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Coming off olanzapine(zyprexa)

Hey guys I have just started 2.5 mg olanzapine 2 months ago for insomnia and I am having side effects like difficulty in concentrating and weight gain. I want to taper this drug and need your advice on it since you all have a lot of experience than a doctor who just prescribes this horrible drug for any small symptoms.So please guys guide me so that I can taper it off slowly.

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  • vikas25969

    Good job doing your research and getting off before it causes irreversible problems.  My mother was on it and it caused some pretty severe issues, nearly killed her. Then when hospitalized, they just took her off cold while in the hospital, then, onto the next drug once she was in the rehab center.  The whole thing was really rough.

    There are a lot of posts from people coming off this drug. They post their experiences often.

    Make sure you get all the notifications for the group. 

  • vikas25969

    Buy pill cutter from online Amazon.cut 2.5 mg tablet into 4 equal pieces.1 St month take three pieces every day.second month two pieces every day.last month take 1 piece every day.Then stop.Best wishes.By the way I am tapering 5 mg olanzapine.

    • apu91247

      Hello from the U.K. ,

      I’ve been on olanzapine 5mg, then 2.5mg since my late twenties, so almost 10 years. It has helped me considerably with racing thoughts ( I have bipolar 2) severe depression and anxiety. I was also taking depakote, but stopped taking it last year as we want to now try for a baby.  Also I gained so much weight on that drug, but thankfully I’ve mansged to stabilise my weight through diet and exercise , which also helps my mood. I’m finding it REALLY difficult to come off olanzapine - I’m awake most nights and cannot sleep. I’m going to try and taper off as suggested. 

      Thank you for sharing.  I’m stable and happy and there is a life after bipolar. Keep going xxx

  • vikas25969

    I can’t believe a doctor would prescribe an anti psychotic for insomnia!

    Whatever; no one can really advise you on how to taper off it because it is such an individual thing. Some suffer dreadfully, others can cold turkey with no affect. Everyone agrees though that you must come off it very gradually.

    Only your own experience counts! My advise to you is change your doctor ( and don’t take any drugs ).

    Good luck, Mel

    • melvin11

      Thanks a lot bro. Once I tried to reduce the dose from 2.5 to 2 but started having racing heart beats, is this normal while reducing the dosage and should I continue with 2 mg dose or switch back to 2.5 mg.

    • vikas25969

      I have never heard of anyone complaining of a racing heart on reduction.

      it may be totally unrelated arrhythmia so get your new doctor to check this out. 2.5 is a very low dose and my personal opinion is that dropping 0.5 should be no problem but as I said, each person is unique and individual.

      Experience is everything, Mel

    • melvin11

      My mother was hospitalized for diabetic ketoacidosis caused by this drug. While in the hospital, they stopped it cold turkey. She also went into cardiac arrest. She now has Afib. Did this drug cause it all? Definitely the diabetes. probably the cardiac arrest. the A-fib? Not sure. Certainly cant rule it out given the cardiac arrest event. She was not being treated for either heart problems or diabetes prior to the diabetic ketoacidosis caused by the medication.

  • Thanks a ton guys for your suggestions. One doubt is that while reducing dose from 2.5 to 2 mg I am having racing heartbeats. So should I continue with 2 or jump back to 2.5 mg.

  • vikas25969

    Hope you are doing good.

    I made 2.5 mg tablet of plan spine into 4 parts with the use of pill cutter which I bought online.

    Now I am using 3 pieces. No racing heart or no anxiety.Next month I will use 2 pieces.Then 1 piece for a month and will jump to zero.

    Every day 

    I am using 300 ml of warm buffalo milk mixed well with a tea spoon full of turmeric, for a good nights sleep.


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