course at work isn't too brain taxing!!!

      Look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Lots of hugs back, Mel Xx

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616


      The course is good and dare I say... I feel the best that I have felt for a while! Thanks, I think you right. There is no right or wrong timescale, it is different for everyone! ! Of course i realise that i may have a couple of more 'down' days but must remember the days when i feel good and they will become more good than bad!  Definitely postitive, anxiety is much much less!

      How lovely to have a good walk, it certainly is good for anyone's mood?

      I hope you are having a lovely day. Even the gloomy weather cant get me down today!!!!!

      Onwards and upwards and thanks for always cheering me up. You feel like a friend and its lovely!! lol


    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi Mo,

      Glad you enjoying the course as I love challenging things and things that stretch my mind it is so good for our sense of achievement, which in it's self really gives us a good positive and keeps us going back for more. 

      My GP said when going through this that I have got far too good a brain just to sit on it even if exhausted through lack of oestrogen.  Good for you girl.

      Good to be hear to talk to you too - love to be your friend - we all need them.  One of the issues our lymbic system has is over trust - when we have had negative experiences - which we all have had - and for lots of people it is learning to trust again. 

      As always big hugs. Xxsmile

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi my friend Mel!

      Yes I agree. New small challenges are good and I am definitely starting to have a 'spring in my step' now if that makes sense. I am not 100% yet but just to feel I am turning the corner is a massive relief! 

      Yes I have always still wanted to get out of bed in the morning and just get on with it as i think although as you say you get exhausted, it is important to try to be in as normal a routine as is possible!

      This lymbic thing is soooo interesting! Yes I agree re trust etc.

      I hope you are well today?

      xx smile


    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi there my friend Mocheesygrin

      I am good today and so glad you are turning the corner - once you can see some hope - it gives you the get up and go for the next day and the next and the anxiety just slips away along with the hormones quieting down etc etc.  As I found it was a two way thing.

      Take care - you'll soon be back to your old self.


    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi Mo,

      Glad you got that great feeling

      Me the ovaries are calming down again and did Shaun T - hip hob abs this morning - love a good old dance.  Exercise has always been my coping behaviour (all got one).

      I always used to be a size 10 at 5'8" - always have been since at school - now 12 stone eek.  Nothing can do about it - no amount of exercise - or lack of eating has done any thing and been advised once through menopause will sort itself out.  Oh well husband loves the new full body since hrt my bust has gone from a 34 C to 38 DD!!surprised.

      Your friend n hugs Mel Xx

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi friend Mel!

      Dance is soo good ! Good evercise and 'happy feelings'!

      Mel I'm doing so good!

      U make me laugh re ur weight etc...but ur happy that's totally the main thing ! I just took being happy and 'me' for granted. But it's the most important thing at the end of the day? I'm sure u look great!

      I'm going to inbox u my email address. Hope u have a great weekend !! Xxx hugs to u

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi friend Mo,

      I am so glad your doing

      My parents philosophy in life is laughter will get you through any thing (the best medicine in life) so woo is me wasn't a thing that was allowed in the house.

      I think I have only seen my mum cry once she is such a happy, content and go lucky person and father is a councillor for his district at 76 and loves challenging things - mind you so does mum.

      She says at 76 she can still get her leg over - that's the gate!!!

      My weight - Mm my husband loves my shape - but the trouble is in my mind I still look like what I used to til I look in the mirror - have to ban them darn things!!!!!

      Hope you have a really great weekend too - is your other half cooking you something scrummy tonight.

      Forgot to say my husband brought up his children too.

      Hugs back Xx 

    • Mo.101965 Mo.101965 melanie00616

      Hi Mel!

      Your parents' philosophy is spot on!  They sound fit and well biggrin. You make me laugh (the gate!).

      Weekend was lovely. We had tapas on Saturday night and a lovely bottle of red! 

      I am doing so good.. when you get to this stage you realise how much easier everything becomes, you can cope better, I am not phased by much at all (including rowdy teenagers and grumpy bosses!).

      How are you?

      Thats lovely that your husband bought up your kids. Not an easy task is it? I have the utmost respect for my other half as he works full time too!



    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi Mo!

      Glad you had a lovely weekend and your feeling great.

      I am doing really well too.

      Unfortunately I was never blessed with children - did IVF which hasn't helped me this end of coming up to the menopause - advice from the professor - but I already knew that.  I am not a text book lady and even when they were trying to control my ovaries I ovulated straight on top - so they had to abandon that.

      With my first husband it was just as well as when we split - there was no ties.

      So it was my 2nd husbands children.  Luckily I had a lot to do with them before we got together or even in to a relationship, and in fact his eldest daughter - we are really close - not as mum, but as friends.

      His wife walked out on them and he had to work full time too!.

      My mum and dad - well they are just such good company.  In fact my mum is my best buddy.  We have such screams when we go out. 

      She was doing line dancing up to about a year ago when her knee was giving her too much pain and she had to give it up - she is really hip hop!!!

      Ah well, house work a calling.

      Catch you soon.



    • Tids20 Tids20 melanie00616

      Hi Melanie, I've just read through the thread of your conversations and I could weep that I've found someone who could be talking about my life. 18mths ago after a horrendous year of drama and trauma I was put on 20mg of citalopram after showing signs of anxiety similar to post traumatic stress. After 10 months things in my life were settling down so I gradually reduced down to eventually coming off them last September. By the end of December I was in bits again. My doctor put me back on 20mg and after 2 weeks of hell I started to feel human again. I am 42 and also on the contraceptive pill " logynon". I feel like a lightbulb has gone off.... I have always been extremely hormonal with heavy periods which was why 6 years ago after my last son was born I went on the pill. It regulated my periods and moods and made my periods lighter. But now I'm wondering about being on it as well as the cit. I feel moody, my boobs are achy and sore, bloated, I'm seriously thinking of coming off them as I'm worrying they could mask peri menopausal symptoms, my mum had a hysterectamy at 40 due to bad periods. Sorry to Twitter on but feel you really get the link between anxiety and hormones! Regards Sara.

    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Tids20

      Hi Sara,

      Poor you.

      Oh boy don't I.  I have done extensive research and found the professor I am under.  I can recommend a really good book - but will have to private message you the name and author on that one - as they won't let you put it in these messages!!  If you would like it is written by a professor in endocrinology and herself has suffered this.

      But I have also done research and training, along with counselling in a drug rehab which is on neuro chemistry, gives you great understanding of how hormones affect the brain!!!!

      As we get older obviously things change and the pill could be imbalancing your hormones more, so agree with you ditching them,   I am on everol conti which is patches and they are brill, a small amount of hormones.  But I don't recommend coming of citalopram as it is that which will helps suppress and keep the hormones at bay.  They are well used for this.  Nobody tells you perimenopausal years can be hell.  But like you not only did a light go off - but I just had no energy to give, couldn't think straight etc. etc.  Lots of woman have breakdowns in these years due to widely fluctuating hormones.

      I know girls who have had those 5 year implants put in and ended up with biopolar symptoms!!.

      Here for you - big hugs.

      Mel Xx


    • melanie00616 melanie00616 Mo.101965

      Hi Mo,

      Just thought drop you a quick line.

      I know you said back along you were going to send your email address - but haven't received any thing - didn't want you thinking I had got it and not replied. 

      Mel xX


    • malissa22890 malissa22890 Sarahdee

      Oh wow bt 8 weeks to feel the dizziness and sivkness and lack of sleep.i cnt do it.its being a week nw since i stopped it bt im do tired im lazy depreesed and dizxy all the time.i even so worried about my 2 chdren.i need strength fr them.and i cnt cope .i was thinki g to go bk to it as u used to tk 30 mg.dono wat to do.keep going.or go bk and tk thm?😢😢😢

    • joanne0808 joanne0808 melanie00616

      Hi Melanie

      Ive just come accross this website as I was researching how to come off citalopram as I'm fed up of not being able lose weight. Plus ive been on it since 2005 after my husband was tragically killed in the Iraq war. I been off it before for two years but then went back on it. I'm on 20mg and was interested to read your article and to find out more about the herbal tea you suggested which may help. I'm going to see my dr tomorrow to start the process. I have read that as ssri's have a short half life of 36hrs it's that which makes it harder to withdraw from and the article suggests going on to fluoxatine first then withdrawing as it has a 4-6 day half life and the withdrawal symptoms are less severe because of this.

    • cindy1957 cindy1957 melanie00616

      Melanie someone mentioned a herbal tea, can you tell me which one works best. I'm weaning off the cit going on 2nd week today, anything natural to help with the anxiety I am feeling coming off, I'm guessing that's why I feel the way I do. Any other tips while coming off of cit would be helpful, just chatting with people here does help because they all seem to have the same feelings. Thank you, Cindy

    • nikki-yvonne nikki-yvonne Sarahdee

      Hi i am please to draw strength off what you have explained i have been on Anti depression for Approx 20 years - a while ago started to have  really bad headaches and stomach problems - So my GP told me ot stop straight away a now know that it not a good thing to do 27 days yestesday could not cope went to the hospital was mot inteerested that i felt suicidal told me to visit my GP tomorrow for some different tablets - Crisis spoke to me for a while and told me 28 days is a  long time -and not go back as the worst is over so a drew strength that is can be done how ever hard it can be -29 days today i hope i feel the same tomorrow . Thank you  Sarahdee 


    • lisavale46 lisavale46 Sarahdee

      Hi Sarahdee,

      Congratulations on what you have done that's amazing! I have been on citalopram 20 for 7 months... and some times it feels like 7 years !!! Cause it feels like that long since I've had a proper emotion. I don't feel normal. I cry at stupid things I can't sleep I'm sure I felt better before, and i certainly felt better before i put this weight on!! So after reading your comments I'm definitely thinking about doing the same as you! As I too have a very supportive husband who already hates me taking tablets... so I will keep you all informed because I'm sure I can't feel any worse x

    • jazminebb89 jazminebb89 melanie00616


      You seem very educated on this subject and I'm hoping maybe u could give some advice. Ive been on Cit10 for almost 3 weeks now one a day. I have been feeling great and sometimes I think this medication really saved my marriage. I don't want to get all this damage like everyone is talking about on here and before I started taking Cit I never liked taking any medicine not even for headaches. I hate that I have to rely on this medicine in order to feel normal. But I think I want to try and be normal without it. Do u think I should just go cold turkey?

    • jacku16091 jacku16091 melanie00616

      Hi Melanie how did you find out it was hormones I have never been right since starred peri menopause in 2008 and period stopped completely in 2010 I been on citalpram 20 mg at first and diazepam 2 mg daily / I went to 10mg citalpram for a year and had a few good days and thought was ok / I started to ween of this January took 3 months but my heart rate was up a lot and blood pressure doctor said go back on 10mg which I did in May then got put up to 20 mg over a week ago which not good causing funny feeling in body palpitations fast heart beats and it 8 days since started 20mg and take 2 2mg diazepam daily as well I honestly feel like no improvement and will be reducing back to 10mg as I feel that it is hormones and was wondering what would I ask my gp I going tomorrow as really do want to have a good quality of life I have no been able go to work for 6 months and still off so I only worked 3 months in 15 months / and the thought of returning I just not well enough any advice be great I am 55

    • rachael87302 rachael87302 Sarahdee

      I have done the same as I only started taking them for Powersurges but they seem to make them worse, cold turkey from 10mg 4 days clear feel a bit fuzzy headed but I can cope with that.

      Like you I also need to get the weight off that I put on.

      Well done you smile

  • Roma V Roma V

    Hi Sarahdee,

    It's good to hear that you are now ok, since stopping Cit.20.

    I stopped taking Cit.10 at the end of July and this time I don't remember any side effects. Obviously I wasn't quite ready the first time. My doctor has supported me all the way and I took on board what she advised.

    The only thing now is to lose the 2st I put on and I do think that was due to taking Cit. I developed a rather sweet tooth sad and I would often dip in the Chocolate spread (Nutella) jar and have a few heaped teaspoons. Now I am not bothered!!!

    Citalopram has done it's job to get me back to the person I was before getting ill.

    I am due to see the doctor fairly soon, just for a review and a chat. Thankfully she is a caring doctor!

    Coming off Cit. can be done, but I think it needs to be done gradually!!

    Wishing you well.

  • Andydoc1 Andydoc1

    Hiya everyone , have been on cit 10 mg for 5 weeks very little time I know ,but I have gained a stone , I haven't eaten any more or exercised less , but I feel a lot better in myself and really wan to try and stop takin this stuff ...... I know there can be side effects but as I've only been on it a short time does anyone think its gonna cause problems ?thanks

    • laura45889 laura45889 Andydoc1

      the fact you've only been on it for 5 weeks means that the citalopram has only just had chance to get working properly and for your body to adjust to it. To just stop taking it would cause more harm, leaving you feeling incredibly ill with it. Stick at taking it; it isn't something you can stop and start taking like that. It isn't a sweet; so you either stick at it and take it or you don't take it at all. Otherwise you will just confuse your body and it won't know it's at from 1 day to the next. I think you'd benefit from talking to your Dr

  • johnnymm1 johnnymm1

    Hi guys. A few years ago I was on venlafaxine for a year following divorce and redundancy. I started getting my life on track and came off the drug for a year. I then started a Uni course (I'm 39), and started getting very anxious - that was a Sept 2011. At that time I started taking 20mg Citalopram. A few months ago I had a low period and my doctor increased my citalopram level to 40mg.

    It's now coming up to exam time and my memory is shocking. Even when in mid sentence I can forget what I was going to say, let alone study for an exam (2nd year sociology - I want to help people with mental health issues). Also when I look at a computer screen I start going into a trance and my vision goes blurry. Another thing that is getting me down is the weight I've put on since taking citalopram - about 2.5st. My doctor doesn't agree that my academic performance and weight are related to citalopram.

    I have had enough and want to come off the drug completely. I am beginning to think it is making my life worse!

    It is now Dec 10th and my exams start Jan 15th. Although I want to stop citalopram to help my memory, I am worried that the side effects of stopping it will interrupt my studying - Ahhh.

    Any suggestions welcomed and good luck to every one

  • charisma charisma

    Its quite a difficult thing to come off citalopram. Most doctors would disagree telling you they are not addictive. But they are, in as much as your brain becomes accustomed to having the drug. I have been on this drug for nearly 16 years and have tried on various occasions to stop taking them. The doctors tell you 'take one every other day' then 'one every 3 days' etc., etc., but this is totally wrong. I read a really interesting book about the seretonin syndrome..............which is the symptoms you get when you reduce or stop. Basically the best way to do it is to cut it down so slowly that it will take you months, not weeks to do. I'm, thinking about doing it soon myself. Start by shaving (with a knife or blade of some kind) a tiny amount off the tablet for at least two weeks (trying to ensure you shave off the same amount each time), then after two weeks shave off a little more, and so on until you have no tablet left. This should go on some time to make your brain get used to not having the chemical it has been used to having. I'm talking months here. That way, unless you do it too soon, you shouldnt notice too many effects. The emotional instability, anxiety etc., are typical symptoms of coming off the drug too quickly. Also I suffered from 'brain zaps' mainly during the night. A horrible feeling in your head but apparently not in any way dangerous. Citalopram is a superb drug............but most people would rather not be taking it for years on end. I do still suffer with anxiety (especially health anxiety!) but I dont feel I am depressed and havent been for years, but I felt for a while the drug had a hold on me. However as I said before I am going to give it a go again using the aforementioned can be done!! But anyone out there who only takes the drug for a few weeks or months shouldnt consider coming off it too soon as normally you would need to be on it at least 6 months to a year to get the full effect. I put on weight too by the way - about a stone and a half and thats another thing the doctor is wrong about. I was told it wasnt the citalopram causing the weight gain!! Good luck to everyone!!!

    • Creampuff Creampuff charisma

      Thank you for your post!  I was on 40 mg. for 4 years.  Went on 30 for 2 months, recently and now I'm on 20 mg. and will stay on for another month or more.  Yes, Celexa weaning is very difficult, expecially since I now have terrible insomnia!  Your post encourges me to keep going, SLOWLY!  Thank you and God bless!

    • phatmarisa phatmarisa Creampuff

      I was on Celexa for over three years. I have been off now for over a month. I weaned from 40 mg's. It took several months and trial and error... but I am off and feeling clear headed. You can do it!!

    • gemlharrison gemlharrison charisma

      Hi you have really helped me I have decided to go back on cit as I am really suffering with the symptoms even tho my docs said I have come off them extremely slow but now I know it needs to be over months not weeks  and I have been suffering with seritonine syndrome after reading this. The side affects are still so intense! I will keep you posted and hopefully I will b off them this year. Thank you so much

    • Uptownbrat Uptownbrat phatmarisa

      your post encouraged me thank you so much!!!! I am off the meds was on 40mg for 18 Months and off gradually the last month. I have never had withdrawals so I thought I was losing my mind, now I know it is just a temporary loss of my mind. Thank you again

    • laura45889 laura45889 charisma

      I've been taking it for about 5 years and have been slowly weening myself off it for the last 6 months or so; but these last 2 weeks my phone hasn't been going off in the mornings with the reminders for me to take it (was doing 1 tablet of 10mg of the 4th day) so I have now gone 9 days without one and have been feeling some side effects which have consisted of an upset/unsettled stomach, headaches, my legs feel ridiculously weak and very teary at the most stupid of things (lol) I keep welling up at songs in the car and have to look out the window and pull myself together haha! But, I've done it now so there is no point trying to get back on track with taking them, will have to just ride the symptoms out (unless they get worse!!!)


    • laura45889 laura45889 charisma

      I've been taking it for about 5 years and have been slowly weening myself off it for the last 6 months or so; but these last 2 weeks my phone hasn't been going off in the mornings with the reminders for me to take it (was doing 1 tablet of 10mg of the 4th day) so I have now gone 9 days without one and have been feeling some side effects which have consisted of an upset/unsettled stomach, headaches, my legs feel ridiculously weak and very teary at the most stupid of things (lol) I keep welling up at songs in the car and have to look out the window and pull myself together haha! But, I've done it now so there is no point trying to get back on track with taking them, will have to just ride the symptoms out (unless they get worse!!!)


    • gillymary gillymary laura45889

      Hi - just discovered this forum and wanted to thank you for your comments.  After 2 years,  Have gone from a month of 20mg one day to 10th every other day and now on 10mg every day. I thought my upset tummy was a separate issue so it was good to read that it was a shared experience.  Am waking during the night but finding a glass of water seems to send me back off at the moment. Feeling shaky today but think I'll be fine once the day gets going. Tempting to up the dose to be honest as have felt so well  on.the 20/10 dose.  I've gained 2 stone on these pills and have reached the point where I don't want to carry on gaining. Dilemma.  

    • laura45889 laura45889 gillymary

      I didn't seem to gain weight when taking mine but just bothered that now I'm off them I might :-/ (nots ure how that would actually work lol) I had a few days of feeling pretty shaky and weak when the side effects were at their worse but if you fight it through these will pass. I'm still incredibly teary at pretty much anything, especially the John Lewis Xmas advert! So not sure if this is some sort of side effect that my hormones are still trying to adjust too since not taking them. I had a bit of a blip last week where I felt really low and cried and felt like I needed to be on them but after chating with my mum pulled myself together; however, I have reverted back to some insecurities about my appearance and full of self loathing and comparing myself to others (which was an old trait before I started them) but I am determined to teach myself to stop it, I need to keep strong if I'm going to stay off these.

      If you were to continue taking your pill pattern I'm pretty sure you wouldn't keep gaining weight; I'd say that if you have put on then that'll be all you'll put on now but if it is getting you down try and cut back on  what ever your weakness is (I'm trying to lose some weight and using the app My Fitness Pal) it's quite good, I'd recommend it, but cutting back on chocolate is a killer! Hope you stop waking during the night and start to manage a full nights', proper sleep. :-)

    • laura45889 laura45889 redmarigolds

      I was weening off them for about 2.5 years doing 10mg every other day for a few months, then went to every 2 days, then evry 3 days and finally every 4 days (until my reminders stopped going off on my phone!) It was a really gradual thing because if you do it too quick you'll just crash and burn.

      I've now been off them about a month x


    If you struggle to come off citalopram, it can be helpful to switch to fluoxetine initially (they have a similar mode of action), and then withdraw from those instead, as the withdrawal symptoms are much less pronounced for most people. Discuss this option with your GP.

  • anonymous33 anonymous33

    Hi, I have been taking Citalopram for around 3 years now since having terrible anxiety and nightmares when my dad was dying in hospital. The tablets really helped but as time has gone on, I have noticed that I have memory loss and depression issues to name others. I am also a total nightmare to live with and am withdrawing from society and social environments. Not to mention the additional weight gain and paranoia.

    I have had a few attempts at stopping the tablets but each time I seem to plummet into desparation and/or get terrible eyeball rolling and dizziness/nausea. I have come to the conclusion that these tablets are pure evil and I so desperately want to come off them to return to normality.

    Is there anyone out there who would like to do this with me and be a 'weaning' buddy to provide support and to be able to talk and share how we are feeling over the weaning off process? I currently take 20mg but the doc has prescribed 20mg/10mg alternate tablets...I want to to go down to 10mg and 5mg and then none in the next 2-3 months.....


    • afraid afraid anonymous33

      Hello Jackie,

      First on all, I hope you have been successful on your desire to stop taking Citalopram.

      My name is Linda. I am a partial caregiver for my 84 year old mother-in-law.  She was living with her son and myself, but we had to move her into a nursing 4 miles from us as my health would no longer allow us to care for her properly.  She has had breast cancer, now bone cancer, but is stable for a while now.  She has been taking the antidepressant "Nortriptyline" for maybe 30 years -- 150 mg.  About 4 years ago, in an effort to wean her off nortriptyline, reduced the 150 mg to 100 mg and added 20 mg. of Citalopram. That particular doctor soon left the practice and the doctor that moved in just left her taking both drugs at 100 & 20 mg.    All that to say . . .

      Some 6 months ago she began thinking that the people on TV could see her just as she was seeing them.  She started putting a chair in front of the TV with a towel over the back to prevent this.  This was only an occasional thing.  Then it progressed to seeing/or hearing someone in her house, as she called it - really nursing home.  Her memoryis now terrible - can't speak full sentences as she forgets a name or what she was talking about.  She is aware though that she has gotten this forgetful and it is scaring her.  She has fallen 3 times. She occasionally vomits for no reason. She stays in her room most all the time. Staff has had to start bringing her meals to her in the room. She has started speaking harshly to the staff.  But now . . . she is seeing snakes in her room, dogs on her bed, events taking place in her room that she tries to participate in.

      Her son and I have Googled all her drugs and none say anything about hallucinations other than the Citalopram.  We tried to get her primary care physician to change her to another drug but she refuses to believe a drug she has taken so successfully for so many years is now causing her any trouble.  She just a week ago had full brain scan, urinalysis, and tons of labs. Waiting for the results as we have an appointment with a psychiatrist next Tuesday.  

      In the meantime, my husband told the nursing home to quit giving her the Citalopram.  We have found that her drug company changed manufacturers about 2 months ago and he is just certain that the possible side effects of the drug and the change in mfg. has caused this sudden progression of hallucinations.  I can't change his mind. We only have 5-6 days until we see the psychiatrist.  I just pray she doesn't see any  withdrawal symptoms before then since she also is taking 100 mg. of Nortriptyline for depression.   What can possibly be worse than what she is already experiencing????

      The reason I wrote to you is that you stated you were having some mild forms of some of her symptoms even while on the Citalopram and that is what drove you to your decision to come off the drug.

      Do you have any comment on the above??  I love her and I'm so worried about her.

    • lena25 lena25 anonymous33

      Hi Jackie,

      Too bad I didn't see this a year ago - a weaning buddy sounds like an awesome idea!!! I was on 20 for 3 years and 2 weeks cut down to 10 but for the last 4-5 days have been having a pretty bad exhaustion... Maybe cutting down a half was too fast?? Asking doctors - you don't always get the real truth unfortunately.... 

      I hope you are doing well smile

      I am going to look for a weaning off buddy - great idea - thanks!!!!


    • joanne0808 joanne0808 anonymous33

      Hi Jackie

      I have just joined the group and wondered how you were going by getting off cit. ive been on it since I lost my husband over 10 years ago Ive tried to come off before but I did it too quickly not realising the hold it had over me. So I plummeted. But I hear you regarding the social isolation. Jo

  • Whatever Whatever

    I have been on 40mg Citalopram since August 2008 after being off work with stress. I hadn't realised just how awful I had been feeling until I started these and an added bonus was that it also treated my IBS.

    I have tried to cut down a few times but my IBS flares up again and I start getting short tempered because my tolerance is reduced.

    I really don't want to spend the rest of my life on this medication as I believe it has reduced my immunity (I now catch colds that I never did before, I'm 53) and I can't believe that long term use does not have any side effects.

    Having read on this sight about fluoxetine I am going to speak to my GP about it. I find it a bit scarey being on 40mg as so many people seem to be struggling to come off half that dose.

    I'll let you know what the GP says about fluoxetine.

    Good luck to everybody in their attempt to reduce/come off Citalopram.

    • cindy1957 cindy1957 Whatever

      Good luck to you. I'm working on coming off, going into my 2nd week of weaning today but I wasn't on only  a baby dose they call it, 10 mg. Hopefully I'll be off by the end of this month, slowly taking me off my doctor is. Good luck once again to you, I too suffer with IBS and when it flares my mind does too(anxiety that is). Always thought something more seriously was wrong when I get the, gross but diarrhea, almost everyday I have it, that's what brought on my anxiety to begin with and I hope to finally just go with the flow of everything and get off the cit without any issues and hopefully my anxiety level will be okay too once I'm off. Cindy


  • hybabycakes hybabycakes

    I Googled coming off citalopram looking for advice and I came across flossie 221's post about someone to come off it with and I think that's a brilliant idea. I've been on the pesky drug for 7 years and I hate it. I started lowering my dose last week and I'm well up for going thru it with someone else. my email is xxx if anyone wants to get in touch.

    Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the email address as we do not publish these. If you want to get in touch directly please use the private messaging service.

  • linnyM1978 linnyM1978

    Hi, I am having an awful time coming off the demon drug. I have been on it for 18 months, and feel that my

    depression is better and have decided to come off. I have tried this twice and both times have suffered dizziness, a spaced out feeling and been really low with a banging headache. The first time I tried I went from 20 mg to 10 mg and I felt awful after a week of doing it. This time I have tried to have 20 mg one day and 10 mg the next - again a week following this I have been awful - really tearful and everything is hopeless. How can I get off these tablets? Can you get off them? Whenever I speak to my GP he says that they are non addictive and I shouldnt be having any problems.

    • Cardiff Dragon Cardiff Dragon linnyM1978


      this is my second attempt to email you - first said error but if you receive two i apologise.

      i was wondering if you succeeded in coming off and how you did it?

      i'm on 40 and in stepping down too quickly it has been a nightmare. Some encouragement would be great.


      hollybody x

    • zimmies zimmies linnyM1978

      .After a thorough discussion with my psychologist and pyschiatrist (both pHD's) it was agreed that i would go down from 30 milligrams to 0 in 6 months, each month reducing by 5 milligrams. I was on 30 miiligrams for over year after being on only 10 milligrams for 3 years prior and this was as the doctor said to "over medicate you in order to relieve your symptons (anxiety & depression) for the psychologist to be able to effectively treat you. I was diagnosed as having GAD as nothing in my past or present pointed me in that direction. I have experienced all kinds of side effects while dropping 5 milligrams each month, ranging from dizziness, light headedness, headache, body sores, insommnia, some anxiety, sweats, serious fatigue, some lack of focus and a general feeling of being unwell because my head felt heavy or burdened down with some kind of infusion. I can say however that my appetite was unaffected, nor was my weight gain or loss an issue.  My memory was unaffected nor was my ability to think straight or logically. I feel because of my proper guiidance and study of anxiety and depression (through lots of reading) and having dealt with anxiety 2 previous times in the past, that i will succeed despite the setbacks i am experiencing. I am at 5 milligrams now and in 2 weeks will be at zero and i am looking forward ot it

    • markanthony markanthony linnyM1978

      what worries me most is this idea that we can live free of emotions, or just choose the good ones. my sadness and my worry is just a natural response to the grief of my life and the insecurity i live with and have always lived with due to lack of family support and money worries. i miss the crying and the deep well of emotions i used to know. and it worries me that the doctors say 'oh you are depressed'  if you cry and become sad. i have never been depressed. my hobbies and love of many things never left me, but my anxiety was so strong that it became difficult to be in the life i was leading.. i would seriously recommend the teachings of Pema Chodron who states very insistently that grief, sorrow and fear are emotions we can live with, but not by running from them. her book 'The Wisdom of N Escape' is my bible, but i definately needed a break, and the citalopram gave me that for which I am grateful. now i'm coming off citalopram. i only went up to 20mg per day and was on it for a year and half. i've enjoyed being on it and life feels much much more carefree and enjoyable. but i feel incomplete without my full emotional life. though in some ways i enjoy the flatness! but i am old enough to be tired of all the drama and excitement!

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac markanthony


      I, never, ever felt 'flat'.  I still cried rivers and felt suicidal and that's one of the reasons I decided to stop taking the medication; I wanted to see how I was drugs free.  I think my depression was even worse, at the vey low points.

      When my cousin was on a high, her sisters used to say 'She's on the Prozac'  BUT then she would self-harm and take an overdose!! 

      Thers is a big different between depressed, sad and grief.  One day I would be distraught and then a day or two later, when the black clouds had moved on, I was fine and nothing in my life had changed.

      Somethimes, though, the clouds are so black that you just cannot seem or want to live with so I disagree with that author who can say we can live them.

      I haven't read her book so cannot comment too much but I will have a look.

      The mind is a very comlicated thing.


    • markanthony markanthony Ms Mac


      well yes, from reading this board, it seems to me that there are very individual reactions to this drug. I had day after day where life was so bleak and meaningless. I think i'd become completely worn out by the anxiety. 

      I have felt much better and less caring in general, which has been nice but also sometimes a bit worrying too, to feel so uncaring. But I kept up my other practices and reading around emotions, fear, etc  I don't know, I don't think I want to be on a drug in order to feel ok. if the drug made me more full of tears and suicidal then I'd feel the same as you - I'd not be happy at all!

      The thing is with my anxiety and bleakness, when I had it bad, it so clearly wasn't about my life as it was - well not the anxiety anyway. It was easier to justify the bleakness with a totally negative view of life society, people et al. So i knew it was my mindset that needed changing. I don't know if it's a chemical thing in me though. maybe it is and maybe the citalopram helped that. if so, then I'd want to use some kind of drug to put the chemical balance into a more comfortable place. 

      That's my thinking today. But we'll see. Maybe it'll change.


    • Ms Mac Ms Mac markanthony

      Hi Mark

      I feel the same as you - I must change my thinking.  I feel people are always letting me down....and they do.  I'm hoping, when I get an appointment with a psychologist, that he will help me to overcome that.

      I've been on a few antidepressants and, to be quite truthful, they are all the same - or have the same effect.

      I MUST stop thinking of how selfish people are and get more out of life to help me to overcome that.

      It's up to us to change but it is hard.

    • markanthony markanthony Ms Mac

      well, i don't know, but i can't help but wonder if anti depressents don't make you feel better then you ain't clinically depressed!! but i am not a medical person! but yes, people do let us down, life is far from perfect, but i've learned that i have to meet life on life's terms, i can't control what's out there, but yes, i do feel happiness is an inside job, and that gratitude changes my attitude, so i keep saying my gratitude list and checking out how i'm responding to life today, just to keep me from throwing myself under the wave of s**t, that i am very capable of seeing.

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac markanthony

      Oh, I have that list too!

      Doctors don't even know why/if antidepressants work so what chance do we have?

      If you're crying all the time and feel suicidal, then you must be depressed.  They can't give you a CT scan to find the cause so it's just guess work.

      I'm reading a lot of books and articles for that mmagic potion that will help.

    • gillian176 gillian176 markanthony

      So totally agree it's your thoughts ie my own...that can need changing..try reading stop thinking start living. Richard Carlson..but i so so think I have a chemical imbalancr myself that was helped by the cit but now am down at 2.5mg with some family issues going on, am struggling...what's the answer!

    • markanthony markanthony gillian176

      well.....I personally have come to believe there is no cure for life! I think we're increasingly of the belief that life should be good, or even perfect, but I increasingly think it isn't like that really despite science and the enlightenment myth that everything is within our control, so I'm learning to be with things that are very wrong without reaching for the solution too quickly and often i find i don't even need to reach for a solution. It's a bit like i used to feel that life is something precariously balanced and I had to keep it upright, but now I seem to be able to allow things to hang in mid air, apparently about to fall to the ground and smash without doing anything about it. I think the citalopram has helped me be more detached and it's alos down to my 12 step programme and Pema Chodron, Soto Zen and daily meditation. Family issues continue meanwhile, and the world is getting every closer to the sun - nothing I can do about either !!!! 

      But we'll see how much of this I sustain once I come off the citalopram!!

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac markanthony

      Well, Mark, we will see..................

      I told my doc. I never wanted to go on antidepressants again but I think I will have to as I just can't cope.  At lease, on medication, I had some good days but every day is bleak and I hate it because I'm a naturally fun person. I'm known for my it and my humour.

      I feel there is a huge weight on top of my head, every single day.  More company with the right people would certainly help but my life, in that area, has taken an almighty tumble.

      I'm trying my best, to think like an animal and just cope with 'now' but I'm a natural worrier.

    • markanthony markanthony Ms Mac

      yes, i have been in this place. for me, it is hell and it seems absolutely bloody eternal and like a vast empty chasm with fear being almost the only emotion and the only relief seeming to be, the void. it seems to me a shame that doctors won't give us anything for fear, but as soon as we say, ok i am depressed then we get the drugs. I know a lot of people who use mindfullness techniques and this helps, but it all takes time and practice and the fear can feel intolerable in the meantime. I was only ever on 20mg of citalopram, so maybe i escaped the worse symptoms, i have gained weight mostly on my stomach and i have become very beligerent with people and tend to go for the jugular once i start in on people, but i think this is due to the drug reducing my fear levels.

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac markanthony

      It was the weight gain that made me decide to come of the drug. 

      i'm trying to practice Mindfulness but just can't concentrate enough.  How can you concentrate on the now when the now stinks?

      I had enough of people telling me what they thought and what I should do.  I've gone out of my way to help people, over the years and, now, been kicked in the teeth.  Nobody really cares; they say they do and they love me but if they did I woulndn't be sitting here alone, crying.

    • markanthony markanthony Ms Mac

      this is where pema chodron comes in for me. she absolutely tells us how to sit with the stink of now and how to deal with resentment and the s**t of life and people. she really makes sense for me and she has released me from a lot of pain and resentment, or i have by following the practices. so i'm very grateful for that. it's basic budhism but she is like no one i have ever heard when it comes to acceptance and being with. but it aint easy and she says it aint easy and she says that's how it is to be human and she's not pedaling cures like the drugs companies. i believe her. 

    • kirsty831 kirsty831 markanthony


      The flatness of no emotions is terrible for me. I have been on antidepressants for many years and moved on to cit 40 about 7 years ago. It is over the last few years that I have noticed I am very flat and emotionless. To cut a long story short I have decided that it is now time to get off these and see how life is without them about a week ago I dropped my dose to 20mg and I can honestly say that I immediately felt better, more alive, but then I felt terrible. Very irritable, anxious and low, so this morning I upped my dose back to 40mg and I now know that I was suffering withdrawal symptoms. I also spoke to my doctor yesterday and he said that I was expected to be on anti depressants for life!!!! Now that really is getting me down. I used to be such a loving caring person but now with the tablets I am very uncaring to say the least. I know the time is right for me to get off these because the thought of being on them for the rest of my life is getting me down more than any depression. 

      I have dug my reiki books out and I am well read and have researched this well enough. 

      Thank you for your post it has given me hope. 

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac kirsty831

      Hi, I've now started back giving Reiki to myself.

      I had resigned myself to being on  the happy pills for life and then decided to come off them but it's anything but perfect and I really think, 6 months down the line without them, that I will have to go back on them but I am trying so hard not to.

      I'm not sure if you are attuned to Reiki but you have to be to give it to yourself.  If you are not attuned maybe now is the time to study it.  smile

    • kirsty831 kirsty831 Ms Mac

      Hello ms mac,  

      Thank you for your reply. 

      I am reiki level one and am now looking to complete my reiki. Recently I have started to meditate again and that has helped me. 

      I don't know weather resigning myself to taking these for life or to get myself off them is the best way to go I tried for a week and last night I felt so low and worthless. Didn't want to do anything or speak to anyone. So I upped my dose again this morning and have felt tones better albeit a little anxious.  If coming off these make me feel like I did last night then maybe I should just stay as I am. 

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac kirsty831

      You sound just like me by wanting to come off for the sake of it.  Personally, it doesn't seem like the right time for you to come off; be very careful.

      I am not in a good place at all, with no medication.

      Please don't rush through the levels just to get to master level.  It's not right to do that IMO.  Get to level 2 and know the symbols and stay there for a couple of years and use them on yourself and others.

      Love and light.

    • kirsty831 kirsty831 Ms Mac

      To be honest I do think it's best to stay on them. 

      I have been reiki level one for around 6 years now and will only do my level 2 when I know that I am properly using my level one again I won't rush it.  But I have felt the signs that I need to get back into being my true self (my partner doesn't understand me, thinks I'm weird) 

      All I know is that I don't want the low and worthless feelings back. 

      Love and light 

    • markanthony markanthony kirsty831

      ms mac and kirsti. for me yes, i notice that i care less about all things, including people, but on the other hand, when i am with people i now  have enough energy and less anxiety which allows me to be much more kind and patient when i am with people. i also have to, absolutely have to practise 'one day at a time'. And if my day is ok with slightly more citalopram that's ok for me. I absoutely face the wall each day for one hour after i get up and make a cup of tea. This act of 'staying with' and having a fixed routine, definitely helped me with the early morning abyss i was facing. it's hell sitting for one hour but i am convinced it is for 'the good' so it's easier to stand, or sit, it out, and I know I have many wise contented people behind me in this practise so I don't feel so alone and crazy!!!! What I've not seen mentioned on this site is the nervousness and anxiety, which is very physical and in the stomach, just after I take the citalopram. But Pema Chodron tells me to to breathe and be open to what is, so I walk along into college or wherever and do some big sighs to myself and notice how s**t and hellish I feel, and say, 'ok' and keep walking. I get rather snappy when I'm like this too, so I have to watch how quickly i speak to people!!!! But for me, it's the act of patience. I feel I must give things time. But, and this is a big but, I have not been on citalopram for that long so i speak only as someone who tried it once for 18months and now is very slowly, and maybe possibly coming off it, very slowly. But we'll see. one day at a time. I too, like many others did not find it good to be changing my dose on a daily basis, even when my gp suggested take 10mg one day and 20mg the next in order to achieve 15mg per day I felt the big difference each day and didn't like this. So i tended to stick to 20 or else stick to 10 in the end.


    • maria0101 maria0101 markanthony

      Markanthony,.. You are so right on with what you wrote !! Love it ... I am coming down from 20mg (9 years) and am now on 10mg since march this year and am ready to go down to 5mg. The withdrawals are there, for sure, but are manage-able and are nothing compare to the REAL feelings I have again smile ...Thanks for your writing. I hope many others will read it too.  All the best to you smile 

    • maria0101 maria0101 markanthony

      Markanthony,.. You are so right on with what you wrote !! Love it ... I am coming down from 20mg (9 years) and am now on 10mg since march this year and am ready to go down to 5mg. The withdrawals are there, for sure, but are manage-able and are nothing compare to the REAL feelings I have again  [smile]  ...Thanks for your writing. I hope many others will read it too.  All the best to you  [smile]  

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac markanthony

      I've never felt like that, MarkA.  I care too much and that is my main problem because I allow people to hurt me and then go into deep depair but I just can't change that.

      When I first came off them, I was sleeping great but now I'm having trouble which makes me feel awful the next day - like today.

      Yes, one day at a time.

    • kirsty831 kirsty831 markanthony

      You have wise words markanthony. You are so right about the nervousness. And anxiety on the stomach. I have many problems in this area after taking citalopram. I have very bad acid and ibs when taking this med it only went off when I cut my dose and got worse today after upping my dose this morning. 

      I have since learned to not expect anything and to take every day as it comes. I have to learn to take time out for myself and have some quiet time. Luckily I live on the outskirts of a town and very close to countryside and nature, which I love and brings out the best in me and I have a job that involve the outdoors a lot. 

      Maria good luck and thank you for your words. They are well revived. 


    • kirsty831 kirsty831 markanthony

      You have wise words markanthony. You are so right about the nervousness. And anxiety on the stomach. I have many problems in this area after taking citalopram. I have very bad acid and ibs when taking this med it only went off when I cut my dose and got worse today after upping my dose this morning. 

      I have since learned to not expect anything and to take every day as it comes. I have to learn to take time out for myself and have some quiet time. Luckily I live on the outskirts of a town and very close to countryside and nature, which I love and brings out the best in me and I have a job that involve the outdoors a lot. 

      Maria good luck and thank you for your words. They are well revived. 


    • kirsty831 kirsty831 Ms Mac

      I used to be the same as you ms mac I was a very deep caring soul and got hurt a lot but now I have become very uncaring and impatient which has steadily got worse. 

      On a bright note there is a glimmer of the real caring me that creeps out but not often. 

      All I know is I an a determined person when I want to be. I kicked the smoking habit. I got myself off an addiction to granadilla and pain killers and I do feel the time is right again for me now. 

      One day at a time 

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac kirsty831

      Uncaring and impatient isn't good either.  I can stand up for myself and will not let anyone away with anything but it still hurst me so much and after  any confrontations I get really upset.  I would like some of that away.

      I, too, am determined and why I came off the happy pills but I can't say I feel good and this is 6 months down the line.

      I'm not an addictive person, thankfully but did think I would need the pills all my life and still thinking I might do. ODAT, as AA says. smile

    • kirsty831 kirsty831 Ms Mac

      You are a determined and strong person to have been off them for as long as you have and are still strong. 

      I to get very upset at confrontations and don't deal with them well but for me that stems from my childhood.  

      I can honestly say that yes I have an addictive nature and probably use the meds as a crutch. 

      Be strong 

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac kirsty831

      Oh, I used them as a crutch too.

      I have childhood issues too which make me feel incure so have to have 1-2-1 sessions with a psychologist.  One memory was 6 weeks in hospital with only 2 half hour visits a week.  That was cruel as I was only 5.  sad

      Even when I know someone is going on holiday, I panic, because I feel I might never see them again; it's crazy!

      I can't deal with any kind of rejection either.

      To others, I am the full of personality woman with a great sense of humour - and, I am, when I'm 'normal'.  I hate when the black clouds appear.........

    • melanie83270 melanie83270 Ms Mac

      Hi, I feel exactly the same as you!  feel like i often get let down. try so hard with everyone and rarely get the same back. People in general are selfish but i try so hard not to be like that and to make the effort but i get so frustrated by it all. Have been on citalopram for 2-3 years now, doc has recently dropped me to 10mg And i can feel the depression and anxiety symptoms coming back....

  • sam67 sam67

    Hi all,

    I've been on citilopram for about 5 years and take it for severe PMT. Due to complete lack of sex drive amongst other side affects I decided to stop taking it a couple of months ago. My doctor told me to cut down exactly how you have all described which initially went well. I am now in my second week of taking nothing and have never felt worse in my life.

    I am suffering from nausea, dizziness, bouts of tearfulness, fatigue and loads more symptoms that I'm struggling to cope with on a day to day basis.

    If soemone was to say that I had a wek to go of feeling like this I could cope but if its going to persist for months then I'm not sure what to do.

    • Cardiff Dragon Cardiff Dragon sam67


      I have experienced the equivalent male symtoms which crept up onme.

      The worst was lack of sexual performance which was worse then needing to be on Citaloram. I have droped from 40 to 15mg in 12 weeks and am starting to cope with the side effects: sickness has reduced and I not feeling so anxious but unfortunately my tinnitus caused by the medication still persists and the other thing has still not improved which makes me desperate.

      i was not aware of the effect of this drug and had I known I would never have taken it willingly!!

      in summary stick with the determination to come off and fight the side effects and treat yourself to something you consider extravagant i.e. spa day, massage, holiday and take alcohol in moderation.

      hope all goes well with you.

      stay intouch if you need to discuss.

    • markanthony markanthony sam67

      i am 57 years old, and I think what i'm feeling is that the western world has speeded up so terribly, and I think a lof of how we live and what we are supposed to achieve and how we move around in cities surrounded by total strangers and the anonymity will all naturally lead to anxiety. I sometimes think we are the natural ones as we have reacted to this insane way of living in a natural way, whilst those who just carry on regardess are totally mad! 

      I also think we expect things to happen too fast. Sam67, I'd say stick at it, keep breathing, look up Pema Chodron and maybe think to yourself 2 weeks is not much time at all if you've been on this stuff for five years?????

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac markanthony

      I will read the books or at least read what it's about.  I'm a Reiki Master so I need to get back into practicing it on myself. 

      I live in a big city and, sometimes, wish I was away from this rat race.  I love when I go to cunny climes where people are laid back.  If I could afford to go away every 2 months to the sun, I'm sure it would help me.

      By the way, MarkA, I'm older than you!

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac markanthony

      Yes, but I have faallen away from practicing it.

      I'm happy when I am by the sea and with animals as they don't let you down like humans do; humans are selfish.

      Fortunately, I can be at Loch Lomond in half an hour so that is an escape from the city.

    • Ms Mac Ms Mac sam67

      My doc. told me to come off withing 2 weeks which was bad advice.  After about 3/4 weeks, the withdrawal effects disappeared and I fel great then, wham!  Depression, suicidal thought, and rivers of tears have been with my almost every day since.

      I feel terrible as I have terrible anxiety, palpitations and don't sleep well.

      The pills had a lot of down sides too and I'm trying to weigh them up.

      If you don't feel, in any way, unwell, keep on the pills until you do.  There is no race.


    • kirsty831 kirsty831 Ms Mac

      I spoke to my doc yesterday and he said people like me are advised to stay on them for life. But it's also a big decision on my part but he is worried that I will trigger an episode if I drop my dose. I would be able to cope with withdrawal if that's all I have to cope with. With these I do have side effects like weight gain, no sex drive and very uncaring quite cold actually. 

      I did drop my dose for nearly a week and for the 1st few days I was great then Sunday I started to feel worthless and then very low yesterday. I upped my dose again this morning and all that has gone away apart from a feeling of dread of being on these for life. 

      Love and light 

    • maria0101 maria0101 kirsty831

      Hello Kirsty, I was on Cit for nearly 9 years, 20mg, and am now on 10mg and ready to go down to 5mg. The side effects you mention, weight gain, no sex drive and very uncaring/cold is exactly what I had too, and I was tired of it. I needed to feel again !! I can not argue with what your doctor says as afterall he knows best for you personally. My doctor is quite the opposite and helps me getting rid of this medication.

      The withdrawals do include that you can wake up feeling worthless and low, but may I suggest to take it as a withdrawal. Take one day at the time smile 

      I feel 100% better even being on a lower dosis. I too had to go through withdrawals as so many others here and just like you. I do not mean to tell you what to do but just show you my experience and perhaps it might help you in some way. 

      I tried twice to get off them, this time I am succeeding because I am taking my time and do not lower my dosis until I am withdrawal free. 

      All the best to you Kirsty (main reason for writing you is because you wrote "being on these for life" ...) with good guidance and taking one day at the time and knowing what to expect is 1/3 of the battle. But again, I dont downplay what your doctor says because after all I am not a doctor lol.... Wishing you all the best smile

    • markanthony markanthony kirsty831

      Hiya Kirsty

      I am very surprised to hear you doctor saying you should stay on them for life and I'm rather curious as to what he/she means by people like you. My experience has been that most gps do not want you to use these drugs for life. I think it is worth making an appointment with other gps in your surgery if you have not done so already. My experience has been, that once I try all the doctors I can usually tell which ones really care and have a positive attitude toward depression and anxiety as a real condition. And I would say again and echo what others are saying. Life is long, it pays sometimes to be patient and keep with a thing through the pain and waiting, cos this result is often the steadiest, in my experience. The mornings are the worst times I believe. Someone once said to me, 'get a routine so you know what is next, each day. tea, breakfast, shower, dress, out and about.' someone else once said 'get vertical, get your boots on, get out the door and speak to someone, even if it's only a waiter or a shopkeeper.' My experience was I HAD to get out of bed at 8am when the alarm went off, sit up, on with clothes, move, eat, drink tea, say prayers, go out out out anywhere, out. Even now I dare not lie in as I'm afraid of the emptiness. The day can seem so long and empty, but I had to move into it and take it one breath at a time. That was and is my experience, which may be of no use at all to you, but there it is. good luck.

    • kirsty831 kirsty831 markanthony

      Hiya mark 

      To be honest I'm a little surprised and also concerned by the "stay on them for life" that the doctor told me. I find morning are the worst for me to and can press snooze on my alarm for hours if I'm in that mood. I have battles with the company I work for to get a routine so that I know where I am from day to day and week to week. I do get up and out and that is the best thing to do as I would sit in the house all the time.  I try to meditate as often as I can but sometimes find it hard to clear my mind.

      You speak very wise words mark and I to have had similar experiences. Good luck and thank you

    • josie53138 josie53138 markanthony

      Dear Markanthony, you seem like a wise chap to me, with plenty of insight. I've been on citalopram 20 mg for a couple of years.  Going cold turkey to come off it was a mistake in my case.  Perhaps I am predisposed to 'melancholia' following a nasty bout of diagnosed clinical depression, following a bereavement.  A spot of counselling has help me gain some insight, and I attempt to press the 'pause button' when I feel my thoughts spin on a downward spiral.  I think exercise is good, and I am a keen horse rider. Something about the countryside, fresh air, and bonding with a beautiful horse, non-judgemental experience, and just living in that particular moment.  I agree that getting a little routine established, can kickstart the day.  A few close friends have caught me when I was low, and their friendship and loving support  is beyond price.  I think that managing low and high moods, melancholy, anhedonia or whatever the mot de jour, can contribute to anxiety.  Just thinking that the idea of mindfulness is a gentle path to follow.  Best wishes to you.

    • Grl1960 Grl1960 kirsty831

      I started counseling/therapy for anxiety and it was my therapist who suggested that I go on Celexa. She said that "because of my personality" I might have to be on it forever. I agree with everyone here who said that we seem to expect life to be all kittens and rainbows, and if it doesn't turn out that way, here, take a med.

  • johnnymm1 johnnymm1

    Hey guys. Hang in there. That's me off the devil drug that is citalopram. I feel loads better since my last post in December. The brain fog has gone, but still got a while to go with the weight it caused. It can be done. Stick in there and my thoughts are with you all. Cheers, John

  • sazzyfrank sazzyfrank

    I have been on Cit for about 6 years 10mg. the great news is it made me feel great took away all that angst and low mood. BUT I have gained about 2 stone and its made my IBS terrible. its wierd because i always saw Cit as a cure and would look for other reasons why i was getting bigger, having bad stomach. it was only when I started a serious diet and had lost nothing after 4 weeks (while my daughter on same diet lost ten pounds) that i started to research reasons. Theres no question its this horrible little drug and i am furious that my doctor never thought to see if Cit was a cause. over many many forums the same theme is coming thru, doctors fobbing off patients that Cit doesnt cause weight gain and there should be no withdrawal symptoms. there are thousands of patients out there contradicting this and doctors should get more educated if they are going to dish this nasty drug out. starting my slow withdrawal, so far ok but im sure i will crash soon. will update xxxx

  • linnyM1978 linnyM1978

    Hi Sazzyfrank, the weight gain is awful isnt it. I eat less now than before I started on the tabs and I am noticing that I am gradually gaining. I mentioned it to my GP who just said unfortunately it is a side effect. I can't wait to get off the demon drug. How are you getting on with your withdrawal?

  • sazzyfrank sazzyfrank

    hi linnyM. have no symptons so far on withdrawal but have taken half a tablet today as sudden stopping is not great apparently. plus the big crash can come a few days after stopping so im not assuming ok!. plan is to take half a tab every 3days for a week or so. but im also supplementing with vit E, omega oil and have ordered Clarocet, which is a good herbal alternative i understand and JNK which is mainly to kick start your liver function to get weight moving, apparently that may be why we put on weight, as liver slows right down. this is after extensive research on the internet as i am desperate to lose th weight. will let you know how it goes!

  • Escapee Escapee

    Hello peeps, I've just joined to post in this thread. I have been on 20, then 30 mgs for a year, and my doctor and I decided that it may be the wrong thing to be taking about two weeks ago. He prescribed Sertraline, which I was to take a small initial dose of having stopped Citalopram. I noticed immediately that I felt much better, and because the Sertraline dose is taken in the morning, I forgot to take it on a couple of mornings last week, and took it at midday. It didn't knock me out as much as the Cit, but i felt more lethargic on it than off it. On the fifth day I felt fine, forgot to take the Sert, and at midday decided not to take it at all. Early days yet, but I've had no side effects that I can identify, feel loads better than I did, and I'm looking forward to life without the chemical cosh that has suppressed me for so long. I may turn into the incredible hulk in a few days, but I'm looking forward to finding out. We may all be different, and the reasons for being on the stuff in the first place will vary hugely. Our reactions to cold turkey may not be uniform either.

    Good luck all of you. I'll keep an eye on myself and this thread, to see if I have anything more to add.

    • Uptownbrat Uptownbrat Escapee

      I was on 40 mgs for a year and half, last month the doc and I decided due to some issues I was having all pointed to Cit so we gradually got me off that. At first I was ok but felt a little weird, tired, just not my "chemical cosh" self which I guess was good until Saturday when I did turn into the Hulk along with lots of crying, very angry, exhausted, etc. Each night when I take my other meds I see that bottle that has a few left in it with 2 refills and I want my meds back. I want my happy self back, but I would like to see who I have become after a little over a year of therapy etc.

      Today is not a good day feeling like I am going to have a nervous breakdown.........does this go away? I have never had withdrawals from anything but Diet Dr Pepper and smoking, but let me tell you those were a walk in the park compared to this.

      Thank you for being here for me to vent since my significant other is more confused then me and thinks if I would "just lean on him" this will all go away........

    • alison81137 alison81137 Uptownbrat

      Uptownbrat did you continue with the withdrawal or did you end up going back to the citalopram. I would be interested to know whether you improved without having to gonback to it. I have been off it for 6 weeks and feel terrible!

    • gillian176 gillian176 alison81137

      I withdrew very very very slowly over a year. Stayed off it but after 6/8 weeks felt lousy. Went on St. John's wort one at night. After 4 weeks more realized I needed more. I know I have low levels of seratonon. Upped it to one tab pm one am

      been good since. Always gave diwn days but dont we all...


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