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Conditions that cause bloating, burping, flatulence, stomach and bowel churning / gurgling?

Hello Everyone

I would like to compile a list of conditions that could be causing the symptoms I experience as a sort of checklist to go through, and I'm hoping that all of you kind folk out there can help me in doing this.

My symptoms include the following:

Excessive bloating, burping and flatulence, excessive stomach and bowel churning and gurgling. I also experience bouts of random abdominal shifting pain anywhere from my chest to my pelvis, and bouts of nausea, which I am linking to the excessive bloating. On odd occasions I also feel quite lightheaded and 'out of it', but this doesn't happen often. Tiredness and lethargy also seems to be problem symptoms for me. The main symptoms that cause me most discomfort though are the bloating, burping, flatulence and gut churning / gurgling, and the added symptoms these cause, I'm basically a wind machine.

I've had numerous tests done with no obvious cause being found for my symptoms, hence why I'd like to compile a list to go through and see if there is anything my doctor might have missed. All my vital statistics have always been fine, normal blood pressure and heart rate, never get a fever, I'm not loosing weight, I have regular bowel movements (every 2 to 3 days mind but that's always been me) that look normal although, however I do see clear jelly type mucus now and again.

I'd be ever so grateful for any thoughts any of you might have into conditions that cause these symptoms, so I can then start eliminating each in turn. I'd like to try and get to the bottom of this as it's now been 4 years of dealing with these symptoms just to keep getting told that I'm the picture of health from test results, however that is far from the truth. The only thing that has changed in the past 4 years is that in the beginning I would only get bouts of these symptoms, with quite long spells of feeling fine in between, now the symptoms are far more frequent, almost constant, plus my symptoms can fluctuate during the day, one minute feeling ok then an hour or two later getting these symptoms, there is no pattern at all to my problems.

Any thoughts, ideas and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  • paul75665

    I would suggest a diet change to a healthy diet (no sugar, no fried food, just lean meats like chicken, vegetables, no fatty sauces etc) and take Probiotics. That should help. 

    • CTh

      Thanks for the suggestions, however I do virtually all of that other than the probiotics, but I will look into that definitely. Any suggestions as to a decent, mild probiotic? I'd rather ease myself into using them gradually, rather than go gung-ho from the beginning.

    • paul75665

      Hi, not sure if you have Sprouts close but they have a great variety of probiotics. I like the ones you have to refrigerate. And yes, you are 100% right. You need to add them gradually since in the beginning they will die off the bad bacteria in your digestive tract and that will give you bloating and loser stool as well. That will be the first few days. Don’t stop taking it. But as soon as you have gone through it you will feel so great. I took a probiotic powder for kids in the beginning. That was great. 

      And every time I know we are going to have a heavier meal or going out to meet friends for a party with lots of food I take a probiotic pill and digestive

      Enzymes and I am fine the whole time. 

      Aloe vera capsules are btw also great for your digestive tract. And if you have constipation take a magnesium pill at night. 

    • CTh

      Thanks for the advice about sprouts, probiotics powder and Aloe Vera capsules, much appreciated. My main concern however is what you have already touched upon, the fact that bloating will likely to increase in the first few days of treatment. I already bloat a lot, which does lead to a lot of pain and nausea, I also have a lot of trouble trying to expel the gas and wind, meaning it gets trapped. My trapped wind episodes can have me writhing in agony for up to an hour, it can be quite distressing, hence why I'm looking for a really gentle approach to adding probiotics.

      I guess if I want improvements its time to pluck up the courage and give it a try, I know it's unlikely I'll explode or rupture something due to increased bloating, I just have to get past my anxiety stage to do it.

    • paul75665

      I have had the same thing with the bloating and gurgling of my stomach. I totally changed my diet - no sugar, no caffeine, no dairy and just food that is plain - grilled chicken, vegetables  etc.

      That should already help. And when you start the probiotics powder just add a tip of a t a spoon to your drink or smoothie. 

      That should be fine. And as I mentioned. Digestive enzymes are great as well and help me with bloating.

      Also there is a specific way to eat. First fruit/ vegetables then starches and then meat. 

      If for example you eat fruits last after the meat they will make you bloated because the meat take much longer to be digested.. so eat in the way things are digested from short to long.

    • CTh

      Many thanks for the tips, I will definitely look it. Sugar will be the hardest thing for me to give up, I personally feel it is the only thing in my diet that is actually helping too keep weight on. Still, if there are improvements by leaving it out then hopefully I can find something to replace it.

      Thank you once again, I really do appreciate yours and everybody else's help and advice.

  • paul75665

    You could have a food intolerance like dairy for example. Cut it out of your diet for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference. If not do the same with wheat and gluten the next couple of weeks. It may even be sugar, fruit can make me really bloated if I eat too much. Or spicy foods can also really affect me. 

    • moon53540

      Thank you for your comments Moon.

      I have been cutting out dairy, wheat and gluten for some time now and there are still no improvements. I struggle to eat fruit so haven't eaten any in a while either, and I haven't had a spicy meal in years. My diet is pretty much fat free however I haven't totally eliminated sugar though, but have cut back considerably. It seems that everything I try to do with regards to my diet has no positive affect on me, and even though I stick to the same meals on a weekly basis, my symptoms are totally random in occurrence. This is why I need to build a list of all other possible causes for my digestive problems.

    • moon53540

      I have tried the low fodmap diet with the aid of a dietician as well Moon, nothing is helping and it's really getting me down as it is having a big impact on my everyday life. I really don't know what else to try.

      I've had colonoscopies, with biopsies, and an endoscopy and there aren't any problems at all with regards to those procedures and results. I am lost!

  • paul75665

    Hi Paul, constipation can cause all of contents on your list, if you are getting pain and bloating it could be IBS, I take mebeverine for that from my doctor, but I do squats when bloated and it moves everything along I read about squats or bend to touch toes a few times to move bowels.

    Kind regards Tracy.

    • Tracypo

      Hi Tracy, thank so much for your thoughts.

      I must admit that having a bowel movement every 2 to 3 days has made me wonder if constipation could be a cause, but today my bowel movement was diarrhoea (sorry redface). I go through this every now and again and it does seem the bloating, churning, gurgling, wind and flatulence seems to ramp up a notch or two when I'm about to have a very loose bowel movement. Thing is I will only pass stools once like this, and can pretty much guarantee that it won't happen again for about a month or so, but will happen again. I have been diagnosed with IBS and do take Mebeverine also, yet it doesn't seem to have much of an effect, especially with days such as today, although I have to say my digestive system does seem to have calmed down since my bowel movement. Is it possible to have IBS symptoms come on randomly, and affect someone daily?

    • paul75665

      the IBS does seem to come for no reason, I tried kefir smoothies one every other day seem to do me good and they have probiotics in naturally occurring,  when I asked my doctor about tablet probiotics he was saying they are a waste of time eating plenty low fat live yogurt without any fruit in was as good. I like a glass of wine with my eve meal and because I have stomach ache before tea time last night I did not have it and I feel well in my stomach today unfortunately looks like my nightly glass of wine my be one of the factors.


    • Tracypo

      Wine! Yoghurt! I'm not brave enough to be able to try other things at the moment, I've really struggled to incorporate foods I used to eat into my diet again after I believed certain foods caused terrible reactions with me. I've got a feeling that the probiotics approach would be a starting point for me, but I'm going to have to take little steps at a time due to food and health anxieties. Any ideas on what probiotics to use and how to incorporate them gradually would be appreciated. I know you've mentioned live yoghurt and kefir, but any other ideas would be welcome.

  • paul75665

    Have you been tested for coeliac disease. You say you have cut out gluten before but if you then started eating it again the symptoms will still be there. Don't cut it out before being tested or your will get a false negative /positive. Sounds very familiar to me. Your Dr can request a blood test before any biopsy.

    • val99440

      Hi Val. Yes I have been blood tested for Coeliac Disease twice, and that was at the beginning of when my problems started when I wasn't any eliminating foods and both results were negative. Thanks anyway for the suggestion though.


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