Complications after Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy - not warned by doctors

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Hi lovely fellow gallbladder buddies smile 

I underwent an emergancy Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy around four months ago;

I had a giant gallstone blocking a bile duct, was in unbelievable pain and went from being put on a waiting list of about 6 months to laying on a hopital bed about to be put under, just one short night after a pain episode.

It wasn't life threatening, but it was life changing...

Never had surgery before and was told I would be "better in one week" that i'd feel "amazing" and "brand new, even better than before!" 

So as probably most of you are experiencing- Being someone who hasn't ever hated anoter person, after two months off from work due to post op issues, I was ready to hobble back into the hospital and punch every nurse, doctor and surgeon that had spoken or even smiled at me before. 

I had seen SO many doctors and gone back and spoken with the surgeons at my hosptial and have been lead through so many hoops. 

My post op problems include:

1. Vomiting/nausia after eating (anything, including salads sometimes)

2. Acid reflux (sharp pains in my chest- Middle and sides) 

3. Bloating after every meal to at least one dress size larger. 

4. Diarrhea

5. Extremely debilitating dizzyness/ fatigue 

6. Headaches behind the eyes 

And lastly 

7. Rashes 

Yesterday I found a new doctor that for the first time confirmed something that I was made to believe I was crazy for thinking---


This is what he told me-

"Everytime I refer one of my patients to get a Cholecystectomy, I warn them that the following 6 months of their life will be the hardest.. but it DOES get better. You liver slowly learns how to produce and control bile and you begin to be able to slowly bring less bland meals with more healthy fats into your diet. Until then, taking digestive enzimes and getting plenty of excersise is your best bet" 

I hope this gives you all some sort of relief and a bit of hope. 

Reguardless of the changes, I'm still glad to have gotten it removed. 

I just wish someone had have told me this from the beginning. 

<3 >

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    This is  awesome news and a very helpful post to me, Georgina. Thank you.  I was told the same things and, though a bit earlier in the process than you (surgery 5 weeks ago), I am still suffering from gas, pain, bloating and general discomfort.  Good luck with your continued recovery.---Phil 
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    Hi Georgina I could have written your post myself. I too had mine removed 4 months ago and have been vomiting, Have the most horrendous,nausea fatigue dizziness And diarrhea sometimes too. I have been in and out of hospital having one test after another. Eventually saw the top gi doc here in Ireland who told me he had seen this before and that it was very rare but that it would settle down in time. My surgeon had never seen this before. My gp is a fantastic support as she he seen this before with a patient who did recover after 6 months. I have since heard of others who have also gone through this who had the symptoms anywhere from 3 to 8 months. I am delighted that you posted this as I have posted before and no one has replied with the same symptoms. I had 1 large stone causing me pain but my gallbladder was normal. If I could turn back time I would gladly have my gallbladder back with the stone as I feel I will never be normal again. I've gone from a confident bubbly person to a nervous wreck who cries nearly every day over this. The only good thing is I haven't vomited in a 2 weeks so am hoping that things are improving. It's a living nightmare. The people that have gone through this told me it gradually got better slowly. I am taking caltrate calcium 600 d 1 3 times a day with food for the diarrhea and also psyllium husk capsules. The doctors put me on questran but it made me worse. I hope this post is of some comfort to you that you are not alone going through this.
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    i had no problems but the GP that referred me did tell me that a percentage of people do suffer after surgery with the symptoms you listed. He said some do and some don't  and he couldn't guarantee I wouldn't... 

    So I was relieved I was in the non reaction group.. 

    But well aware .

    although I have never felt better since my op. I have read up that we ( gallbladder less individuals) are prone now to fatty liver something I have not been told by a health professional ..

    so one year after op I am eating low fat healthy. If I eat fat I have a constant ache in liver..

    i hope it won't be long till your liver settles down and adjusts ...

    yours sally 

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    It beats me why we are not put into the picture fully BEFORE our gallbladders are removed.   I'm still recovering - my op was on the 8th April.   I've been sick, dizzy and very low on energy - my brain wants to do stuff, but my body isn't willing.   The only fat I would now consider using is raw virgin coconut oil and I'm still very very careful with my diet.   This last day or so I've felt a flutter of energy return to me, although yesterday I "mis-used" it and had to rest up for the remainder of the day making me feel angry and frustrated with myself for being so stupid.   I'm just grateful we are having some sunshine of late - it helps with my recovery.

    Do you take anythink like Omeprazole Georgina?   That might help with the reflux issue.  Like you I get diarrhea sometimes; I was told to take something like immodium.

    Best wishes to you.

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    Well unfortunately I am one of the 10% of people who have their GB removed and who suffer from BAM Bile Acid Malabsorption I have been like this for three years and each doctor or surgeon have said the same thing "oh well your just unlucky" I started off taking codeine and lomotil to stop the D nothing worked I now take Colesevelam I started on one a day its now one up to two a day they do control it a little but I still get flare ups and I have to take Imodium. I was told nothing about this before the op I am going for yet another Colonoscopy to find out why I have pain they think it might be a stray stone
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    Hi Georgina,

     I had my gallbladder removed 5 months ago now, I also have IBS and Fibromyalgia, did not really want it doing but I had no choice as it was full of stones and had a few bad bouts of pain and was to,ld by the surgeons that it could errupt, a friend of mine died from this a few years ago.  I have had the bloated ness and still do and some colic pain and nerve pain on the stomach to the groin, I was told that this is a meridian nerve that takes up to 6months to get better, it is a struggle and I am tired allot but with having the other two complaints they can be really bad as well, unfortunately I tend to eat the wrong things sometimes, a good main diet, but also some cake and a bit of chocolate and that I feel, especially the cake makes me more bloated, I have had a few boats of diarrea but not too bad, it take time and I am 60, anybody that thinks an operation, you are better in a few weeks are not real, there is also scar tissue from the operation which one will get some pain from, that in itself takes a while to heal, but we just have to take one day a time and think that at least we are not going to have the gallbladder bust, as its not there, its been a struggle for me, and I have to do the housework as well, fortunately I work from home part-time and I can work when I want, but its not easy at all, its good that we can discuss each others syptoms on this page, and know some other people suffer the same, take care Stella

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      Yes you are so right about thinking you will  feel better after a few weeks, i'm on day 16 of my post op for gallblader removal, some days i feel great and do a little house work then the next day feel so tired and got no due to return back to work a week on monday dont know if a can make it or not
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    I just had my gallbladder removed on Thursday march 10,2016.. Right out of surgery i woke up10 minutes after and stayed awake for hours with of it..hard to breath... Its now9 days after my surgery and i feel aweful. Extremely dizzy.. Light headed.. Fatigue.. Nausea.. Feeling of being surreal.. flashes.. Im only 34 yrs old. I went to er..went to my surgeon.. They said in time itll go away..that maybe the anesthesia is still in me. ?.. Im constantly dizzy. Ill feeling. I don't feel normal. I want to be out of bed and do normal things. I was fine before this surgery.. I cry everyday. I can't work Im afraid i will lose my job. Please someone help. Advice? I don't know what to do but just pray. Cry. Lay here. I tried standing just to shower or brush my teeth and i feel like i will faint. Or real weak. Anybody feel like this?
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      Yes, I am having all these symptoms! I am almost 4 weeks post op, and still sick daily. Some days better than others, but do not feel well at all, especially today. Wake up daily with nausea, weakness, trembling , dizzy, severe fatigue, no appetite, zero energy, chest pain and pressure, gas, and almost having to go poo almost immediately upon getting out of bed. So frustrated at this point , thought I would be better by now! Wonder if the original poster of this is better?
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      Hi Debbie,

      Wondered how you are feeling now? I am post op 3 mths and still not 100% still fatigued and low bp.

      Hoping you are well and back in the world again with no pain!


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    11 days post op so early days. Have healed well apart from a large dent in my side which I'm going to get checked. I really do wish I had been given more info for post op as I can't eat much and have shocking dioreeah sorry tmi and spelt wrong. I've just finished mat leave back to work soon but don't think I can chance it

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    I'm 10 months post lap coli. I'm in more pain now I've had my gallbladder removed. It's so hard to cope with constant pain. Plus being sick and having loose stools. Surely this can't be normal?? Claire

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    I had mine out on Monday 9-19-2016. Today is my 3rd day home. I feel horrible. I have had a headache and dizzy since Monday. It hurts to hold my head up. I have called the dr and she just says to take ipbrouen. I have no appetite. All I do is sleep. No one said I would possibly have this.
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      Hi Angie,

      I understand what you are going through. The doctors do not tell us about the recovery time. I am post op 3 mths. My only symptoms niw are low bp and fatique. I can tell you to drink LOTS of fluids, keep hydrated! Sip on cold gatorade, eat soup, no fat tapioca have to keep food going to keep energy up. I wa like you in begining and didn't eat much and led to feeling so tired. Eat protein when you can, Boost shakes, a bowl of peas, shaved deli turkey rolled in low fat swiss cheese. Take Motrin like dr said.

      These forums help us get theough. The doctors seem to dismiss us after surgery...mine did.

      Hooe some if this helps and just hang in there, you will get better! Xo

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